The Suspension Tightrope – Gameweek 34

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Five players approached last weekend’s Tightrope deadline in the knowledge that one more caution would earn them a two-match ban. Whilst four successfully navigated their matches, Sunderland’s Phil Bardsley was unable to remain in the referee’s good books and picked up a yellow card during Saturday’s home loss to Everton:

Frustratingly for Bardsley’s owners, he misses the second match of double Gameweek 34 – as this is away to City tomorrow night, however, that may not be too much of a bad thing. The Black Cats full-back will also sit out next weekend’s trip to Chelsea before returning in time for the Gameweek 36 home showdown with fellow strugglers Cardiff.

Elsewhere, Jordan Henderson is bracing himself for a three-match suspension after being dismissed for violent conduct in Sunday’s win over City. While all eyes were on Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard as he looked to avoid his tenth caution of the campaign, Henderson’s challenge on Samir Nasri ensures he will miss upcoming games against Norwich, Chelsea and Crystal Palace, before returning in time to face Newcastle on the final day of the season. Given he’s the only outfield play to start every game for Brendan Rodgers’ title-challengers, Henderson’s loss may prove crucial in the run-in, with Joe Allen or Lucas dropping into the central midfield in his absence.

Swansea City’s Chico Flores is also set for a stint on the sidelines. The centre-half was sent packing after receiving a pair of yellows in quick succession during Sunday’s home loss to Chelsea, and as this was his second dismissal of the season, he now misses the next two matches – vital clashes against out-of-sorts Newcastle and Villa.

Arsenal’s Mathieu Flamini serves the second of a two-match suspension this evening after picking up his tenth caution last week. The Frenchman has also sat out Saturday’s cup clash with Wigan and will skip the visit of West Ham before returning to the fold for next week’s trip to Hull.

The Suspension Tightrope deadline has now been extended until the end of the season, with players now needing to accumulate 15 yellows in order to trigger another ban. Four central midfielders – Steven Gerrard, Gareth Barry, Cheick Tiote and Ramires – are joined by Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta on nine cautions, after the Argentine earned a yellow in Sunday’s defeat at Anfield.

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  1. Kosc back then............hmmm this changes things

    1. Top4Arse may have been right all along. On one thing.

  2. How do we get the last page back? It was FFS at its best.

  3. Am I the only person who has kept hold of Hazard?

    1. Enjoy his no-show next week.

    2. no 29% still have him

    3. Don't worry. I held on to Ramsey for around 5 weeks before selling on Jan WC. Lonely planet.

    4. I'm thinking I can go with Silva Eriksen Sterling if Hazard don't play, instead of taking -4.

  4. Well, I read that GOT spoiler on the previous page. Fecking hell. FECK YOU

    1. Yep same. damn.

  5. I'd love a West Ham clean sheet tonight. Especially after deciding to play Adrian over Marshall. I thought Southampton would score 100%!

    1. No chance. 1-1 draw.

  6. Dear Vilow87,

    I am going to bite you in the leg until it is severed. You will have a prosthetic leg forever.

    Let that be a warning to other GOT spoilers.

  7. Current front 7. Am I right to transfer Hazard to Gerrard for -4pt? Next week I'll have enough for Barkley to Mata.

    Hazard, Silva, Erikson, Puncheon, Barkley

    Aguero, Lukaku, Suarez

    1. Would'nt for a - 4 . Nasri if only 2 MC ?

  8. Who is everyone taking out Yaya for then? (I have silva and Aguero already) thinking about getting mata or Nasri? Who is everyone getting?

  9. I'm getting totally pissed off with wise guys coming on and blatantly posting up spoilers of Game of Thrones.

    We can only regard this as provocation. Please read the T&C's.

    1. I did flag it but perhaps wasn't quick enough :(

      1. The proper etiquette would be to ask around first and at least give it a few days

        The episode has only just been aired and it's been ruined for me and for several others.

        1. It's been ruined for me by some git on Facebook.

          RIP Arya

          1. She's the girl on Facebook that ruined it.

            1. You had me worried then :grin: I've watched all of then and still don't know half the sodding names.

          2. Chokeslammed to death by The Undertaker. Who saw that coming?

        2. Cheers for flagging it up Superman. It's difficult to keep on top of it.

      2. Nice one for flagging it btw.

    2. Damn him. I'll be caught up tonight and now the undoubted best part is ruined.

    3. aye, i feel the same way about ppl comin and tellin the F1 result or similar

      1. Need a bite?

    4. Flagged one of the guys yesterday. Thankfully AB deleted it straight away and I had already watched the episode.

      1. Yes cheers for that. Damage limitation.

    5. Evs
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights

      Is this Game of Thrones any good then ?

