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To the cynical viewer, the glut of yellow cards this weekend will have had Christmas shopping and midweek cup tie written all over them, in ten-foot-high neon lettering, while the solitary red card smacks a little of both.

The weekend’s sending off, in the second half of Spurs’ Sunday humiliation at home to Liverpool, looked harsh from my already uncomfortable seat in the White Hart Lane stands. A high boot from Paulinho, connecting with Luis Suárez’s chest in an effort to reclaim a bouncing ball in midfield, incurred the wrath of referee Jonathan Moss, who was well within his rights to brandish red. The Brazilian is set to serve a three-match ban and will miss the Capital One Cup tie against West Ham in midweek, in addition to Gameweek 17 and 18 showdowns with Southampton and West Brom.

Also missing midweek cup action through suspension will be Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic and Spurs captain Michael Dawson. Their timely fifth yellow cards will now clear both to play through the busy Christmas league schedule without the threat of missing action. Is it too much to ask that their form will improve with the monkeys off their backs? Fans of their clubs and Fantasy managers alike will certainly hope so.

If that wasn’t enough, two more players also moved their quota of yellows past the ban threshold in Sunday action, as both Gabby Agbonlahor and Angel Rangel slipped from the tightrope. The duo picked up cautions against Manchester United and Norwich respectively and, having been knocked out of the Capital One Cup, they will serve these bans in Gameweek 17 instead – Villa, without a goal in their last two games, travel to Stoke, while Swansea face a rampant Everton.

Playing the long game in the build-up to the busy Christmas schedule, and maybe planning some time with the family through an enforced rest, there are no fewer than eight new faces donning their plimsolls and digging out their balancing sticks for Gameweek 17.

The Saturday fixtures saw fourth yellow cards for Michael Essien (in just his fourth domestic start of the season) and for Marouane Chamakh at Stamford Bridge, meanwhile at St James’ Park, bookings for Cheick Tioté and Morgan Schneiderlin meant they also clambered onto the Tightrope. Phillippe Senderos and the fit-again David Silva complete the Saturday sextet, with the latter’s caution perhaps sounding a note of caution to those looking to cover Sergio Agüero’s injury with the scheming Spaniard.

Sunday filled the final two places from the weekend, with José Cañas and Kyle Walker threatening to enforce additional rotation upon their managers as they await the draw for the next round of the squad-sapping Europa League.

Finally to close out the suspension shake-up, we have a number of players returning to the fold having served out their sequestration last weekend. Fabian Delph, Chico Flores, James McCarthy, Yohan Cabaye and Jonathan Walters are all now ready to take their places once again this week.

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  1. 1FT. 0.9M. Paulinho and Aguero to Negredo and Hazard (-4) good transfers?

    1. Krul
      Coleman, Flanno, Chicol Evans
      Ozil, Redmond, Barkley, Januzaj
      Roon, Suarez
      subs: B.Turner. Out: Aguero, Paulinho and Foster.

      1. Huge upgrade at mf - you can shift back and forth between 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 more easily with hazard and Ozil as your midfield constants.

  2. Of the over 100k who have shipped out Aguero (plus 14k who apparently had nothing better to do than ship Giroud) the likely distribution is pretty split -- 49k Rooney, 35k Suarez, 34k Negredo...Lukaku is well behind at 11k with the weekend goal darlings following behind in the low thousands. Will be interesting to see who gets more of the Aguero spots, Rooney or Negredo.

    1. Getting Lukaku means a better midfield upgrade.

    2. The bulk are shipping for Rooney and Negredo. Suarez is only for those late arrivals who trusted Sergio as a credible differential.

  3. Welbeck or Berbatov?

    1. Neither

      1. Don't answer then.

        1. Trying to help him out

          1. He narrowed down his search, who are we to judge?

            1. Ha the people on the discussion?


    2. Danny boy. Fancy him to do well as central striker while RVP is out.

      1. JKi
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        assuming he starts, Kagawa still apparently. Could see Kagawa behind Rooney v West Ham

        1. Why wouldn't he start? He scored twice.

          1. JKi
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member

            He may well start, just putting out there. With so many games close together, bound to be some rotation, so in our attack no one bar Rooney is 100% nailed

    3. stay away

  4. Nasri or Silva?

    1. Silva

    2. Nasri

  5. Had a terrible day at work lads, anyone cheer me up by telling me if I should do Barkley to Walcott -4?

    1. I'm doing Ravel to Walcott for -4 so yea why not. Go for it.

      1. Yolo

        Cheers soccy

    2. It's a long termer

    3. Yeah I would

      1. Cheers bubzzzz

  6. Silva VS Walcott

    With silva just one yellow card from suspension, would u bring him in or theo? i am leaning towards theo becuase of the yellow card issue

    (i think silva will get his yellow vs liverpool as he will be rested anyway vs palace at home?)


