After firing United to victory in last Saturday’s 2-1 win at Sunderland, Adnan Januzaj has barely been out of the headlines. Handed his first league start by David Moyes, the youngster’s impact against the Black Cats has sparked the latest Fantasy bandwagon as managers scramble for his signature. So far, the 18-year-old has acquired over 105,000 new owners in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game – his price has already risen to 4.7 but, given, the level of interest, it looks a near-certainty he’ll be 4.9 by the time Gameweek 8 gets underway:

With just seven league fixtures done and dusted, it’s obvious that Moyes has been struggling to find a balance to United’s left flank – Januzaj was the fifth player to be handed a start there already. In our latest Technical Area article, we take a look at his display last weekend and compare it to the other four players to start on United’s left thus far.


United Average Positions versus Sunderland

As shown by the map (left), Januzaj (44) isn’t the type of wideman who merely hugs the touchline. While Nani (17) afforded United far more width on the opposite flank, the youngster drifted into central areas and was more or less on a par with Wayne Rooney (10) in terms of his advanced average position when on the ball. By moving inside, Januzaj also allowed Patrice Evra (3) greater license to forage forward from the left-back berth, as the Frenchman looked to support the visitors’ attacking plays on many occasions.

United’s Starters on the Left, Gameweek 1-7

Mins Tchs Tchs Final 3rd Pass Rcvd Final 3rd Succ Pass Final 3rd Dribb Suc Dribb Cross Suc Cross Key Pass Tchs Box Shots Shots Box
GW1- Giggs 62 42 16 10 6 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 1
GW2- Welbeck 78 46 21 17 14 1 1 0 0 1 2 2 1
GW3- Young 63 49 21 11 4 4 0 9 1 2 2 1 0
GW4- Young 67 51 31 14 10 6 2 8 0 1 3 2 1
GW5- Young 51 28 11 9 4 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0
GW6- Kagawa 45 36 12 10 10 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 0
GW6*- Januzaj 50 35 15 10 5 4 4 2 0 0 4 1 1
GW7- Januzaj 77 60 34 18 16 7 5 1 0 0 4 6 3

*Appeared as substitute

The table above list the players per Gameweek who have started on the left for United so far, with Januzaj’s stats for Gameweek 6 also included after he climbed off the bench to replace Shinji Kagawa at the break against West Brom. Comparing him to each of the other starters, it’s immediately noticeable that the youngster is looking to get on the ball as much as possible – a total of 60 touches against Sunderland was superior to any of his rivals, with Ashley Young’s 51 against Palace in Gameweek 4 the nearest.

Granted, Januzaj’s 77 minutes on Saturday is the second highest tally here but his impact is obvious. His 34 touches in the final third is more than double Ryan Giggs managed in the season opener at Swansea where United won 4-1 – Young’s 31 against Palace is again the closest any of our featured players can manage. In terms of passes received in the final third, the 18-year-old once again leads the way – he registered 18 against the Black Cats, with Danny Welbeck’s 17 back in Gameweek 2 at home to Chelsea the closest match.

It’s when we look at successful passes in the final third that the youngster’s contribution starts to stand out – particularly against the much-maligned Young. Januzaj made 16 over his 77 minutes at the Stadium of Light – Young has managed a total of 18 (4, 10, 4) in his three starts, while Giggs’ tally of 6 at the Liberty hardly impressed either.

Analysing each player’s delivery from the flank, Young once again fares poorly. Over his three first XI appearances between Gameweek 3-5, the former Villa man produced 19 crosses, with only 1 finding its target – indeed, his stats, in comparison to the other, indicate his different approach to the role on the left.

Januzaj’s ability to beat his opponent stands out considerably here and shows just what he brings to United. Incredibly, he managed more successful dribbles against Sunderland than Moyes’ other starters combined (5 to 4) over the previous six Gameweeks -indeed, in the past game-and-a-half alone, he has attempted 11 dribbles, with 9 successful – Young has produced 11 over his three starts, with just 2 successful.

The only aspect of Januzaj’s game that has failed to impress is his ability to tee up chances for others, with not a single key pass produced since replacing Kagawa against the Baggies. This, however, merely underlines his direct style of play – his ability to beat his opponent is allied with an attacking instinct that saw him produce 4 touches inside the box at the Stadium of Light; putting that into perspective, United previous six starters on the left managed a combined 9 touches in the box (1, 2, 2, 3, 0, 1) by comparison. Against West Brom, Januzaj managed 4 to Kagawa’s 1, in addition to registering 4 successful dribbles to the Japan international’s single successful take-on.

