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Gameweek 37

6 May 19:45 Man Utd 3-1 Hull City
Goals Scored Wilson (2), vanPersie Fryatt
Assists Fellaini (2) Boyd
Yellow Cards Fellaini Meyler
Saves DeGea Jakupovic (4)
Bonus Points Wilson (3), Fellaini (2), vanPersie (2)
Top 5 BPS Wilson (19), vanPersie (9), Fellaini (9), Vidic (6), Carrick (6), Valencia (5), Smalling (5), Januzaj (5), Büttner (5) Figueroa (6), Quinn (5), Davies (5), Koren (5), Fryatt (8), Boyd (8)
5 May 20:00 Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool
Goals Scored Gayle (2), Delaney Suárez, Sturridge, Allen
Assists Bolasie, Jedinak, Murray Gerrard (2), Sterling
Yellow Cards Dann, Mariappa Allen, Skrtel, Suárez
Saves Speroni (6) Mignolet (3)
Bonus Points Gayle (3) Allen (2), Gerrard (2)
Top 5 BPS Gayle (17), Delaney (7) Allen (12), Gerrard (12), Sturridge (11), Suárez (6), Sakho (6), Sterling (6)
4 May 16:00 Chelsea 0-0 Norwich
Yellow Cards Ivanovic Olsson, Turner, RyanBennett
Saves Schwarzer (3) Ruddy (4)
Bonus Points Terry (3), Cahill (2), Cole (2)
Top 5 BPS Terry (11), Cahill (10), Cole (10), Schwarzer (8), Willian (7), Ivanovic (7) Ruddy (8), Martin (8), RyanBennett (6), Whittaker (6), Turner (6)
4 May 13:30 Arsenal 1-0 West Brom
Goals Scored Giroud
Assists Cazorla
Yellow Cards Monreal, Giroud Dorrans, Brunt
Saves Szczesny Foster (3)
Bonus Points Giroud (3), Mertesacker (2), Koscielny
Top 5 BPS Giroud (12), Mertesacker (11), Koscielny (10), Sagna (9), Szczesny (6), Cazorla (6), Monreal (6)
3 May 17:30 Everton 2-3 Man City
Goals Scored Barkley, Lukaku Dzeko (2), Agüero
Assists Baines, Naismith YayaTouré, Nasri, Milner
Yellow Cards Dzeko, Demichelis, JaviGarcía
Saves Howard (3) Hart (2)
Bonus Points Barkley (2) Dzeko (3), Nasri
Top 5 BPS Baines (8), Barkley (12), Lukaku (9) Dzeko (18), Nasri (11), Agüero (8)
3 May 15:00 Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland
Goals Scored Larsson
Assists Wickham
Yellow Cards Carrick, Vidic Alonso
Saves Mannone (2)
Bonus Points Brown (3), Larsson (3), Vergini
Top 5 BPS Jones (7), Mata (5), Evra (5), Carrick (5), Fletcher (4), Ferdinand (4), Young (4) Brown (9), Larsson (9), Vergini (8), O'Shea (7), Mannone (7), Alonso (5), Wickham (5)
3 May 15:00 Aston Villa 3-1 Hull City
Goals Scored Weimann (2), Westwood
Own Goals Bowery
Assists Baker, Albrighton, Bowery Rosenior
Saves Guzan (2) Harper (5)
Bonus Points Weimann (3), Westwood (2) Davies
Top 5 BPS Weimann (20), Westwood (10), Baker (6), Albrighton (5) Rosenior (6), Elmohamady (5), Davies (7)
3 May 15:00 Newcastle 3-0 Cardiff City
Goals Scored StevenTaylor, SholaAmeobi, Remy
Assists Tiote, Remy, Sissoko
Yellow Cards Debuchy
Saves Krul (2) Marshall (3)
Bonus Points Remy (3), SholaAmeobi (2), Coloccini, Debuchy
Top 5 BPS Remy (15), SholaAmeobi (10), Debuchy (9), Coloccini (9), Sissoko (8), Williamson (7)
3 May 15:00 Swansea 0-1 Southampton
Goals Scored Lambert
Yellow Cards Emnes Fonte
Saves Vorm (3) Boruc (3)
Bonus Points Clyne (3), Lovren (2), Lambert (2)
Top 5 BPS Tiendalli (7), Williams (6) Clyne (11), Lovren (10), Lambert (10), Shaw (8), Boruc (7), Fonte (7), Wanyama (6)
3 May 15:00 Stoke City 4-1 Fulham
Goals Scored Walters, Odemwingie, Arnautovic, Assaidi Richardson
Assists Adam, Ireland, Arnautovic, Odemwingie Bent
Yellow Cards Parker, Dejagah
Saves Begovic Stockdale (4)
Bonus Points Arnautovic (3), Odemwingie (2), Assaidi
Top 5 BPS Arnautovic (14), Odemwingie (13), Assaidi (10), Ireland (8) Richardson (9)
3 May 12:45 West Ham 2-0 Tottenham
Goals Scored Downing
Own Goals Kane
Assists Noble, Carroll
Yellow Cards Soldado, Dawson, Naughton, Sandro
Red Cards Kaboul
Saves Adrián (3) Lloris (7)
Bonus Points Noble (3), Downing (2), Demel, Adrián, Reid
Top 5 BPS Noble (11), Downing (10), Adrián (8), Reid (8), Demel (8), Tomkins (7), McCartney (6) Eriksen (6)

