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It was a case of “one in, one out” on Saturday’s edition of Tightrope Watch, as the population swelled briefly to 28 before a Baggies midfield enforcer fell foul of the referee’s wrath on Tyneside. Sunday delivered a couple more five-card tricks, as the ban stick finally hit its target:

Saturday’s advent on the outskirts of the suspension jungle arrived midway through Stoke’s 4-0 drubbing at Everton, with a yellow card shown to Geoff Cameron after his foul on stand-in left back, Bryan Oviedo, just before the opening goal. As with the existing community of offenders, the US international will now have to endure the rest of the year looking over his shoulder in the knowledge that just one more malefaction could result in an enforced rest.

Meanwhile, graduating from the tightrope and flung headlong into that enforced rest this week are a trio of transgressors. First up, West Brom’s Congolese midfielder Youssouf Mulumbu earned his fifth card of the season for a foul on Yohan Cabaye late in the St James’ Park clash and will sit out the midweek hosting of Manchester City – perhaps he’ll use the time to consider what his future holds after his desire to move to “a more classy club” was made public.

Secondly, in the Sunday lunchtime fare, gurner extraordinaire Phil Jones clipped Mousa Dembélé to hand Spurs another 20-yard free-kick chance and earn himself a midweek rest for the visit of Everton – where Marouane Fellaini looks set to receive a frosty reception in his place. Finally, Hull’s Curtis Davies succumbed to a ban of his own after felling Jordan Henderson for the free-kick which led to Liverpool’s equalising goal at the KC. His absence at Arsenal coinciding perfectly with the return of James Chester – fresh from a price drop to 3.8m, and poised to offer extraordinary value once the Tigers’ fixtures ease.

Finally, Palace’s Yannick Bolasie serves the second of a three-match ban, whilst returning from suspension ready for the midweek fixtures will be German defender Sascha Riether, as his Fulham side, under the new management of René Meulensteen, seek to avoid a seventh straight loss in all competitions.

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  1. Please help - do I avoid the hit or do this:

    Sess and Ivan -> Rambo and Coleman (-4)


    Ivanovich / Terry / Clyne / Koscielny
    Hazard / Ozil / Rav Mo
    Aguero / Suarez (c) / Lukaku

    4.0; Sess / Brady / Burner

    1. I would be hesitant in bringing in Coleman now. Even if you went the Everton route,nDistin might be better value.

      1. I'd expect he would be

        I suppose the question is can I afford to lose further ground with Rambo?

    2. gw 16 is coleman time, tough couple o matches up next, cleanies unlikely

      1. I wouldn't play him this/next week, but could afford him

        Have a 0.3 point swing if Ivan goes down

        1. in that case go for it

  2. Just looked at Nasri's photo on FPL.


    1. jwp beats his

    2. Haha, brilliant picture of Na$ri

  3. Mignolet (K.Davis)
    Terry Mert Clyne (Coleman Brayford)
    Haz RavMo Ozil Ramsey Amalf
    Suarez Aguero Lukaku

    2 FT's and 0.6 in bank
    Is Brayford -> Chester the only thing I should address or am I missing something

    1. Nice team. Seems like a good enough move. Ozil to Silva (when back) or Nasri could be a winner in a couple of rounds. Would free up some funds to maybe upgrade Amalf further down the line as well.

      1. Thank you for the response and Silva back in the team are my thoughts exactly (when fit) Cheers !

  4. Is Januzaj worth keeping? Team news section suggests he won't start.

    1. if you have a free transfer burnin up, then get rid of him

    2. No

    3. Thanks for quick responses.

  5. Boruc and Barkley out Gazza and Morrison, sound decent?

  6. People who are not owning Ramsey (inc me)

    How do you feel before wednesday?

    1. Not good. I hate him.

    2. must ask this every gw

    3. It has to end.

    4. I feel ignorant :D .

    5. currently feeling like if i get him, he'll get that well deserved rest/injury i've been anticipating since week 3

    6. well he could easily get a rest

      1. if i had someone else of similar value i'd get him in straight away. But i have haz and yaya which i really dont want to lift out, and barker and brady. Fack my life!!

    7. Not worried, he has ruined my season already :)

    8. Worried, would you do the move I mention above?

  7. Thoughts on the following possible team for GW15:

    Coleman - Koscielny - Terry
    Cabaye - Hazard - Ramsey - Ravel
    Aguero - Rooney - Suarez

    Boruc - Barkley - Luna - Chester

    1. Is KD likely to play?

      Who is your captain?

      1. Will see you starts in goal against Villa and go from there. Planing Mignolet, Clyne & Sess > KD/Gaz, Kos & Ramsey... Armand will go on Rooney or Suarez.

