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Rotation's Alter Ego
Surviving the first season

Following on from the article above, what should Leeds, West Brom and Fulham focus on if they want PL success? We've seen in the past that spending big isn't the easy answer, with Fulham finishing…

5 days, 53 mins ago12

Allsvenskan GW13 - Scout picks

Scout picks for GW13 can be found here: What are you doing with Vecchia, holding or selling? Is it time to go heavy on Ma…

6 days, 2 hours ago5

Rotation's Alter Ego
Who to sign and who to sell

Who do each PL team need to sign for next season? I'll start with Chelsea, as it's the team I support. The addition of Ziyech and Werner is absolutely huge and they both offer something sorely ne…

10 days, 7 hours ago66

Allsvenskan GW12, Scout Picks and captains

Scout picks for GW12 here: How are you getting on ahead of an intense schedule? 7 Gameweeks in the space of a month might…

10 days, 6 hours ago5

Rotation's Alter Ego
How should FPL handle position changes?

By my count, there could be 15 players having their positions changed according to FPL current definitions, with a number of high profile forwards (Aubameyang, Rashford etc) being moved to midfield…

12 days, 5 hours ago88

My heart goes Salalalalah
How should City improve their team?

I think Akè is a great signing for City

12 days, 5 hours ago45

Spying on Leeds Part 2

Spying on Leeds (Part 2) Just following up on my post 2 days ago regarding Leeds prospects next season. I've covered the defensive aspect, now I shall take a very quick look at the attacking optio…

12 days, 8 hours ago56

Lateriser 12
FPL Captaincy

Did a really long captaincy thread. Have a read.

13 days, 8 hours ago33

Spying on Leeds

Hey everyone, I haven't seen any write-ups about Leeds atm so maybe I'll just potentially cover some options next season with some price predictions. There's still a lot of unknowns regarding our t…

14 days, 9 hours ago84

Is Salah in decline?

Sterling since joining City points each season 96 149 229 234 204 and 204 And some on here suggest Salah is in decline LOL How many players have scored 32 EPL goals in thier debut season and ave…

14 days, 21 hours ago122

How to save your season history...

If you want to save some of your FPL data for this season, I made a tool on LiveFPL that loads your GW history and weekly squads and points into an excel file., enter your FPL…

15 days, 10 hours ago42

Live Scoutcast Tonight (Mon) 8pm - leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast 8pm tonight. Join Andy, Az and myself on Youtube to chat about this season's highs and lows and any lessons we have learned. In the meantime, feel free to ask us questions ahead o…

15 days, 9 hours ago59

Sky Fantasy Football Winner!

I am the sky fantasy football champion for 19/20.

15 days, 19 hours ago17

Mistakes made and lessons learnt

What lessons have you learnt this season and what will you look to change going into next season? Which starts in less than 50 days by the way 🙂

15 days, 21 hours ago95

GW38+ Rough with the Smooth

How was your GW38+? Which of your players were benched? How did your transfers go? How did your bench perform? Did your captain return? Did playing a chip work for you? Tell us your tales of joy …

15 days, 22 hours ago84

Scout Picks Challenge GW38+ (with prize)

SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 38+ I'm really sorry for the delay on this... celebrating my birthday ended up with way too many drinks! 3 hours to enter... as a thank you for this site, and to a…

16 days, 5 hours ago13

Pre-deadline A or B questions

Let's do a little pre-deadline A or B thread here. What are your last minute decisions on captaincy/transfers/bench/anything else? Please post as an A or B question, and please answer a few other…

16 days, 5 hours ago137

Alllsvenskan: GW11 Captaincy and Transfers

Deadline fast approaching Who are you captaining in Allsvenskan? I'm strongly considering Lauritsen, though Haksa seems the sensible choice.. What are your final transfer calls?

16 days, 5 hours ago12

Gameweek 38+ Captaincy

The end of the Premier League and FPL season is finally upon us then and with only one fixture to consider and free hits aplenty going around, lots of managers will be in a position to give full co…

16 days, 6 hours ago10

GW38+ Breakout Players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Maybe someone who is a bit under the radar, has very few transfers in, or has low ownership. Have you seen something in …

16 days, 7 hours ago23

GW38+ Q&A

Pages are moving fast, but I’ll be on here for the next 30 mins, and can answer any questions you have on captaincy, transfers, team selection, differentials etc. … at least to the best of my…

16 days, 7 hours ago174

Price Changes

Price Changes - 26th July 2020 Rises : Kane 11, Ederson 6.1 Falls : Mané 12.1, Saint-Maximin 5.2, Saïss 4.7, Sharp 5.2, Fernandes 9 Good luck to all on the final day. 🙂

16 days, 15 hours ago24

TheFantasyFreÆK ⭐
The Review: GW 37+

The Review: GW 37+ Hi everyone, welcome to The Review. Chasing a mini league lead or looking to gain ground on your rival? I present to you the final review of the season with a particular focus…

16 days, 19 hours ago19

End of season goals

What's your goal for this last gameweek? Ive won my ML and am about 68k. Hoping to break 50k

17 days, 43 mins ago127

Survival of the fittest

Survival of the Fittest I keep seeing a lot of Free Hit squads opting for players from Arsenal, Everton and West Ham. However, all three of those sides have nothing to play for, with their opponen…

17 days, 23 hours ago41

KDB & David Silva

Consolidating all the stuff from last post for linking purposes. KdB and David Silva starting stats up until GW37 just for this season: David Silva started: 1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,13,14,15,16,22,23,26,…

18 days, 2 hours ago23

Rotation's Alter Ego
Scout Picks Community Champion - Gameweek 38+

For the final time of the season, we need our Community Champion! As a reminder, each week our Scout picks tournament pits a different community champion against the Scout Picks team. The Communi…

18 days, 2 hours ago0

GW38+ Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW38+ fixtures and clean sheet odds GW38+ fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW37+ clean sheets WOL: 54% ✅ MUN: 48% ❌ MCY: 44% ✅ BRI: 39% ✅ S…

18 days, 22 hours ago30

Can the flagging Fernandes now be flogged?

