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In Like Flynn.
Fpl changes next year ?

On top of FPL going over to OPTA stats for the coming season, thus affecting BPs. Do you expect any other rule changes for the 2013-14 Season? If so; 1) What changes do you expect? 2) What chan…

8 years, 14 days ago12

A new season strategy?

Looking ahead to next season, is anyone going to change any aspects of their strategy they used last season? Form/Fixtures? Utilising Hits? Early/late Wildcard?

8 years, 14 days ago26

Top goalscorer in 2013/14?

Heres is some food for thought. There have only been two player to have won the golden boot more than 2 times in a row. Henry (4) Shearer (3) Shearer was 26 when he won his last GB and Henry …

8 years, 14 days ago11

Al Pacino
Strikers v Midfielders.

Sparked by the formation debate, I decided to see what was better: Strikers or Midfielders? I only used last year's data, as it was very interesting with rising power to the midfield. Yet many bel…

8 years, 14 days ago39

2 or 3 Up Front?

3-5-2 or 3-4-3? Going to be tricky to choose which formation to go for next season..... Given how well the midfielders did last season, I might go heavy on them to start off with. Thoughts from …

8 years, 14 days ago15

Lateriser 12
Kagawa on the radar

Kagawa hoping to emulate Rooney and Van Persie Manchester United midfielder Shinji Kagawa wants to focus his efforts on becoming a more influential figure at Old Trafford next season. "I wasn't s…

8 years, 14 days ago16

Giggs Boson
Ignoring the RVP option

With City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal all likely to give us a strong option up front, is it a wise decision to go without RVP(~13.5) or should he still be a staple in your team due to his consi…

8 years, 14 days ago14

Five Points for a clean sheet?

5 points for a clean sheet would be a good rule change for next season

8 years, 14 days ago22

Shaping the Defence

Following on from the discussion about rotating (or not) defenders...what do people think is the preferred "shape" of your starting defence? E.g. 5 cheapos? 1 expensive and 4 cheap (2 rotating pa…

8 years, 14 days ago20

Exploits and errors - a good thing?

OK my first post with here's hoping for some good discussions as per the good old days: every article discussing possible pricing for players is a pain in the backside and damages t…

8 years, 14 days ago27

U21 captain decision

Who are you people captaining today? I have Thiago, Tello, John, Holtby, Dzagoev and Maher, but don't know who to give the armband to. 😐

8 years, 14 days ago19

Lateriser 12
Which Premium Defenders Are Worth It?

Premium defenders worth it next season? I think Vidic could come back to the fold. Vertonghen another if he continues his mid season form. Koscielny the third option which could offer some great v…

8 years, 14 days ago32

Best 2013/14 Bargains

Best 2013/14 bargains With Newcastle reportedly interested in signing Darren Bent the fantasy football community could potentially be presented with a cut price gold mine of points. Following a di…

8 years, 14 days ago33

Giroud To Kick On Next Season?

Giroud starts off slow at every club in his first season, in his second he takes it by storm. Tours 1st Season :14 Goals, 2 Assists Tours 2nd Season: 24 Goals, 4 Assists Montpellier 1st Season: 1…

8 years, 14 days ago25

Hottest transfer of the summer

Anyone dare to predict the hottest transfer of the summer?

8 years, 14 days ago50

What's wrong with 4-4-2?

Why did 4-4-2 go out of fashion? The basic principle of football could not be simpler. If you score more than the opposition you win. You could have the greatest defence ever assembled but to win…

8 years, 15 days ago39

JK - Cønt ⭐
OOP Miidfielders

following on from Tony Hibbert, each year there seems to be a midfielder who plays either in the hole or as a forward, and gets a bagful of goals, 2 years ago we had Captain America, this year we h…

8 years, 15 days ago17

Tony Hibbert
Who do you fancy as next years Demel / Davies ?

Interestingly in both Matt and Kelvin's interview the have both made reference to going for a low-cost defence. While we are still waiting on transfers and prices who could be the B.Davies or Demel…

8 years, 15 days ago15

Which fantasy football games to play?

I only really play FPL but have dabbled with a fair few others in the past (Including Fantasy Euro 2012 last summer) but if you were going to take on another game next season, which would it be? …

8 years, 15 days ago30

HomeCrowd Feedback

Ok, I’m sure you have some feedback. Let’s collect it all in this here Hot Topic. Be nice.

8 years, 16 days ago76