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    1. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 19 hours, 31 mins ago

      Yeah, first week long rest of the season. You'd imagine everyone is fit and raring to go. I think it's a 50/50 between Zinck and Junker. I'll make sure to let everyone else know who I'm going with beforehand so you can captain the other guy don't worry.. » Read

    2. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 21 hours, 10 mins ago

      This is what I mean! It's a lottery. Like, for the first few gameweeks maybe less so regarding rotation. But now? Is either of them due a rest? Will AAFK pull of a miracle win? Junker early sub? Zinck dropped? ARGH. I really do not like this aspect of the game. So many variables not enough time. » Read

    3. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 21 hours, 57 mins ago

      Haha. To be honest Bamba/Koomson would be a fine shout as they're up against Sandefjord. Eikrem makes sense as he didn't play much last game. So either of those would be a good pick! I'm finding it really hard to think of any reason to captain anyone other than Zinck/Junker this week so ultimately I will fall onto one of those two. Personally think Zinckernagel is the better option as he's more involved in the games, on pens etc... but Junker just needs to be given the ball and he'll score. Next touch he'll play a key pass and set someone else up. And so on. So they're both very good players for very different reasons. » Read

    4. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 22 hours ago

      Cheers. I think it has to be one of the Bodo players. Form, fixture, best team in the league. Seems like a no-brainer. Viking are under-performing compared to how they played last season. That's irrefutable. And Berisha is a strange one. Looking at his stats it shows he's just not getting as involved as his peers. 526mins (almost 6 full games) 2 Goals, 2 Assists, 10 shots 5 key passes, 2 big chances created, 205 touches, 133/88 passes. He's not been terrible but when you look at those numbers compared to rival choices it's clear he's not as good at the moment. Junker for comparison has 8 goals, 4 assists, 11 key passes, 3 big chances created, 156 touches and 94/70 passes. I know his per/game stats aren't brilliant and he seems to be providing a lot more crosses than any other forward player (in the game) and seems to have the ball a bit more. I'd be holding for now as I think he's going to get better. The last game vs Start was actually one of his better performances: Beris… » Read

    5. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 22 hours, 30 mins ago

      That is very tempting! I thought the same thing earlier when I was brushing my teeth. Attack! Attack! has been suggested, too. Not sure if Glimt will get an easier game all season but that then begs the question - will they take it easy? There's so many variables it's hard to be happy with whatever decision I end up making! I think at the very least my Captain will be one of those two, but as to whether I use a chip or not, I'm very much on the fence. » Read

    6. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 22 hours, 31 mins ago

      The choir is being preached at. I completely agree. It adds an element of excitement every week. A topic of discussion. Another aspect of the games you're watching. Drama. BUT it does of course add another opportunity for points to be generated. And as you say, it's down to luck. Liverpool could win 5-0 and Salah might have an off day. But, Salah would be a great pick most weeks. So as you say, it's a numbers game. Do you always leave it on Salah and accept the fact you'll blank some weeks but in others you'll haul? Or do you actively try to hunt down the best Captains each week? I think permanently captaining one player is probably more likely to yield higher returns. It has to. Looking at the numbers involved, to choose the right player out of 11, each week, consecutively for 30 weeks - I'm not great with permutations but that's not very likely. However, if you're always on the same player, you're in effect happy to double say, 130 points over the course of the season. In ESN t… » Read

    7. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 22 hours, 36 mins ago

      Cheers MT. You want to know so you can avoid completely? Is that it? Ha, I think I'll be going Junker/Zinckernagel. Like everyone else. Hard to justify choosing anyone else really. » Read

    8. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 22 hours, 37 mins ago

      Yeah that's another method. Go for who everyone else is going for. I was thinking about covering different methodologies in the article but I wanted to mainly stick to "don't worry - captaincy is a gamble and as long you're trying to gamble as little as possible, whatever the outcome you did what you did based on logic." But yeah, logic only gets you so far. Buriden's Ass springs to mind. I'm thinking Zinck/Junker are the best options this week and will probably go with one. I currently have it on Borven but I doubt I'll have the balls to go through with it. Everything is pointed to Bodo. » Read

