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Grand Thibauto
Will Haller Hit The Heights with The Hammers?

Haller Last season39 Appearances (32 Starts) 20 Goals 12 AssistsTall strong striker with good eye for a pass. Possibly the penalty taker as well. Thoughts?

4 hours, 21 mins ago7

Factors creating uncertainty for GW1

I can’t help tinkering with my team, but I feel there’s not much point in trying to create a serious draft at the moment because there’s a lot of things so up in the air. The following topics…

3 days, 2 hours ago12

RMT's Professor
RMT updates

Some of you may have noticed a slight change to the Rate My Team (RMT) tool.Now when you hover over a number, you will see 2 additional numbers. The 1st is 'adjusted points' (adjP) and the 2nd is…

2 days, 22 hours ago21

Community Article submissions

As many of you know, Community Articles are submitted by the community and are published on site; they can usually be found through a heading at the top of the page (replaced by 'pre-season' right …

3 days, 3 hours ago4

Skonto Rigga
Topics requests for Tuesday YouTube stream

It'll be me and Joe on our next YouTube stream on Tuesday lunchtime - anything you'd like us to address/discuss/look at? Taking requests for this one and cherry-picking the most popular topics.

3 days, 4 hours ago39

GW1 clean sheet odds

GW1 EARLY clean sheet odds LIV: 57% TOT: 54% MCI: 48% WAT: 41% BOU: 34% LEI: 34% MNU: 34% ARS: 32% BUR: 31% EVE: 31% CRY: 29% SOU: 29% WOL: 27% CHE:25% BHA: 24% NEW: 20% SHU: 20% AVL: 12% WHU: 10% …

4 days, 6 hours ago21

Salah plus who for you?

Salah + Sterling means you almost certainly have to go for 6.5s upfront, unless you kill other areas of your teamSalah + Aguero/Kane is better for team balance, but no Sterling could seriously co…

4 days, 9 hours ago90

Wolves Ay We
Members Only - How is your RMT team looking?

My current GW1 Team has 62.3 on RMT. How's yours doing?

6 days, 1 hour ago37

Ever-presents in your drafts

We're inching closer to GW1!Who has been in your side in every (or nearly every) draft?

6 days, 2 hours ago60

Kane Conundrum

Don’t see a lot of teams with Kane in it, with a good rest this summer I can see him doing the damage especially with the first game at home to villa.

6 days, 7 hours ago54

AnzhiBabakin (AKA: FC Akhma…
West Ham match report

Just some notes on a West Ham pre-season friendly yesterday because there is some fpl interest. Admittedly WH were playing their first run out and got a narrow win against an average Austrian Bunde…

6 days, 9 hours ago12

Under The Radar Options

Who are the players you are watching who maybe are flying under the radar at the moment but that have the potential to become good or popular picks by GW1? Few I've provisionally noticed:Wickham …

8 days, 3 hours ago49

FPL Virgin
More on Digne vs Coleman - who do you have?

Digne (33 starts) Vs Coleman (29 starts).This will clearly prove why Digne is the vastly superior option of the two.Digne has double the FPL Goal Involvement.D: 20% C: 9%Coleman takes almo…

8 days, 18 hours ago38

Members Only - RMT is now live

Rate My Team is now live in Members!It will continue to be updated as new players get added, we get more information from pre-season games, and transfers go through.This is a Members Only comme…

10 days, 22 hours ago58

TheFantasyFreÆK ⭐
TAA & the Milner effect...

Liverpool defence and the case of Trent’s invisible assassin:Trent Alexander-Arnold (GW 1-9)Assist potential: 5 chances created, 125 mins per chance created, 0 big chances createdBonus pote…

11 days, 6 hours ago42

Transfer window needs

5 weeks until GW1.. how's your PL team doing in the transfer window?Who do you support and what out of 10 do you give their transfer dealings? What's still needed? What do you hope/expect will co…

13 days, 4 hours ago75

AK ⭐
More Lampard Musings

Chelsea under Lampard (Potential tactics and team selection)It has been one of the worst kept secrets in football this summer, but finally it's been announced. Frank Lampard has returned to Chels…

14 days, 9 hours ago33

Rotation's Alter Ego
Potential at Chelsea under Frank

I've been waiting a while for this one - Frank Lampard is now confirmed as the new manager for Chelsea.At Derby, Lampard liked his team to play with a lot of movement and quick wingers forcing sp…

14 days, 9 hours ago35

Sgt Frank Drebin
How will Leicester line up?

How do you think will Leicester's attack look like with Ayoze joining? 4-3-1-2 formation like in Brendan's LFC and Ayoze with Vardy as forwards?

15 days, 5 hours ago19

Differential (c)
What are your Man City plans?

BREAKING: Manchester City have activated the €70M release clause of Atletico Madrid’s Rodri.

15 days, 5 hours ago14

TheFantasyFreÆK ⭐
Is Lucas Digne an FPL dream?

