FFS Head-to-Head Leagues: Gameweek 29 round-up

It was a Gameweek where we learned about the danger of playing with chips; forgot about the perils of picking bad players from bad teams; twiddled our thumbs while officials struggled with technology, and saw Forest take their first hit of the season. Thank goodness for the international break, and the opportunity for some down time. So, naturally, we spent the last fortnight fretting about Double-Gameweek announcements, and when to play our Wildcard.

There’s no need for creative accountancy in the Fantasy Football Scout Head-Head Leagues, the FPL world’s largest meritocracy, and guaranteed to be free from points deductions and government regulation. Instead, you get me shining an occasional light on the 9,903 participants to find out who’s on the rise, and who’s destined for the Hall of Fame. Weekly updates on the H2H League, and much more, are also available in Red Lightning’s excellent coverage of Community tournaments.

League One

Cak Juris (51 pts) still leads, but now has Sameer Sohail for company; while David Bowman and Ignazio La Rosa are just a further point adrift. Adam Ferguson and Michael Giovanni (both 49) are also in contention. 

League Two

Stewart Robinson (55) is the new leader in Division 1, with Tim Hill (53) dropping to second, and Carl Price (49) trailing in third. Alex Merchant (49), Derek Moore and Mark Reynolds (both 48) are also vying for promotion. Stig Hermansen (56) now leads the way in Division 2, with David Stanton and Dave Dolman three points adrift, and David Gladstone (52) also in contention in fourth.

League Three

Jorge Polo Carraminana (61) and Michael Dabrowski (59) have broken clear in Division 1; Ryan Gallagher (51) heads the chasing pack. Amit Tailor (61) is stepping it up in Division 2, but Michael Scott (57) is still hanging around. Anoop K’s (60) lead in Division 3 has been more than halved, but Oli O’Mahony still trails by five points. John McHugh (58) is maintaining a firm grip in Division 4, and now has a seven-point margin over Chris Madeley and Nathan C.

League Four

Imran Hamid (61) retains top spot in Division 1, and has extended his lead over Terje Balteskard to three points. It’s a one-point advantage for Martin Bubak (55) over Wendy Darlington in Division 2; and Priyansh (61) has the same margin over Tim Oldfield in Division 3. Josh Strickland and Steven North (both 52) are joint leaders in Division 4; but Alex Chennell (59) is five points clear of Wayne Sturman in Division 5. Grey Head (61) has been utilising his wisdom to good effect in Division 6, and has opened up a six-point lead over Aled Lewis. Taymur Reza Hossain (58) has knocked GavB-Bram (55) off his perch in Division 7; and Christian Larisch (64) is 12 points clear of the pack in Division 8.

League Five

Matt Cherng and Dylan McCullough (both 60) are now joint leaders in Division 1; as are Mattias Rabbia and Doncho Georgiev (also both 60) in Division 2. James Bambridge (55) and Daniel Clarke (54) are the new pace setters in Division 3; and James Cresswell (61) has now taken over from Michael Romantowski (60) in Division 4. Tony Wilkins (63) leads the field by five points in Division 5; however, Vasanth M (66) has an eight-point margin in Division 6. It’s closer in Division 7, where George Petrou (60) has a two-point edge over Eugene Heng; and Tin Nguyen (57) has the same margin over Johan Wester in Division 8. Jamie McComb (58) has extended his advantage over Graham Langley (52) in Division 9; and Sirakhun Kawatkul (54) continues to fend off the challenge from Curtis Ledger (51) in Division 10. Moray West (61) is the new leader in Division 11, but Matt Smith is only one-point adrift. Georgi Georgiev (57) has opened it up in Division 12, and now has a six-point lead over Hampus Johansson; meanwhile, Andy Spratt (57) and Rob Trulove (56) are the new kids on the block in Division 13. Gavin Sousa (59) still leads in Division 14, but Rob Roche has cut the deficit to four points. Vasu Shan (53) has now hit the heights in Division 15, but Pratham Batra and d c are just a point behind. Finally, a run of one win in five has seen FPL Ted (55) concede top spot in Division 16 to Benjamin Arslanagic (56).

League Six

Jamie Gamble (70) continues to be the pick of the crop in League Six, and now has a 13-point margin over the competition in Division 24. Marcus Hamrin (65) has a seven-point advantage in Division 6, and of the four Division leaders on 64 points; Alex Tremble (Division 1) leads by nine points; Tim Worboys (Division 16) by eight; Ade Harris (Division 21) by five; and Abraham de Villiers (Division 22) by four. The Divisional leaders on 63 points are Joseph Fitzgerald, who is 10 points clear in Division 32; Jervis Sheil who has a nine-point margin in Division 11; while Marcus Baptiste (Division 2) and Ben Reeves (Division 12) both have five-point leads. Linda Parkes (62) also leads the field by five points in Division 3; and the same score secures a three-point edge for Colin B in Division 7.

