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GW13 DS stats, Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW13 DS stats, fixtures and clean sheet odds In the last GW there wasn't a team that made the grade but Chelsea (316DS) did come out on top out of everyone and beat Crystal Palace 2-0 at home. Ma…

3 hours, 9 mins ago10

Premier League Team of the Season so far

The international break provides an ideal time to reflect on the start of the Premier League season, and assess which players have impressed. Earlier this week, Alan Shearer revealed his Premier L…

7 hours, 47 mins ago56

GW13 Breakout Players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Maybe someone who hasn't had a double digit score in a while, has a series of no attacking returns, or has very low owner…

10 hours, 45 mins ago19

Price Changes

Price Changes - 21st November 2019 🔺  Baldock (4.6) 🔻  B.Mendy (5.8), Stiepermann (5.2), Ramsay (3.9)

20 hours, 27 mins ago12

Rotation's Alter Ego
Scout Picks Community Champion Lottery – Gameweek 13

Evening! 🙂 Fancy a crack at being this week's Community Champion Vs the Scout Picks? 16 remains the score to beat, which should definitely be smashed soon! Speaking of 16 - it was a 16 point win…

23 hours, 9 mins ago0

Lateriser 12
New manager bounce - fact or fiction?

Is the New Manager Bounce fact or fiction? Jose Mourinho is in the house. Spurs have some nice fixtures in December. New manager bounce due? There are loads of these norms and theories that exis…

1 day, 7 hours ago17

Members Only - Maddison Vs Tielemans

My biggest dilemma ahead of Gameweek 13 is whether to bring in James Maddison or Youri Tielemans. Other than their £0.8 price difference, I find it tough to separate this pair. I’ve been crunch…

1 day, 10 hours ago17

Have Spurs assets just become Mour attractive?

How do we reckon Mourinho will have them lined up at Spurs then? Known as a more defensive manager, have the likes of Paulo Gazzaniga (£4.5m) and Toby Alderweireld (£5.4m) become more attractiv…

1 day, 11 hours ago26

Winter planning and 'mini-season' strategy

I got something valuable listening to the scoutcast this morning. Joe came out with a plan to split the upcoming busy schedule into "2 seasons" After GW 18 fixtures, they do start to turn. When all…

1 day, 13 hours ago15

Make Arrows Green Again
Pochettino sacking implications

Poch sacked Can't believe it. Time to keep / sell / acquire Spurs assets?

2 days, 2 hours ago38

FFS is now on Instagram

And another announcement today: we've just now launched the official FFS Instagram account Post or tag us on IG using #fantasyfootballscout, #ffscout, and #ffs I fully…

2 days, 9 hours ago0

Braving the risk with doubtful players

Is it risky to transfer in players carrying underlying injuries as we head into the busiest phase of the season? I really wanted to triple up on Liverpool by adding Salah or Robertson to go alongsi…

3 days, 10 hours ago31

Live Scoutcast 8pm Tues - leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast 8pm Tuesday night Guests include last week's Meet the Manager guest AVFC82 (five x top 1K finishes!) What players, teams and talking points do you want us to discuss? Leave your q…

3 days, 13 hours ago68

Sam FPLFamily
Should international form affect our FPL thinking?

With Kane scoring 3 last night for England it’s thrown me back in to the keep or lose Kane from my FPL team conundrum. How far does or should International form impact our thinking in terms of …

6 days, 14 hours ago24

Relegation forecasts

Which three teams do you think get relegated this season? Norwich are the bookies' favourite by a distance with 1/4 odds, but the other spots seem quite competitive this year. Odds for the other t…

7 days, 7 hours ago43

Mid-Price Midfielders

Something I talked about in my recent Meet the Manager video was mid-price midfielders, and why I’m quite aggressive with transfers in this category, whilst sometimes experimenting with a differe…

7 days, 10 hours ago112

Rupert The Horse
How's your season going?

Anyone having a good season? Or a particularly bad one? This is my 13th season and am currently ranked 2.5m. It’s not a temporary thing either. I’ve been down here for most of the season.

