Fantasy Eliteserien 2018 – Gameweek 10 Preview

Like Boxing Day in England, May 16th is a big celebration of football in Norway.

As is tradition, the big teams get home turf advantage along with some small derby fixtures.

Most significantly for Fantasy managers all games kick off at the same time  –Wednesday 5:00pm, to provide a rare action packed 90 minutes in the season where all teams play.

Gameweek 10 matches

Bodø/Glimt – Tromsø

Tromsø are the first thing that comes to mind for the term “home team”, and have looked bleak without Åsen in their midfield of late. Åsen was a surprise absence against Lillestrøm as he’s been training with the team, but he  should be back in the squad for this game.

On this special day they are away in a classical Battle of the North, with a Bodø/Glimt team slowly turning their season around with six points in their last four games. There’s no must have players here, but Opseth has started scoring again for Bodø/Glimt, and might be on the cusp of a decent scoring run.

Brann – FK Haugesund

Brann have had a record breaking season opening, but are starting to show the strain. They already have their usual left-back out with injury, and this weekend right-back Teniste was carried off with what looked like a nasty neck/back injury, later turning out to be “only” a broken hand and a small spinal fracture. The ranks are thin, and we must wonder how long their squad can take the pressures.

However, they should still be able to muster a powerful XI when they host surprise contender Haugesund in Bergen, where Akintola and Gytkjær are still running on great form and pushing their team up.

Teniste is likely to miss out on a couple of games (no update on how long he’ll be out yet), so it’s probably time to shift him. Barmen is also likely to miss out.

Kristiansund BK – Ranheim

Kristiansund are the tight game specialists, rarely losing or winning by more than a single goal. Bamba scored again in their weekend run out, and is a striker to consider choice if he can keep a cool head.

The big in-form team though, is the still underestimated Ranheim, who won yet again at the weekend.  They are now the top scoring team in Eliteserien and their best picks remain the same  –  Tønne and Reginiussen – who are punishing non-owners on a weekly basis.

Molde – Strømsgodset

Molde are still struggling for form, as they host another side that was well fancied pre-season but has failed to deliver so far.

In fact, Strømsgodset are in a far worse shape, but did show signs of improvement as they hit the woodwork six times in their 2-1 loss to Sarpsborg 08 last time out. Ulland Andersen once again picked up bonus points, and his form looks to be improving, while Pedersen remains the league’s top scorer so far, having some big chances last game as well.

Molde have been hard to pin down, but Braut Håland still looks a viable option to consider.

Odd – Sandefjord

Odd had been the team in form, but Ranheim put a stop to that at the weekend, routing them 3-1.  This clash with dejected Sandefjord should revive their spirits though, with Rashani and the multi-talented Broberg looking the hot prospects at the moment. Broberg is a bit of a fill-the-hole player, having played up front, in midfield and may even be fielded as a central defender.

Rosenborg – Lillestrøm

Rosenborg once again delivered a 1-0 win last time out, but look incapable of killing off a game with that important second goal. Things did look better against Stabæk but without more firepower they will continue to struggle against strong teams.

This time around they are up against an old rival in Lillestrøm and Rosenborg need to up their game if they want to emerge victorious. On current form last season’s champions may struggle to contain a counter-attacking Lillestrøm side.

Picks to consider are the Rosenborg back line and keeper, as well as midfielder and sometimes striker Knudtzon from Lillestrøm. Hovland looks like an excellent budget pick, who rustled up another three bonus points at the weekend.

Sarpsborg 08 – IK Start

Sarpsborg’s form has improved, with their stopper Falch and striker Agger, who tends to be favoured for home games,  looking the best of their picks.

In contrast, Start are still in the doldrums and do not provide any players worth considering currently.

Vålerenga – Stabæk

Stabæk looked decent against Rosenborg, but have a tall order as they visit high flying Vålerenga. This game looks to be full of  goals, with top picks including Ejuke and top striker Johnson from Vålerenga, as well as the budget gem Brynhildsen from Stabæk.

Scout Picks

We’ve started tracking our scout picks score, but please not that we did not have scout picks for gameweek 1 and gameweek 6.

Niemi’s picks for Gameweek 10 (408)

Ruud – Wormgoor – Hedenstad – Hovland
Koomson – Rashani – Gjertsen
Johnson – Skålevik (K) – Bamba

MrKlin’s picks for Gameweek 10 (369)

Wormgoor – Tønne – Ruud – Hovland
Ejuke – Koomson – Reginiussen – Ulland Andersen
Johnson (K) –  Skålevik

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  1. Hotdogs for Tea
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    9 days, 57 mins ago

    Gtg? Seems strange benching RBK Regi

    Rolantsson, Wormgoor, Tønne
    Reginiussen (Ran), Rashani, Koomson, Akintola
    Pedersen Johnson (K) Bamba

    McDermott, Broberg, Reginiussen RBK, Grorud

    1. Disorder & Disarray
        9 days, 11 mins ago

        Yup. Good luck

    2. Hooperman
        9 days, 5 mins ago

        - Fantasy World Cup -

        Anyone playing? If so, what website you using?

        8 of us loved the official FPL Draft league this year and looking for something similar for the World Cup.


