The Big Numbers – Gameweek 21

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We dig into the weekend data now, with the first of our weekly articles for members. Under the radar this time are City’s Spanish frontman, the Cardiff midfield, Everton’s full-backs, Sunderland’s wide-boy and the new role for Liverpool’s captain:

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  1. Please RMWCT.

    Boruc (Mannone)

    Coleman - Koscielny - Kolarov - (Chester - Ward)

    Hazard - Lallana - Silva - Januzaj - Ki

    Suarez - Aguero - Giroud

    0.6m in the bank to upgrade Giroud to Sturridge next week.

    1. I'd put Sturridge in now, it looks like we'll score a couple against Villa so you can save a ft. Also if he rises by 0.1 you won't be able to afford that move.

      1. Thanks, my only concern would be then not having any Arsenal coverage at home to Fulham.

    2. I guess it's the best you can get with pretty low team value. This team would leave me with about 4m in the bank, and I haven't even had that big gains with players raising. I personally would not double up on SAS permanently, could be good for a few games tho.

  2. @HVT and ILF,

    Sorry for the silence in previous page. Was away at that moment, so thanks for the thoughts. I know i should just ride my luck with JRod, Roo and both Yaya & Silva, but patience has got nowhere so far this season. :( Here's hoping for a brighter second half of season.

    1. Good luck NABIL, I'd been away too.

  3. Why is Teryy down as price protected on Total FPL?

    1. He's been shagging the price protector..?

      1. Nah just his missus :)

    2. its prob a mistake

      1. Figured it must be alright. cheers.

    3. Protection's been a bit glitchy lately (Evra and Ozil the last couple of days).

      1. Didnt know that cheers

  4. Very good article Paul.
    I've just noticed Ozil's stats for the villa game were still impressive even though he blanked; most passes in the final third and second most chances created. He also had the most forward average playing position.

    1. You know how loads of people dislike having Yaya in their team? Ozil is like that for me but I don't really know why.

      1. All in the eyes :)

      2. Price. Paying that much for a mid it's tough when he blanks

    2. People don't care if stats are good or if he plays well on here, they just went crazy as he only got 2 points. It all got a bit out of hand on here!

      1. Yeah it's odd, I suppose many on wildcards are looking for quick fixes and see Rambo as the best option.
        I'd still prefer Ozil to Silva though, a more advanced role and much less prone to injury.

  5. Morning DZ

    How can I strengthen this MF

    Ozil Silva Lallana Eriksen Livermore

    on WC 2.4 in bank

    Rest of Team

    Marshall Mannone

    Coleman Azpilicuelta Ward Olsson Clyne

    Sturridge Giroud Suarez

    Any ideas would be appreciated

    1. ozil to hazard, lallana/erik to Ramsey once fit. change Livermore to Jedinak as nailed on bench fodder. i would also get in Aguero over Sturridge

    2. Where's Hazard?

    3. Hazard in for Silva...

  6. Which combo would you prefer?

    A) Kolarov & Giroud
    B) Bardsley & Sturridge

    Szczesny, Davis
    Terry, xxx, Clyne, Chester, Ward
    Hazard, Ozil, Silva, Januzaj, 4.2m
    Aguero, Suarez, xxx

    1. I went with A... Suarez can cover Liverpool points...

      1. This, went with Zabaleta and Giroud

      2. Surely, Suarez+Sturridge get more of those points. Personally I would throw one of the big mids into the equation and get Sturridge and better defenders.

    2. B since you have Ozil

  7. Is this the best way to utilise your WC?

    If you are set on playing your WC, activate it as early into the new GW as possible (i.e. after 11.30am on Saturday) - monitor and transfer in any players that are likely to rise in that week, before selling and settling for your final team prior to the deadline the following saturday?

    Does that make sense?

      1. because this allows you to maximise TV by playing the market and benefiting from price rises?

    1. Exactly - get 0.2m price rises... make sure you dont transfer out players who you want in your final draft if that will cost you money

    2. That's not ground breaking :P Most of us do it unless responding to injuries.

      1. Yeah I know the basic principles week-to-week in terms of buying and selling for TV, but just wanted to make sure this applied within the week you have your WC activated! :) cheers

    3. yes and yes

      1. thanks guys

    4. Not really important to start the WC in the morning. As long as you get on the WC before the nightly rise/fall after 1 am (ish) GMT

  8. Anyone transferred Aguero in yet or still waiting?

    1. Am on my WC and I was waiting for Negredo to go up one more time for a profit before deciding whether to change or not. But Aguero will easily rise before that, so I'm still waiting but will see how he does tonight.

      1. I'm having such bad thoughts about Aguero tripping over coming out the tunnel and being out another three weeks, I'm ashamed of myself.

        1. Haha yeh Im actually scared he'll get injured again tonight

      2. Negredo on -NTI. 2nd rise looking quite iffy.

    2. waiting as I'm on a wc

    3. Waiting for tomorrow and hoping he doenst get inj. in tonights cup game.

    4. He's in my team now..

  9. Two questions:

    5th mid - a) Gnabry b) JWP Note I want someone who will get at least one point every week

    4th def - a) Vlaar b) Williamson

    1. Jedinak from palace gets you 2pts

      1. .1 too expensive for my liking. Good shout though as he also gets some baps

    2. Gnabry wont play every week

      1. Would you risk it for better potential when he does play?

        1. Don't think so. Arsenal have way too many players to fit in there. Maybe Pozuelo for Swansea if you're interested in a punt. More likely to come on I reckon and Swans have some decent fixtures. But again not nailed on.