      1. that might swing the arguement for me :-)

    1. Toughie.

      Wally has more fixture congestion

  7. Evening..

    Apart from the CC is there any reason not to do the boring Aguero > Rooney transfer tonight?

    1. All valid points..Cheers all

  8. I'm getting Rafael in this week for Terry

    Super little differential with less than 1% ownership :cool:

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      I can't afford Rafa

      Evans for me, only 1.4% there

      1. Rafael looked great didn't he last week? United not keeping CS and I'm looking at his attacking threats. You reckon Smalling would be preferred to him? Moyes is a little unpredictable

        1. JKi
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          No Rafa is first choice, he's out only natural in that position. I'd get him if I could afford it. Evans has decent goal threat too. Could pay off handsomely. Him being back has somewhat stunted Evra's potential as much less is now going down that side.

          1. I was initially tempted by Jones and the whole OOP saga. But I think Rafael and Evans provide more value than Jones.
            The only concern would be CB's getting more baps than Full backs this season

    2. Wrong move IMO Rohan. United defence no better than Chelsea and terry is back to scoring ways

      1. Hmm.. But I fancied United keeping a cleanie against Villa though. I reckon they could shore things up at the back for the next 2. Plus Rafael has a threat going forward which Terry doesn't. Could go wrong but I hope it's worth a shot

        1. Go with your gut dude

        2. I picked up Rafael. Been tippin' him the last two days. Hopefully, not too much, though. Why tell the world of my secret move. It's out of the bag now, I guess.

          1. Most on here will not be touching the United defence anyway. Even if they do, they'd want Evra or Evans, I reckon :smile:

    3. Nice find :D

  9. My fave 'pairs' .

    ARSENAL - Ozil and Walcott
    MAN CITY - Silva and Negredo.
    EVERTON - Coleman and Lukaku

    1. ramsey is almost essential at his price

      Yaya and silva for me for city

      everton is right

      1. Agree on Ramsey and Everton. Think he's right on Negredo. Like Benteke but plays for city.

  10. Lets try again, has anyone here transfered in gary hooper?

    1. No, ex Celtic.

    2. Soon to be

      1. Soon to be Gary Hooper? Scary!

    3. Yes - Hooper in for Aguero, Silva for Brady

  11. I really want to bring Silva to my team, but with 4 yellows i am hesitant, should i "gamble" or bring in Yaya instead?

    1. Yaya Toure Nono Silva ....

    2. Silva has a league cup game tommorow, but price about to rise.

      He's worth the risk imo .

    3. my thoughts in the post above

      i think i am going with theo, better fixtures as well after the chelsea match plus someone will definately have for my january wildcard team

    4. I wouldn't risk bringing in Silva

    5. Silva better value, Yaya on penalties makes the decision closer IMO

  12. Hope Spurs go further down the toilet now. Can't stand this short term mentality that dominates football.

    1. Like Rangers?

      1. We never went down because of short shortsightedness. Bad financial decisions


        1. Isn't that the epitomy of shortsightedness?

          1. It was not a conscious decision though. The people running the club were under the impression that their handling of their tax affairs was perfectly above board. This was backed up by two courts in Scotland but by the time that happened the bank had squeezed the club so hard we had to go into admin.

            1. Anyway we currently have the best record in British football.

              The real invincibles.

              1. Clamped a dullian.

    2. They should have remained firm behind the manager after they got pumped 5-0 at home by a one man team.

      1. Sometimes that happens, I remember Rodgers taking a few beating early on and look at him now.

        Fergie as well.

  13. Play

    A- Terry (Ars)
    B- Ravel (Mnu)
    C- Barkley (Swa)


  14. Choc ice or Cornetto?

    1. Choc Ice all the way.

    2. Choc ice

    3. Ashley Cole.

    4. Choc ice

    5. Thanks guys, will consider.

  15. I wanted to say that watching the Liverpool game with my sound fixed on my headphones gave me goosebumps. Not just Suarez. but the team performance in general. The youngsters really stepped up into the plate with (c) Marvo missing.

