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  1. Vote for the best FPL defenders of 2019/20 11 days, 9 hours ago

    There is no way this can be done objectivly, there will still be players that we can't tell 100% where should they go. But in those cases i thing it is ok to be subjective. For example, if we put Salah, Mane and Firm all as strikers there is noone we can choose from their midfield, so in this case i have no problem to see Salah as forward and Mane as mid. Also for players like Pulisic, i would still have him as mid since he haven't played that striker role yet. All new players that come to the league and are attacking mids/wingers (Ziyech, Havertz...) would be mids until proven otherwise. I have no problem to have more forwards, 5-6 season ago it was unthinkable to play anything other then 3-4-3, but with the rise of the wingers that changed, and more and more people play 3-5-2 (even 4-5-1). So shifting the balance of power to forwards isn't necceserraly a bad idea. Again, in some cases when in certain club to many players meet this criteria and would leave no viable option in … » Read

  2. Vote for the best FPL defenders of 2019/20 11 days, 9 hours ago

    In my opinion there is one thing i would look at when we talk about position change. In some cases like Martial it is obvious that he needs to be a forward next year. But when it comes to wingers it gets tricky. I would put all those wingers in two groups : 1. Wingers that sometimes plays at striker position 2. Wingers that never play at striker position. Here are few examples. - Salah often plays as striker when Firmino gets subbed, so imo he should be a forward, just as Sterling when Jesus/Aguero get subbed off so those two - Greenwood/Rashford - if Martial gets injured one of them is likely to get that striker spot so should stay forwards - players like Willian, Pepe, Sane etc. will never play as striker, so they should stay mids Like to know what you think about this. » Read