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Sting in the Tail
How will VAR impact the PL and FPL?

As a change from all these RMT. Do you think VAR will change the players everyone selects in FPL next year? I think there are going to be a lot more penalties awarded and central defenders will get…

4 hours, 54 mins ago 20

Alternative Free Hit Chip plans

If you haven't played your Free Hit chip yet, and won't use it this week, when will you? Is 33 the magic number? Has Deulofail's community article* convinced you to wait till week 38? How have you …

12 hours, 5 mins ago 19

Price Changes

Price Changes - 19th March 2019 🔺  Sterling (11.6)

20 hours, 21 mins ago 16

Maximus Bonimus Pointimus
European Motivation for Hornets and Wolves?

Would you agree Watford and Wolves are very unlikely to play anything but their strongest teams in the DGW? Apparently the FA Cup runners up don't get a European place, so 7th in the league this y…

1 day, 2 hours ago 62

Gameweek 31 Rough with the Smooth

Gameweek 31 Rough with the Smooth How did your GW31 go? Did your transfers pay off? Did a hit turn out badly? How did your bench perform? Did your FH work? Feel free to post your tales of joy an…

1 day, 5 hours ago 93

Spurs DGW32

With Spurs now doubling in GW32, playing at Liverpool March 31 and and hosting Palace April 3, are you looking to bring anyone in? Who are their best options and why? With 3 goals in 4, Kane is …

1 day, 12 hours ago 40

FH 32 Guide

Thought i would take a little time on my Sunday to put down some thoughts for you fine people for those FH and on the potential DGW 32 and also mention what we already know and what could be... 4…

2 days, 9 hours ago 26

Early FH32 thoughts?

So what's your early thoughts on your FH32 team? What teams are you targeting to triple up on? Who are your top 3 "must haves" that you won't be going without? Are there any SGW players making t…

2 days, 10 hours ago 66

GW32 Warning for FH'ers!

GW32 Warning for FH'ers I will not be ACTIVATING my FH chip until FA Cup ties are complete and DGW fixtures are announced. If City were to lose to Swansea for example this might make WC32 + FH33 …

3 days, 3 hours ago 28

Latest Mané News

"Despite missing training on Friday, Sadio Mané has been named in the travelling squad..."

3 days, 3 hours ago 15

Top 10k Prediction Game

***Top 10k prediction game*** Predict to the nearest whole percent in the top 10k: A) FH chips used this week B) Salah's EO C) Average hits in points You start with 100 points and lose a point f…

3 days, 14 hours ago 67


SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 31 --- GAMEWEEK SPECIFIC RULES --- As occurs occasionally during blank gameweeks, its not possible to field a full 11. In order to facilitate the game, this gamew…

3 days, 21 hours ago 16

Gameweek 31 Captaincy

So it looks like the premium Liverpool midfielders will be attracting most of the armband action for this limited gameweek as the reds take on the usually obliging Fulham defence on Sunday, but for…

4 days, 3 hours ago 35

Rotation's Alter Ego
GW 31 News Roundup

What we learnt in the runup to Gameweek 31… Liverpool Henderson has been confirmed out following his injury in the CL. Klopp will check to see if Keita is able to train later, but after the IB …

4 days, 7 hours ago 6

Champions League draw

The Premier League is clearly well represented in Europe, with 6 teams in European Cup Competitions. Champions League draw: Ajax v Juventus Liverpool v Porto Tottenham v Man City Man United v B…

4 days, 9 hours ago 15


Free-Hit chip wielding FPL managers - please share your RMT squads, queries and dilemmas here. Who is essential? Who are your differentials? Who are you avoiding? Where do you expect to make gains…

4 days, 11 hours ago 26

Skonto Rigga
Arnie quotes

Hi folks. Just thought I'd wade in here regarding those Arnie quotes, not that I'm trying to persuade/dissuade anyone to get/not get him (I'm considering him myself). Having seen the press confere…

5 days, 6 hours ago 17

BGW31 breakout players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Maybe someone who hasn't had a double digit score in a while, who has a series of no attacking returns, or has very low o…

5 days, 11 hours ago 30

Want to be the Community Champion for BGW31?

