The Scout Academy

The Scout Academy

The Scout Academy is a brand new initiative from Fantasy Football Scout designed to support, encourage and foster the next wave of Fantasy talent.

If you’re serious about content creating, toolmaking or becoming an influencer in the Fantasy arena, this is the place for you.

The Academy will be a place that the next generation of talent can hone their skills as well as get the support and guidance on the specific areas they need to achieve their goals and broaden their reach.

There’ll be advice and interviews with leading Tweeters, toolmakers and YouTubers along the way to help creators get started and improve their output, along with links to useful resources.

If any of the above applies to you, we want to hear from you.

Here are some of the names already involved: go ahead and click the links, like, subscribe and enjoy!


Let’s Talk FPL: Tips on how to be a successful YouTube content creator

FPL Partridge: How to create social media content and grow your following

FPL Family’s Sam: Life as a content creator and working with the Premier League

Holly Shand: How to build your own FPL community

Gianni Buttice: How to write an FPL book


Americans Talk FPL

Americans Talk FPL is run by Jason and Beraht, who produce video content for every Gameweek of the Fantasy season on their YouTube channel. The duo also cover football action that impacts on FPL such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. Americans Talk FPL focuses on improving you team and achieving those coveted green arrows.

FPL in the Dugout (itD)

iTD is an FPL obsessive who has a love of statistics and a differential pick and can boast four consecutive top 1% finishes. What started as an experiment in FPL punditry and a weekly article shared with friends and family has, four years on, evolved into Instagram and newly-launched Twitter accounts. Keeping his Chelsea allegiance to one side, itD aims to bring Fantasy managers impartial FPL content.

The FPL Hangover Podcast

With 13 seasons of FPL management under their belt, the two Irish podcasters continue to raise the bar for FPL content while – in their words – lowering the tone. Weekly episodes are available across all audio platforms and in glorious HD on their newly created YouTube channel. Come for the FPL, stay for the craic.


The Footboxx is a joint venture comprised of the words of Kevin Doyle and the graphics of Graham McMurdie. The pair combine their passion for football and statistics with eye-catching visuals that track their journey through the season, providing advice and opinion along the way. Catch them on YouTube and Instagram.

FPL Focus

The Scout Academy 1

Joining the FPL community two years ago, Arsenal fan and dad-of-three FPL Focus creates FPL content on his YouTube channel. As well as previewing and reviewing FPL Gameweeks, FPL Focus has appeared as a guest on FPL Nymfria and FPL Today’s channels. While striving to improve his FPL rank, FPL Focus is determined to deliver community-focused content.

FPL Academica – Fantasy Football Academy

FPL Academica are an aspiring, tight-knit group of podcasters who make up the Academica Vertex Podcast. Their aim is to cover all the key issues in a way that is both engaging and informative. Podcast episodes are available on a weekly basis via YouTube and elsewhere, while written features can be read on their website.

FPL Talking Points

FPL Talking Points is a hot take on the best Fantasy Premier League podcasts from around the world. Users can discover not only the best content, including classics like the Scoutcast, but also local podcasts. Reaction blogs, key moments, takeaways and alternative points of view from the top podcasts each week give users another way of interacting with their favorite content. Check them out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitch.


Your go-to FPL podcast providing you with all the thrills and spills that football has to offer but with a more casual twist compared to the usual Carol Vorderman-style of punditry. Listen to lighthearted episodes each Gameweek from co-hosts Charles and Wicks, featuring a mountain of guests from their mini-league who are in with the chance to win some ice-cold pints. They will be talking hot picks, who’s in the trash, and that old favourite: chip strategy.

Alfie Pods Fantasy Football

The Scout Academy 2

Alfie is a comedian and quizzer, who has now, thanks to a solid obsession with football, found himself the host of an FPL Podcast.

On his show, Alfie is joined by many different Fantasy community writers to discuss player value, budgets, captaincy and many tactical gameplay and philosophies that could help managers succeed in FPL.

If you like your FPL and football chat with a spoonful of surgery fun and some killer jingles, Alfie Pods Fantasy Football is the place for you.

FPL Shake N Bake

FPL Shake n Bake is a blog detailing the trials and tribulations of a manager trying to recapture former glories after a few of years of over-thinking, and declining performances.

FPL Side Net

The Scout Academy 4

FPL Side Net is a new, Australian-based podcast from two guys who love talking about a game within a game. Hosted by life-long mates Dubs and Peterson, who decided to start a podcast dedicated to their love of FPL, and have some fun doing it.

With over a decade of experience, top 10K finishes (2019/20) and two very contrasting FPL managerial styles, the weekly podcast focuses on the big topics of the week, reviews from the guys teams, transfers, captain picks and a lot of laughs.

FPL Rabbi

Ever since his debut season in 2016/17, FPL Rabbi has partially succeeded in not overthinking FPL. As a Shabbat-observing Jew he treats every weekend deadline as a Friday deadline, and he has managed three consecutive 0.5% finishes.

His Twitter page, in three languages (English, Hebrew & Spanish), documents his FPL season; from being helplessly addicted to a differential attacking-fullback option to taking too many hits.

FPL Rabbi is also part of the FPL podcast Doubtful – 75%⚠️ (מופיעים בספק) which is available on YouTube and across all audio platforms. In this first of a kind video podcast recorded in Hebrew, the Rabbi, alongside Omer and Avihay, look back at their FPL Gameweeks and talk through their plans.

מופיעים בספק הוא פודקאסט פנטזי פרמיירליג ראשון מסוגו בישראל המיועד לקהל דובר עברית בארץ ובעולם.בכל פרק אביחי, עומר ודניאל עושים סקירה קצרה של הקבוצות שלהם, נוגעים בנושאים החמים, מביאים נתונים סטטיסטיים ייחודיים ומתכוננים למחזורים הבאים, והכל בצורה קלילה ומשעשעת מסלון ביתם.

Fantasy Football South Africa

Fantasy Football South Africa was founded in 2020 and was the first of its kind in Southern Africa. FFSA is made up of friends playing football together since 2010 and managing since 2013. It contains a diverse blend of managers including a statistician, a differential maestro, an eye-test guru and everything in between.

FFSA strike up conversations on their weekly YouTube content and Instagram posts in order to help managers achieve greater success in their mini-leagues.    


If you have a cool tool that you’d like to share with the world, a social or video channel that you’d like to work with us to grow and monetise, some amazing tech skills you’d like to contribute, or just some great insight that you need to share, we want to hear from you!

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