    9. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 23 hours, 53 mins ago

      I just hope you understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of "if x then y" because it's meant to show how much of an impact the chip has. Of course we have to live and die by our mistakes - that's fine by me. I do find it helpful to analyse what we have done, why we have done those things and what could have been different. It's important to analyse so we can better understand our actions and the outcomes. This certainly isn't me trying to suggest I am the most unlucky boy in the world, it's meant to mainly sympathise with others in a similar position and say "you know what, it's just one of those things." Main issue I have with Fantasy Football is the tendency to make the same mistake again and again, while convincing myself I'm not. Writing stuff like this is helpful to me, too, because it shows why I thought a certain way and if I took another minute how that might've been better for me. In my head it's always helpful to analyse as much as possible as that should (should)… » Read

    10. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 23 hours, 59 mins ago

      I do try. That's always the point of these articles - discuss what's happened to me and relate that to everyone else in a way which means we can all learn from it. As I've said in the article - I'm happy with majority of my picks. Just bad luck. Think it's important to look at 'what could've been' as that highlights exactly how strong the chip is and how on another day you'd be looking at a better rank. That's also to say that if you get it wrong a couple of times you might see your rank start to plummet. It's one of the most volatile aspects of Fantasy Football and can be utterly demoralising if you keep getting it wrong. As long as your logic is sound or you're happy to acknowledge you're choosing someone more on a whim, then the result is easier to live with. One thing I've learned is that after looking back at all my picks, I remembered making them and the reasons behind those choices. I came to the conclusion that I was mostly happy with who I picked. That turned out to be… » Read

    11. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 1 day, 6 mins ago

      Oh, yeah I got that confused haha. 2 out of 6 right calls is still pretty good! Over the course of a season that's 10/30. Not a bad return but yeah, always can be improved upon. The whole point of the article is to assess the logic with which we apply when making that decision and how the outcome of that decision can affect your rank, and what can be done to move forward in the right direction. I have blanked in all 6 of my picks. I hope my article makes it clear I am 100% happy with half of those picks - it just didn't work out. The ONLY choice I'm annoyed with is my Borven pick. It was out of stubbornness and should never have been a choice. This was as much for me as it was for anyone else reading - I need to look at more than just fixture. I seem to ignore whatever the team the guy is playing for and focus more on opposition. It's not enough - there's more I can be doing. I think as long as you're happy with your decision then you should be happy with the outcome no matter… » Read

    12. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 1 day, 21 mins ago

      Yeah I've just read through the article - I've got no idea what you're on about. To be frank, it's decidedly obvious what I'm on about. There is no mention of a do-over or anything like that.. I even state - numerous times - I'm looking into the logic of the picks, why I chose them, why I was blinkered, why I was right or wrong to do so, what affect that's had on my team and rank and to sympathise with other managers. I only said "if X then Y" to highlight the power of the chip. I even say that I'm happy with the majority of my picks. Did you not read the entire thing? I'm utterly confused as to how you've come to this conclusion where I'm moaning, using hindsight to think I should be having a great season and that only I matter. I can't help you out if you're convinced by that but it's clearly not what I've written about here. I am quite sarcastic to a point - maybe that's throwing you. Who knows. Anyways, I'm sorry you find my piece to be offensive in that respect - but you'… » Read

    13. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 1 day, 38 mins ago

      That's not what I've tried to convey at all. I've highlighted the impact the captaincy chip has on rank. As I've said, I've quite literally summed up whether I thought my choice was logical or not. I showed the difference in rank to highlight how much impact captaincy has, and how easy it is to get wrong. It's supposed to say to others who have failed - “don't give up, this part of the game is just a bit annoying." Not sure where you're getting that hindsight/wish I could change the last attitude from - it's certainly not been written here. I thought I was quite obvious with what I meant. Frustrating if you feel this was a hindsight post. I can assure you it definitely isn't. » Read

    14. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 1 day, 42 mins ago

      Cheers! Nice. 4/6 is a good return. The main point is you can look at one aspect (form, fixture, reputation, team they play for etc...) but in doing so you'll overlook another important asiect for that week. As soon as I decided it was just fixture that mattered, I shut myself off from those other variables. Ah well, I just gotta be more flexible going forward. » Read

