As always, Friday evening closes with some overlooked alternatives for your consideration. Our trio of protagonists all have favourable home games on their respective agendas and while a couple of them are looking to maintain their impressive displays, our final selection will be hoping for a return to the form that ripped apart Premier League defences in the latter part of the previous campaign:

Bryan Ruiz

With many Fantasy managers opting for Dimitar Berbatov as a route into Fulham’s attack, the Costa Rican has been significantly overlooked. The statistics, however, highlight just how consistent Ruiz has been for Martin Jol’s side this season – he has scored or assisted in eight of his 12 appearances so far and averaged 4.8 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) points per game. Indeed, his pivotal role for the Cottagers is summed up by their goal returns – Fulham have found the net 25 times in the 12 games with Ruiz in the side in comparison to seven goals in the 10 games without him.

Having recovered from a recent hamstring injury, Ruiz has made an immediate impact, producing a goal, an assist and a couple of bonus points since returning to the starting XI in Gameweek 20. Tucked in behind Berbatov, his creativity makes up for the fact he has found the net just twice – Ruiz has eight assists to his name, a tally beaten by only two other forwards; Robin Van Persie and Carlos Tevez, with 10 and nine respectively. Coming in at just 5.4 in FPL and 7.5 in the Sky Sports game and with an ownership of around 1% in both games, he looks a strong differential for tomorrow’s home clash with Wigan and looks a real alternative for those Fantasy managers eyeing up a 3-5-2 first choice formation with their winter wildcards.

Steven Fletcher

The summer signing from Wolves has been key to Sunderland’s attacking forays this term. Since making his debut in Gameweek 3, Fletcher has played a part in 11 of the Black Cats’ subsequent 19 goals, finding the net eight times and supplying a trio of assists. The Scot has been something of a talisman for Martin O’Neill’s side this term – Sunderland have yet to lose a game in which he has scored and, as a result, Fletcher has also picked up 20 bonus points; only Van Persie, with 25, has collected more.

Coming in at just 7.0 in FPL, he’s the seventh top scoring forward, having racked up 94 points so far – an average of 4.9 points per game. While a home clash with West Ham affords him the chance to further his appeal, Fletcher has a favourable schedule over the next few Gameweeks which could see him continue to rack up the points. Priced at 7.7 in the Sky Sports game and with an ownership of 5% in FPL, he may prove a canny acquisition in the mid-price bracket as O’Neill looks Fletcher to provide the goals to engineer a scramble up the table for the Wearsiders.

Papiss Cisse

Demba Ba’s departure to Chelsea brings his former Newcastle team mate back on the radar after an admittedly disappointing 2012/13 campaign so far. Arriving at Tyneside in last season’s winter transfer window, Cisse took the Premier League by storm, grabbing 13 goals and a pair of assists in just 14 appearances as the central forward in a 4-3-3.

Alan Pardew’s decision to shift Ba into the middle, either in a 4-4-2 alongside his compatriot or as the lone striker in a 4-3-3, proved hugely detrimental to Cisse’s prospects, with the former SC Freiburg man mustering a mere four goals over 19 appearances so far. Tomorrow’s trip to Norwich offers Cisse the chance to finally return to his favoured role and with the Canaries conceding in each of their last nine, he looks an enticing option, with a home game against Reading to follow next time out. Coming in at 8.8 in FPL and 9.3 in the Sky Sports game, Cisse’s lowly FPL ownership of 3% is understandable given his exploits so far, but he could be a different proposition altogether if he comes anywhere close to replicating last terms displays.

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  1. Foster or Begovic?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Got the same choice, going Foster

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. same mate!

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
          • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Begovic.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    3. Foster. Reading really don't look up to much going forward.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  2. PGR

    Chesny or Foster? (to go along with Bunn)

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
      • 3 years, 25 days ago
  3. A) azpilicueta

    B) cashley

    Can't decide who is more nailed on. I think ivan will be benched vs saints. So expecting azpili to keep his spot

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Azpi has slightly better attacking threat. A.Cole is slight more nailed on. I'd gamble on Azpi

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Thought so, cheers lr

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. tough one, ive gone cole due to his rest against QPR, that should help his cause fro both games, his only threat is from bertrand. if terry comes back azpilicueta could easily make way as ivan moves to the right. might not happen but I reckon az = 80% safety, cole = 90%

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    3. Unfortunately for all of us, it is Benitez who decides who is more nailed on.

      I'd guess ACole.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  4. I was expecting Gaston in the differentials. Hmmm. Anyone else taken a punt on him?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Do you mean Gaston Henriquez or Gaston Hernandez?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Ramirez

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Was going to but changed my mind.

      No Soton for moi.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    3. Not for me. But have to admit, it could be a monster differential

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    4. Very tempted, but finally got Lambert instead..

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    5. Pablo Hernenadez 😀

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    6. Expected same and a little surprised but it's just opinion. I think several factors put people off saints, not all of which are solid. First the lallana injury, I think that's a blow but they are still scoring. Also below average goalscoring and shot totals of late. Also the perception that goals spread out too much. They have huge potential though and once Ramirez puts his bloody dead leg behind him (another annoyance) they will provide excellent value. They looked extremely threatening against arsenal, frankly they outplayed us.