Januzaj’s eye for goal is also obvious here. His total of 6 shots against the Black Cats was double the number of Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney combined and, unsurprisingly, analysing his numbers against his rivals on the left bodes well – United’s previous six starters managed a total of 7 attempts between them, with 3 inside the area equalling Januzaj’s haul last Saturday.

Indeed, over 155 minutes game time thus far, his 9 attempts on goal equate to an average of 17.2 minutes per shot – second for midfielders with more than two appearances this term. Crucially, though, it’s not just long range efforts he’s firing – 5 of those have arrived inside the area. Compared to other midfielders, this is the same number as City’s Yaya Toure over 666 minutes and more than Everton’s Ross Barkley (657 minutes, 4 shots in the box) and Arsenal’s summer signing Mesut Ozil (343 minutes, 3 shots in the box) for example.


The Impact on Evra

As the average position map (left) shows, the Frenchman enjoyed one of his most advanced positions of the season so far in Gameweek 7. With Januzaj shifting inside, Evra was afforded far more freedom to attack – although his overall touches were markedly down (65 from 74), Evra had more touches in the final third, up from an average of 22.6 to 28, while he was found by his team-mates more often in the attacking third, with 19 passes received to a previous 13.8 across the first six Gameweeks.

Tchs Tchs Final 3rd Pass Rcvd Final 3rd Succ Pass Final 3rd Crosses Succ Crosses Chances Crtd
GW1-6 74 22.6 13.8 9.4 4.2 1.2 1.6
GW7 65 28 19 9 10 3 3

Although his distribution was still the same – 9 successful passes in the final third to 9.4 beforehand – Evra was able to supply the width from deep as a result of Januzaj’s forays inside and delivered 10 crosses (3 successful) against the Black Cats, compared to his previous average of 4.2 and 1.2 respectively. Indeed, with a total of 3 key passes – almost double his Gameweek 1-6 average of 1.6 – Evra also picked up his first assist of the season; an indication that he could also benefit from the youngster’s installation to the United XI as he looks to replicate the form that harvested 4 goals and 6 assists in the season gone by.

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  1. REPOST:

    Who attacks more often and has more potential from scoring in open play:

    Baines OR Coleman

    1. Baines.... Without a doubt.

    2. Under Martinez it is Coleman.

    3. Under those restraints, Coleman.

    4. Coleman for sure. Baines is the set piece guy

    5. From open play, stats so far strongly, very strongly suggest Coleman. For both scoring and assisting.

    6. why restrict the question to open play? baines definitely will score more goals

  2. After watching the match last night I really think it's time to pension off Gerrard/Lampard from international duty. They are in decline and besides never working well together I think we should take a fresh, hungry team to the world cup.

    Swap out Gerrard for Barkley which would give us two players (with Townsend) who are at least happy to run at defences and as much as I never thought I'd say it I think I'd prefer Barry to Lampard for some defensive cover. Same for Baines -> Cole. Even look at bringing in some of the younger talent like Tom Ince/Luke Shaw.

    I would rather take a young and hungry team than so much of the tired old one we've been fielding for a decade with no real result. Sure you could take some of the old guard for the bench/experience but if we roll out a Lampard/Gerrard spine to our team again I can't see us getting through qualifying.

    1. I completely disagree with you. A midfield of Townsend, Barkley, Barry, Wellbeck would be completely over run. To play Barkley you would need to play him off the striker. Hodgson played a very attack minded formation and needed 2 players to sit. Gerrard and Lampard have both calmed their attacking instincts recently and that makes then more useful England players especially in that formation. I don't agree that Barry is better than either. However, I do believe you could make a case for including Carrick over one.

      1. I know exactly what you're saying but I thought Gerrard in particular was sloppy, the precision he used to have seems to have gone. I do agree that with Welbeck in addition to Studge and Rooney that midfield would be overrun but I wouldn't have Welbeck up front as well - last night it worked but the opposition weren't up to much.