Scout Picks Community Champion Lottery – Gameweek 31 Once again, one champion representing the community will take on the Scout Picks this week with a chance to win a prize at the end of the sea…

6 days, 5 hours ago 0


OK...I'm just gonna say it... If the rule of thumb for taking a hit in a normal BGW is that it's just a... -4 + 2 (appearance pts) = "-2" Then (if playing FH32).. Taking a hit in BGW31 for a BGW3…

7 days, 8 hours ago 62

Allsvenskan Fantasy

A bit of a niche one this, I know, but who is planning to play Allsvenskan Fantasy this season? After playing Eliteserien last year I'll take a crack on Allsvenskan this year. I'm wondering if the…

7 days, 9 hours ago 31

Berbinho's Forehead
Zidane PL wish list speculation

So it looks like Zidane has a chequebook to sign pretty much anyone. Rumours of upwards of £300m to spend. Who from the PL do you think they'll target?

7 days, 10 hours ago 47

Bournemouth assets

BGW31 is quickly approaching and with only 5 games on, the pool of players we can pick from is much smaller than it normally is. Fraser returned a goal and an assist in GW30 for 13 points, and ha…

7 days, 11 hours ago 20

GW31 DS stats, Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW31 DS stats, fixtures and clean sheet odds Last week Liverpool (661DS) beat Burnley 4-1 at Anfield with a Mané brace and a Sterling hat trick saw Manchester City (600DS) beat Watford 3-0 at the…

8 days, 3 hours ago 23

RedLightning - The Last Ten…
Shields and swords

Last week's Scoutcast discussed the idea of swords and shields, but this is not an entirely new idea and there seems to be some confusion about exactly how it works. This is how I understand it: S…

8 days, 7 hours ago 84

Gameweek 30 Rough with the Smooth

Some big scores this week, but also a big difference between the highs and the lows. Did you break 100? How did your GW go? Did your transfers pay off? Did a hit turn out badly? How did your bench…

8 days, 9 hours ago 66

Pras United
Free Hit rules

Free Hit - Points to Note: 1) How to activate - once you select your transfers, this will show up in the screen before confirming the transfers 2) Transfer before - ANY transfers you make before…

8 days, 10 hours ago 39

Live Scoutcast Tuesday at 9:30pm - Leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast 9:30pm Tuesday Which Gameweek 31 players, teams and issues should we discuss? Anderson perhaps? Best Liverpool or Chelsea assets? Let us know here. Subscribe here - https://www.yo…

8 days, 12 hours ago 45

Rotation's Alter Ego
Free Hit 31 Discussion

Free Hit 31 and Free Hit 32 will be by far the most popular strategies deployed by FPL managers this year. The majority of the frequent FFS posters seem to be on FH 32, but there will still be many…

9 days, 3 hours ago 30

Twenty million comments

If you weren't aware, the site has now reached 20,000,000 comments since the first with this comment system 8 years and 5 months ago: This great m…

10 days, 29 mins ago 19

Scout Picks Challenge GW27 results

SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 27 RESULTS Lets do some back-to-back results real quick... GW27 entries: ***** GAMEWEEK RESULTS ***** Her…

11 days, 4 hours ago 0


SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 30 One more GW to complete! GW27 results: GW28 results:…

11 days, 3 hours ago 22

Gameweek 30 Captaincy

Who are we entrusting with our armbands this weekend then folks? I think most of us will be looking towards the title challengers and it’s between Salah and Sterling for me. I’m edging toward…

11 days, 5 hours ago 29

Fraser v Brooks

i'm really surprised to see the lack of love for Fraser on this site. Hes having a great season, his lack of form has coincided with their best goalscorer being out (amongst 2-3 others , Lewis Coo…

11 days, 7 hours ago 37

Rotation's Alter Ego
GW 30 News Roundup

What we learnt in the runup to Gameweek 30… Manchester City KDB is not fit and Stones is also not ready. Laporte is training, but still rated a doubt. Fernandinho is out.…

11 days, 7 hours ago 10

GW30 breakout players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Do you think it will be an already-established name in many of our sides or someone who is a major differential? Have y…

11 days, 12 hours ago 38

How can we capitalize on Team Value?

