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The build-up to the weekend’s action continues with our Sky Sports Focus article, where we take a look back at the weekend action before preparing you for the incoming Gameweek.

We’ll examine the recent run of Man of the Match (MoTM) awards, the bonus point beneficiaries, transfer trends and Watchlist, before moving on to the Scout team and our future plans.

Gameweek 37 Man of the Match Awards

These were the players who caught the eye of the Sky Sports reporters and earned an extra five points as a result.

West Brom vs LiverpoolMatt Phillips
Watford vs Crystal PalaceJames Tomkins
Arsenal vs West HamAlexandre Lacazette
Stoke vs BurnleyJack Butland
Man City vs SwanseaKevin De Bruyne
Everton vs NewcastleTheo Walcott

Kevin De Bruyne was the big name to deliver this week. The fourth most owned player in the game (32.4%) was also heavily captained on Sunday and brought home 13 points.

It’s now a clear two-horse race for the most MoTM awards, with the Belgian just one behind Mohamed Salah, who sits on 11.

That total has often been the maximum reached by one player in a Sky season and, with only a few more matches to go, it will be interesting to see if either player can surpass this milestone.

Gameweek 37 Bonus Points

Let’s take a look at any player to earn 50 points or more in bonus for the season.


Fantasy Football Scout members can access all information regarding bonus points using player stats and clicking the Sky Sports tab.

The Transfer Trends

Top Transfers Out

NameTeamValue% of Managers
AgueroMan City12.87.4%
LukakuMan United12.43%

Top Transfers In

NameTeamValue% of Managers
SterlingMan City9.84.4%

Average Transfers Remaining

Top 10 – 0.90
Top 100 – 2.27
Top 1,000 – 2.73
Top 5,000 – 2.81

Top Five Captains Picked

NameTeamValue% of Managers
LukakuMan United12.415.4%
AgueroMan City12.86.1%
De BruyneMan City11.53.1%


Here I aim to highlight a few differential players with low ownership who I think could be good options from now until the season ends.

Three specific price brackets will be used to cater for our available budgets.

The players will evolve with fixtures and form to offer Fantasy managers a nudge in the right direction.

DefenderMike van der Hoorn
Davinson Sanchez
Aymeric Laporte
Wilfried Zaha
Leroy Sane
ForwardJordan Ayew
Jamie Vardy
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

My Team

Ward van der Hoorn Christensen
Ramsey Sterling Zaha De Bruyne Salah
Kane Sanchez

ITB: 0.6
Transfers remaining: 0/40
Last week’s points: 61
Overall points: 2911
Rank: 169th


I’m spent, all out. I have no further transfers remaining.

In some ways, it’s liberating, in others terrifying.

The allure of old favourite Aaron Ramsey was too much to resist, so he and Raheem Sterling came in for the benched Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Pascal Gross.

It was nice to see my bravery rewarded, with the Welshman picking up 11 points and Sterling bagging eight and both were unfortunate not get to more, in my opinion.

Ramsey narrowly missed out on MoTM, while Sterling had two assists taken from him – one due to a slight deflection and another courtesy of a penalty miss. I can only presume that the MoTM would also have followed.

But it wasn’t to be, and I had to make do with a respectable 61 points and a jump in rank by 30 places.

With just three Gameweeks to go, I’m in touching distance of the top 100.

Now I just have to hope I get lucky with injuries from here on in to have a chance of reaching my goal.

Captain Plan

Sat 28th April – Mohamed Salah
Sun 29th April – Raheem Sterling
Mon 30th April – Harry Kane

Weekly Articles and Podcast

As well as the weekly Focus article, I’ll be talking through the week’s action, and upcoming plans with FFS posters Buffrey and Lewis on our regular podcast – the latest episode can be found here.

The Fantasy Football Scout League

Our Fantasy Football Scout League is currently topping the League of Leagues as we look to defend our crown in 2017/18.

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  1. donlobatto
      2 months, 23 days ago

      Usually this time of the week I have a flick through the FPL stats....

      How is it that Lukaku is owned by double the number of people as Jesus?!

      Being on here daily also leads you to believe Kane has like 80% ownership .... nope it's 32.9%

      There are also 18k people that have transferred Jesus OUT this week, making him in top 20 for GW transfers out!

      Perhaps my favourite stat for this week.... Ben Mee has been brought IN by 46 people?! Did they sit on their phone by accident?

      Madness I tell you .... madness

      1. scoutil
          2 months, 23 days ago

          14 managers brought in Connor Wickham last week. He's been out for 17 months

          1. donlobatto
              2 months, 23 days ago

              The cheap enablers (even non-playing) I understand in a way

              It's when 141 have transferred in Aguero at £11.5m
              Or 285 brought in Kasper Schmeichel who's a £5.1m keeper!

          2. WE GO FOR IT
              2 months, 23 days ago

              Lukaku had a double in 34 and has a double in 37. No one considered Jesus until last week. It's obvious Lukaku will have a higher ownership than Jesus.