    I particularly loved the crisp passing and passion for getting into positions that foxed the hardened opposition. Great running. great work rate and a great passionate team performance.

    Thoroughly deserved victory. Glorious.

    1. Watch us lose 0-1 to Cardiff next :)

    2. It was almost perfection, clean sheet, 5 away goals but still our finishing can improve, it could have been 9.
      Also, it's step up to the plate. ;-)

    3. Was the best performance of the season. The pressing, passing, movement.

      I was assured by my friends that Spurs would 'dominate' the midfield with their 'power' trio.
      Coutinho would be bullied they said. How wrong they were.

      1. Best game I've seen too. Really enjoyed it.

      2. How did Coutinho play? I bemched him for this week?

        1. He was pretty poor, in my opinion. Trippin' all over himself at times, literally. I'm not sold on him for that price.

          1. Think he's trying too hard, or something. He could well have a good gameweek against Cardiff though, so guess he wouldn't be the worst guy to have in your team.

          2. He was marked by the midfield that weren't covering the FBs. Decoy.

  16. A) Rooney + Nasri

    B) Negredo + Walcott

    1. B by a mile

    2. rooney and walcott. downgrade somewhere else

      1. Even at the expense of an additional 4pt hit ?

        1. -8pts in total no.

        2. not sure about that. To be honest i'd rather have walcott and rooney if you can do the transfers over a couple of weeks

          Another hit, probably not so go negredo and walcott. Should fare you ok just make sure you have a bench


  17. Who Will score better in the next 5 weeks
    A) Lukaku
    B) Negredo

    1. Lukaku, City will play Liverpool

  18. I'm probably doing Aguero to Negredo for free. Should I also do Williams to Zabaleta/Rafael (or any other def) for -4?

  19. For all those transferring in Rooney now, can I ask why you didn't have hime before? Was it because you deemed other players more explosive or something?

    1. He got suspended so I sold him for Lukaku.

    2. I had him then moved to Aguero cos he was on four yellows, next game he got fook all and got booked.

      Got him back now mind.

    3. had the SAS and lukaku from day 1, Lukaku became Giroud when Mourinho barely used him, Sturridge became lukaku when injured and Giroud became Aguero about a month ago. So in my mind who I had (Suarez, Aguero, Lukaku) was the best combo for the money, now I have to get rid of Kun and Rooney presently seems the best bet and the money is obviously available now.

  20. Just about to make my transfers.Would you rather have:

    A) Roo + Wally + Williamson
    B) Roo + Silva + Williamson
    C) Neg + Wally + Zaba
    D) Neg + Silva + Zaba

  21. Thinking of doing a reverse Manc-Scouse flip: Barkley & Aguero > Silva & Lukaku for -4.

    Will leave me:

    Silva Redmond Hazard Ozil Ravel
    Rooney Suarez Lukaku

    Yay or Nay?

    1. FFS The last post before a new article - I'm moving it!

  22. New Article Posted
  23. Aguero + Brady + Koscielny ----> Negredo + Walcott + Evans/Ward (-8)

    Worth it?

  24. A) Walcott
    B) Silva
    C) Yaya

  25. Taking a -4 and using Aguero transfer money to improve my mid.

    So which mid to lose -


    Thinking I gotta get rid of Sess really..

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Sess for me. Whitts has set-pieces in his locker (and plays, which is more than can be said for Brady) and Ravel is about West Ham's best threat right now. Sess is notoriously unrelibale and frustrating, and we don't know who the new manager will be, and what this means.

  26. Best nailed on defender

    1. under 4.5?

  27. Negredo r Lukaku 4 Aguero? Have Rooney & Suarez.

    Lukaku & Silva 4 Aguero & Fer for a -4 hit r leave Silva & get Zabeleta 4 Ivanovic for a -4 hit. Conscious of Silva having 4 yellows.

    Rest of team:
    Coleman, Ivan, Whitt, (Moxley, Clyne)
    Ramsey, Hazard, Barkley, Fer (Colback)

  28. Morning :)

    Terry ¤ Coleman ¤ Flanagan
    Hazard ¤ Walcott ¤ Mirallas ¤ Morrison
    Suarez (C) ¤ Rooney ¤ Lukaku

    Vlaar ¤ Whittingham ¤ Turner

    0 FT & 3m itb.

    Anything worth -4?

  29. Ivan and Cabaye out for Whittaker and Walcott??

    Ivan was always leaving my team and wally would improve my midfield

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