The Weekly Scout Picks

This team selection, or “Scout Picks” represents my chosen 11 for the current week based on a 4-4-2 formation with total disregard for any budget and with no particular fantasy game in mind.

This has now been extended to also include 3 substitutes which will normally allow an alternative defender, midfielder and attacker. This allows me to recommend some alternatives, perhaps some possible budget options. On some occasions I may also use these to allow me to pick those players who are classified in a variety of positions across the various games – Ashley Young being a prime example.

Please don’t take this selection as gospel, this is merely a list of players that I’ve identified as potential point scorers for the fixtures to come that week. These attempt to take into consideration such factors as the opposition, injuries, form, suspensions etc. Past experience have proved I can be spectacularly right and wrong in my selection so take the rough with the smooth and, like all the opinions I offer on the site, use it or dispose of it as you see fit.