      Not seen an episode ?

      1. Eastenders meets The Hobbit.

        1. Hobbit film or hobbit book?

      2. Yes, don't even hesitate. Be patient with #1 though.

      3. I enjoy it Evs but be warned it's a bit of a slow burner at first getting to know all the characters and may seem a bit dull if youre not into the sword swinging thing. But it gathers pace after that and doesnt let up.

      4. A lot of sex and naked women. What's not to like??

    6. You are joking, right?

      Which T&C covers spoilers?

      1. Harassment, Game of Thrones spoilers, defamatory remarks, abuse, threatening behaviour, harmful, obscene, sexually oriented, homophobic, racially offensive or any objectionable material, will not be tolerated.

        1. That's right. :)

          But seriously, it's considered as antisocial behaviour, trolling etc.. It's designed to provoke, nothing else.

          1. So does this apply to all TV shows or just one you like?

            1. It applies when people report abuse.

      2. He's saying blatantly posting spoilers is just provocation. But then again, some of our antics could be seen as that too but at least we usually have some element of fun in it or at least some banter. This is just needlessly being mean and not like banter where you can just shrug it off. Needlessly spoils something.

  10. I'm about to watch the news. No spoilers please.

    1. Pistorious was found guilty ;)


      Have it

  11. Evs
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • Has Moderation Rights

    Fill in the gap...

    I am selling Yaya for ___________

    1. Mata

      1. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        That's lallana > Mata.

        1. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          Gw36 and I still have a big if on Rooney / Rvp participation in games ,
          There seems to be a negative correlation.

    2. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member


    3. Nasri

    4. 10.2m

      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        Clever ;-)

    5. Gonna get mata after Everton to see what's happening.

      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        I may do the same.

        I think Ill get Eriksen this week, mata next...

        1. Yea exactly looking to do Mutch -> Mata next week. And then also consider Uniteds strike force too.

    6. Gerrard or Mata

    7. Stevie G

      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        What's your current mf ?

        1. Silva Gerard Nasri Lallana

    8. Nasri or Mata

    9. Magic beans

    10. evs:im thinking either gerrard os nasri. i see u already have silva, who do u think u'll go for?
      there's also salah and eriksen to consider hihly.

      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        Erisken v fulham I think

        Following week Mata for Snoddy or Mirallas.

        1. agreed.seems good alternative to play it gw by gw. but gerrards also has favorable gw w/ nor away, where pool willbe pressing full on, so high chances of pen :)...tough call.

  12. Hope Ramsey comes on for a 1pter. No way my fellow red ML rival deserves Sterling's pts after benching him.

    Half pts for subs ftw. (I've benefited from it too)

    1. id be surprised if he didnt come on for 10 mins at least

      1. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        Is Ramsey on bench

  13. Is anyone else looking at fixtures and their team and thinking/contemplating taking a hit or two each week in the next couple at least ? Hate doing at this stage of season, but it does look rewarding....

    1. ill prob be takin a hit every week now, since the fixtures dont really produce a settled pattern

    2. Yes, me
      DGW37 master plan. GW35 (2 FTs), GW36 (-4), GW37 (-4)

      Evans*, Gibbs, Cahill
      Mata*, Silva*, Nasri*, Huddlestone*
      RVP*, Aguero*, Suarez.

      (Adrian, Flannagan, Ward, Puncheon)

    3. Yip , same. 75 ahead in ML but wth wanna go for better OR. and bit of "excitement"

      1. I am neck and neck, but have a better set up for tomorrow night. Still, need to do what's right... :)

  14. @beavis .......... im holdin lalana now for one last hoorah

  15. A) Hazard to Gerrard for -4pt hit.
    B) Bench Hazard instead

  16. What to do now? 1FT Anyone to help me :3

    A) Yaya to Eriksen

    B) Yaya and Mutch to Eriksen and Mata

    C) Yaya and Distin to Eriksen and Sagna

    I will bring all of them,but I dont know what to do first xD

  17. ARSENAL has the 11h highest average salary of every sports team in the world which

    is led by man city

    where are all the arsenal fans that continuously use that new stadium excuse???

    it was built 10 years ago how much could it have cost, 400 billion??

  18. Giroud must have the lowest pain threshold of any player in the league given the number of times he whines like he has a serious injury but is ok a minute later

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