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  1. Fraser and Kean benched as budget FPL defender Rico starts 15 hours, 12 mins ago

    Can't understand these Digne fails. Everton kept 11 clean sheets in the final 7 games of last season. He was averaging a shot on target every 1.8 minutes in that same period. His Xa was something something. He was in every summer RMT and someone on Twitter said he reminded them of Roberto Carlos. » Read

  2. How the top 10k FPL managers set up for Gameweek 5 18 hours, 58 mins ago

    FPL price snobbery is my biggest fault. Cantwell looks a good 4th mid option no doubt. » Read

  3. Meet the Manager #16 – Tarek Balbaa 7 days, 22 hours ago

    Get Epc Fail on this. » Read

  4. Man United defence stunned as Rashford misses penalty 21 days, 22 hours ago

    Been a bit busy. How is 9(-4) from 7 players? I know people dislike these type of posts but genuinely curious. » Read

  5. De Bruyne firmly on FPL radar after double-digit haul 27 days, 21 hours ago

    Yes, we all have different teams so there is right or wrong decision. I see replies to this HT already saying "not enough data" .. this could be true, Liverpool could get 6 CS in a row. But the opposite could also be true, KDB could get double digits 6 GWs in a row. One reply says people are "stupid" for planning IB WC but I stopped reading that one. The real answer is: your squad is unique and only you can decide if a WC is a good idea. Go with your gut and have fun with it. Personally, I decided a -4 will suffice. I now have Walker, Sterling, Mane, KDB, Kane and Firmino, with assorted rubbish in the other slots. I will WC when some big hitters that I don't have are smashing it. Good luck everyone. » Read

  6. The Complete Guide to Our FPL Gameweek 2 Tips and Advice 29 days, 22 hours ago

    Neither right now. Great price means they may become an option at some point but feels too early right now. » Read