The Treatment Table – Gameweek 32

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We take a look at the injuries picked up over the weekend in our Monday afternoon regular. United and Spurs have cause for concern, while Sam Allardyce has worries in defence ahead of tonight’s trip to Sunderland:

Fabio was replaced during the first-half of the Bluebirds’ 3-3 draw at West Brom through injury, according to reports in the local press.

Ross Barkley started for the third match in succession yesterday but was forced off at the break with a calf complaint. In an interview with the Toffees official website, Roberto Martinez would only reveal:

“Ross had a knock on his calf halfway through the first half. With these soft tissue injuries, someone like Ross doesn’t think it will affect him and he wanted to run it off. He had to come off.”

Man United
David Moyes confirmed Rafael was forced off with a knock in Saturday’s win over Villa, whilst Antonio Valencia missed out with a knee problem:

“With Rafael, it’s an injury and we need to check it out. “Valencia had a bit of tendinitis in his knee, which is why he wasn’t involved. He was probably one I would have put to full-back if we had lost one, so we knew we’d be short if that was the case. The young boy Guillermo Varela might have got on the bench but he was injured as well so we had to juggle it around. We have injuries but we will probably know more about them tomorrow. I’ve just got to hope that Rafa’s injury isn’t too bad.”

Joseph Yobo missed the 3-0 loss at Swansea after picking up a calf problem in training, though Chris Hughton remains optimistic the centre-half will be available for next weekend’s vital home clash with West Brom.

Jan Vertonghen lasted just 24 minutes of yesterday’s defeat at Anfield before limping off with ankle injury, Tim Sherwood confirmed post-match. Roberto Soldado also picked up a hamstring injury in the 4-0 defeat at Anfield, with both players set to be assessed later in the week. Paulinho missed the Merseyside encounter with conjunctivitis.

West Ham
Sam Allardyce has worries at centre-half for this evening’s trip to Sunderland. The Hammers boss has ruled James Collins out of the Black Cats showdown, though is optimistic on a trio of alternatives:

“James Collins doesn’t have a chance as he’s pulled a calf muscle. James Tomkins got a bad knock which we’re looking at and we’ll wait until Sunday, but we think he’s going to be OK. Roger Johnson got a big lump under his eye and we were worried that he might have slightly fractured the bone, but he hasn’t. We should have Winston Reid back from illness.”

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  1. Not watching the game since AJ is not playing.

    So i guess ill be watching New Girl now.

    1. Excellent choice, although is it a new season? Think I've been through them all now (a guilty pleasure to say the least - Descanell is outstandingly adorable)

  2. Evening all,

    Tonight's most influential performers (in terms of your OR) are;

    Nolan, 14.3%
    Mannone, 9.2%
    AJ, 8.6%
    Colback, 6.2% (non-starter)
    Collins 5.4% (non-starter)
    Adrian, 3.5%

    Monster Differential Potential;

    Carroll, 0.7%
    Borini, 0.5%

    Who is relying on who to save/cement a gameweek, and anyone out there got a monster differential stepping up??

    1. Would love 1-1 with goals from reid and colback

      1. I like these sorts of games, where the diff's get the limelight.

    2. *forgot to add (non-starter next to AJ)

    3. to be honest, whilst my overall rank isn't that great, I seem to be 5-10 points ahead of most this week, with Demel, Caroll and Manonne to go. Expecting 6 points, but can't complain. Every point matters really.

        1. 12/5 on a draw for Betfred, I'll take that.

          Boruc clean sheet on the bench, but every time I played him over Manonne, Manonne worked up a million save points, a cleanie and bonus! Hoping thats the case, and if not, big Andy gets the goals.

          1. good luck with that, I'll always back the diff's, keeps things interesting.

            1. Good luck to you as well! Nolan off the bench is a pretty good sub to have, lets hope they both help each other out!

              1. Cheers!

                Something from Nolan would wrap up a nice little recovery week for me. Saved my FT (was thinking of Evra - Terry!) and it could really pay off if he scores tonight.

    4. I've got Ki. (on my bench) 1.7% ownership. :cool: Playing in a very advanced position too...

      1. I was just thinking... he's on the radar for the double gameweek. I do rate him.

    5. Bardsley is at 1.9% ownership but seems popular on here lately. I picked him up this week myself.

      1. I had him earlier in the season and he was great. Awesome diff to have for the run in - he gets forward a lot.

        Would love to see him back on the FPL radar but i do think Sunderland's assets need to produce before those DGWs to really earn a following.

  3. No Johnson is nice. But Poyet will probably shake things up second half.

    The bulky defence and midfield also bodes well for a clean sheet at both ends to be honest.

    Manonne, Andy Carroll (I know!) and Demel for me to go!

  4. Just seen the price of an England shirt. £90 is ludicrous as we'll only be wearing it on 3 occasions.

    1. 90 quid........... its feckin lycra, not silk....... grrrr feel for the parents buyin kit for kids :(

      1. I don't they've obviously got to much money if they have £90 to spend on a shirt for there kids

    2. LOL

    3. Nonsense. Absolute and utter nonsense. Really starting to get out of hand.

    4. Didn't see that! That is ridiculous! I hope Sports Direct bang them out for £50!

      1. Or a more reasonable price like they were for the last world cup at £30 still making a £28 profit on each shirt

  5. giroud 3rd most sprints for striker at the weekend :lol:

  6. Your mum

    1. had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.

      1. from me ;)

  7. Already got Yaya

    I can do AJ and Nolan to Ki/Puncheon and Silva but if I do I'll have to go without one of Kun or Demi. Worth it?

    1. what about nasri.... can you afford kun then

      1. I can afford Lun with Silva, just. It's more a case that I can't get Kun and Demi as I'll only have one City spot open.

