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The suspension slate may have been wiped clean for Wayne Rooney, Yannick Bolasie, Jonas Olsson and Ravel Morrison over the weekend but the Tightrope sleeps for no man, as a new wave of miscreants were served up over the last couple of days to replenish the stocks and furnish this very article:

First and foremost amongst the bans this week is West Ham skipper Kevin Nolan. For a few weeks now, the midfielder’s form has been a talking point amongst Hammers fans – having failed to score since the season opener at home to Cardiff, many have questioned his place as a regular in Sam Allardyce’s XI. Fantasy managers agree, with sales of the once prolific Nolan outstripping purchases in each of the last 12 Gameweeks. Those sales are set to escalate after he received a red card for a rash challenge on Jordan Henderson in the drubbing by Liverpool last Saturday. Nolan can put his feet up over the busy pre-Christmas schedule as a three-match ban forces him to sit out league games against Sunderland and Manchester United in addition to the Capital One Cup Quarter Final with Spurs. He’ll be available again for the Gameweek 18 clash with Arsenal but, given his lack of impact, it remains to be seen whether Big Sam will hand him an immediate return.

Joining Nolan on the ban list, but only for the next round of fixtures, is arguably the man who replaced him at Newcastle – Yohan Cabaye. A yellow card in Saturday’s triumph at United is unlikely to have dampened the Frenchman’s mood following his weekend winner but, as this was his fifth indiscretion of the season, he’ll sit out the visit of Southampton in Gameweek 16. Meanwhile, completing the roll-call of the Saturday fixtures, Stoke’s Jon Walters also toppled off the Tightrope and will sit out next weekend’s trip to Hull but I doubt he’ll care much for his yellow card, given his side’s dramatic 3-2 triumph over Chelsea.

On to Sunday and each of the two fixtures had their fair share of Tightrope action, with seven players across the four teams under threat of a ban. Fabian Delph and James McCarthy were the unlucky pair to lose their balance, having spent seven and four weeks respectively on the Tightrope. Both will now be free to indulge in some Christmas shopping as their sides face up to their next tests – Delph’s Aston Villa entertain under-fire David Moyes’ United, while McCarthy’s Everton welcome Fulham to Goodison; the pair will be back in the fold for Gameweek 17.

One final piece of housekeeping sees a couple of new faces on the Tightrope widget, in the shape of Everton pair Gareth Barry and – possibly the first goalkeeper to ever appear on these pages – Tim Howard. Both picked up their fourth cautions of the campaign during yesterday’s draw at the Emirates and have to navigate a further four league matches without incident before the threshold for a ban is increased to 10 yellows on New Year’s Day (or Gameweek 20 to you and me).

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  1. Laudrup - "There's no gambling. He's back because he's fit and training with the squad.
    His injuries are behind him"

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      but he's not match fit

      1. Not 100%, but enough to play today.

    2. I bet your feeling so smug right now ;)

      1. I'm trying not be because I know it will end up with a 1pter if I get carried away :)

    3. The truth would sound downbeat. Wise manager.

      "We're desperate, all our other options are pretty cack".

    4. Wow you brought Michu in? Could be great...

    5. Hhopefully he's not just back to continue to frustrate us this year... Want to see some more consistency first.

  2. If Chamakh scores a brace in each of his next 3 fixtures.

    Would you get him?

    1. Nah

      Bendtner on the other hand....

  3. Really not sure what Laudrup is up to bringing back Michu straight into the starting line up without a game.

    1. it smacks slightly of desparation, i hope its not brady all over again

    2. Didn't have surgery so presumably playing will help his fitness increase quicker than training

    3. This.

      He must have insisted he wanted to be on the pitch.

    4. Typical flogging of his players , which is the reason I'm staying clear of Michu

      No disrespect but it's hull they're playing

  4. Danny Graham starting will make for uncomfortable viewing as a non owner..

    1. It's amazing how uncomfortable sympathy can feel

  5. Boruc, Speroni
    Dawson, Zabaleta, Coleman, Flanigan, Baker
    Ozil, Ramsey, Brunt, Cabaye, Morrison
    Rooney, Aguero, Suarez

    0.3M in the bank, 1 FT

    Early days yet but considering a few moves, which sounds the best? Any advise?

    A) Ozil > Hazard
    B) Ozil > Lampard
    C) Aguero > Lukaku
    D) Boruc > Marshall

    1. HVT

      IMO you need Hazzard / Oscar but not sure at ozils expense.

    2. D.

      And the post below yours should remind you of Ozil's importance.

    3. HVT

      Boruc > Gazza/Davis and Brunt to 4.1 gives some cash but you'd need a hit(s)

  6. Is Özil becoming essential? Down to 10.3 and with Walcott still not starting I'm considering bringing him in to replace Nasri likely to be rested some over the festive period Silva returns next weekend.

