Yahoo Cup – Entry Still Open

There’s still time to enter the Yahoo Cup for a chance to win a share of £40k in prizes and the opportunity of selecting the perfect XI to win £1 million.

This is a free-to-play tournament which gets underway today with the first kick-off at Vicarage Road at 12.30. The tournament will run until Gameweek 19, with weekly prizes along the way.

It is free to enter and a single-entry contest. You must select from a minimum of three different teams but can have up to six players from the same team.

Your line-up selections are not saved for each round. This means that, for each Gameweek, you must pick a new team from scratch based on the latest player pricing.

Your lowest three Gameweek scores will be dropped from your cumulative tally in the overall standings, allowing you a reprieve when you have a weekend to forget.

Each Gameweek will also count as a “freeroll” entry. This means that, during Gameweek 1-3, weekly prizes up to £100 are available to entrants that finish in the top 200. From Gameweek 4-19, weekly prizes of £50 are on offer to those Yahoo managers who claim a place in the top 100.

You can join the Yahoo Cup contest at any point and be in the running to win weekly prizes in addition to overall prizes.

The tournament offers £40k in prizes, with £30k shared among the top 5,000 and £10k going to the winner.

The Yahoo Cup also has a “£1,000,000 challenge”, which gives away £1m to any user who selects the perfect line-up in any given Gameweek to score maximum possible points.

Aside from the Yahoo Cup, there are plenty of contests on offer over the weekend.

You can select the nine-match option, which incorporates the entire weekend schedule. There’s also a six-fixture slate for Saturday that takes in the matches from 3pm onwards, while Sunday offers two encounters to plan for.

The biggest payout is the Premier League £10k Saturday, which costs £5 to enter a team. This is guaranteed to run, with the top 450 places earning cash and £2k going to the winner.

To get started, you can also sign up and claim a free £50 in credit to your account when you deposit just £5.

If you missed it, we provided player recommendations in yesterday’s first Yahoo Focus article.

We also published a Strategy Guide looking at the mechanics of the Yahoo game and assessing the type of Fantasy targets that tend to profit.

You must be over 18 years of age, resident in the UK, and of legal capacity to register with Yahoo Daily Sports and open an Account. If you sign up, please always play responsibly.

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  1. Over Midwicket
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    6 months, 12 days ago

    I just came online to say a good hearty LOL at all those with Pool defence. Trying to be clever with TAA or Bertie Moreno but failing to remember that the Pool defence is absolutely terrible and shouldn't be touched with a bargepole 🙂

    1. GreennRed
        6 months, 12 days ago

        Thanks for your expert opinion and hindsight. We are indeed honoured.

      • mynameisq
          6 months, 12 days ago

          Useless post, and no I don't have Liv defence or indeed any Liverpool player

      • FALCAO & MOU
          6 months, 12 days ago

          Salah offside

        • FALCAO & MOU
            6 months, 12 days ago

            Watford almost again