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  1. So if Sunderland and City win tonight, will anyone be playing for anything this weekend?

    1. Liverpool and Man City.

      1. This

    2. Suarez will!

      And anyone looking for a transfer this summer..

    3. Spurs and Man City playing to get out of the Europa League also.

      1. Utd*

        1. haha this! both will try to loose their last match..

          1. Maybe Spurs. Can't see United happy without European football.

      2. Load up on Villa and Soton players then!

    4. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Only those trying to make the last few spots for the Wc (Ramsey / Caroll and the likes)

      1. If Ramsey WAS English, he'd be an absolute shoe in for the WC squad.

        1. This!

  2. Oh of course. :)

    Wish my rival didn't have SAS, it's really limiting my transfer options.

    1. SASAS*

      1. Dafuq

        1. Sterling

          1. Is this a real thing?

            1. Not as such, just an expansion of the generally accepted SAS.

            2. The Triple S Boom Blasters.

  3. Just thinking ahead. Assuming that Dzeko plays tonight, is he a nailed on starter for Sunday regardless of Aguero's fitness?

    1. Can't really say. Will surely depend on Aguero's fitness and his performance tonight?

    2. Not nailed on but I'd fancy his chances.

      1. Agree with this, he's on some form, and why rotate now - surely Pelle will just want to get it signed, sealed and delivered.

    3. Dzeko is nailed has been for yonks now.

      1. great use of Yonks"

      2. Thanks, I like the majority view!

    4. I wouldn't say nailed, but I'd fancy him to start. However, I think I'll go for Sturridge instead.

  4. One decision which will tough for me for next gameweek would be Whether to start Mannone or Speroni for the last gw...CP play Fulham at their last home game in might not get a CS..whereas Mannone play Swans who look like they would score goals!

    1. Would be Speroni for me.

      1. hmm..still not convinced on either..

    2. Fulham are shit regardless of what game it is. Gotta be Speroni.

      1. Last home game in PL (at least for a season) in front of their home fans..emotions would be high and they would like to finish on a good note to thank their fans!

        1. Or they are just desperate. Cue 0:0.

          1. hmm quite possible!

        2. They would also liked to have not been relegated, but they were. You can't just stop being shit because of emotions. That's how I see it anyway :D

          1. haha true!

  5. Here's an idea.

    Cash restraints mean I can't do:

    Aguero & Ramsey > Studge & Hazard.

    I can do: Aguero & Mata > Studge & Hazard + Kolarov > Coleman...means playing Januzaj surely as risky as holding Mata?

    1. Since Giggs in charge United played Young, Nani, Valencia and Januzaj in the wings...Valenica and Januzaj looked the best! ! so he should get a start in the next game..