Hi all, now that the game has been released and interest among the FPL community at its peak, I’ll be releasing a series of articles trying to answer some of the most popular dilemmas which FPL m…

17 days, 5 hours ago47

Doosra - ☭A Noble Grape…
Rotation pairs


17 days, 8 hours ago15

Underpriced and Overpriced players

Which player(s) do you think have been most under priced, and are therefore pencilled in for your GW1 team? For me the stand-out here is Van Dijk.On the flip of this which players do you think ha…

17 days, 8 hours ago28

Rotation's Alter Ego
Premium player plans

Following the full game release, we quickly learnt that our budgets were being pushed a bit tighter than previous years. As a result, choices have to be made and many premiums aren't making the cut…

18 days, 2 hours ago50

Impact of FPL position changes

This is how the re-classified players would have scored in 2018/19, if they had been given their 2019/20 positions:Diogo Jota (Midfielder > Forward) -9 Goal Points -10 Clean Sheet Points +6 Bonus…

19 days, 5 hours ago19

Finding Value in Defence

The more I look at the defensive pricing, the more absurd it gets.There are no 4.0 options, which is good in itself. 4.0 should not be a reliable bracket for the bench.At 4.5 you can get so…

19 days, 13 hours ago13

Giggs Boson.
Limited 4.5 defender options

All 4.5m defender options:Crystal Palace - Dann/Ward - (As it stands Palace have only 4 fit defenders: PvA Dann Kelly[4.0m] Ward) Newcastle - Lascelles/Dummett Burnley - Taylor/Lowton Brighton - …

20 days, 7 hours ago26

Suggest a Members Article

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Members article poll. As you can see, the KDB one was the winner. That means the Members article schedule will look like this over the coming days:Saturday …

20 days, 5 hours ago9

FFS H2H Leagues - entry is now open gh0126

Our FFS H2H Leagues Entry is now open!Anyone who wants to enter should join this league: gh0126The leagues will be calculated when we get close to GW1 and you'll be put in the appropriate leagu…

21 days, 2 hours ago21

RedLightning - Top 10k Any …
Mini-leagues to enter (with corrected codes)

The Opening Day League (fhikm0) is for teams that enter it in the first 24 hours after the FPL launch. It will be closed to new entries at about 12.10pm on Friday 28th June. The 2018-19 winner of t…

21 days, 4 hours ago25

Rotation's Alter Ego
Bargains and enablers

Who so far have you spotted that you think could be a bargain or a good enabler?

21 days, 5 hours ago25

Who are you building around?

Everyone seemed to be saying that the prices were low but I'm already having trouble fitting players in.Who are your top 3 or 4 players that you want, and will be building your team around?I'm …

21 days, 5 hours ago21

Big Hitting Forwards

How do you think the premium strikers are holding up this year? Big drop for Harry Kane to 11m, Jimenez relatively cheap at £7.5m, even Giroud at £7m. Aubameyang not with a huge raise either. Who…

21 days, 6 hours ago12

FPL is live - what's your team ID?

FPL is live!A big reminder to use your upvotes!The site is going to get busier, and it helps show people which comments are more useful. Check out the Sort by Rating feature 🙂

21 days, 6 hours ago19

Jiménez at 7.5m - Good forward option?

Jiménez £7.5m

21 days, 7 hours ago18

Pukki at 6.5m - Can he repeat Championship goals?

Pukki £6.5m

21 days, 8 hours ago8

Salah at 12.5m - Will he justify the premium price?

Salah £12.5m

21 days, 8 hours ago25

Wilson at 8m - A good mid-range forward option?

Wilson £8m

21 days, 9 hours ago23

Grealish at 6m - Will he offer good value?

Grealish £6m

21 days, 9 hours ago17

What are your thoughts on FPL prices?

Robbo at 7.0 is an easy steal, was willing to even pay 8.0 for him.But what a fake out! Pereira and Fraser crazy expensive. You’d expect everything else to adjust accordingly. Could see a lot o…

22 days, 10 mins ago39

Pereira at 6.0m - too expensive?

I think we need a 125 million budget with those prices. Ricardo at 6.0.

22 days, 32 mins ago7

Differential (c)
Fraser at 7.5m - is he still good value?

Fraser 7.5 m!

22 days, 47 mins ago13

Differential (c)
Ritchie as a 5.5m defender - thoughts?

Ritchie 5.5m DEFENDER

22 days, 1 hour ago6

Robertson at £7m - bargain?

Robertson at £7mWhat does this mean for your team? Think you’ll include him? Or see some value elsewhere seeing as he’s surely the most expensive defender in the game?

22 days, 1 hour ago29

Fabianski at 5.0m - are you interested?

Is £5.0m too much for Fabianski? think???

22 days, 1 hour ago11

Relegation candidates

Maybe it's a bit early for PL season predictions, but who do you think will be relegated this season? Who will be close but will just sneak and avoid relegation?

22 days, 3 hours ago10

Allsvenskan - DGW13 plans

Fantasy Allsvenskan returns with a bang! It's a double gameweek where AIK and IFK Norrköping both have two fixtures (AIK-Norrköping, AIK-Malmö and Norrköping-Sirius) and deadline is tomorrow at…

24 days, 29 mins ago18

Jacky boy
Flexibility or Structure?

What do you think about flexblity? Should we build our teams with a certain structure? For coming season I think defenders will be better values at the start such as digne, robbo,taa,laporte, eder…

24 days, 14 hours ago33

Rafa leaves - who should Newcastle go for?

I feel for Newcastle fans with Rafa gone.. reports that RM are looking at Almiron after his recent play too.Without looking too much at the negatives and the potential for a bad season, what can …

24 days, 4 hours ago37

Maximus Bonimus Pointimus
Ritchie reclassified?

Ok - so ahead of the new season it would be fair to say the last thing we FPL managers need is yet another potentially lethal defensive asset to be added to a pool dangerously close to overflowing …

25 days, 1 hour ago45