      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. I have him in since about two days. He's my vice. Night 😀

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    7. I am soon keen on this...wanna do sterling >> gaston...bt it's for a hit and will mean I have to bench michu:(..burnt before so scared of doing it again...ur thoughts?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  5. Hello Doctor, what's the prognosis?

    Foster (Begovic)
    Luiz Hughes Cameron
    Mata Bale Walcott Michu Nolan
    RVP Berbatov
    (CCole, Cuellar, O'Brien)

    0FT, 0.4M

    Will you prescribe any hits?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Nolan -> Gaston if anything at all. But you will want Nolan back next week. So, No.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Why are you backing Gaston so much ?

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
        1. A differential that makes sense.

          • 3 years, 26 days ago
      2. Cheers. Might be a good backing, but hard to justify a sideways move for a hit.

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. very healthy, keep nolan for me, you'll just be wanting him back next week. Mata capitano?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Cheers. Yes, definitely.

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
  6. Shall i go for Suarez ➡ Ba for free transfer... ?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. if you dont have mata then yes, otherwise I think ba is not a proven long term keeper with rafa rotation and advise caution - saying that i personally made the saurez -> ba move as part of my wild card.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  7. Who should i bench out of these five:

    Bale Pienaar Silva Valencia Carzola.

    Any suggestion who should i get?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Valencia to Mata if you have the funds.

      Then a coin flip to bench Silva or Cazorla.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  8. For GW22 only... Ba or Berba?
    If Ba only plays v Stoke, returns could be limited...
    Berba looks likely to register something v Wigan...
    I'm tired.

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. its all good logic. I've gone with both in the torment and am still wondering if I should go for ruiz instead

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  9. Start R martin vs newc


    Start clyne

    The thing is saints shipping goals for fun, so i expect clyne to get 1 or 2 pts over dgw


    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Clyne.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Double gw, clyne.

      Southampton looks a bit good in defence now.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    3. R. Martin, imo. Saints can only attack. Could you please explain why him over Turner though?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Cos of his ridiculous goals consistency recently

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
        1. What about Whittaker getting fit? Not afraid of losing his place?

          • 3 years, 26 days ago
          1. Not in near future

            • 3 years, 26 days ago
              • 3 years, 26 days ago
    4. Clyne - 2 chances, slim, but nonetheless two chances.

      I'm tipping Newc to score a few.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  10. New try:


    I got rid of Fellaini and Sterling...

    Looks good?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Done well mate, u r good to go now imo

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Oh, just saw o brien in there.

        Get demel in instead

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
        1. Done.

          • 3 years, 26 days ago
          1. Good luck to both of us


            • 3 years, 26 days ago
            1. Good luck.

              Nice rank and great team by the way :).

              • 3 years, 26 days ago
  11. okay guys i desperately need your help and advices. im last place in the league i’m playing, losing by about 150 points to the first place. So obviously I kinda need a differential here and I’m having a hard time choosing my captain. I have 3 options, Mata/Ivanovic/Hazard. I’m leaning towards Ivanovic because I’m kinda in need of a ‘jackpot’ to catch my friends up. What do you think? Thanks guys :)
    btw my team is

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. wow you have all your priorities messed up, and the reason you are so far behind, is the same as mine, and that is that you have no RVP. I missed out on RVP for almost half the season. You have no Fellaini....no Bale....no Walcott or Santi.......and no RVP.

      Mata and Hazard I like for this week, you should then do one of them for Walcott or Santi.

      Berbatov good, Chich good for another week but then ROoneys back.

      Get rid of Baines or Ivanovic, downgrade bassong to a 4m/4.1m, and do some work.

      Do you have either WC left?????

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. I haven't had RVP and am ahead in most of my mini leagues. He is not essential and is most certainly not the way to go now that he's 150 points behind.

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Captain Mata. I like the front 7 for this week but as said, do Hazard -> Walcott next week.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  12. Fellas this is my final WC. It has been a long week of chopping and changing, and wondering what if, and selling and buying etc. etc.etc............

    Time for bed. Let me rest at ease gents please..............................

    Harte Gibbs R.Martin
    Mata(c) Michu Walcott Fellaini Bale
    Ba RVP

    vorm, pog, davies, demel.

    Big gamble on Norwich cleanie.
    Harte over Demel for this week.
    Subs rotate great, and goalies rotate well.

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. It is not big gamble on norwich cleanie

      It's a monster gamble on it

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Figured id go Vorm/Davies and Bunn/Martin, as both pairs rotate perfectly, and ill either get 4pts of each pair a week, or 12 plus. The rest of my team should pay off, and of course I can always upgrade/downgrade/shift along.

        Slim pickings for with the big 5 (whats this bloody P5 mean) and RVP n Ba in :(

        I havent managed my money well AT ALL this season. In fact, I have just lost over 1m in the space of 2 days by taking out Michu and bringing him back (rather than playing, I confirmed at lost .7m), and selling Begovic.

