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  1. World Cup of FPL - Group H 22 hours, 12 mins ago

    been crazy over here in NYC hope all is well in UK... Im very late to this but whenever games are back on will they begin with gwk36 and play out thru 38 with missed games rescheduled after 38? » Read

  2. Scoutcast tackles De Bruyne conundrum as Chelsea find form 28 days, 20 hours ago

    im sure its buried in here somewhere but what truly are the chances that the entire season is nullified? pool two wins away, surely they cannot rob them? all joking aside... » Read

  3. Who I'm considering as my FPL replacement for out-of-form Danny Ings 29 days, 6 hours ago

    is it crazy to have all chips left (including TC) and NOT FH31? Im thinking of rolling out 10 players for -4 and saving...?? » Read