FPL Question Time – Consult our panel ahead of Gameweek 37

Fantasy managers can now bring their end-of-season dilemmas to another Question Time panel.

With just two Gameweeks left of the 2018/19 season, many are looking to dot the Is and cross the Ts of their campaigns.

Meanwhile, others are hoping to soar up the rankings with one last desperate punt.

To help you with your plans, we’ve assembled three minds to answer your questions…

Who’s on the panel this week?

Ben McNair – One of Australia’s most well-known Fantasy managers with four top 5k finishes in his FPL career.

Holly Shand – Founder of Fantasy Football Community and a regular FPL Show guest. Currently ranked inside the top 5k ahead of Gameweek 37.

Zoumas Bloomers – One of our moderators on the site with two top 10k finishes in the last three seasons and currently ranked 22k ahead of Gameweek 37.

Submit your questions here

Make sure to drop your name and question in the Google Form below:

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  1. 007 [RoboKlopp]
    • 2 Years
    1 month, 27 days ago

    Why people sale Mane?

    1. The 12th Man
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 5 Years
      1 month, 27 days ago

      ML opponent has him and I’m chasing.

    2. Amey
      1 month, 27 days ago

      I'm thinking about selling one of Mane/Son for Hazard.
      Mane has Newcastle away & Wolves home so not sure he'll haul in any of them. He has served his purpose in my team this gw as kdb replacement & © 😉

  2. barracuda
    • 2 Years
    1 month, 27 days ago

    Will Utd keep at least a CS out of the next 2 games?

  3. CelticBhoy1
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 5 Years
    1 month, 27 days ago

    Chances of Rashford or Firmino being fit for the weekend?

    • 8 Years
    1 month, 27 days ago

    i know a lot of people have son and eriksen and are looking to offload to pogba.

    why isnt anyone considering bilva instead?

    more attacking, better team. i know about the utd fixtures but i just think its worth consideration instead of just jumping on pogba who has NOTHING but the fixtures.

    1. scubasmithy
      • 3 Years
      1 month, 27 days ago

      Most of us already have 3 city and in my case Aguero, LaPorte and Sterling are all better options than Bilva.

      So I'll do Eriksen to Pogba (have Son, Sterling, Jota, Mane also)

  5. Chelsea91
    1 month, 27 days ago


    Guaita Hojb,Doucoure,Luiz

    Hi guys good to go for GW 37 ? Any suggestion is welcome, i would expect Manchester united will trash Hudd.

  6. BAM64
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    1 month, 27 days ago

    should i keep both Salah and Hazard or move one on for Hazard. Top of my mini league and second has Hazard which i see as a threat

    1. BAM64
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      1 month, 27 days ago

      i meant i have salah and mane

  7. Iggypop
    1 month, 27 days ago

    team looks good to go,
    Zaha-Aguero (c)-Jimenez


    Will swap duffy to AWB or Boly for 37! then play Valery in 38,
    might play JWP in 38 and drop 1 of the wolves attackers