        1. Norman Conquest
            8 days, 17 hours ago

            the fifa mcdonalds one seems to to be the main one prob be up and running around the 8th june

        2. Team Cruel
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          8 days, 23 hours ago

          Regarding Start, they've actually only won 3 of their last 55 games in this division. Their problems run far deeper than just Mark Dempsey.

          1. TAT
              8 days, 19 hours ago

              Indeed. Dempsey have got results with other teams, so they might need to have a look at the players.

          2. RamaJama
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            8 days, 23 hours ago


            Worth doing Søderlund to Pedersen for -4?

            And bench Antonsen or Hovland?

            1. Disorder & Disarray
                8 days, 22 hours ago

                I trust Rosenberg's defence over Tromsø's but I'm no expert, having said that I'm benching my rbk. Pedersen isn't in the greatest form so I'd say not worth a -4 (I'm playing him but had considered benching for Hedenstad)

                1. RamaJama
                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                  7 days, 16 hours ago

                  Cheers! Think I’m playing Hovland over Antonsen. Also undecided whether to play Falch away or McDermott at home...

            2. Disorder & Disarray
                8 days, 23 hours ago

                Doesn't feel right with triple Rosenberg on the bench, but really have given myself weekly selection headache, any changes you'd make maybe play Hansen (although Falch has sandefjord)? Cheers

                Falch (Hansen)
                Tønne, Wormgoor, Ròlanttson, (Hedenstad, Hoyland)
                Reginiussen, Broberg, Rashani (k), Akintola, (Brynhildsen)
                Pedersen, Johnson, Skålevik

                1. Hotdogs for Tea
                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                  8 days, 23 hours ago

                  I would consider playing Hansen to hedge my bets in case it plays out as a 0 - 0

                  1. Disorder & Disarray
                      8 days, 20 hours ago

                      I'm wondering about that, or maybe also play Hedenstad over Akintola/Pedersen. Given myself a real headache 😆

                      1. Hotdogs for Tea
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        8 days, 20 hours ago

                        I normally play the attacker over a defender, so would stick with Hansen, but this game is seeing so many attacking returns from defenders ...

                  2. MTPockets
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    8 days, 20 hours ago

                    Agree with hotdogs - would play one RBK. Either Hansen or Hedenstad, but difficult to know who for.
                    Falch has great fixture in principle although away, and rest of the team has form/potential.

                  3. GiveMeABeer
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    8 days, 19 hours ago

                    I would play Hedenstad instead of double Brann def
                    especielly if Knudtzon is fit and starts for LSK

                  4. Disorder & Disarray
                      8 days, 19 hours ago

                      Cheers all

                  5. Jarl Ross of Eliteserien
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    8 days, 16 hours ago

                    Seems that everyone has a benching headache this week!

                    So much value in the game (even inc 6.5/7.0 defs) you can’t help but have 14/15 playable players!

                    1. rocco10
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      8 days, 15 hours ago

                      I have no idea who to bench this week lol

                      So many great options

                  6. Is_i_rubben
                      8 days, 14 hours ago

                      Who to captain?
                      A) Wormgoor (penalty taker) -
                      B) Pedersen (pen taker) - weak last games
                      C) Broberg - cons: changing position game to game
                      D) Rashani - cons: some games hot and cold
                      E) Skålevik - pros: goalscoring in fixtures vs weak defences. Cons: not goalscoring away and strenger teams
                      F) johnson cons: difficult game vs tromso away
                      G) Rolantsson cons: temporary left back..

                      1. Super Ray
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        8 days, 14 hours ago

                        F. I think it was Team Cruel that mentioned that Vålenrenga has a good record away to Tromsø. It seems to be goals in those games as well.


                    • rocco10
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      8 days, 12 hours ago

                      Would you change this bench?

                      Tønne Wormgoor Reginiussen
                      Broberg Rashani Åsen Atkintola
                      Pedersen Skålevik Johnson

                      Mande Carvarho Acosta Sæter


                      1. Is_i_rubben
                          8 days, 12 hours ago

                          Mande and Sæthers out..

                          1. rocco10
                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                            8 days, 12 hours ago

                            I mean would you play one of em 😛

                            1. Is_i_rubben
                                8 days, 12 hours ago

                                No IMO..

                        • speedyboyzz
                            8 days, 11 hours ago

                            Wormgoor Hedenstad Tonne Nilsen(TIL)
                            Koomson Rashani Asen
                            Johnson Pedersen Bamba
                            Barli Rolantsson ASiggy Vetlesen
                            Correct playing XI and bench order?

                            1. Is_i_rubben
                                8 days, 11 hours ago

                                Wouldnt play Nilsen..Johnson and VIF would most likely put a goal or three..

                            2. MTPockets
                              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                              7 days, 22 hours ago

                              Allsvenskan - anywhere that lists potential summer transfers out?
                              Don't think anyone's in Sweden's wc squad, but in other squads?

                              1. MTPockets
                                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                7 days, 21 hours ago

                                Answering 2nd part of my own question - Iran - Ghoddos (Östersund), Iceland - Traustason (Malmö), Costa Rica - Smith (Norrköping). Not sure if they'll miss (m)any league games though, given the countries.