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FPL Updating

FPL has been updating for most of today, getting ready for 2021/22. Do we expect them to make any big changes to the game? What changes would we like them to make? And when do we expect it to relau…

1 hour, 2 mins ago20

MD1 Stick or Twist thread - Sunday

MD1 Stick or twist thread - Sunday Goal of this thread: - Concetrate captain questions in one place for efficiency - Increase the value of answers by forming a template with the minumum required …

2 days, 20 hours ago21

How to decide whether to stick or twist?

I think the qustion you should be asking about captaincy, is: Am I likely to get more or less points at the end of the MD from switching? If "more", then switch. However, based on what I've been…

3 days, 10 hours ago26


If anyone's playing FanTeam I've just finished a video where I go through all 24 teams in the tournament and pick our my best picks Enjoy!

4 days, 5 hours ago2

Euro Captaincy - Stick or Twist?

If any of the captains haul early, what is the approximate captain return in your opinion that would make you stay with this player for the rest of MD? example, Berardi has 1G 1A right of the bat, …

4 days, 7 hours ago14

FFS with Just Eat Minileague: Make sure you've joined!

Just a note that with the new partnership with Just Eat comes some prizes for our UEFA Euro 2020 Mini league. They'll be vouchers for highest scoring teams of the 7 Matchdays + overall winner. Si…

5 days, 7 hours ago3

Make Arrows Green Again
Euro Qualifying Data Spreadsheet

I have kept a spreadsheet since Euro 2016 to help me plan for tournament fantasy football. I use it as an at-a-glance indicator of which teams performed well in qualifying ONLY.* It's very basic b…

6 days, 2 hours ago6

Chat with the Fanteam PL Champion: Josh Wooldridge

If anyone is playing Fanteam for EURO 2020 check out the video I did earlier with the WINNER of the PL 20/21 season!

10 days, 3 hours ago0

Sam FPLFamily
Euro goalscorer challenge

Euro GoalScorer Challenge GoalScorer Challenge is one of the easiest fantasy games around. No captains, no transfers, just pick one player to score in each game. That’s it! It’s also free, s…

13 days, 5 hours ago1

New Pro Pundit signing: Andy North

Delighted to welcome Andy North (@fplmode) to the Pro Pundits team. Andy will be helping me with the EURO 2020 content and will be staying on for the 2021/22 FPL season. If you're not familiar wi…

14 days, 4 hours ago3

Rotation's Alter Ego
Hall of Fame updated

As a heads up for anyone that may not have noticed - HOF updated this morning with the latest numbers, with the career tab (that anyone can view, unlike the live tab) also updating. Feel free to ch…

15 days, 3 hours ago36

No home advantage to the average team in 2020/21.

As we suspected, playing at home offered no advantage whatsoever to the average Premier League team this season. In 2019/20, the average team scored 28.8 goals and conceded 22.85 in their 19 Premi…

15 days, 4 hours ago3

Optimal Dead Team Squad

The Optimal Dead Team Squad is a theoretical 15-man FPL squad costing no more than 100.0m in GW1 that, with no transfers, wildcards, chips, captain changes or bench changes, would have scored the m…

18 days, 16 hours ago44

how will your national team do in EURO 2020?

Would love to hear from fans of national teams playing in the EUROS. Am putting a little something together and want to get as many opinions as possible. If you're interested, and will be cheering…

21 days, 3 hours ago53

Your personal player of the season

So who has been peoples player of the season in terms of their own FPL teams? Mine goes to Aaron Cresswell. Picked him up for 5.1m. Owned him for a significant chunk of the season (18 gameweeks)…

21 days, 8 hours ago43

Live Scoutcast Tues 8pm - leave your questions here

*FINAL SCOUTCAST OF 2020/21 - 8pm TUES* What lessons have you learned? How will you improve next year? The Scoutcast is back for the last time this campaign to help make sense of this tricky yea…

22 days, 10 hours ago58

GW38 End of season rough with the smooth

The 2020/21 season is complete — tell us, how was your Gameweek 38? Did you manage to field 11 players? Did you use any chips? Were any of your players benched, or injured? Did your transfers pa…