For anyone still worrying about losing team value etc, there are 9 gameweeks to go and now more than ever it's time to prioritise immediate points. Yes, it will cost you more if you want buy the li…

12 days, 12 hours ago 85

Yellin' in my Ear
Fantasy Eliteserien

The Norwegian Fantasy Eliteserien is now open at, We had a good community on here last season, and be great to have something similar this year. The game is great…

14 days, 8 hours ago 65

GW30 DS stats, Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW30 DS stats, fixtures and clean sheet odds Last week only one fixture came to our attention as Manchester (445DS) beat Southampton 3-2 with Pogba missing a last minute penalty. Just under the ra…

15 days, 34 mins ago 9

Celt Abroad
Will you (Gloria Gaynor) survive?

First there was Digne, when he was benched that night. Then came on to get a red card for my struggling side. Then sane with the armband, for a one point cameo. While my rivals in my mini league…

15 days, 2 hours ago 22

BGW31 Forwards?

What forwards will you have or looking at having for GW31? I'm currently looking at a couple of options. I could go with a 5-3-2 with my forwards as King and Barnes and my bench consisting of Stee…

15 days, 2 hours ago 78

Make Arrows Green Again
Are we overthinking our captains?

Good day all. A simple question for us all today. Are we overthinking our captains? You spend loads of time reading the captaincy articles and comments, you scour the members' area for big chanc…

15 days, 9 hours ago 178

Rotation's Alter Ego
Cherry Picking Bournemouth Assets

Form vs Fixtures rears its head once again. Despite putting 4 past Chelsea at the Vitality, Bournemouth have only scored 2 in their last 5 and conceded 12. However, after facing 3 of the top 6 in t…

15 days, 9 hours ago 15

Live Scoutcast Tuesday at 9:30pm - Leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast 9:30pm Tuesday Each week we look at the key player, team and talking point Which player should we discuss & why? Which team should we discuss & why? What should our talking poin…

15 days, 12 hours ago 39

Gameweek 29 Rough with the Smooth

Gameweek 29 Rough with the Smooth How did your GW28 go? Did your transfers pay off? Did a hit turn out badly? How did your bench perform? Feel free to post your tales of joy and woe from Gamewee…

15 days, 13 hours ago 66

Rotation's Alter Ego
Gameweek 29 Captaincy

As we hurtle towards deadline, it's time to lock in those captaincy choices. It's tight at the top of the captaincy poll, with Pogba, Aguero, Sterling and Salah all having their merits. For me, i…

17 days, 10 hours ago 40

Scout Picks Challenge GW29

SCOUT PICKS CHALLENGE - GAMEWEEK 29 I will catch up... promise... ****** WHAT IS IT? ****** For those of you who haven't been around or aren't aware, every evening prior to the start of the game…

17 days, 21 hours ago 23

Rotation's Alter Ego
GW 29 News Roundup

What we learnt in the runup to gameweek 29… Liverpool Firmino has been outside running, which is a positive step, but Klopp will wait to see how he reacts.…

18 days, 7 hours ago 17

GW29 breakout players

Who do you think will find form and step up to score big this GW, and why? Do you think it will be an already-established name in many of our sides or someone who is a major differential? Have y…

18 days, 11 hours ago 37

GW29 DS stats, Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW29 DS stats, fixtures and clean sheet odds Last week the DS leaders Manchester City (668DS) could only muster a 1-0 victory over West Ham. Arsenal (492DS) thrashed Bournemouth 5-1 and Liverpool …

19 days, 2 hours ago 12