8 days, 9 hours ago139

Rotation's Alter Ego
FFS Cup is Open!

FFS Cup is open for another season! As promised to Deulofail last year (, I'll be putting up a fair few reminders for this cup as HTs to mak…

8 days, 7 hours ago13

How much is LOrd Lundstram really worth?

With the inexorable rise of John "Lord" Lundstram reaching 4.9 last night, I think it's worth questioning what you would actually pay for him. Non-owners surely still need to get him in ahead of …

9 days, 9 hours ago52

FactCheckUK Boris Bodega
Pundits Playoff Transfer Window Opens!

The Pundits Playoff Community Tournament's very first transfer window is now open! For those of you reading about the Pundits Playoff for the first time, this is a season long tournament where team…

10 days, 12 hours ago18

Lateriser 12
Time to make the Mount switch?

Weighing up the Mount to Pulisic move. Can see Lampard playing a 3 man mid with Kova Jorginho Kante versus them. Then it's Tammy + 2 of William Mount Pulisic. Lamps loves Mount but Pulisic has to …

10 days, 16 hours ago30

GW12 Rough with the Smooth

Gameweek 12 Rough with the Smooth How did your GW12 go? Were any of your players benched? Did you get any injuries? How did your bench perform? Did your captain return? Feel free to post your tal…

10 days, 12 hours ago61

Best Liverpool Triple Up?

I know it has been discussed a milion times and there is no conclusion. Liverpool triple up - needs to happen to doubt about it. The config is the issue. A two defenders + mid This is kind of a …

11 days, 10 mins ago37

Rotation's Alter Ego
GW 12 News Roundup

Here we go again - what we learnt in the runup to Gameweek 12… Friday Deadline! Set those teams now, tinker later! Liverpool Just Matip and Shaqiri out for Liverpool. Henderson is over his ill…

13 days, 8 hours ago13

Scout Picks Challenge GW12

SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 12 Greetings from Thailand! Okay.. I do seldomly swear the GW10 results will be available in around 2 hours, followed quickly by GW11. I'm ****** WHAT IS IT? **…

13 days, 13 hours ago32

Too much money, nowhere to spend it

5.8 to 7.5 mids are all the rage atm; and that high number is only because of Martial. There is a massive gap between 7.5 and the next viable value for money mid. Son is probably the only one, then…

13 days, 17 hours ago33

England – who would you pick?

England manager Gareth Southgate named his squad for the European Qualifiers against Montenegro and Kosovo yesterday. There was a return to the squad for Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and …

13 days, 10 hours ago68

GW12 Breakout Players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Maybe someone who hasn't had a double digit score in a while, has a series of no attacking returns, or has very low owner…

13 days, 12 hours ago37

Are we overlooking Salah and Mané for captaincy this GW?

Are we overlooking Mo Salah and Sadio Mane as captain options this weekend? The odds seemed in their favour for a win against Manchester City and may have been bolstered by the absence of Ederson. …

13 days, 13 hours ago17

Leandro Trossard

Leandro Trossard 5.8m TSB: 0.3% Mins per chance created: 25 Mins per attempt: 33 Mins per goal: 152 Mins per xGI: 128 Shot accuracy: 33% Goal involvement when on the pitch: 80% These stats are…

14 days, 4 hours ago29

GW12 DS stats, Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW12 DS stats, fixtures and clean sheet odds Last week Manchester City (724DS) came from behind and beat Southampton 2-1 at home and Liverpool (411DS) managed to mirror the same feat away as they …

14 days, 23 hours ago8


Manchester City's sea of lovely fixtures is coming to an end. They have 3 away games in the next 5. Chelsea and Man United visit the Etihad as well as trips to Anfield, The Sports Direct Arena and …

16 days, 3 hours ago38

Rotation's Alter Ego
Scout Picks Community Champion Lottery – Gameweek 12

In a week that was all about Lundstram, he led the Scout Picks to a tight 63-57 victory this week but eyes are already turning to a week that might be all about the differentials with most "templat…