        Im gonna have a bit of fun to end this season...probably writing the whole thing off here soon.

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Looks good. Maybe Davies instead of Harte. Wouldn't expect either to keep a CS but Davies has a chance of assis or more with Michu playing.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  13. AJ.

    Bench Michu or Puncheon? 😐

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. RVP 😉

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Who else?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. AJ.

        RVP - Ba

        Michu - Fellaini - Mata - Puncheon - Walcott.

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
        1. AJ.

          Ruiz as well.

          • 3 years, 26 days ago
        2. What. Thats 7.

          • 3 years, 26 days ago
          1. Bench Ruiz or Theo.

            • 3 years, 26 days ago
    3. Michu.. :)

      Trust me he will not deliver that much in rest of the season left.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Last time Aatish and me benched him, he scored twice.

        Also, with due respect, your last sentence is a whole lotta sh*t. 😉

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
        1. 😆

          • 3 years, 26 days ago
      2. You're right. He's scored just 13 in PL so far. He won't deliver that much from now til end of the season. Probably just 12 goals and 10 assists 😉

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
    4. I benched Michu. One of the toughest decisions I've taken all season.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    5. Bench Fellaini. Can't ignore Walcott's and Michu's form and Mata/Pucnheon DG. You've an embarrasment of riches in that midfield 😉 Who's your third striker?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  14. Chances that O'Brien will be back for the dgw? not sure whether to keep him or ship him for dawson/collins

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. im on my wc btw

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Ship for Collins. Dawson is unfortunately not nailed on though I hear either he or Gallas will be going to QPR in place of Nelsen. Hopefully Gallas goes and Dawson gets the CB spot until Kaboul is fit. Who's your other backs?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  15. Just finalising my defence...

    Killgallon or Bramble


    Harte or Gunter/Pearce (SHorey played a full 90 for reserves so he wouldn't start, right?)

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
  16. In a predicament here on who to captain and who to bench:

    Vertonghen Reid McAuley
    Mata Walcott Fellaini Snodgrass Michu
    RVP Ba

    Bench: Ruiz

    Do I captain Ba or Mata?

    Do I bench Michu or Snodgrass for Ruiz?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Snoddie

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  17. WC Team:

    Bego, Bunn
    Luiz, Davies, Martin, Demel, XXX
    Mata, Bale, Walcott, Michu, XXX
    RVP, Ba, Lambert

    Alright.. Not sure if I should go for:

    A) Punch+Gibbs (No Nolan next week)


    B) Nolan+Clyne

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. New post...

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. A. So you won't have a Southampton defender who might get you 4 DGW points max.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  18. ok ok ok ok im not going to bed.....damn ive just taken Bale out and I can get such a great team imo......

    Sagna Evans Azpi
    Mata Michu Walcott Fellaini
    Berbatov RVP Ba

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. Azpi to Zaba

      . . . Migs
      Sagna Evans Zaba
      Mata Michu Walcott Fellaini
      RVP Ba Berbatov

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    2. Anyone?

      This lineup/line of thinking or stick with the 3-5-2......Bunn, Harte, Gibbs, Martin, Mata michu walcott fellaini bale rvp b?

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
    3. Not a bad team but Sagna is in poor form, United will probably (hopefully!) concede v The Mighty Reds so Evans is chancey, Azpilicueta isn't nailed on now Terry's return is imminent.

      Get the likes of Gibbs, Demel, Davies, Cole/Cahill and AN Other in defence, Puncheon as your 5th mid cos the rest is quality.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
      1. Well then it just goes right back to the above mentioned team mate :)

        • 3 years, 26 days ago
  19. Bunn Vorm
    Demel Harte Gibbs Martin Davies
    Michu Bale Mata Walcott Fellaini
    Pog RVP Ba

    Thats it then Green N Red. Three Swans :O

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
  20. This is so tough, I'm currently on wc with Lambert and Punch, the option is Fellani and and Pog ( I play pog, if play my fifth midfielder) but if I stick with my current team I can do punch to Cole next week and use two frees to get Fellani the week after.

    Southampton have a home fixture next week so I'm better of sticking aren't I?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
    1. If I go with pog I won't play him I'll play Walcott my fifth midfielder.

      • 3 years, 26 days ago
  21. Which 2 to play among Nasty, Hughes, Nelson, Davies (& What order ) ???

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
  22. Hi guys, I'm new here and need some help. Are there any Southampton fans who can tell me which of your three GKs are likely to play this week?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago
  23. Chaps what is the general consensus on Demba Ba?

    • 3 years, 25 days ago
  24. Just finished my early transfer and here's my team for ARS double:
    Luiz Gibbs Davies
    Walcott (C) Bale Fellaini Mata
    Suarez RVP Pod

    Bego Punch McCartney Nelsen

    My only worry if Luiz get rotated, no one will be there to back up him with Nelsen and McCartney out...

    • 3 years, 25 days ago
    1. oops wrong article

      • 3 years, 25 days ago

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Gameweek 25

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  • Roberto Firmino
  • Sánchez
  • Aguero
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  • Moreno
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  • Giroud

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