        In the modern game I think pace is crucial and having a spine of midfield and defence getting on for their mid-30's we'll also be overrun but the better teams, I'd rather put some out that will go for it than those who've done it a hundred times and never achieved anything. I wouldn't expect that team to win a world cup (and as much as Carrick has his uses he can only pass 5 yards backwards) but it's the passion that has been missing from the England team and what they've been criticized for over the last few years. I'd rather them go for it and lose than seemingly not be bothered and lose.

        1. I don't really agree. England's best quality that we compete as well with any country is pace. There is not a country in the world that can compete for our strength in depth in pace. Spain don't win games because of pace, neither do Brazil.

          What is key is the ability to move into good space, pressurize quickly, keep the ball under pressure, and lass it quickly and incisively when needed. Also patience is key. England in recent times have been unable to do none of those things particularly well. Bringing Barry in wouldn't solve that. Nor would bringing youngsters in. I do think they are things that Carrick can do fairly well and I would look to bring him in for possibly Gerrard or Lampard if you didn't want to drop the captain.

          As for England pace is important. If we are going to make a mark on the World Cup it has to be using pace effectively on the counter attack. We are not good enough to beat the top teams by doing all the things I mentioned above so we have to use our strength which is pace. But pace isn't important in deep lying midfielders. Spain won the 2010 World Cup with Marcos Senna holding everything together. Pirlo was fantastic for Italy in Euro 2012

    2. Totally disagree! Gerrard was great last night, he has been for the last few matches. Possibly, Lampard could be rotated with others but finally they have a decent enough formation and can play Gerrard and Lampard together.

      1. Too many greedy players yesterday. Luckily Woy must of told them that they are playing well enough to find each other in the box at half-time, for the first 25 minutes of the second half was pretty good. Flattering result though with deflections, OG and a dubious penalty helping the assisting or scoring of goals.

        Why did fat Frank Rob Baines of right side corners during the first half. Baines put in a couple of very good ones.

        Drop fat frank. I suppose Townsend was bound to score eventually but he is clearly a stop gap.

        Sturridge and Rooney had good movement off the ball and look like the best attacking pairing on offer. The main positive from the evening I thought.

        I'd like to see:

        Agbonlahor - Sturridge - Walcott


        Wilshire Gerrard

        Baines ? ? ?


        The defence is a problem. Please offer suggestions & feedback

        1. Wiltshire is too attacking to play in the two man midfield. I don't think Roy was far wrong with his team.

          However, I did wonder why Gerrard and Lampard were taking corners when Baibes was on and taking some excellent corners early on.

          1. At this formation will offer the possibility of good possession and a very fast ruthless counter attack.

            All England players need to be comfortable on the ball. My problem with Wilshire would be more his lack of goal threat than his inability to play in the double pivot.

            Fat frank can't even waddle effectively or tackle by comparison.

  3. Someone needs to move the Beach booty post up top. I'm tired of scrolling down and down and down to find it.

    1. Aint it at the top in the featured articles?

      I can't be bothered to check.

      1. Just noticed the top article changes every few seconds...still irritating to wait for it.

        Btw, now that i have you on here...plse send thru your team early next week...

        1. No worries. Will do.

          1. I popped you a couple of mails. I'm assuming you were busy.

            1. Yeah there were about 50 emails to read through when Ilogged on, so I just skim read them and no doubt missed some information due to my laziness. :oops:

              1. No probs.

  4. International break is dam boring!
    My mrs and I have only just recently moved in together, yet to get foxtel organized. Oh how I miss my sport channels.

    1. The key to living with the mrs successfully is sharing duties.

      She looks after the cleaning - you look after the remote control
      She looks after the cooking - you concentrate on the eating
      She provides for you upstairs - you provide sky sports

      There are other rules to follow but I have found it to be a good existence cohabiting with the missus following those rules.

      1. Love it !! :)

  5. Evs
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
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    Right, time for a little 'whaddaya think of my lot' post so....

    Whaddya think?


    Vidic, Dawson, Nasty.

    Rambo, Eriksen, Ozil, Meshoooeeee

    Rooney, Suarez, Lukakaaaaa

    Subs (useless): clyne, Turner, Canral. £0 in bank.

    I'm thinking no trades this week, keep for a double later and maybe downgrade a defender and get a Jalfrazi ?


    1. Good to go me thinks.

      1. Evs
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        Oi, what's going on a team Senegoal.... All quiet?

        1. No, all good. In advance talks with 3 team for a gw 8 friendly. Depending on where we travel some visas have to be arranged.