22 days, 10 hours ago65

Pre GW38 deadline — A or B Thread

Time for the pre-deadline A or B thread! What are your last minute questions on captaincy, transfers, bench or even anything else? Please post as an A or B question, and please answer a few other…

23 days, 4 hours ago146

Price Changes

The very last set of price changes for 20/21: Risers: Robertson (7.3) Wood (6.6) Fallers: Fernandes (11.3) Sterling (10.9) Bowen (5.8) Martínez (5.3) Maja (5.0) Konsa (4.6) Turning off my scr…

23 days, 16 hours ago28

Allsvenskan Fantasy - Scout Picks GW8 Scout Picks for GW8 are in! How are things ahead of the long break? Any last punts? Are you activating the WC after deadline?

24 days, 6 hours ago6

The Preview: GW 38

The Preview: GW 38 Hi everyone, welcome to The Preview. Chasing a mini league lead or looking to gain ground on your rival? I present to you the final article of the season: (Data taken from FFSc…

24 days, 6 hours ago15

GW38 Fixtures and clean sheet odds

GW38 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW37 clean sheet results: MNU: 48% ❌ CHE: 45% ❌ MCI: 45% ❌ LIV: 43% ✅ ARS: 42% ❌ EVE: 40% ✅ NEW: …

25 days, 21 mins ago15

Friday press conference times

Friday Press conference times ARS - Arteta - 8.30am LEE - Bielsa - 9am NEW - Bruce - 9.30am AVL - Smith - 9.30am LIV- Klopp - 12.15pm TOT - Mason - 1pm WOL - Nuno - 1pm FUL - Parker - 1pm BHA - P…

25 days, 9 hours ago1


We're looking for a new Community Champion for Gameweek 38 - the final time!. Think you have the eye to pick the differentials and form a winning team vs the Scout Picks? We need a Community Champ…

26 days, 9 hours ago0

Live Scoutcast THURS 5:30pm - leave your questions here

**EARLY EVENING SCOUTCAST TONIGHT(THURS)** **LIVE STREAM STARTS 5:30pm** Join @SebWassell @KaramTayser and I on the @FFScout Youtube channel when we will be answering all your questions about #G…

26 days, 10 hours ago12

GW37 — Rough with the Smooth

The penultimate Gameweek closes and before turning toward plans for the finale, tell us — how was your Gameweek 37?

 Did you manage to field 11 players? Did you use any chips? Were any of y…

26 days, 10 hours ago18

The Hsuper One wins the Last Man Standing Comp!

Last Man Standing Grand Final Results Congratulations to The HSuper One ranked 19242nd overall on winning LMS scoring 52 this GW mainly due to differentials Bamford and Robertson. Covid-Casual ran…

26 days, 12 hours ago12

Price Changes

Risers: Firmino (9.1) Harrison (5.6) Fallers: Richarlison (7.7) Dias (5.9)

26 days, 16 hours ago4

The advantage of a good start

A good start to the season can be so helpful really can't it? Just looking at my main mini league, and the guy that's going to win had both Son and Kane for 5 goals and 4 assists between them. Th…

27 days, 4 hours ago25

Jota injury update

Jota update: 'So there's a tiny, tiny little chance for the weekend.' Does this convince you to hold Jota? If not, who are you swapping him…

28 days, 5 hours ago16

GW37 Fixtures and clean sheet odds

GW37 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW36 clean sheet results: EVE: 51% ❌ LIV: 50% ❌ MCI: 49% ❌ TOT: 45% ✅ SOU: 35% ❌ WHU: 32% ❌ AVL: …

28 days, 6 hours ago4

Kane wants to leave - Sky report

With Sky Sports reporting that Kane wants to leave in the summer, are you more likely to captain him in the final GWs this season? Will he be extra motivated to win the Golden Boot and perform to f…

28 days, 9 hours ago16

Tuesday Press Conference times

Tuesday Press Conference times Bruce - 9.30am Smith - 9.30am Arteta - 10am Dyche - 12.45pm Mason - 1pm Nuno - 1pm Klopp - 1.15pm Hodgson - 1.15pm Ancelotti - 1.30pm Moyes - 1.30pm https://twitte…

28 days, 9 hours ago0

GW37 Preview

The Preview: GW 37 Hi everyone, welcome to The Preview. Here I bring some clarity to your transfer thoughts heading into the business end of the season as we approach GW37: (Data taken from FFSc…

28 days, 22 hours ago4

BGW36 — Rough with the smooth

With a short turn around before Tuesday’s GW37 deadline, how was your Blank Gameweek 36?