              1. donlobatto
                  2 months, 23 days ago

                  Fair play it’s not a “likely to own” % I guess

              2. Loyal Subject
                  2 months, 23 days ago

                  Casuals and ManUtd fans

              3. Spiders in Diapers
                  2 months, 23 days ago

                  Willian..starts vs swans or not?

                  Willian to andre ayew -4?

                • Ode
                    2 months, 23 days ago

                    Mahrez owners, keeping or selling?

                    1. Hasselbaink Forever
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      2 months, 23 days ago

                      Sold for Sterling

                    2. Garth Marenghi
                        2 months, 23 days ago


                      • KenyaDigIt
                          2 months, 23 days ago

                          Thinking about selling for D.silva

                        • WE GO FOR IT
                            2 months, 23 days ago


                          • Zladan
                              2 months, 23 days ago


                          • Garth Marenghi
                              2 months, 23 days ago

                              Who gets more points this gameweek?

                              A) Aubameyang
                              B) Firmino

                              1. zon
                                  2 months, 23 days ago


                                • KenyaDigIt
                                    2 months, 23 days ago

                                    B from the bench...

                                • zon
                                    2 months, 23 days ago

                                    Smalling - Lowton - Morgan
                                    Alli - Son - Mahrez - Gross
                                    Lukaku - Vardy - Barnes

                                    Ryan Willian Alonso Kiko

                                    A) Alonso + Willian > Mawson + Sterling (-4) Gives me City and possibility of Kaku > Kane next week and the ability to reassess if Kane looks sluggish again.
                                    B) Kaku + Willian -> Jesus + Sterling (-4) Makes getting Kane difficult.
                                    C) Lukaku > Kane. No hit, Kaku might do well against a weakened Arsenal side.
                                    D) Mahrez > Sterling.

                                    Any thoughts appreciated, as always!

                                  • THFC4LIFE
                                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                    2 months, 23 days ago

                                    Which options look better for the rest of the season lads? Bench boost in gw37

                                    A. Fabianski Vertonghen
                                    B. Lloris Jones

                                    1. Hasselbaink Forever
                                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                      2 months, 23 days ago


                                    2. BRONALDINHO
                                        2 months, 23 days ago

                                        I vote for B

                                    3. timPgoodwin
                                        2 months, 23 days ago

                                        Who are the best budget defenders to be looking at ????

                                        1. Rik Waller
                                            2 months, 23 days ago


                                          • BRONALDINHO
                                              2 months, 23 days ago

                                              Dummet is as budget as they come

                                          • timPgoodwin
                                              2 months, 23 days ago

                                              Who to replace Schmeichel with?!

                                              1. BRONALDINHO
                                                  2 months, 23 days ago


                                                  1. BRONALDINHO
                                                      2 months, 23 days ago

                                                      Could even go for McCarthy

                                                • JasonG123
                                                    2 months, 23 days ago

                                                    Do we think Sterling starts?

                                                    1. Zladan
                                                        2 months, 23 days ago

                                                        I was going to delay transfer to next week as I expect rotation this week.

                                                        Unfortunately Mahrez is falling in price tonight I reckon, which forces my hand.

                                                    2. Rik Waller
                                                        2 months, 23 days ago

                                                        How many out of the next 4 will Son start?

                                                      • BRONALDINHO
                                                          2 months, 23 days ago

                                                          Did Guardiola say anything useful about rotation?

                                                        • Deulofail
                                                          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                          2 months, 23 days ago

                                                          How would you slot Jesus into this team? 1FT. 0.2 ITB

                                                          DDG (Ryan)
                                                          Azpi Simpson Lowton (Masuaku Alonso)
                                                          Eriksen Son Mahrez Lingard (Young)
                                                          Kane Vardy Wood

                                                          Some ideas:

                                                          A) Kane + Mah/Son > Jesus + Sterling/Sane (-4)
                                                          B) Vardy + Alonso > Jesus + 5.9 (-4)
                                                          C) Wood + Mah/Son > Jesus + A.King (-4)*
                                                          D) Wood + Eriksen + Alonso > Jesus + Sane + Klavan (-8)**
                                                          E) Don't bother. Save FT

                                                          * (money for Mah/Son > Sterling next week)
                                                          ** (possibly Mah/Son > D.Silva next week)

                                                        • ROOTY7
                                                            2 months, 23 days ago

                                                            Perez worth a punt?

                                                          • romer
                                                              2 months, 23 days ago

                                                              Karius, Trent, Gomez, Van Dijk, Klavan, Moreno, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Ings.

                                                            • Gasthmatic
                                                                2 months, 23 days ago

                                                                Nice final team Luke! Best of luck in these final weeks. Team looks good and captains are on point, top 100 is on.

                                                                I'm just going to gamble with my remaining transfers, few differentials perhaps to push me up the rankings.

                                                                For those with transfers left be sure to check out my blog:

                                                                It shows the cheap players with big points so far this season, hope it helps!