          1. Evs
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            I see.

            Let me know, I'll be waiting all fired up and raring to go ;-) !!!

            1. Will do.

              Btw, keep Monday open.It's my birthday.

              Big piss up at team Senegoal hotel before we depart for our friendly.

    2. No trades needed. You may have to ditch Rooney in a couple weeks to free up some funds

    3. Decent enough to save I'd say.

    4. almost same as mine.
      didn't bring me any good so far though.

    5. Canral? Ouch!

      I would save. The team looks good and could yet report an injury. As an Eriksen owner I an looking for a trade out (probably to Walcott) but it wont harm you to hold a week and see if that is a move you want to make when you have a double transfer available.

      The hardest part of international week and not using a transfer is because it is such a long period to wait and a transfer just looks tempting.

      1. Evs
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        3 arsenal mf :shock: ?

        May sell Ozil for theo later...

        1. Ah sorry I missed Ozil.

          1. How about looking towards Coutinho or Silva?

            1. Evs
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              Not Couthino. I couldn't wait to get shot of him before my injury.

              Aguero or Negredo interests me up top.

              Or oscar/ mata

              1. Would get Oscar IMO. If I had a free I would get him in for Eriksen but I was impatient.

                1. Evs
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                  Zero cash for the upgrade.

                  He would have to wait until the following week..

                  1. Next week, Ramsey/Nastasic>Barkley/Toure to free up the funds.

                  2. Im in the same position with Eriksen --> Oscar trade, but I have 2 FTs... worth downgrading someone for that trade or wait a week?

              2. I'm on Negredo atm, was going to ship for benteke soon, but something about suarez - negredo - lukaku looks might fine

              3. Not sure I am a fan of the Chelsea midfield. If I was going to pick one then it would definitely be Oscar. As Mourinho said he is the number 10. He should play most games. He is the top points scorer for Chelsea. He is good value for money. Is he nailed on? Hmm.. Not sure. But he will play most games. I really don't think Mata is nailed on and there will be a lot of rotation in the other 2 midfield slots.

                As for City attack I don't think Rooney to Aguero is a bad move. He is a great differential and should play most weeks. I do wonder if it is a bit sideways though. Will he rest him before key Champions League games? He did vs Stoke. Negredo would be a great option if Dzeko wasn't there. But he is and Dzeko will get a fair amount of game time. He wont play the 2 together so for me with all the attacking options he isn't an option

                1. Would sideways not be more like Dawson>Vertonghen or Ozil>Walcott or something?

                  1. I don't think sideways has to be 2 players from the same team.

                    For me both Rooney and Aguero fit the same profile.

                    Similar fixtures
                    Explosive but inconsistent
                    Fairly nailed on but small rotation threat
                    Similar price

                    Different teams but for me currently every similar FPL players. Both are decent options.

                2. Terry is the top points scorer for Chelsea, but Oscar is the best choice for a Chelsea mid.

                  1. Sorry, I always split defence apart from midfield and attack. I meant the top Chelsea attacking option.

                    1. Fair enough

    6. Forward line is good. Nastys spot was under threat, but looks secure now with injuries.. How man FT evs?

      1. Ah my bad 1, didn't read properly!

    7. Gnu
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      Looks good. Got a feeling we've all got good looking line-ups going into GW8, someones going to bite us all on the Bahooky me thinks.

    8. Evs
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      Thanks for the replies lads, I shall save.

      I am losing patience with Rooney and Vid but I'll review for now...

      Onwards and upwards (hopefully) :cool:

    9. Looking very solid for GW8

      Swans def could be something to consider if you're looking to downgrade, but I'd beware unless Williams and Davies are back. It's a risk though, they're fairly leaky at the moment. Nice fixtures until GW13 though.

      Personally I'm going to try a ManC forward for GWs 10+11. Probably combined with Silva, who I'd intend to keep longer term.

      1. Negredo at 9.3 looks a great pick

        1. I'm not sold on him. I'll probably go with Aguero simply because I'm more certain he'll start. I do have the next 2 GWs to see if Pellegrini has made up his mind yet or not though.

          1. I'm to be corrected if i'm wrong but i think negredo has started all but 1 game for city. I'd rather aguero too but unsure about how to make the funds

    10. Should be good enough to start for Senegal

      1. Evs
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        It's in my contract that I start every game Tommy ;-)

        1. And mine being Captain ;)

          1. Evs
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            Lovely :-)

    11. I think you should be looking to get Terry in with The Chelsea fixtures, don't particularly like Nasty (Man City clean sheets?) Vidic (Man utd form) or Dawson (Nailed-on?)

