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Ollie Watkins: What to do now?

Ollie Watkins: What now? Dean Smith said he "doesn't expect" Ollie Watkins to play this weekend, while Bertrand Traoré has suffered a hamstring injury and will be out until just after the interna…

5 months, 8 days ago24

Sterling Archer
Press Conference Times...

bbc sport delivering on the presser times!!....... Fifteen of the 20 Premier League managers will be speaking to the media today. We'll bring you the latest from those news conferences as we get i…

5 months, 8 days ago4

Bruno (C) or Salah (C)?

Bruno vs Salah (c)... Here's my take on it. Overall, stats favor Mo Salah. He plays higher up, he shoots a lot, everything seems to align on him being objectively better. But there's another angle…

5 months, 8 days ago60

Gündogan trained as normal...

The Gundog has trained as normal.

5 months, 9 days ago17

Add Antonio to the GW4 missing list?

Antonio could be playing for Jamaica in the International Break...

5 months, 9 days ago18


Hey all, Thanks to the 4,000+ people that have requested a transfer planner, and apologies if it took a while to get to you. James and Rob who built the planner encountered numerous obstacles fro…

5 months, 9 days ago11

Chances of Lingard to West Ham?

Does the fact Lingard may rejoin West Ham put you off Benrahma?

5 months, 11 days ago16

GW2 Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW2 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW1 clean sheet results: CHE: 52% ✅ LEI: 45% ✅ LIV: 41% ✅ MCI: 39% ❌ BHA: 37% ❌ EVE: 35% ❌ MNU: 35…

5 months, 11 days ago42

Any questions for Matt Holland?

I'm going to be having a chat with former Ipswich and Charlton midfielder Matt Holland! He's a big FPL player, and was a keen supporter of Fantasy Champ man last season. Any questions you want me…

5 months, 11 days ago11

Rupert The Horse
Gündogan owners, what's the move now?

Its probably been discussed but the Gundo injury is a problem, it always hurts more when your pick blanks and gets injured and the other picks you had in a number of drafts like Greenwood, Jota and…

5 months, 12 days ago35

Live Q & A today at 12

Morning guys! Sam and I will be live on YouTube at 12.00 for a Q&A. Any questions you'd like us to answer ahead of Gameweek 2? If so, just drop them in the comments below.…

5 months, 12 days ago17

GW1 Observations

A few thoughts on GW1 as a whole. Very small sample sizes disclaimer. - The big takeaway for me is that home advantage is back. 7 out of 10 home teams won. I would personally categorise 4 of the …

5 months, 12 days ago10

RedLightning - Jan to May L…
GW1 Rough with the Smooth

Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 1. How did your Gameweek go? Did you score your first century of the season? Did you use any chips? Did you have a differential captain failure? Did you leave big …

5 months, 12 days ago56

RedLightning - Jan to May L…
GW1 Mini-league leaders

Mini-League Leaders, Gameweek 1: This is a report on the leaders of various Fantasy Football Scout FPL mini-leagues and community competitions after a high-scoring Gameweek 1 (if you owned Salah a…

5 months, 12 days ago2

The Train Driver
New Players added...

New players added to FPL Thomas (DEF) BUR £4.0m Richardson (FWD) BUR £4.5m Karbownik (DEF) BHA £4.0m Caicedo (MID) BHA £4.5m Richards (MID) BHA £4.5m Zeqiri (FWD) BHA £4.5m Hannam (DEF…

5 months, 12 days ago6

Thoughts on Toney?

I thought he had a good game. Skysports man of the match. Some lovely weighted through balls, got space and should have been picked out on at least 2 occasions. Could have had 2 assists also. All …

5 months, 14 days ago16

Allsvenskan Fantasy GW15 - Scout picks and players to watch

Scout Picks for GW15: Thanks Gerardo for your continued contributions, always a good read and very appreciated! How are you looking ahead of GW15? …

5 months, 14 days ago4

Membership Renewal questions...

Any management onboard? Is there a link for members to renew at today's discount? Or is it not available for existing members?

5 months, 14 days ago11

LMS League code...


5 months, 14 days ago0

Pre-Deadline A or B questions!

Time for the pre-deadline A or B thread! What are your last minute questions on captaincy, transfers, bench or even anything else? Please post as an A or B question, and please answer a few other…

5 months, 14 days ago85

ffs casual
Buendia states he's fit...

Looks promising

5 months, 15 days ago0

Whipping boys! Who's yours to target?

Early doors, there seems to be many potential whipping boys. By this, I mean teams that could potentially concede multiple times a game on a pretty regular basis. In no particular order: - Norwic…

5 months, 15 days ago15

Lukaku price revealed, you going for him?

Lukaku!!!!! £11.5m - yay or nay for your FPL team?

5 months, 15 days ago20

GW1 Fixture and clean sheet odds (updated)

GW1 Fixture and clean sheet odds (updated)

5 months, 15 days ago0

jia you
The Case for BB GW1

7 reasons why an early BB could work out well for the non-expert FPL manager: 1. It gets it out of the way and allows you to focus your transfers on your first XI after your first WC and for the m…

5 months, 17 days ago45

Jota vs Greenwood

A huge talking point and one the more popular decisions people seem to be making, is Jota v Greenwood. Both the same price. Who are you going with if any, and why?

5 months, 16 days ago24

Is Tsimikas worth it?

