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  1. Runde 29 Community Managers 21 days, 5 hours ago

    Some really interesting transfer rumours, especially regarding a lot of Glimt players. Will be putting together something in the coming days regarding this. Zinckernagel has secured a 4 and a half year deal with Watford - imagine seeing the guy running around in the Premier League. What a team Glimt have. Bjorkan being linked with Premier League teams and Junker possibly on his way to the Championship too. How Patrick Berg hasn't been snapped up yet is beyond me. I think he's a better player or at least as good as Sander Berge - would get quality development if he was thrown in at the deep end in the Premier League. Flip side of this is Glimt could have their historical team torn apart and actually not make much money from losing their best players. At least they got a pay day for Hauge but hopefully they are able to compete with Valerenga and Molde next season. » Read

  2. Runde 29 Community Managers 21 days, 5 hours ago

    Just going over some stats and I've noticed that Islamovic wasn't credited his goal in R26 versus Bodo/Glimt where Rosenborg lost 5-1. On and Sofascore, he's accredited with the goal and Rosenborg's own Twitter feed agrees. Anyone know why ESF didn't give the goal to him? Says he has 11 goals for the season but officially as far as I'm aware he's scored 12. ESF have it as an own goal for Hoibraten with the ESF assist going to Adegbenro but officially it's marked as Konate assist and Islamovic goal. Very strange - thought ESF would go on what the official record is rather than make that kind of decision for themselves. Frustrating as I have to 'agree' with the figure of 11 when using the Fantasy information in further analysis. Odd. » Read

  3. Runde 29 Community Managers 29 days, 20 hours ago

    Cheers for the kind words and congrats on everyone who finished strong. Next season is a new challenge and the biggest piece of advice I can give is to look at where you went wrong this season and try to apply a different methodology next year. For me it was being far too happy to make more transfers than necessary and feeling like I missed the boat when actually I could have still got on board if I wanted to. Saving chips seems to be a decent way to approach the season as there will undoubtedly be some uncertainty next year so we should hold on to as many get out of jail free cards as possible. I intend to carry on writing as many articles as Geoff and Ted let me/want me to so if you're interested in season reviews, team analysis and player overviews make sure you keep coming back over the next few months. I'll also keep everyone updated regarding transfer news on monthly basis at least so hopefully nothing comes as a surprise before next season. Have a good Christmas and New… » Read