Amount of people taking Fernandes out after one blank is staggering,especially for hits. Yes it was an unusually jaded performance last night but has one final massive game game on Sunday which i…

19 days, 4 hours ago24

Eduardo Cruz wins the Last Man Standing Competition

Last Man Standing Final Standings Eduardo Cruz - beca…

19 days, 3 hours ago19

GW37+ Rough with the Smooth

How was your GW37+? Were any of your players benched? Did you get any injuries? How did your bench perform? Did your captain return? Tell us your tales of joy and woe from Gameweek 37+, here:

19 days, 7 hours ago45

World Top Ten.

World top ten after GW37+: 1. Chris McGowan (Queens of the South Age, top of our FFS mini-league): 2491 points, 104.9m TV, Triple Captain left. 2. Joshua Bull: 2489 points, 108.5m TV, Wildcard lef…

19 days, 15 hours ago13

Live Scoutcast Thursday 8pm - leave your questions here

Scoutcast Thursday at 8pm! - GWK 38 FPL planning Az and I will be joined by scoutcast newbie Alexdander aka @TooGoodFPL ...who just happens to be no.3 in the whole world as I type! https://fantas…

20 days, 2 hours ago31

Final spin of the Pep Roulette

With a number of individual narratives at play for Manchester City’s final Premier League match of the season vs Norwich — which assets are you considering for inclusion in your Gameweek 38 squ…

20 days, 5 hours ago19

Allsvenskan Scout Picks

This weeks Scout Picks: Who’s looking to pull the trigger on a chip this week?

20 days, 6 hours ago9

Goalkeepers and defenders underrated

Some interesting numbers to think on foe next season With the season almost complete I found the following: My defenders (538 pts) contributed more than my forwards (534 pts). I only played more th…

22 days, 9 hours ago77

Allsvenskan GW 9 Plans

Scout picks for GW9 here: What transfers are you looking at? Which side of the AC/Haksa captaincy hedge are you leaning to…

23 days, 8 hours ago2

Jealous Viper
Captaincy success

Captain picks have been an absolute disaster for me this season. I define a successful captaincy as getting 12 or more(pretty low bar). I've been successful with this I think 14 out of 37 times thi…

23 days, 17 hours ago31

Pre-deadline A or B Questions

What are your last minute decisions on captaincy/transfers/bench/anything else? Please post as an A or B question, and please answer a few other people after you post yours.

24 days, 1 hour ago115

Gnu Scott talent
RIP Eunuch Jelly

Eunuch Jelly - Aaron Baker It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of my friend and long time FFS poster Eunuch Jelly. EJ had been fighting an aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma …

24 days, 2 hours ago93

Gameweek 37+ Captaincy

(C)hris Wood anyone? I mean, it does feel a bit Shane Duffy in the double gameweek last season, Burnley have 17 goals in 18 away games and 6 goals in 6 games since getting turned over at the Etih…

24 days, 3 hours ago29

FFS Mini-leagues, GW36+

Chris McGowan (Queens of the South Age) is still top of our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league ( (ooyz44) and has increased his lead over…

24 days, 4 hours ago5

GW37+ Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW37+ fixtures and clean sheet odds GW37+ fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW36+ clean sheets CHE: 56% ✅ MUN: 53% ✅ MCY: 49% ❌ WOL: 46% ❌ L…

24 days, 20 hours ago11

TheFantasyFreÆK ⭐
GW36+ Review

The Review: GW 36+ Hi everyone, welcome to The Review. Here I bring some clarity to your transfer thoughts heading into the business end of the season as we approach GW37+: (Data taken from FFSc…

24 days, 23 hours ago18

Scout Picks Challenge GW37+

SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 37+ There's going to be a very welcomed gap in gameweeks after this gameweek begins, so I'll play catch-up over the next week to deliver everything. GW33+ results…

24 days, 23 hours ago13

Are sideways moves a waste?

Sideways Moves At this late stage of the season, are sideways moves the right thing to do, or is it just chasing points? We’ve seen Manchester City’s points spread around the midfield, with m…

24 days, 23 hours ago15

GW37+ Q&A

Rather than cover a specific topic this week, I’m going to be on here for the next hour, and can answer any questions you have on captaincy, transfers, team selections, differentials etc, to the …

25 days, 6 hours ago191

Live Scoutcast 5:15pm Thurs - Leave your questions here

Scoutcast Thursday at 5:15pm Feel free to leave your questions for us here as we look ahead to Gameweek 37.

27 days, 3 hours ago31

Pre-deadline A or B questions

Let's do a little pre-deadline A or B thread here. What are your last minute decisions on captaincy/transfers/bench/anything else? Please post as an A or B question, and please answer a few other…

27 days, 23 hours ago207

Gameweek 36+ Captaincy

Anyone for Pep roulette? The stakes are high but if you like a gamble and your number comes in then the rewards can be huge! My money would be on Raheem Sterling, he came through for me in the …

28 days, 1 hour ago37