    2. No no no no no

      Will Coleman play? Will Hazard play? Who knows?

      1. Why would Coleman not play?

        1. Nothing to play for

          Give the reserves a run-out

          Not a bad opportunutiy

  6. Van Gaal to United is a done deal according to talksport...

      1. I'm not a massive fan either but they've been quite decent in the past on transfer stuff.

    1. and Messi to City is a done deal according to Faking News..

      1. Ok :-)

    2. RVP is the lone striker now then. According to sense

    3. If he has any sense he will sell Rooney.

      1. Unsellable with that wage.

        1. No, that's the wrong way of putting it. Selling him isn't the problem, the problem is getting someone to buy him with those wages...

  7. How does this look for a 4 pointer?

    Rooney & Mata/Ramsey -> Adebayor & Hazard

    Guy I'm chasing has Sturridge so no point going that direction..

    1. Hazard can be any midfielder aside from a City player..

    2. I'd say..Remy/Bony/Lambert are better picks than Adebayor...Willian now looks better than Hazard..but Hazard is Hazard..some people also going about the theory of Lukaku going score many goals in the last game..

      1. Why what's wrong with Adebayor? I fancy a few goals in that game and he always pops up every now and again with a brace.

        I was thinking of Schurrle as well!

        1. Tottenham would want to loose this match and will hope United wins so that they don't qualify for the Europa...

  8. Assuming that he will play his last game at United, how likely are Ferdinand's chances of starting the game in GW38?
    My other defenders are Kompany, Zabaleta, Shaw and Bardsley. And since I have a cup final, I don't want to take any hits.

    1. don't bother getting a United player..that is what I would Recommend

    2. You really got no forwards transfers to make?

      1. I've to sell Rooney :P

    3. What's wrong with those defenders?

      1. +1000. Best defense I've seen on here for GW38.

      2. But.
        Bardsley won't play. Shaw faces United. Who should I keep my 3rd defender as?

        1. KZS imo.

  9. Can a team turn down the Europa League even if they qualify for it?

    1. I think UEFA would come down hard on them if they did

      But I guess not or you could theoretically "pass" on it if the team below you wanted it

    2. Dunno, but they should be able to. Though I don't see why they would/should.

      It could be Man Utd or Spurs best chance of getting into the Champion's League.

        1. Winner gets a CL spot for 2015/16

        2. Europa league winner goes into the Champion's League.

          1. Thx. Didn't know that! A tiny, little bit ashamed of myself now.

    3. It would never happen in a million years, but I don't see any reason why it's not possible technically.

    4. I dont see the point of the Europa League, It seems like it is a Your-ok-but-not-that-good-cup-for-5th to 7th-place-loosers League

      1. Just like those who finish 2nd-4th aren't really Champions...

        1. True but anyone of 1-4 could have won the league up until the last few weeks. where as 5-7 is like coming second at the olympics. A silver medal is nice and a good effort but no one remembers your name 5 minutes later

          1. couldve but didnt. you also seem to forget that the europa league is also made up of teams who failed to progress in the CL who just so happen to be teams who finished in the top four of their leagues & are usually the ones that progress ot the end like benfica, juventus, althetic madrid etc

      2. The old Uefa cup was much better, but then the Champions League was made up of "Champions" so the Uefa cup had all the up and coming second and third placed teams (originally)

        1. Ah ok, that makes more sense then.

          I guess I feel like their are too many different cups and question the validity of them.

          I can see the point of the Champions League Trophy and the Premiership Trophy for each of the leagues in Europe and even the FA cup in England and similar formats in the European leagues if they have it. But beyond that... whats next? Everyone gets a trophy day

      3. It's a trophy, a European one at that. It's the whole point of sport to win these

        1. Against second tier competition, where is the satisfaction?

          1. well if that is your view then u would have to accept that teams like Man Utd and Tottenham are 2nd tier clubs.

            The EL quarters had Juvenus, Benfica, Sevilla & Valencia. 2 giants of the European game and another with 2 recent(ish) CL finals to their name.