          1. Or Lucas for Pool? 2 3 2 last 3 weeks average of 2.2 over the last 6, that would do

            1. Lucas not a bad shout. Played pretty poorly the last game but I dont think theres anyone really threatening to take his place in the team

    3. Whats your budget for each position?

      1. 8.6 combined

  10. How did Terry get price protected? I didnt even know he had been injured...

    1. A mistake most likely

  11. AJG

    Is it possible to have a decent team if you've already spend so much to have suarez, rooney and aguero? And,

    If you could choose 2 among the 3 mentioned above to be in your team, who will it be?

    1. Plenty of bargains there so yes. And I'd have Aguero and Suarez way ahead of Rooney

      1. AJG

        Thanks man, working on my WC team, so many decision to make, how's your team looking like btw?

        1. Looking to WC at the end of the month unless an Aguero price rise forces my hand. Constantly chopping and changing. Looking for something like:

          Boruc, Davis

          Coleman, Mert, Chester, Parr, Hudson

          Hazard, Silva, Eriksen + Ozil & Pozuela or Gerrard and Januzaj

          Suarez, Aguero and Adebayor/Giroud

          1. AJG

            Nice, I've been using a 3-4-3 formation so far, planning to change it to 3-5-2, giving me more options in midfield, still chopping and changing too.

            1. I prefer a 3-4-3 formation. Strikers seem a lot more consistent than the mids haha. who have you got?

              1. AJG

                Current team:

                Howard (Daniels)

                Walker Coleman Sagna (Gabbidon, Rosenior)

                Eriksen Lallana Cabaye Y.Toure (Ward Prowse)

                Negredo Suarez Lukaku

                What do you think?

                1. Midfield looks a bit cheap but decent enough. Not much TV? Rest of the team is good. I'd look to maybe downgrading Howard too.

                  1. AJG

                    Thinking of bringing in Oscar, Aguero and Ramsey would definitely have to downgrade some in the team.

                    1. AJG

                      For this week though, I'm thinking of removing Walker for Kolorov of Ashley Cole. Still giving Lukaku a chance as Eve play west brom, maybe he could score?

    2. Suarez and Aguero

  12. Guidetti anyone?

    1. Small slice so please.

  13. Anyone know how many total users this site has?

    1. 6348.7

    2. Have a guess

      1. 14k?

        1. 17K or so in FFS League for starters.

          1. tx. I'd guess the real number is closer to 20k then due to a few not wanting people to know they use this site etc

            1. and the rest....

          2. I suspect that the number of lurkers who are not in the FFS League is probably quite large. But there are probably also a number of users with more than one team in the FFS League - they don't usually get spotted unless they try to enter more than one into the FFS Cup.

  14. Rate my wc please, changed my team too many times already...

    Szcsesney mannone
    Ward Chester clyne kolarov Coleman
    Hazard silva eriksen assiedi januzaj
    Suarez aguero sturridge

    Is clyne nailed on?!

    11,000th overall pushing for top 10 finish.

  15. What impact do we expect the Ox's return to have on Gnabry's playing time?

    1. about a 6.5 - 7

  16. Getting in Aguero today or tomorrow if not to rise already today
    (on 35 % now. Getting him in for lukaku, who is 36% to fall as he is sold for both Sturridge, Giroud and Aguero)

  17. Good to go? Using WC in GW24. I feel gutted benching 2 utd players but I think Chelsea might crush them.
    Mignolet (H) (Davis)
    Whittaker (H) Gabiddon (H) Mertasacker (H) Clyne (A)
    Eriksen (A) Ozil (H) Hazard (H)
    Sturridge (H) Suarez (H) Lukaku (H)

    Bench: Evra (A), Januzaj (A), Shelvey (H)

  18. New Post
  19. I'm having great difficulties in deciding on the 4th and 5th mid spot for my WC team, so I was thinking, is this a viable option?

    Pick 2 uber mids (e.g. Pozuelo and Colback) to go with 3 premium mids, with the plan of always playing a 4-3-3. I can get the below squad with this strategy, and with the goal threat and CS chances for the defenders in question, I think I could be on to something. Thoughts?

    Szczesny, Davis
    Terry, Kolarov, Bardsley, Clyne, Ward
    Hazard, Silva, Ozil, 4.2m, 4.2m
    Aguero, Suarez, Giroud

    1. A punt on one uber mid is enough I think

  20. any news on jordon mutch?

  21. What's the deal with Suarez, I thought he had scored 22 goals, yet the FPl site has him only scoring 21. Think they need to update that one.....

    1. I think one of them was originally thought to be an own goal but was changed to a Suarez goal by the Dubious Goals Panel a few days later. However, FPL had already finalised the scores for that game-week so it remains an own goal in the FPL records.

  22. Am I right in thinking the early season TV build up was for the Jan WC? Wont be too important after.

    1. It's always important to have high TV but the thing is at this stage you need to be thinking about maximizing points and not TV.

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