! Did you manage to field 11 players? Did you use any chips? Were any of your players benched, or in…

29 days, 10 hours ago45

Monday Press conference times

Monday Press conference times Bielsa - 9am Rodgers - 10am Hasenhüttl - 11am Parker - 12:30pm Potter - 1:30pm Tuchel - 1:30pm Guardiola - 1:30pm Heckingbottom - 4:30pm…

29 days, 10 hours ago0

Live Scoutcast Mon 8pm - leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast Monday at 8pm #gw37 #fpl Feel free to leave your questions here.

29 days, 10 hours ago8

Allsvenskan Fantasy Scout Picks DGW7 Scout picks DGW7 🙂 It’s finally here, Double Gameweek 7! Are you chipping it out or going with just a regular captain? Many will be tempted by th…

1 month, 8 hours ago1

Mini-leagues Update after Gameweek 35

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions round-up after a high-scoring Triple Gameweek 35, the first one since 2005/06. We report on the two main FFScout Leagu…

1 month, 2 days ago1

Pre-Deadline A or B questions!

Time for the pre-deadline A or B thread! What are your last minute questions on captaincy, transfers, bench or even anything else? Please post as an A or B question, and please answer a few other…

1 month, 2 days ago67

BGW36 Breakout Players

Who do you think will find form this GW, stepping up with a big score, and why?

 Maybe someone who hasn’t scored well lately, has very low ownership, or is being broadly overlooked in the c…

1 month, 2 days ago20

How many hits have you taken this week?

Quick survey - how many hits have you taken to field 11 this week? (Hot topic so we get more votes during the day?)

1 month, 2 days ago20

Friday press conference times

Friday Press conference times Klopp - 12.30pm Mason - 1pm Nuno - 1pm Hodgson - 1.15pm Moyes - 1.30pm Heckingbottom - 1.30pm Allardyce - 1.30pm…

1 month, 2 days ago2

GW36 Fixtures and clean sheet odds

GW36 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW35 clean sheet results: LEI: 47% ❌ & 25% ❌ ARS: 45% ❌ & 22% ✅ LIV: 45% ✅ & 28% ❌ MCI: 41% ❌ B…

1 month, 2 days ago7

DGW35 Rough with the smooth

With a short turn around before Friday’s deadline, how was your Double Gameweek 35?

! Did you use any chips? Were any of your players benched? Did your transfers pay off? How did your bench…

1 month, 2 days ago29

GW36 Preview

The Preview: GW 36 Greetings everyone, welcome to my latest article where I discuss all the pertinent questions relevant to the upcoming GW: (Data taken from FFScout with consent) Q: Who is the …

1 month, 3 days ago7

Thursday Press Conference times

Thursday Press Conference times Bielsa - 9am Bruce - 9.30am Parker - 1pm Guardiola - 1.30pm Hasenhuttl - 1.30pm Potter - 2pm Dyche - 3.30pm Smith - post-match Ancelotti - post-match https://twi…

1 month, 3 days ago3

Allsvenskan GW6 Scout Picks and captains

No roundup this week I'm afraid but Scout Picks are here: How are you tackling this midweek GW with the double just around the cor…

1 month, 4 days ago9

Live Scoutcast Wed 8pm - leave your questions here

**Scoutcast tonight at 8pm** Joining @SebWassell and I to look ahead to #BGW36 is #FPL champion @FC_CrabDogg Feel free to leave your questions for us here

1 month, 4 days ago21

Average number of players managers have for GW36

Ragabolly: how many GW36 players managers have on average (as of GW35) per rank tier. GL.

1 month, 5 days ago8