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I’m not too good at keeping secrets. Those of you who allow me assault your ears via the ScoutCast will know that I’m currently adopting a media blackout when it comes to my Fantasy Premier League lineup.

While that’s proved fun for a while, it makes bearing my soul in this article on a Saturday morning rather tricky. With an hour to go, then, it’s time to disperse the fog of war and reveal all. Not least because I’m panicking that I’ve made another error in a season seemingly littered with them.

I’ve sold Wayne Rooney.

There it is – it’s out there. Stuck out in a paragraph all on its own it looks just as scary as I thought it would. Let’s try to fix that…

I’ve bought Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez.

There. I feel slightly better.

Are my fears totally banished, though? Far from it. I slept restlessly in my bed last night, with Granville’s Mancunian drawl haunting my thoughts – he was adamant that selling Rooney was an error. Once again, I may soon have to admit that he’s right. That’s becoming a habit.

There was clearly an element of knee-jerk involved in my decision. I’d just seen Aguero and Suarez hit double figures again and, while Rooney did the business for me at Cardiff, in the long-term, I just don’t see him keeping pace with the South American pair, or indeed wearing my armband with the same degree of comfort.

Admittedly, David Moyes’ recent claims that a rest for Rooney was imminent played their part. As does Robin van Persie’s inevitable return to the team and the scoresheet. Then there’s Rooney’s likely suspension before the New Year. Can he possibly go seven, maybe eight domestic matches without another yellow? I very much doubt it.

Even so, while all these factors had me reach for the eject button, I know full well that December could see United step up, which will surely mean further returns for Rooney. Equally, I’m slightly concerned that the form of Suarez and Aguero may not be maintained, certainly not at their current improbable rate of goals and Fantasy returns.

I can probably accept some regression from Suarez and Aguero. I could probably stand to watch Rooney rack up more goals. However, I’m not sure I could face Granville if my four point hit and Rooney rejection plays into his hands and has him ride off into the mini-league distance.

A few weeks ago I declared that I’d start “playing” Fantasy Football again. A few weeks, points hits and several skin-of-my-teeth decisions later, I’m kind of craving the safe existence of my early season. Sure, perhaps I was doomed to failure, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t destined to crash and burn quite so spectacularly.

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  1. JKi
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    My mid is great for abbreviation

    Barkely = Rarkley

    Brady = Rrady

    Sessegnon = erm... Sessegnon

    Ramsey = Aamsey

    Oscar = erm... Oscar

    1. So not that great then.

  2. Total FPL scout predictions has Rudd on their starting line up...


    1. do you know how it works?is the most selected players that people choose to do their dream team.

      1. snap

        didnt know that actually

      2. No its the ESBO prediction he is on about.

      3. Wait Rudd or Ruddy? Team I am looking at on there is Ruddy in goal. It does have Theo and Mirallas though!

  3. 1/4 players starting today 8-)

    1. 2/5 :cool:

      Making big contributions to our beach soccer teams here.

    2. 2/4 :cool:

    3. 4/5
      Suck it bitches!

    4. 5/7 +1/1 from the bench. Boom!

    5. 3/4 for me

    6. 3 out of 5. Big day tomorrow.

  4. Lets face it, Marks opinion wont be worth anything till his kid leaves home and he gets his peace back. So only another 18 years to go then.

    1. Boarding school ftw

      1. Good Idea.

        Mark time to get to work on this, its the only hope you have

    2. Mark sounded like he had lost the plot on last week's scoutcast, trying to justify why he used transfers to get GJ and Nasri instead of Suarez and Aguero.

      1. I must say the Scoutcast has taken on a different tone listening to the inner workings of a player from the bottom half. *coughtMarkcough

        Accutally helping though, I'm just doing the opposite of whatever Mark says this season... ;)

      2. Not sure about his decision on bringing in kasami this week either...

      3. To be fair, I kept Giroud, Sturridge and Rooney - they all scored..while Hazard, Johnson and Nasri got me 19 points.

        1. Mark is taking it from all sides today

        2. Have to say I thought your adopting a media blackout comment was class. :)

      4. hahaha

  5. Just 13 minutes.. just want a game to start already!

  6. SW6
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    What games are people going to watch? Has to be WHam vs Fulham for me, although i don't think I'm going to enjoy it.

  7. Fin

    Who do people think Walcott will replace?

    1. Wilshere

    2. Whoever plays on the right.

    3. He may not replace anybody..he might just be sharing game time with the rest of the squad. It's not like they need to rely upon him as much as last year...Arsenal mids > United mids...maybe...

  8. If Ramsey blanks today is it time to get rid?

    1. sy
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Not for me, got him at 5.5m and he was unlucky last week hit the post, still getting into positions to score so he is a keeper for me.

      1. Granted you will have lost value but its not much use when he's playing that deep.

        A bit early to ship out but I wouldnt keep him just because you got him for a bargain

  9. Why are ppeople complaining about benchings?

    Net two game weeks there will be lots of rotations. Thats why took out Chester and Snod. Need a full squad

    1. We want to play with our first choice XIs though don't we. Rotation is inevitable but why would we like it?

  10. SW6
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    I think I'd rather have 20mins from Ravel than 90 from Brady

  11. JKi
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    Coleman and Ramsey? - check

    Barkley? - nope

    Oh well

  12. Fin

    Think its time to get rid of Mirallas. Had him since GW 1 and has Man U and Arsenal next. Any ideas for a replacement? 8.9 to spend and i have Rambo and Oscar already

    1. Don't make the switch yet - he's going up in price tonight ;)

  13. Jeff was quite funny there on SSNews when saying 'Barry is injured but is in Everton's Midfield' sheet

  14. New Article Posted
  15. 6 out of 6 playing, as should be.....

  16. anyone have noble?

  17. Good luck everyone!!

  18. Go Time!

  19. Time to get sessegnon out?

    1. If you like. I'm looking at getting him in after the Man City game - but it might be Amalfi or, heaven forbid, Brunt instead.

  20. Anyone still staying loyal to RVP and waiting until he comes back, or is is time to cut the losses?

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