The Watchlist

The Watchlist tables rank our current top players in each position for the month ahead – or rather, the next four game weeks. This allows visitors to get a longer term view on recommended players beyond the weekly Scout Picks.

The players are ranked not according to any Fantasy Football points scored for the season at that point, but to a number of factors that we considered for the next few fixtures.

Players are selected according to factors such as current form, club injuries, club morale, forthcoming fixtures and whether or not the player in question is likely to be a bargain in the various fantasy games.

The table displays the player name and club, along with the abbreviation for the factors that played a part in their ranking. A key for these factors can be found below the player in the table. Arrows before the player name indicate whether a player has climbed or fallen in our reckoning since the previous update or if they are a new entry into the tables.

Please note that while we may only recommend one player from each club within a position, alternative players at the same club can always be considered. The rankings change regularly – at least weekly – and updates are normally posted when significant changes in the rankings take place.