  6. Good Morning folks. As I wait in vain for Beach Soccer replies, I am off to Dubai for a short break. Anyone recommend any places worth seeing? Never been there before. Cheers!

    1. Evs
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      The bank. You'll need a wad of cash !

    2. Visit Mr Drinkwater.

      1. Although you won't find him drinking water

    3. I've been there a few times. Its not really a city, just a collection of malls.

      So when the missus and you decide on which mall to go, then choose one and stick to it because the malls are gigantically big and there's no point mall hopping imo.

      Also, don't try and be too smart about alcohol out there - its insanely strict!

      1. I work there a lot of the time, it's full of bars, nightclubs and drinking spots; massive drinking and party place.

      2. Hmm. Sounds like I need to avoid shopping. Or at least stop the missus from doing so!

        Cheers for the replies. We were planning to go to Sharm El Sheikh (insanely cheap for obvious reasons); everything was paid for until the travel agent told us the flights had been cancelled.Hence Dubai. Don't intend doing much apart from lie in the sun, listen to some tunes and read a book or 2.

        Just bought the latest Irvine Welsh novel (the one that pre-dates Trainspotting). Anyone read it?

        1. Dubai Mall the best, then Mall of the Emirates; head to Dubai Creek to see the old Dubai. The whole place runs along the beach (are you staying on the beach?). There are beach clubs and public beaches. Great city for eating out, lots of sports bars if you want to watch any football.
          I'm back there later this month.

          1. Cheers Manilaman, yes we're staying on Jumeriah(?) beach. Will certainly check out the nightlife - any recommendations in particular for bars or clubs?

            1. Yes, Jumeirah is the main beach area. Madinat Jumeirah is full of good bars, etc., there is also a lot going on around the Marina. Check out Timeout Dubai for what club nights, etc are on; there's plenty happening and it depends what you are into.

    4. Most people visit the malls and the markets, Dubai Mall will take you a day to get around. Outside you have the worlds tallest building which you can go up. Dubai has a good nightlife, party central!

      1. Thanks Tommy and the rest of you guys. Gives me some options.

  7. Oooh I'm a member now.. Time to check out the members section!

    1. Enjoy, don't get lost.

      1. Woah too late. Crazy info

        1. Be careful.

          When I first became a member about a year ago I went on a ridiculous spending spree because - remember - if you try hard enough you can use stats to prove anything!

          Great info once you learn how to apply it :D

          1. Very good advice :-)

    2. Congratulations Mersey.... :)

  8. http://www.gamesinasia.com/report-foxconn-using-forced-student-labor-to-build-sonys-ps4/

    Students being forced to manufacture ps4's :shock: .. interesting read

  9. My mid is currently HBA / Moses / Michu / Eriksen / Jedinak

    Need to get rid of HBA - want to bring in Wally or Oscar (maybe both later on), who should be the priority for GW8?

    Walcott is playing norwich at home, should be goals but is coming back from injury and may be eased back in, coming of the bench a possibility?

    Oscar is playing cardiff at home, in form, but some on here think he may be rested?

    Would be interested to hear some opinions on this.

    1. Have we had any news on Walcott yet?

      I'd do HBA > Barkley then Jedinak > Wally week after

      1. haven't heard anything about walcott, just that fpl reckon he'll be back 19 oct.

        Yeah may just do HBA > Barkley and roll the transfer over, cheers tommy.

      2. I would also do this.

    2. Last time Oscar came back from international duty he was rested to the bench. His game on Tuesday is in China so a long trip back. By comparison Mata didn't get off the subs bench yesterday and will only be travelling back from Spain even if he plays on Tuesday.

      There are three straight weeks of two games per week after the international break so it might be wise to retain three midfielders who aren't playing in Europe and subject to rotation. At least for the time being.

      1. cheers - really helpful

  10. Time to hit the treadmill.

    Au revoir(in Senegoal accent)

    1. Run Tina Run

      Adios Boss

    2. Evs
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      Hywl Fawr.

      Btw they speak French !

    3. Don't break it.

  11. So then, choices for 2 cheapy mids:-

    Adnan and amalfitano
    Arunotovic and ravel.