            Most clubs take it seriously. More fool the English ones that don't

            1. For this season they are, if they were better they would have finished higher.

              I don't have a hat in this discussion as my team (Forest) have not even won a raffle in years.

              I guess how I was brought up playing sport and how sport is played in my country is where I am coming from. Where there is only one champion, and the next year is to try harder .

              1. The Uefa Cup was never thought of as a second tier competition. Just a shame that by ruining the CL (by not just including champions) they have soured the EL for some.

                1. I can see that

  10. Annoying that Utd won last night.

    It means them and Spurs will both play silly buggers on Sunday

    I was counting on Spurs v Villa as a good fixture

    1. I would imagine both managers have been told to get Europa League Qualification as it is an extra stream of revenue for the club. Remember boards don't think the same way as fans.

      1. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        Yea agree , I really think Ade / Erik will do well this week and are nailed.

        1. I agree with them as both are not in the WC

      2. But that revenue stream could affect next years revenue stream. (See Liverpool for details. No Europa means better chance of UCL next season) then see Spurs

        1. Top clubs like Man United can compete on both fronts as they have proven over the years. In recent years Spurs have also shown that they can compete in Europe and still do well in the league.

          I am not refuting your claim that it can be an advantage not playing in Europe when you are going for domestic success but I don't think that is how the board looks at it. One would imagine the board think how much money does this bring us? They will also be worrying about the impact no European football would have on their transfer activities.

          1. BUT Spurs were doing much better, then the Europa took it's toll and now they are in the Europa again

            The difference between Europa league and CL in terms of cash isn't even close

            1. The money you make from doing well in Europa League is not as poxy as you think.


  11. So GW 38....

    3 City
    2/3 Liverpool

    Who else?
    I'd like to think Southampton will beat Utd, but with Lallana and Shaw seeing JRod miss the WC I think they may play well within themselves

    1. Shaw wouldn't anyway have to play a part in the WC, you don't often need your 3rd choice leftback to be called into action.

      1. Maybe third may be second?

        Actually I suppose in his case he needs to play his way INTO the team

        Lovren Lallana Lambert Ramirez are all WC cbound

    2. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Everton to beat hull , Lukaku / Baines / Coleman.

      1. Everton are 5th and can't move

        Hopefully they play a full team, but who knows?

  12. Plenty probably already have one eye on next season already, but just wondering for all you FPL veterans out there, what's your ideal value spread across the different positions in terms of percentages? eg GK 9%, DEF 25%, MID 35%, FWD 30% etc

    and quick fire answers to the following:

    A) 2 4.5 rotating keepers, 1 4.5/5.0 keeper + 4.0, premium keeper + 4.0
    B) How many premium defenders you intend to have?
    C) how many premium and mid priced mids is ideal?

    1. thats 99%
      i expect you to give 100% or you wont play

      1. The %1 is 1 million in the bank for transfers ;-)

      2. :lol: knew some smartass would add it up...

        1. i am taking smartass as a compliment

          1. as intended :D

    2. No ideal spread to be honest. It depends where the bargains lie

      A)IF there are two decent rotating keepers then it's a decent plan, but if not then it changes things
      B)Depends on price. Chelsea/Arsenal will all be very expensive for example, but probably will get 2 premium, and a three way rotation
      C)Probably 4 premium 2 mid and 1 cheapie, but as I say it's impossible to tell right now

      1. Yea thats true, agree that alot will depend on the prices. But thought maybe there's some general template there that's worked pretty well over the seasons.

        1. You are kind of accurate in your estimates, but there is no science really, it just ends up like that

    3. will be sticking to normal keeper plan of one playing and one cheap, depends on prices as to who.
      defenders will be 3 from top teams, again prices will influence who, if there is a wee coleman gem again
      and mids and forwards i will probably keep picking the broken ones

      1. began playing 2nd half of last season, and found it pretty successful to just have one keeper (was Jussi and a 4.0, and jumped on Bego at the right time). Tried rotating keepers this season and has been a nightmare. GK was probably my worst position this year.

