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Gameweek 1 Rough with the Smooth

How was your GW1? Were any of your players benched? Did you get any injuries? How did your bench perform? Did your captain return? Tell us your tales of joy and woe from Gameweek 1, here:

5 months, 22 days ago42

Live Scoutcast Tonight (Tues) 8pm - leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast tonight -8pm Az and I will be joined by Simon March! Feel free to leave your questions here.

5 months, 23 days ago37

Fulham vs Arsenal Match Data Live

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that the match data from Fulham v Arsenal has updated in the Premium Members Area. Make sure you head over there now to view average positions of every player, to…

5 months, 25 days ago9

Allsvenskan GW20 - Scout Picks

Scout picks gameweek 20 here Anyone else caught up in the Tankovic hype or do you think it was just a flash in the pan last week? A…

5 months, 25 days ago8

GW1 Captaincy

Auba - Ownership: 48.5%, Poll: 53.31% Salah - Ownership: 32.3%, Poll: 25.65% Mané - Ownership: 14%, Poll: 3.89% Werner - Ownership: 49.4%, Poll: 3.53% Those percentages for Salah are quite su…

5 months, 26 days ago23

GW1 Preview

The Preview: GW 1 Hi everyone! Having a tough time deciding on your FPL team? Here I address the most common dilemmas in the FPL community right now, hours before we head into GW1: (Data taken …

5 months, 26 days ago16

Promoted Teams FPL Assets

Which FPL assets to pick from promoted teams? Hi everyone, I hope you have been keeping well over the break. Presented below is an overview of this season’s promoted teams as we head closer to …

5 months, 27 days ago20

Not the eye test vs stats debate again...

Enjoyed this, and I think it's always important to have a good eye for both stats and general play, I think even the most hardened "stats people" would agree. Everyone loves a good eye test v stat…

5 months, 27 days ago10


We're back with a new season of Community Champions, ahead of FPL 2020/21. Think you have the eye to pick the differentials and form a winning team vs the Scout Picks? We need a Community Champion…

5 months, 27 days ago0

Allsvenskan BGW19 - Scout Picks and captains

Scout picks for blank gameweek 19 here: Honestly, it's a tough gameweek with most teams struggling to field more than 7-8…

5 months, 28 days ago28

Is there value in going big at the back?

Thank you for the article kierenbwfc. It's an interesting debate and it's good to see Pro Pundit Darren Wiles also favouring a big-at-the-back approach, as I am too. FPL is a limited-budget game, …

5 months, 29 days ago38

Lateriser 12
The FPL Wire, Episode 2

The FPL Wire Episode 2 is now live. This week, Zophar, Bakar & I discuss Wildcards, Going without Mo, Kai, New, Eve, Lei, Captainces & our teams. Youtube:…

5 months, 29 days ago9

Live Scoutcast Tonight (Tues) 8pm - leave your questions here

Live Scoutcast tonight! Starts at 8pm. Feel free to leave your questions here.

6 months, 22 mins ago45

pundit of punts
Reasons to wildcard in GW4

10 reasons to WC in GW 4 - 🙂 1. Chelsea mid of choice to emerge after the first few gws 2. Getting the likes of Vardy, Aguero, Jimenez etc as their fixtures turn gold after a few gws 3. Mid pri…

6 months, 16 hours ago50

GW1 Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW1 Fixtures and clean sheet odds GW1 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW1 clean sheet odds LIV: 47% ARS: 40% WOL: 39% CHE: 38% TOT: 38% LEI: 34% W…

6 months, 15 hours ago31

Favoured Fodder

With just over a week now to get our tinkering done, I think I’m happy with the bulk of my squad and the biggest question marks probably hang over the ‘fodder’ players that I will be largely …

6 months, 3 days ago35

Head-to-Head Leagues Entry

Just a reminder the FFScout Head -to-Head leagues close at the GW1 deadline. Details on how to enter are in the link below.…

6 months, 4 days ago2

Lateriser 12
The FPL Wire, Episode 1

*New Pod Alert* "It was an emotional time" - The FPL Wire Ep 1 (Now Live) Zophar666, BigManBakar and I are really excited to share this with you. We hope enjoy, RT & Subscribe. A Big Thank You t…

6 months, 4 days ago23

Rotation's Alter Ego
August Community Writer of the Month

After a fantastic August that saw 30 CAs published in the runup to the new season, it's now that time where we ask you to show your thanks to the writers. Every month we ask you to vote for the Com…

6 months, 4 days ago0

Penny pinching forwards

Where are you looking for your budget forwards? (6.0 and below) Mitrovic, Adams and Rodrigo seem the current picks, but the likes of Batshuayi could get a transfer and become viable. Or will yo…

6 months, 4 days ago28

Best 'season keeper' picks

Who is your top 'season keeper' this season? *Obviously no one is essential *Obviously no one is actually a must have *Obviously BGWs and DGWs mean most players won't be in our team for 38 GWs. S…

6 months, 4 days ago50

Too Soon for Timo Time?

Getting more and more settled without Werner in the draft to start the season. To be clear, I don't think he's a bad pick. I think he'll be very good in fact and may be bringing him in as early as…

6 months, 5 days ago23

Dissecting Doherty

Regarding Doherty and whether he's a better/worse pick at Spurs..... The issue isn't whether he will be attacking, it's whether he'll be able to attack in the same way he does at Wolves. Because i…

6 months, 8 days ago70

Allsvenskan GW18 - Scout picks and captains Who are you captaining this week? Malmö and Hammarby had midweek fixtures, does that play into it for you? Final GW befo…

6 months, 10 days ago5

Giggs Boson
Liverpool 19/20 attacking shape compared with Man City 17/18.