        1. *Will see who

  8. Good to go for this gameweek??


    Terry Koscielny Evans

    Oscar Hazard Ramsey Morrison

    Rooney(vc) Suarez(c) Aguero

    1. Lovely team.

  9. Boruc and Rat to Gazza and Zabaleta? Yay or Nay?

    1. yay but to evra/terry

      1. clean sheet specialists ;)

  10. i keep thinkin about bringin chelsea in eg terry or haz, but always bottle it........... i dont htink i like chelsea

  11. Does anyone know what this Vorm on the bench business was about at the weekend?

    1. illness

      1. Thanks.

  12. Gerrard with NOR WHM CAR in the next 4(26 points in 3 home games since suarez back) nailed on with set pieces and Wally with HULL EVE mci CHE in the next 4 and prob startin just 2 of those and im still going wally most probably :(
    Need to get my head checked or is it an ok move?

    1. head and mental state needs checking

      1. i agree.. the excitement of seeing wally in the lineup vs hull is blinding me from the consistency that is gerrard. he does offer zero threat from open play though

    2. well with wally its the potential when hes back up to speed, with gerrard its consistency .... not crazy

    3. All walcott owners need to reassess what they are doing :D

      1. Yeah all we did was get an assist from him right??

    4. Why not go with Gerrard for a couple of more weeks while Walcott finds his pace? Not convinced that Wally against Hull will outscore Gerrard vs Norwich.

      1. Couldn't agree more - Bruce got his team tactics spot on on Saturday, see he will be looking to stop the wide speed merchants, but then again Hull could always do a Newcastle as per last year !!!

  13. Would you bring in a Liverpool defender for a hit this gameweek?

    1. nah they will concede

    2. not for a hit

    3. No

    4. Thanks fellas

  14. Save ft this week? Play sess or JWP? Thanks!
    Evans/Williams/Johnson (Coleman, burner)
    Walcott/ hazard/ Gerrard/ sessegnon (JWP)
    SuarezC/ benteke / giroud

    1. sess to someone better, or play JWP for me

      1. Oh I forgot to say, a cool £0.0m in the bank :cool: - thanks, might go JWP then :)

  15. Well lads, here's my team for Wednesday

    Ivanovic/ Zaba/ Vertonghen
    Ramsey/ Morrison / Cabaye / Lallana
    JayRod/ Suarez(C) / Aguero

    Boruc, Coleman , Barkley and vlaar on the bench

    Where can I maxamise points on Wednesday ?
    1.9m in the bank

  16. is it worth -8 hit to get mc grecor, gerrard and lampard for ozil, boruc and townsend?

    i will lose value on both boruc and townsend if i dont. do u see lampard starting the next 2 matches since rested vs southampton?

    1. yes

    2. not lamps.

    3. Losing Ozil now would be madness.

  17. Oh and Marshall/Panty/Gazza in for boruc? Already have Davis.. leaning towards Marshall

    1. Speroni?

      1. this, only cos i am and i need another shoulder to cry on

      2. hmmm.. i like.. Getting ward in for Murner/Rosenior next week most likely though

  18. Do people still think Aguero is going to score a good amount of points despite being away on Wed?

    1. Think it will end up 2.1 citeh.

      Kun goal and assist.

      1. Hmm, I reckon he'll get some sort of points, but not a mass amount like he does at home usually.

  19. Boruc > Marshall for a hit?

    Davis my backup, already on (-4)

    1. yep

    2. What was your trades?

      Don't take another hit for a keeper.

    3. hmmmm could work since its technically only -2 starting point swing as niether boruc or davis will play ... what about speroni

  20. when i WC'ed i put my keepers as boruc and gazzanigga for no particular reason. LOL

  21. Guys,
    Right starting 11?
    Clyne GJ Terry
    Hazard Cabaye Ramsey Morrison
    Rooney Aguero Suarez

    Krul Brady Vlaar Olsson
    1 FT, 01 in the bank

  22. There's a new article!

    1. Fail.

  24. Bob

    Any news on Vorm lads? Need him to start as Boruc is 2nd gk

  25. Boruc to Marshall sounds good? Also Murner to Collins or Flanagan (or any other def up to 5.0)?

  26. Is it worth replacing Boruc?

    I currently have Boruc - Mignolet Combo (like many others on here I'm sure)

    If I did Boruc to Howard my goal keeping rotation between now and Jan WC (GW's 14-22) would be:
    NOR, WHM, FUL, CAR, SUN, SOU, HULL, NOR, AVL, (pretty awesome fixtures)

    I would play Howard whenever Everton were at home -GW's 16,18, 19 and 21.

    Liverpool's fixtures in these weeks are: tot, man c, chel, stoke (very tough fixtures!)

    So, Q1: Is t worth a 4point hit? Will Howard outscore Mignolet by more than four points with:
    - FUL, SUN, SOU, NOR, instead of tot, man c, chel, stoke? (I think the answer is probably yes)

    Q2: My selling price for Boruc is 4.7. Howard costs 5.6. Is it worth the extra 0.9?

    Thoughts appreciated.

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