    1. Adnan and Ravel :cool:

    2. B although I wouldn't buy arnautovic. I'd keep him but not buy.

      My main objection to A is that I find it unlikely januzaj will start regularly

      1. I'm guessing Adnan would be his 5th mid....
        besides, how many would arnauto score even if he plays as a forward in Stoke... 2 is the more likely point from him....

        1. Look at manu's wingers... there are a lot of options. I think januzaj's most common score will be 1 point.

    3. How about Adnan and Ravel for a while and then switch to Amalfitano when Brom gets a decent fixture

    4. The trouble with adnan is the playing time. I'd have to put him in when United are gone to say, stoke, but if he gets a brief cameo it's just a point.

      If he was either starting or unused sub I'd be happy as auto subs can do the rest.

      If I went ravel instead of adnan I could upgrade rosenior to a 4.5 I guess.

      Is ravel guaranteed?

      1. * home not gone.

        Also worth noting I'm happy to punt on ove but then the other needs to be a near cert starter.

    5. They are all a bit hipster for my liking. Short, sweet vanilla for me...

      Barkley and Whittingham

      1. I can't afford them. Need to play catch up so avoiding Barkley for that reason, however that may be foolish, I'm not sure.

        Could get bark/whit and ravel though. Whit and ravel do not rotate at all though.

        1. Ravel and Barkley isn't the worst pairing in my opinion. I would go with them in that case.

  12. Hi guys, I have 2FT and was thinking of using just one this week by downgrading Nasty to Williams or Riether, then next week upgrading Moses and or Roo. Sound like a good idea?

    Vidic, Nasty, Baines
    Whitt, Ozil, Michu Ravel
    Roo, Suarez, Lukaku

    Subs:- Davis Moses Burner Clyne

    0.3 in bank

    1. *Upgrading Moses and maybe Roo, the week after!!

    2. Sounds like a terrible idea (sorry). Nasty is nailed on with Kompanys injury and Williams is out for 3 weeks. As for Fulhams defence....I think I would stick with City's.

      1. Take your point but ultimately my defence is pretty good and could cope without Nasty. Nasty won't stay in the City team long term anyway. Plus I need the funds to upgrade the nuisance Moses!! Unless I just swap Moses for Lallana or Hernandez. I may as well use at least one of the 2FT somewhere?

        1. Assuming Williams is fit after the break also!

          1. Williams is out for at least 3 weeks. Its on the ticket at the side of the main page somewhere.

          2. Moses - Barkley and upgrade Nasty?

            1. Yes but I already have Baines and Lukaku, but I am warming to the idea of upgrading the defender and actually improving the midfielder by getting someone for less doh! Cheers all!

              1. Yeah there are no real options north of 6.5m up to 9m. Terry could be a shout if you can find the cash

        2. If you want Swansea coverage at the back (which I also do) then Chico is probably the best option (though he is a bit of a card magnet). Rooney to Tekkers is indeed one way to upgrade Moses. Lallana and Hernandez are decent options. So are the tried and trusted eg Rambo and Barkley. I don't see there is a lot around to 'upgrade' Moses to.

          1. Good point, most of the best replacements for Moses are less money, unless you have 3.5m sitting around. Not a big fan of Chico, is Williams not gonna be back soon I thought he might be.

            1. I thought there were murmurs that he might be ok after Laudrup's comments but we'll see

      2. I agree.

        Chico a better shout , or Davies.

        You could downgrade too to Tekkers (same forward live as my WC team then) and upgrade Moses to someone ace. Although there isn't a lot between 7m and 9m.

        1. When is Tekkers back mate?

        2. Isn't Davies hamstrung?

  13. Apart from Mrs Demel I have 2 women in life. 1 is Annabelle Wallis who is starring in Peaky Blinders. It has been a great series and she has looked fantastic but unfortunately that series is coming to and end next week. The other is Clemence Posey who just happens to be starring in the tunnel which starts this week. What a great few months of tele! :)

    1. Ah was looking for a 1920's gangster series to pass my time until tomorrow's Boardwalk empire.. It did not pop up on Metacritic so i kinda missed it. Will give it a go now.. Cheers

  14. So guys i need a bit of help,thanks in advance! So here is my team for gameweek 8 as of now,with 1 free transfer and 0.9 in the bank

