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Welcome to FFScout!

Welcome to Fantasy Football Scout, the original, biggest and the best Fantasy Football community.

We are the number one resource for those playing Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and other leading Fantasy Football games, including offerings from Sky Sports, FanTeam, and many others.

For each Gameweek we try to make everything on site as simple as possible.

Fantasy Football Scout is divided into different sections to help you become the best FPL manager you can be.

Members Area

The Fantasy Football Scout Premium Members Area contains all the stats and metrics you’ll need including:

FPL Community

Fantasy Football Scout also brings you the best and brightest minds in the Community to help guide your strategy with regular tips and Team Reveal articles. Amongst our experts you’ll find:

  • Previous FPL winners
  • The Pro Pundits
  • The Scout Network, Scout Academy, and FFS International
  • Experienced sports journalists and editors

Video and Audio

Our You Tube and Podcast channels bring you high quality coverage of every aspect of FPL to ensure that you can make the best decisions for your Fantasy Football team.

  • The Scoutcast (Every Tuesday evening throughout the season)
  • Best Captain videos ahead of every deadline
  • Team News live streams with all the news from the Premier League press conferences
  • Match Day Live watch-alongs
  • Members exclusive Q&A streams
  • And much more!

Join the Community

As part of the Fantasy Football Scout Community you can also submit your own articles, and engage in the comments section of every article. Our Hot Topics highlight the big talking points and look at the key FPL questions.

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