The Suspension Tightrope – Gameweek 33

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There’s just one more round of matches to go before those players sitting on the Suspension Tightrope can breathe a little easier. The deadline is the second Sunday of April (this coming weekend) and, if the quintet currently holding nine yellow cards apiece can avoid another caution by that date, the limit is extended to 15 bookings until the end of the season.

Arsenal’s Mathieu Flamini was the latest player to topple off the Tightrope, after earning his tenth caution of the campaign in the 3-0 defeat at Goodison. Flamini misses this weekend’s FA Cup semi-final showdown with Wigan and Tuesday evening’s Gameweek 34 home fixture against West Ham and will be available for selection for the Gameweek 35 trip to Hull.

The Frenchman is the only player currently serving a suspension in the Premier League, after Ramires completed a three-match ban last Saturday. Chelsea’s midfield battler still has cause for concern, though, as he is one of the five players under threat of an automatic two-match suspension should be earn a yellow against Swansea this weekend. Steven Gerrard has to avoid a booking in Liverpool’s crunch encounter with City at Anfield to steer clear of trouble, whilst Cheick Tiote (a new entry, thanks to his caution in Saturday’s home humiliation at the hands of United), Phil Bardsley and Gareth Barry also need to be on their best behaviour.

This is particularly critical to those eyeing up the latter two for their respective pair of fixtures next week. If either Bardsley or Barry is cautioned during Sunderland’s home game with Everton on Saturday, they would miss the second match of their double Gameweek 34, where the Black Cats make their way to the Etihad and the Toffees host Crystal Palace at Goodison.

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  1. Now that's over, time to watch Barca

    1. Might make the switch myself

      1. Come round to my house & watch it lads

    2. Barca being totally outplayed by Athletico, they hit the bar/post 4 or 5 times, Howard Webb is the Barca 12th Man though. Travesty if Barca go on to win this.

  2. Why was Robben (the key player) totally unmarked on the half way line?

  3. Bring on Solskjaer

    1. Or an alligator.

    2. Brighton fan?

        1. Sorry for asking but you guys are in the Championship? Problem with Cardiff is that they have money. Luckily, they have Solskjaer :D

  4. Suarez would fit in perfectly at Atletico.

    1. and Liverpool.

    2. Fits in perfectly at Liverpool

  5. So Moyes still can't qualify for CL. Fact ;)

    1. What?

      1. Thought it was fairly clear. He's never qualified.

        1. He can qualify though.

            1. Through the league or by winning the Europa League.

              1. Can I have my 2 seconds back?

                1. Yes.

                  1. How so?

              2. Ok. I was expressing a view on his ability rather than mathematical possibility. In terms of probabilities, I would say more chance through league and qualifiers next season. But suspect he'll be out by the end of the year.

                1. I thought I knew what you were saying until you explained it.

                  1. Those seconds are gone!!! Never coming back :D

  6. If Chelsea get Athletico( if they win) would Courtouis be ineligible?

    1. Nope he is eligible in European Competition

    2. Nope

  7. That runt Robben had to score didn't he.

    1. Think there's a typo in that sentence.

      1. Unfortunately the site won't let me use the c word.

  8. Rooney is overated.... he wasted two good chances

  9. Evra is one of the worst left backs I've ever seen.

    1. That honour goes to Paul Koncheskey

      1. Hey!! I used to play left back occasionally.

        1. It would still go to him

          1. I rate both better than me. Even in my prime.

        2. I played left back in the last match ever played (at least I think it was) at Highfield Road.

      2. Scored in a cup final ;)

        1. A cross :p

      3. Yes hopefully he'll be one that we replace for next season.

    2. You said that 2 minutes ago, it was ignored.

      1. Oh god. You're the most annoying poster on here.

        1. Like ten thousands spoons

    3. Santos

    4. Have you not seen Joe Bennett at the Villa??

  10. Here I was thinking knocking this United out wouldn't be half as satisfying as it was against Ferguson in 2010. But no, still feels good.

    1. yeah all it took was a nonsense sending off to do it that time..

      1. It only added to the pleasure.

        1. yeah I get pleasure when the ref effectively hands me a win on away goals too ;)

  11. Moyes you idiot, sub Rooney off..

  12. Berca is not the same anymore....

  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty certain Atletico will be without Courtois if they draw Chelsea

    1. You are wrong

      1. Did he not get cup tied?

        1. He is not playing for Chelsea in that match. So he is not cup tied. And loan agreement between Chelsea and Athletico doesn't make him ineligible.

    2. Unsure. I don't think you can specify those terms on a loan agreement for European games.

      1. Someone posted a link earlier. They can specify it, but Chelsea didn't. Fools.

    3. We had this discussion earlier. He can play.

    4. You're wrong

  14. United's season over.

    No good games left, just Everton maybe.

  15. Wtf... howard clearly is a berca supporter... i can see him giving a pen to berca for no reason soon....

  16. Hilarious how some posters turn into world class managers when a team starts losing :lol:

    1. Or the fact most are better than Moyes here

      1. I am better than Moyes.

        1. Debatable

        2. at UFPL

          1. At life.

        3. Heres a small club and -£20m transfer budget. Turn them into a team capable of challenging for Europe.

          1. Easy

          2. What small club?

    2. You know what... i won champions league 5 consecutive years at fifa manager professional rating ;)

    3. if this is partially directed at me, it's clear that Rooney isn't 100%, why put him through 90 minutes and then shift him to center mid when we can make a sub to fix the situation..

    4. A valiant effort from United and it looked like it was on course, but they took their eyes off the prize after their goal went in, and were punished for it.

      1. Post fail :oops:

  17. I might sound like a troll here and get shot down but this is why I don't class Rooney as truly world class for either United or England. He can certainly score well against the likes of Norwich, Villa or Poland but against the very big boys he rarely produces.

    Just my opinion, some stats out there might prove me wrong but every big time match I watch he is anonymous.

    1. He is playing with injury... taking injection... ;)

      1. tonight maybe, what about his whole career?

        1. I hear ya. Underperforms far too often...

  18. Rooney scared to put his foot through it again

  19. So it is real, chelsea, bayern and athletico

    I can see chelsea winning champions league... :o

    1. Could do. But they're easily the worst team from that lot.

  20. Back to the key question that everyone wants to know. Amalfitano or Ki?

    1. I'll go with neither.

      1. Fair enough. I'll pass based on lack of interest. As it happens, Hazard transfer means I don't need the cash.

  21. This site will be rocking on a thursday next season, Utd and Arsenal fans will be out in force. :D

    1. Faith Declan pse

    2. Are United qualifying for Europa League?

    3. Nonsense, we'll get our 4th place trophy! ;)

  22. Well and considering MU's trials and ........... etc . Gotta give them credit for getting this far.

    1. a little 2nd half defensive resolve similar to that of the first half and the first leg and we would be through to the semis...

      to likely do it all over again :roll:

      1. Dunno . But at least you guys getting a bit of a lift of late.

  23. Athletico deserves it... well messi will not win ballon d or this year then... except argintina wins world cup

    1. Hope so, money going on soon.

  24. New Article Posted
  25. Robben(c) and Koke finally a decent day

  26. silva rising.

    Hazard > silva tonight?

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