    Ward Dawson Zaba
    Ozil Barkley Walcott(if fit) Eriksen
    Rooney Bent Soldado

    Subs:Nolan Chester(injured) Collins(out of favour)

    My h2h rival has Lukaku,Giroud,Sturridge,Oscar,Coleman all in his team after a 4 point hit

    Please help me rate the priority in which i should get rid of these players!As of now,im looking for a -4 this week with the following being my priorities:

    1.Bent,as Jol has already admitted that he wont start
    2.Walcott,if not fit
    3.Collins,hasn't played in the last 2
    4.Soldado,the reason him being ranked #4 is that i believe that AVB must have realised his importance after the west ham drubbing.A bit optimistic though but will have to do with the price losses as well
    5.Chester,I'll probably hold as he is back due by gameweek 9

    1. Change Bent
      I wouldn't take Wally out, he must be back soon.
      Leave Soldado

      1. Don't take a hit if you have a fit eleven.

        1. I don't agree. He needs to get some inform players in. In this situation, hits are worth it, since he has at least five-six transfers he needs to make and doing them one per week means he will never get on top of it.

          1. I know, but I think your eleven comes first, surely you don't take a hit for a player who will sit on the bench anyway?

            1. He hasn't got a bad team at present IMO

    2. Bent and Soldado out are definitely the priority. I guess you don't have enough for a hit to bring Sturridge and Lukaku in? How about Lukaku and Benteke?

    3. I would have done at least three transfers if I were you. Bent, soldado collins out. Lukaku for soldado, distin or chico in for collins and if you can afford, sturridge for bent

  15. A bit of advice if no-one minds?

    Thinking of rolling the FT over and having two next week but Lukaku is nagging at me. Still hoping to do the Giroud - Benteke trade in a couple weeks after Norwich and Palace. Wouldn't mind a Swans defender in there as well?

    0.3 in the bank

    Baines Vidic Wilson (Clyne, B.Turner)
    Ozil Michu Rambo Barkley (Ravel)
    Suarez Giroud Rooney

    Cheers all

    1. I am in a similar predicament with Lukaku, and it would be impossible to tell you which one will be the correct decision. Id say sit tight this week unless one of your forwards gets injured or you get some gut feeling which to switch out.

      1. It's a really tricky one isn't it. The problem is Giroud and the fact he is nailed on with those two tasty fixtures coming up. I just know that three Arsenal is not really that sustainable Seems risky to take him out before Norwich though and a bit knee jerky to take out Rooney after one blank

        1. I agree, with you. Liverpool actually have the toughest fixtures, and I will be removing one of SAS, but can you go without either- I dont think so. In your position I would probably sit tight or risk it with Giroud out as he is shaite and Roo could make way for Tekkers as he only has 3 good fixtures too in the early going

    2. It could go either way if you change one of your strikers this week. I would wait till next week and allow yourself the extra flexibility

      1. Yep that's the way I'm leaning as well.

    3. I went Rooney to lukaku.just feel Hull are due a beating and if Everton do score a few lukaku will get them.plus Rooney has Southampton to deal with

      1. Lukaku scored 2 last night vs Croatia.

  16. As its nice and quiet, it may be a decent time for me to get a RMT in.


    So Soldado has dropped another 0.1 mill, my FT was knee jerked Saturday night RVP > Lukaku. If i'd waited a day it would have been Soldado > Lukaku.

    Anyway 6.8mill to spend but no FT. Shall I hold Soldado/HBA, or is there a risk I wont even get an XI out this week.....

    Also I wont lose any value on HBA or Brady as I caught the price rises initially anyway.


    1. May have been worth wildcarding earlier in the week with those injuries and players not playing. Probably worth holding and hoping that HBA/Soldado make it back in.

      1. Unfortunately the wildcard has gone.

        This nightmare has been a total nightmare as I avoided too many bandwagons while replacing injuries.

        I guess its going to be a case of avoiding logging in if I do want to 'stick'. I'm confident Soldado will play..and I'd only want Giroud for this week and then would want Tekkers..so I agree best to wait in that scenario

        1. I would look at Tekkers in a couple of weeks. Lukaku, Sturridge and Benteke looks a very decent frontline to me.

          Ship might have sailed with Giroud and the fixtures stiffen up in a few weeks as well.

          1. I think I will, cheers

            Heres my actual XI for next GW, so many doubts and a Palace defender (ok fixture I guess..)