    15. Eliteserien GW7 - O Captain! my Captain! 1 day, 44 mins ago

      Hah. It's not even been minor bad luck. Or just hindsight. It's been full on ridiculous so far. Rank is hugely affected by captaincy. Far more than people think. Well, you know, sometimes swans gonna get punched you know? » Read

    16. Learning from the Great and the Good 19/20 - Gameweek 32 1 day, 16 hours ago

      I like this concept of following the scouts, FPL celebs and past champions around. Makes for a very interesting table for many different reasons. Didn't even know this was a thing until recently - surprised no-one else had thought to do something similar! Very intriguing results thus far. I suppose my interest in FPL has waned due to unlimited transfers when we came back (pretty much killed my season due to having no WC left) and so I was more interested in ESN. Still, I like write-ups such as this where we take a lot at the performance of other managers. Makes me feel less useless when I see more 'in-the-know' managers not too far ahead... You do make a good about Foden. I think I may just punt on him for the rest of the season - he's getting more game time and he's an absolute beast that's for sure. Can't really lose much. Twas a good read and I've just noticed my name there - appreciate the nod! Cheers! » Read

    17. Eliteserien - Looking towards GW6 is everything right where it belongs? 1 day, 16 hours ago

      Hove is such a lovely player to have as a sub. Another 5.5m mid I like the look of is Hoff. When Odd recover from their loss of Borven he could seriously be someone that's almost necessary to have in your team. (Although I hate to assume there's any one essential player). Bamba, Junker and Borven have brilliant fixtures. I have Berisha rather than Bamba but both have nice games. Bamba obviously with the easier one. Just depends how Brann respond to that humiliation. I'd expect them to be fine though. It's as good as a week as any barring any potential DGWs in which you think your players will get two bites at the cherry in favourable fixtures. And yeah, all round nice team. I like it. Good luck bud. » Read

    18. Eliteserien - Looking towards GW6 is everything right where it belongs? 1 day, 17 hours ago

      That's a really good point. Who knows what is the best way to use that chip? Do you plan weeks if not months in advance, or do you just naturally gravitate towards a good week to play when you have 3 forwards? Someone suggested this week and I'm massively tempted. I'm not too sure about DGWs. Every time I've tried to plan my GW around them in FPL it ends horribly. I'm not too sure that's the best mentality to adopt. I have Borven(SiF), Berisha(ODD) and Junker(aafk) so this week may not be a bad week to use it at all. I'm still tossing and turning regarding bringing Zachariassen in for a hit (Sandberg to make way). I think Rosenborg will start to turn a corner and they have some lovely fixtures coming up for them to be given the chance to get into a groove. That being said, Molde have let in 6 goals in their last 4, notably conceding twice away to Start. You would say Haugesund are a much better side than Start with players more capable of scoring goals. Haugesund have only scor… » Read

    19. Eliteserien - Looking towards GW6 is everything right where it belongs? 2 days, 3 hours ago

      Aha thank you. I hope that's a good thing more than anything. I've always been interested in that side of the game so I jumped at the chance to be more involved when it came to writing about it. I love Norwegian football. That's what it boils down to. I know the quality is sometimes lacking but it's a great league with football played for scoring goals. And I think this side of FFS has more players interested in stats, analysis and discussion than the other. If what we write about is useful, that's great. » Read

    20. Eliteserien - Looking towards GW6 is everything right where it belongs? 2 days, 17 hours ago

      Second season for me. My captain fails are the only reason I'm not top 2k. Literally. The points difference between top scorer in my team per week and K have cost me more than 10k places. This league is far more unpredictable than FPL imo. Very hard to follow unless you really know all the players and teams etc... I'd happily say I'd be hitting top 1-2k within the next couple of seasons but probably going to run into more trouble this time around. I finished within top 9k last year and I only played half the season. Only thing I needed to do differently was Start with Borven like I planned to (but decided against due to chatter about Odd/Rosenborg) and I'd be well up there. I suppose there is that element of the game too. Smaller margins in ESN. You can pinball all over the place. » Read