Ken Davies (61) has a six-point advantage in Division 14; and the same score is good for a four-point lead for Josef Rusiecki in Division 15; but it’s  just a single-point edge for Atang Bingana in Division 5. Of the five Division leaders on 60 points: Sean Killick (Division 17) leads his competition by six points; Mrinal Mohit is five points clear in Division 23; while it’s a two-point edge for Gary Hughes (Division 26), Ken Davis (Division 28) and Josh Bembridge (Division 29). 58 points provides a seven-point lead for Stehen Brady (Division 6) and Darragh Copley (Division 18); but it’s just a two-point margin for Thomas Morris in Division 9. Jon Xanthos (57) leads by five points in Division 25, and it’s a three-point edge for Paul Reilly (56) in Division 10.

There are three Division leaders on 55 points: Vladan Mandic leads by three points in Division 20; Dušan Ušjak has a two-point margin in Division 30; and it’s just a single point for Tom Clark in Division 31. Peter Conquest (54) has a two-point advantage in Division 4; but the same score gives Michael Dodd a one-point edge in Division 19. Finally, Andrew Slocombe (52) has a two-point lead in Division 13; while Steven McAleer and Lukas Dirzys are joint leaders in Division 27.

League Seven

Mark Cahill (73) is the new top dog in League Seven. He has a massive 21-point lead over his nearest challenger in Division 9, and needs just one more victory to confirm promotion. Øyvind Emblem (69) hasn’t quite maintained that pace, but still has a nine-point margin in Division 53. Ben Watts is the pick of the managers on 66 points, having opened up a 12-point chasm in Division 44. Craig Perrin has a nine-point margin in Division 12; however, the biggest surprise is Roger Butler, who has failed to trouble the scorers since Gameweek 24, but still has an eight-point lead in Division 38.

Back among the mortals, Moschino Munez (65) has a seven-point lead in Division 26. And of the four Division leaders on 64 points: Nashant Gupta has opened up a 11-point advantage in Division 24; it’s a nine-point margin for Sachin Surapaneni in Division 46; a four-point edge for Rhys Miller in Division 41; but just three points for Stephen Brogan in Division 35.

League Eight

With five wins since the last update, Danny Messer (79) is now the top scorer across all nine H2H Leagues. He has an 18-point advantage over his nearest challenger, and has already secured promotion to League Seven. Aaron Houston (75) is also on a tear, and has extended his advantage in Division 19 to 17 points; meanwhile, four wins and a draw has taken Ernesto Busche (73) to the brink of promotion from Division 127. It’s a 14-point margin for Marco “Pep” Purves (72) in Division 13, and the same score provides a 12-point advantage for Christopher Dunlop in Division 51. Two further managers have reached 70 points: Mykhailo Granik is six points clear in Division 40, but Elliot Pearce’s advantage in Division 100 has been reduced to just one point.

Of the four Division leaders on 69 points: Cal Stoffel has opened up a 17-point chasm in Division 41; and Abdellah Boukhalfa leads the Division 104 field by 11 Points; but it’s nine-point leads for Assam A (Division 44) and Gregory Vial (Division 68). Thom Joyce (68) has a 12-point advantage in Division 126; and of the six Division leaders on 67 Points: Jørgen Grønneberg is 16 points clear in Division 20; Chisha Mazimba has a 15-point margin in Division 115; it’s 13 points for Dan © TheFPLWay in Division 61; 10 points for Matthew Howells in Division 122; seven points for Thanasis Kritharellis in Division 2; and six points for David Smith in Division 71.

League Nine

Brandon Witton (Division 38) and Mohammed Matin Sororian (Division 83) are the new high scorers in League Nine with 75 points, and lead their Divisions by 15 and 11 points respectively. David Allen (73) will also soon be able to start planning for life in League Eight. There are four Division leaders on 72 points: Fernando Ayerdi has a 12-point margin in Division 159; John Erik Torsteinsen has a nine-point advantage in Division 211; while Andrew Calverley (Division 30) and Alex Babut (Division 124) both have five-point leads. The remaining managers that have reached the 70-point threshold are: Pritesh Ramu, who leads by 13 points in Division 63; Pranjal Bhawal, who has a 12-point margin in Division 222; and Ray Lund, who leads by a single point in Division 8.

Top 100 Hall of Fame Managers

I am continuing to follow the progress of five managers who are ranked in the Hall of Fame Top 100 as they endeavour to ascend through the lower reaches of the H2H League, and it’s been a mixed bag since the last update. Of the four seeking promotion from League Seven, Gary Murray (61) is hitting form at the right time, and with four wins out of five, is the new leader in Division 31. With just two wins since the last update, Pete Richards (52) lost his place at the top of Division 31, but is still looking good for promotion. Colin Innes (49) has also lost ground in Division 38, but still holds the final promotion berth, and a three-point margin over the chasing pack. Ómar Olgeirsson (43) sits 10th in Division 12, which is an improvement, but is still six points adrift of 5th place. Turning to League Eight, a run of one win in five has seen Widi Susanto (48) drop to 9th place in Division 123, which is five points adrift of the Top Five.

I’ll be back next month with another update, by which time the trickle of managers securing promotion will have become a flood. In the meantime, you can keep track of your progress via MIR’s Head-to-Head Leagues page.

I’m off to find a good therapist. Stay safe.

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    Many thanks Lord, these regular updates are much appreciated.

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    Time to give the armband to the King

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    Saliba Gabriel Gusto
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    Solanke + Foden > Muniz + Salah (-4)??
    still have WC, or just WC?

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    WC team, final decision:
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    BB in 34 so doublers are key

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