      2. he means x4 citeh I think

          1. you know me :P

    2. Go without Demi I can't stand the fact that useless pile of **** is a premiership footballer

  8. top epl team loses to last place team = the league is so competitive

    top team in any other league loses to a relegation team = LOL they suck!!

    epl fan logic

    1. go back to watching scottish football

    2. You not a fan of the 'epl'?

      1. there's only one PL ;)

    3. Some day, my boy, you'll realise that all your efforts on here have in no way improved your chances of ever having sex with anything other than your hand or a buttered up bagel.

      1. Don't think he comes onto Fantasyfootballscout looking for sex to be honest :p If he is, he's definitely in the wrong place.

        1. Merely pointing out to our painfully obvious virgin troll that he's not aiding his situation in any way ;)

          As an aside, I frequently come on here looking for sex, ask Doosra :shock:

          1. That's bordering on necrophilia 8O

            1. *refrains from telling on the border of tasteless joke*

            2. I'm the most evil being in the universe and this is what you judge me on? :shock:

    4. I think what english fans are focussing more on is the fact that:

      1. Bigger teams in other leagues are better than bigger teams in EPL. (eg Barca/Madrid/Bayern are better than Chelsea/Arsenal/United)

      2. Small teams in other leagues are worse than small teams in EPL. So if a small team in other league beats the leader, thats a shame. But since small teams are better in EPL, there is less shame if Chelsea loses to Palace, than the shame of Madrid losing to Bilbao (seems like a name of a hobbit) hypothetically.


    5. Bayern - unbeaten in the bundesliga
      Celtic - 1 loss in the Scottish premiership
      Juventus - 11 points clear at the top
      PSG - 13 points clear at the top

      'epl' fanboys is it? I think I'll take the entertainment of not knowing who is going to win ever then listening to someone call the BPL 'epl again.

    6. It's the style of football that is played here, it allows for every team, whether they have money or not, to be competitive. That's why its the best league in the world...

      1. And Ligue One is shite and has been irrelevant more than a decade. Good players, shite teams, 2nd rate competition .

  9. If you have mirallas and aj, what do you do?

    sell after the double?

  10. Boruc
    Baines, Coleman, Olsson
    Hazard, Yaya, Silva, Sterling
    Suarez, Sturridge, Lukaku

    Adrián, Noone, Chester, Ward

    1FT and 0.2m.


    1. lovely, save

      1. and do 2/3 next week

    2. Think I'd save then maybe Sterling to Ki/Puncheon for next week leaving the other spare for getting in Kun/Rooney?

  11. Gary Neville on the potential Liverpool v man city match being a title decider

    "It's like having a choice over 2 blokes who knick your wife"

    :shock: :lol:

    1. I'd rather the foreign bloke with the Argentine accent than a scouser ;)

      1. But we have a brazilian scouse leftback what more could you want

        1. Had a chuckle at that in fairness :lol:

    2. kolarov would be an easy choice

  12. Who'sthe better captain option for this week guys
    Sturridge or Hazard?
    My head will be wrecked all week now trying to make this decision :(

    1. Just choose Hazard.

      1. looking a majority here lol

    2. You need help.

  13. So apparently most of my comments are marked for review. are we all kids here then?

    1. Yes.

    2. yes

    3. phrases like:



      "Re-feckin-Post. WHY YOU NO ANSWER MEEEE ??"

      rub people up the wrong way. ;)

      1. You wanna be rubbed up the right way sailor boy? ;) :shock:

    4. shhhh, it's nap time

    5. nya nya

    6. that is probably the point - there surely are a lot of kids on here.

      1. Im 12! Suarez to Sagbo?

        1. sanogo* ;)

  14. Now Reid starts :roll:

    1. Collins with a calf strain, no?

  15. drinking game. one sip every time west ham pass it on the floor

    1. if altidore scores you have to finish off the bottle

    2. I'd like to drink my tea before it gets cold

    3. For lightweights

    4. It's a good game for designated drivers

  16. a) Aguero, Demi and a 7.2 or less mid

    b) Silva, Demi and Benteke/Jelly

    c) Silva, Aguero and Chester

      1. any suggestions on the mid?

        1. Possibly Erikssen?

    1. C sounds the most exciting... but I'm not sure I could do it myself.

      I don't trust Aguero, and barely trust Silva. I trust Dzeko somewhere in between. :(

  17. Lol at AJ owners... like me.

    1. I'm praying... most likely in vain.. that he stays there.

  18. Come on... All I ask is for sunderland to concede a few early on.. forcing poyet to throw on AJ to shake things up.

  19. Two FT to use, what do you think?

    Marshall Mannone
    Terry Coleman Olsson *Fonte* Ward
    Yaya *Gerrard* Hazard Mirallas Parker
    Suarez Lukaku Sturridge

    I'm thinking:
    Gerrard > Silva + Fonte > Azpi?

  20. New Article Posted
  21. If anyone in the North-East could pop down to the stadium and lock Jack Colback in a cupboard for the next two hours that would be appreciated.

  22. Hi,

    Will mirallas start against Arsenal?

    Unsure whether to get rid or not?


    1. I would keep him for the double gw

  23. First one of the season, but a bit stuck. ML is basically won, so maybe some fun choices to try and improve OR?

    Azpi Kolarov Baines Coleman Ward
    AJ Silva noone Hazard Gerrard

  24. Drinking game:

    Drink when AJ comes on and scores.

    Does anyone have that kind of patience? Lets see!

  25. Should I hold AJ and Mirallas for the double?

  26. Nolan & Adam -> Lallana & Mutch sound good?

  27. Hope AJ either comes on and scores or stays off altogether please.. A 1-2 pointer would be shite..

  28. Who to play next gw

    Mannone or Szczesny?

  29. johnson!!

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