The ScoutCast – Episode 128 – Robotic

Is there really room for emotion and sentiment in Fantasy Football management? This week’s episode questions whether the detached, cold and almost robotic approach is the way to go. Of course, Granville and I already know the answer, leaving us to curse our sensitive sides. Ironically, this realisation comes after a weekend when, not for the first time, Aleks Kolarov almost reduced me to tears.

The pair of us manage to restore a stiff upper lip long enough to rinse through further double Gameweek debate, chew the fat over the belated Luis Suarez assist and take on another selection of posers from you, the listener. There’s “all aboard” the weekend preview and the latest in my battle with the ScoutCast XI. It’s beating me again. Without a player from the top four. Is it any wonder I’m an emotional wreck?

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Mark Mark created the beast. He's now looking to tame it.”

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  1. Jinswick
      4 years, 3 months ago

      Last WC decision....which looks best?

      A) Coleman & Williamson
      B) Distin & Koscielny
      C) Distin & Williamson

      C) leaves enough cash for Gerrard & Sturridge -> Hazard & Aguero over the next 2 weeks

      Baines, xxx, xxx, Chester
      Yaya, Silva, Gerrard
      Suarez, Sturridge, Lukaku

      Gazzaniga, Terry, Ki, Gnabry
      Bank 1.8m

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      1. Holmes
          4 years, 3 months ago

          B looks good for long run
          Kosc and dummet is possible? So that ur future plans do not get ruined

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      2. Holmes
          4 years, 3 months ago

          Would u play Sterling or De Guz?
          Can sterling get any goal/assist?

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        • Pablitto
            4 years, 3 months ago

            Hello guys
            my -4 pts hit team for DGW:


            Coleman Distin JT*

            Yaya Silva AJ Hazz*

            Suarez Sturidge JRod*

            subs: McGregor Ward* Punch*

            should I ship another *(SGW) player to have more DGWs?

            have 0,8 in the bank

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            1. Pablitto
                4 years, 3 months ago

                too late again ...

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