16 days, 11 hours ago0


FPL Topguns is back for anyone that would care to listen 🙂 Come listen to myself and Luke as we talk complete nonsense as usual. Youtube: Soundcloud: https://soundc…

16 days, 22 hours ago10

Rotation's Alter Ego
October Community Writer of the Month

Another new month means we ask you to vote for the Community writer that you believe has made the biggest/most important contribution in October. The winner will receive a £20 Amazon voucher from …

17 days, 56 mins ago0

Mark of a madman - Suthern's Wildcard

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Mark’s wildcard has started with a bang with 73 points but will his investment in an expensive double City/Liverpool defence set him up for success when others ar…

17 days, 2 hours ago29

Live Scoutcast 8pm Tues - leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast 8pm Tuesday night. Which #FPL players, teams and talking points do you think we should discuss ahead of #GW12? Let us know here

17 days, 6 hours ago28

Sam FPLFamily
The Continued Rise of the Cheap Defender

Lundstram now leads the way as the highest scoring defender in the game. This week his 21 points solidified him as FPL royalty, however it’s not just him in the cut price defender bracket that’…

17 days, 12 hours ago36

GW11 Rough with the Smooth

Gameweek 11 Rough with the Smooth How did your GW11 go? Were any of your players benched? Did you get any injuries? How did your bench perform? Did your captain return? Feel free to post your tal…

17 days, 12 hours ago79

How Do You Predict Clean Sheets?

How do you predict Clean sheets? Arguably, the hardest thing to predict in FPL is when a team is going to keep a clean sheet. I've benched six clean sheets over the last three gameweeks, including…

17 days, 15 hours ago40

GW11 Breakout Players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Maybe someone who hasn't had a double digit score in a while, has a series of no attacking returns, or has very low owner…

19 days, 12 hours ago41

Scout Picks Challenge - GW11

SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 11 GW10 results are coming tomorrow after the Rugby WC! In the meantime, enjoy and good luck... GW7 results:…

20 days, 2 hours ago31

Sterling for Triple Captain?

Are we overlooking Raheem Sterling as a Triple Captain contender this weekend? Form and fixtures have converged, he looks set for a start and it seems to be one of the best single gameweek options …

20 days, 4 hours ago31

Walcott as a differential punt?

Following my post highlighting Jack Grealish as a differential ahead of Gameweek 9, I’ve been on the lookout for another midfielder with low ownership who I think could do well over the next few …

20 days, 6 hours ago58

Rotation's Alter Ego
GW 11 News Roundup

What we learnt in the runup to Gameweek 11… Liverpool Klopp will be without Matip for a few weeks but Keita is an unknown with Klopp saying “we will see”. He’s unsure how he will deal wit…

20 days, 8 hours ago22

Rotation's Alter Ego
Allsvenskan Final Gameweek Plans

This is it! The final gameweek of Fantasy Allsvenskan is upon us and besides an exciting end fantasy-wise, three clubs are still in the running to win the title. Above you have the superb-as-always…

20 days, 10 hours ago5


Three wins on the bounce, following a credible draw with Liverpool, has seen a lot of talk within the community about whether or not Manchester United have turned a corner. Marcus Rashford and Ant…

20 days, 11 hours ago47

GW11 DS stats, Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW11 DS stats, fixtures and clean sheet odds Only two fixtures made the grade last week as Manchester City (623DS) beat Aston Villa 3-0 and Liverpool (374DS) beat Tottenham 2-1 at Anfield. https:…

20 days, 21 hours ago11

Bøwstring The Carp
Liverpool fixture complications

Liverpool's schedule is about to get crazy with their inclusion in the Club World Cup in December Just a quick look at the three different outcomes as part of early planning: 1) the Club World Cu…

21 days, 22 hours ago6

Lateriser 12
Big Hitters: Set and forget or not?

Inclined to hear more of your thoughts with respect to big hitter switching as per fixtures or are you a set and forget manager? What are your thoughts after reading the article? If the big hitter…

22 days, 8 hours ago45