If anyone's interested, here's a comparison of the Liverpool 19/20 attacking shape with the Man City 17/18 attacking shape. Arguably two of the best ever Premier League sides (99pts & 100pts 😯 ):…

6 months, 10 days ago22

The Worst FPL Terms

FPL Terms you don't like I'll go first: Price points

6 months, 11 days ago170

Rotation's Alter Ego
Mid-priced forwards to lead the line

Really good roundup of the mid-priced forwards here, thank you Mentor! Speaking of which, who is the best 2nd forward? Assuming most people are using a 352 (or a 343, despite it's fall in popular…

6 months, 12 days ago19

AK ⭐
The Potential New Look Chelsea

With all the news (and there's so much of it) on Chelsea business in this transfer window, I thought I'd share my thoughts and educated guess and predictions with you lot on how Frank Lampard would…

6 months, 14 days ago48

Spurs Scout Notes

My thoughts on Spurs and notes from the first pre-season friendly yesterday: Ostensibly a 4-4-2 line-up but changes in attack, Gedson was playing the advanced right-back role. Son up top with All…

6 months, 15 days ago41

GW1: Picks, Chips, and Captains

With the fixtures now out, who is a lock for your GW1 team? Alongside that, how are you planning to get around the BGW? Early WC? Chip? Strong bench? Do you have a GW1 captain lined up?

6 months, 17 days ago47

H2H league entry is LIVE

Just a quick note to advise that the FFScout Head-to-Head 2020 / 2021 entry league is now open. I've renewed last seasons league so if you remained in that league until the end of the seson you'll …

6 months, 21 days ago7

Portsmouth Bubblejet
Home and Away Rotation Pairs

Here are the 38-game home & away rotating pairs for the 2020-21 season. Each club has one team with whom they always rotate home-and-away. Some pairs are allocated due to close geographical proxim…

6 months, 19 days ago22

An early template?

Yes I know fixtures aren't out yet (even so, only blanks would affect my thought process) so feel free to ignore this if it's not your thing 🙂 4.5 | Nyland Trent | Virgil | Vinagre | 4.5 | 4.0 Sa…

6 months, 21 days ago48

The Mighty Hippo
Top Punts

Which players are you taking a punt on this year, either because you have a feeling they will break out and do well, or because they are a new addition to the league who's grabbed your attention? …

6 months, 21 days ago47

FFS mini-leagues update

Mini-leagues update! With the new T&Cs regarding cash mini-leagues in FPL, we will be adjusting the requirements for our FFS leagues. The Fantasy Football Scout mini-league will still be availab…

6 months, 21 days ago0

The best defences

With full manpower and based on regularly seen performances over the last three seasons, the best fixture-proof defences in the league are Liverpool, Man City and Wolves. In FPL, that gives you TAA…

6 months, 21 days ago28

Gameweek Deadline moved

Gameweek deadlines have now moved to 90 minutes before kick off of the first match of the gameweek. This should eliminate any advantages gained from ‘in the know’ accounts leaking team news. …

6 months, 23 days ago20

Overpriced Assets

Firmino at the same price as last season is disappointing for me, anyone else you think is over priced and you will be avoiding?

6 months, 23 days ago26

RedLightning - January to M…
Mini-leagues to enter

Mini-leagues to enter: The Opening Day League (2kyuez) is for teams that enter it in the first 24 hours after the FPL launch. It will be closed to new entries at about 10.40am on Sunday 16th Augus…

6 months, 23 days ago24

Rotation's Alter Ego
Day One Bargains

With the game now live, who is immediately jumping out as a bargain to you? Foden 6.5m catches my eye, Antonio as a 6.5m forward doesn't sound bad either!

6 months, 23 days ago24

Allsvenskan GW16 - Captains and Scout Picks

Scout picks for GW16 here: Another tough week for the captaincy, who are you going with? Berget and Vecchia both in form,…

6 months, 23 days ago10

Rotation's Alter Ego
Friday's Price Reveals

Friday 14th Price Reveals Lots of price reveals today, and whenever I thought they were done they've been adding more so this list will constantly update. Kevin De Bruyne - Midfielder - £11.5m M…

6 months, 24 days ago61

Rotation's Alter Ego
Premium midfield price teasers

6 months, 24 days ago37

Premier League matchweek dates announced

Matchweek dates Announced: Matchweek 1: Saturday 12 September Matchweek 2: Saturday 19 September Matchweek 3: Saturday 26 September Matchweek 4: Saturday 3 October Matchweek 5: Saturday 17 Octobe…

6 months, 25 days ago21

Rotation's Alter Ego
Community Article Round-up

Afternoon everyone, amongst all the excitement that Mark is back, I thought I'd give some more appreciation to the Community articles we have had recently. There have been 12 in the last 7 days (wh…

6 months, 26 days ago1

Allsvenskan GW15 - Captains and Scout Picks

Scout/Melten picks:

6 months, 27 days ago8

Rotation's Alter Ego
Surviving the first season

Following on from the article above, what should Leeds, West Brom and Fulham focus on if they want PL success? We've seen in the past that spending big isn't the easy answer, with Fulham finishing…

7 months, 2 days ago12

Allsvenskan GW13 - Scout picks

Scout picks for GW13 can be found here: What are you doing with Vecchia, holding or selling? Is it time to go heavy on Ma…

7 months, 3 days ago5

Rotation's Alter Ego
Who to sign and who to sell

Who do each PL team need to sign for next season? I'll start with Chelsea, as it's the team I support. The addition of Ziyech and Werner is absolutely huge and they both offer something sorely ne…

7 months, 8 days ago66

Allsvenskan GW12, Scout Picks and captains

Scout picks for GW12 here: How are you getting on ahead of an intense schedule? 7 Gameweeks in the space of a month might…

7 months, 7 days ago5