    1. Don't think he is essential. I would say it is essential to have 2 of the below out of the expensive mids.


      1. I have Ozil & Haz

    2. Mesut is essential all the way..

    3. Just below ownable value for me at the minute, waiting for the toughest fixtures of the season to clear up.

    4. As an owner, I don't think he's explosive/consistent enough to be essential - but I'm also no longer looking to jettison him...

      1. 32 points in three weeks..just how explosive does he need to be?

    5. HVT

      Had him since he signed can't see me selling

  7. Silva has just moved to 182% to drop on total fpl

    1. Good. He's top of the list at the moment to replace Gerrard. Unless Wenger says he's starting Walcott on the weekend.

    2. hmm odd, ah well can only be good if true

    3. why is Gerrard not dropping? A lot of people have him

    4. Was he red before? Yellow now. Could be a flag change.

      1. It is

  8. MIGS davies
    walker coleman merte WILLIAMS chester

    Got two FTs, who would you replace the TWO players?

  9. btw that bbc docunenlmtary link is amazing. 1h35 min of great entertainnent.

    1. what link?

    2. ...on the 1992 united team...becks, neville brothers, butt, scholes and giggs.

      1. on you tube. tommy tour postedbit and then someone did earlier today. I watched the whole thing. nice to see cantona. get it before it dissapears!

        1. i posted it earlier, it's already gone

          1. damn.

      2. it's really good i thought

        the youtube link got taken down though

  10. COME ON CHESTER! Been waiting all season for this 1 pointer!

  11. Oh no. Now GB will annoy us if Michu scores...

    1. He'll probably hobble off after 1 minute...

    2. GB will shoot up the rankings if michu does well, good luck to him

    3. I know, right? Arrogant dick.

      1. Me, that is. Not you Chu, I love you :-)

        1. I love you too. I want your rank :(

  12. Currently 12 points behind in a H2H match and have Pozuelo and Chester to play. What are the odds of them both combining to get me 12 points or more?

    Pozuelo benched currently. :(

    1. You've lost.

      Embrace it...

  13. Brady being benched is a B'stard.

  14. D1sable, I'm playing the sky game and I've just transferred Michu in would I get his points today?

    1. Yes

  15. Remy to Lukaku sound like a good move?

    Everton have Fulham at home this week and Remy has not done anything since I owned him.

  16. Hang on, Silva is on -182%?! So he's going to drop again tonight?

    1. Again ... He hasn't dropped for ages

      Basically changed from a red to yellow

  17. Giroud & Gerrard >
    A) Rooney & Barkley/Shelvey/Fer/Sess/?
    B) Aguero & Barkley/Shelvey/Fer/Sess/?

    1. Most folk would say B but I would get Rooney. Man U are going to backlash big time on someone and they have a good run coming up.

      & Shelvey

      1. Yeah. Am tempted by Rooney due to fixtures and doing this will let me do Coutinho > Silva

        1. If you are getting Silva wait till tomorrow as he is dropping tonight.

  18. 11 days ago, Michu posted this on Twitter:

    He's surely fit by now?

    1. I've got Michu to, he's in my team for the sky game!!!!!!!

  19. ''Michu is someone who's very similar to Suarez'' - Jamie Carragher, December 2013.

    1. lol

  20. pgr

    I want to ditch Nasri this week now that Silva is back (Nasri was pretty useless even without Silva).
    Is Michu an option? I can't afford Silva

    1. wasn't useless against Swansea (without Silva)
      Nasri seems decent value this season, with or without Silva

  21. RP:

    Mignolet / Lewis
    Dawson / Koscielny / Clyne / Turner / Wilson
    Ramsey / Hazard / Özil / Brady / Whittingham
    Lukaku / Agüero / Suárez

    1 FT, £1.4m in the bank.

    A) Wilson/Clyne----> Distin
    B) Dawson---> Distin, allowing me to do Brady---> Cabaye next week

  22. A Laudrup, where is my man Vorm?! Was counting on him tonight. Boruc and Vorm are my keepers this is bad news.

  23. New Article Posted
  24. Redmond worth a punt at 4.5m?

    1. I got him last week for Morrison. Don't know much about him but he got an assist.

      1. He's a tricky customer and likely to only play if Snodgrass is still injured I think...

  25. Where is Vorm?

  26. Fcking hell...............Williams cleanie gone already.............

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      He is actually more useless than Terry

      At least Terry has a goal threat

  27. So... I need to get rid of a few players... What to do? 2FT 0.1m

    Chico - Collins - B.Turner
    Ozil - Gerrard - Ramsey - Brady
    Suarez - Aguero - Rooney

    Boruc - ward- Clyne - Ravel -

    2FT, 0.1m in the bank...

  28. This week only:

    Giroud + Mata or Lukaku + JWP?

  29. Please check my team and who to change ( transfer wise )

    Migs ( Harper )
    Vlaar Fonte Merte Coleman Terry
    Cabaye Yaya Lallana Shelvey RavMorrison
    Aguero Suarez Remy
    1 FT and 0.2 Million in Bank

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