        Thinking of 3 defenders from the top teams too, took too long this season to jump on that change. Not sure if there will be gems in def again though, i recall preseason Coleman was pretty much in everyone's team! Maybe Rose or Jenkinson could be bargains next season, cant think of anyone else.

        hahaha yea will probably end up picking the wrong mids and forwards. one approach i might take is to spend abit more on defenders to keep for the season bar injury...then focus transfers on the attackers. found myself chopping and changing defenders too much this season to get the premium guys in (started off uber cheap to have a mid of Walcott Silva Hazard Coutinho...fml)

    4. pretty early this post...Would have Been HULKED if you would have posted in july :)

      1. haha will probably revisit this again in the summer DZ. June and July this preseason was fantastic, saw a good variety of teams with solid discussion going on. before it all got template in August...

  13. Was looking through some of the ML's I'm in last night

    Was really surprised just how many FFS'ers (other than myself) brought Wickham in for Rooney

    1. Gr8 call in hindsight..seemed knee jerk at first to most in top 10k....

      1. To me too, even though i did it

        Only did it as I guessed my ML leader wouldn't

        1. My ML league had Dzeko as 3rd on bench and Captained rooney...Thanks to his forgetfulness i am top of my ML :)

          1. ML leader *

          2. Dzeko on the bench. :shock:

    2. I did, means I now have 7.0m itb and struggling to find ways to spend it :lol:

    3. That player of the month thing really raised his profile

    4. I considered it, but though he'd play v Hull

      Thanks Giggs you dic%

      1. A friend brought in Wellbeck for Rooney

        James Wilson, eh?

  14. With the Suarez breakdown after CrY match debacle...isnt it best to say to cap Dzeko/Yaya for final round?Seems there maybe a chance Suarez may be very less driven and ManC players that much more...

    1. not after villa turn it on and win 3-0

    2. Dunno about (C) but I'm definitely bringing Dzecko in instead of Sturridge

      1. Think Aguero+Mutch-->Dzeko+Gerrard will be worth -4??

    3. Could go both ways with Suarez. Bit of a gamble. I might take the chance actually.

      1. He should be made to run around for the first 10 minutes with his shirt pulled up over his face.

        1. I am a manutd fan still sympathize with suarez after all he did for club this season scoring 30-40 goals and nothing to show for...on positive side Manutd 20 EPL titles are safely a record :)

  15. This gameweek has been a total damp squib. Only Mannone, Colback, Dzeko, Zabaleta and Yaya(C) can save me now!

    1. At least my H2H semi-final is vaguely interesting. Trailing 41-43. Should see it out though - he's only got Yaya(c) left while I've got 5 players and Yaya(c) still to play. Cup final here we come!

  16. I take it everyone else has been scared off RVP too now. I can't look past the obvious Dzeko and Studge.

    1. Suarez, Dzeko and Giroud I think. Two transfer for -4 and any other crocks on the bench.

      1. Giroud and even ramsey maybe rested with Hull fa cup match in mind...

    2. Some despo ML 3rd finishers might just bring him in :p
      dzeko vs sturridge hmmm
      who you think will win

      1. Very, very hard to call. Maybe 2), only just

  17. New post peeps.

    1. Give me a reply. ;)

  18. New Post : Scout Notes
  19. Would Ramsey->Eriksen and Rooney-> Sturridge for -4 give me a relative safe starting 11 for last gw? Or should I also swap out Mata for Schurrle or Barkley or something?

    This is my team now, with Ramsey, Rooney, Aguero and Mata the ones not sure to start as far as I know

    Alonso Coleman Ivanovic
    Sterling Mata Yaya Nasri
    Rooney Agüero Suárez

    Subs: Boruc Ramsey Mariappa Vlaar

  20. What's the best duo?

  21. Was thinking of Ramsey to Silva Agureo to gerrard and get in cheap forward on the bench

    Smalling azpil Alonso
    Mata nasri yaya Ramsey
    Agureo saurez wickham

    Marshall punch ward Chester

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