The more I think about it, the more I lean towards Tsimikas not being worth it. While I appreciate that over the course of GW1 and GW2 Tsimikas + Raphina + Ings likely score more points than Ayling…

5 months, 18 days ago42

The Train Driver
28 new players added

28 New Players added to FPL: Cutrone FOR Wolves £5.0m Coventry MID West Ham £4.5m Alves DEF West Ham £4.0m Scarlett FOR Spurs £4.5m Long FOR Southampton £5.5m Broja FOR Southampton £5.0…

5 months, 17 days ago7

Rotation's Alter Ego
Scout Picks Community Champion Lottery - Gameweek 1

It's a new season and after AA33 stormed to the title last year, Scout Picks Community Champion is back for another year.

 For the uninitiated among you, each week the Scouts pick a team of pl…

5 months, 17 days ago0

Too Many Tacos
Fellowship of the 4.0

One 4.0 to rule them all... My internal debate around Tsimikas is reaching Council of Elrond proportions: "It is a gift. Why not use this 4.0?" "You cannot field him. None of us can. Not without l…

5 months, 18 days ago10

Robertson update

Andy Robertson update from Jurgen Klopp. Seems it will 2/3 games absence “I think we got lucky,” said Klopp. “It could have been much worse. It will not be too long. I’m not sure if it wil…

5 months, 18 days ago19

Top Mark.S
Potential Liverpool Targets

Liverpool fpl review: Attackers: Salah should be in everyone's team regardless of a slow pre season. He had one last year and belted in a hat trick in gw 1. Talk of decline is grossly exaggerated …

5 months, 18 days ago18

Witty Pun: Not good at this…
Iheanacho warning

PSA to anyone still holding on to Iheanacho: Rodgers seems to be happily returning to four at the back. This change unfortunately means Iheanacho is very unlikely to start much, at least to begin …

5 months, 19 days ago10

Don’t miss Mark Sutherns’ (Members only) video

If you're a Premium Member of FFS, don't forget to check out Mark Sutherns and Andy as they talk how real like transfers could impact on their sections and the sharing of their current drafts ahead…

5 months, 19 days ago0

Will you own Lukaku?

Will you be fitting Lukaku into your team?

5 months, 20 days ago14

Allsvenskan Fantasy GW14 - Scout Picks & Captains

GW14 is just around the corner with a kickoff time of 15.30 CET! If we are lucky we might get some team news ahead of the deadline. A tricky week for captaincy, who are you placing the armband on?

5 months, 21 days ago10


Hey guys, Just dropping a note to say I am absolutely PSYCHED about the new FFS Transfer Planner. I've been working on it for the last few months with the brains behind the Championship Manager F…

5 months, 21 days ago20

GW1 Fixture and clean sheet odds (updated)

GW1 fixture odds can be found here: GW1 clean sheet odds: CHE: 56% (+4) LEI: 44% (-1) LIV: 43% MCI: 39% BHA: 38% (+1) MNU: 36% (+1) ARS: …

5 months, 21 days ago16

Fofana injury - budget defenders

Following Fofana's injury, who is your pick for the best budget defender? Why? Looks to be a difficult choice now with no one standout option. Who is on your watchlist?

5 months, 23 days ago24

⭐ Bemba_Da ⭐
Danny Ings to Aston Villa

Ings to villa done

5 months, 23 days ago14

Rasping Drive
Are Community Shield line-ups a good guide for GW1?

Are Community Shield lineups a reliable guide for GW1? A common assumption is that the lineups in the CS are a good guide as to which players will feature in GW1. I spent a bit of time to find out…

5 months, 25 days ago9

Ginkapo FPL
Impact of refereeing changes

Hot Topic - What do we anticipate to be the impact of refereeing changes? Penalties: "Referees will look for contact and establish clear contact, then ask themselves the question: does that conta…

5 months, 25 days ago33

Rasping Drive
Is Jota worth the risk?

Is Diogo Jota worth the risk? Using last season as a guide we can see that: Jota was available for selection for 19 gameweeks over the whole season. Starts: 12 (63% of total) Featured as sub: 7 (3…

5 months, 25 days ago17

Athletic Nasherbo
Is double Liverpool defence justifiable?

Surprised more of the FPL community have not mobilised to explain why Liverpool defensive assets aren’t as good as we might think! Negatives: - TAA + Robbo priced at 7.5 + 7.0 respectively. T…

5 months, 26 days ago27

Allsvenskan Fantasy - Scout Picks BGW13 Scout Picks for Blank GW13! Will you be able to fit a full 11 without taking a hit? Who are you looking to captain this tricky week with Hammarby …

5 months, 28 days ago8

Hairy Potter
Fans' return: The downsides

I wonder if the return of fans with have a positive or negative impact on teams this season. Still not a lot of love in Newcastle for Bruce and some of the performances last season rank up there w…

5 months, 28 days ago11

Would Grealish be nailed at City?

I have Grealish and Foden in my current draft and have been pondering who I'd prefer to keep (if either) if Grealish goes to City. Was thinking for the price he'd end up being you'd imagine Grealis…

5 months, 28 days ago13

Calling all Community Captains

The Community Tournament has been supersized this year - some questions answered in the latest article. We have already doubled the number of captains from last year but want to triple up (mainly b…

5 months, 28 days ago1

Baps hunter
How to fit in 3 heavy hitters

No matter what I do, having 3 very big hitters is overkill if Kane goes to Manchester. One strategy might be trying to play fixtures with them and have 2/3 of them all the time. If starting with Sa…

6 months, 1 day ago14

guinea pigs needed

Am looking for a few FFS users to try out a new tool that's in the works. If you're interested, can you email me at Cheers!

6 months, 1 day ago8