    2. you made it tough on us with the worst early transfer possible. Id say Soldado to Lukaku is the best long term transfer. HBA to Januzaj, Amatifiano is another option

  17. Has there been any significant injuries over the internationals yet?

    1. Someone asked on the last page and the name Tom Cleverly was mentioned.

      Another way of answering that question was 'No'.

      1. I agree :)


  18. Boruc • Lewis
    Vertonghen • Baines • Terry • Turner • Faye
    Ozil • Michu • Oscar • Barkley • Morrison
    Suarez • Giroud • Lukaku

    Thoughts on this? Would you get someone like Whittingham (or Brady when fit) over Morrison?

    1. That's super. I'd go whittingham. I might also downgrade baines(liv defender) and upgrade a 4.0 personally. Great team though

      1. Baines>GJ was something I thought about with him playing further forward. More nailed on than Toure even if they play 3,4 or 5 at the back.

        1. Yep, I'm devising an entry route for glen. I think baines is overpriced so I think that's a good trade

          1. Why is Baines overpriced? Same price as last year...better players around him(Eg Lukaku/Barkley)....new BPS suits him.

            1. He's a good option sure, but I think his CS potential isn't great and that's what you really need to look for. Johnson, in a better defence, nearly as attacking, at under 6:0 is a better option IMHO

              1. Well Mign is even better then for Livp cover.

                Baines/Eve averages 10 CS a season over the last 3 years. No reason why it won't happen again a he has 3 from 7 already.

                Baines attacking potential makes up for the 5 CS or so that everton will have less then Lpool.

                1. Why? I just don't agree, you could get boruc and Johnson for under 11.5 (I think) or baines and mignolet for nearly 14m. They'll be similar on points, but I'll take that extra cash

                  1. Mign to match Boruc over the season.

                    No way will GJ match Baines. No way.

                    1. South's CS should run out now. ManU/Ars/Chel/Citeh up in the next 8 fixtures.

            2. He is a decent pick, but a tad expensive for a run of games such as:


              For example.

              1. You need a strong stomach as baines owner for sure. I held him through a run of 7 or so games of solid 2's. I sold him, and the rest is history.

                You need to hold him LT.

                1. *last season that is

    2. Good team. I'd be tempted do do Giroud -> Benteke in due course, But you lack Arsenal mids.

      1. That's what I thought. Looking at these moves:

        • Faye>Clyne
        • Baines>GJ
        • Giroud>Benteke
        • Morrison>Whittingham

        Ozil not enough for you? :D

        1. don't sell Baines.

          He is going to score 170+ pts over the season

        2. I like Ravel, he looks good and nailed on for West Ham and at 4.4 is an absolute steal. No need to take him out right now

        3. I'd be tempted to squeeze Walcott in too.

          I have Clyne want Benteke and certainly would seriously consider GJ.

          Walcott Ozil Oscar Michu

          Benteke Lukaku Suarez

          is a Beastly combination

    3. You sure you can afford this?

      1. Certainly.

  19. Have been planning to save over the break. Still sound ok?
    Koscielny walker Vidic
    Ozil Michu gylfi whittingham
    Giroud Rooney suareZ

    Boruc/JWP/burner/ Chester

    Main concerns being:
    - sigurdsson, silly punt
    - no lukaku (planning on benteke)
    Whit vs chels


    1. Siggy should rise and has 2 good fixtures. definite hold

      Lukaku & Benteke are both essential.

      1. I'm afraid I don't think they are essential

        1. Good luck with that idea. Stats say otherwise.

          1. Good options yeah, don't think they're essential yet

  20. Regardless of what Martinez says you have to think Lukaku will be subbed early/rested/rotated occasionally simply due to his past history for this and the fact that they have 3 strikers for 1 spot. Thats not to say hes still not a great option, especially in current form. Long term however i have minor doubts.

  21. New Post
  22. Some of the analysis here is very poor. Evra's advanced position might just be due to United playing against Sunderland (who were playing very defensively for the first 60 minutes) and nothing to do with Januzaj playing instead of Young or whoever else.

    How can you make these analyses on one game? "The average no. of touches in position X for player Y in this one game is higher than his average for last season..." - how many times have I read something like that here... it's just utterly ridiculous... one game... wow. big deal... this is a crime against mathematics and statitistics

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