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Live Hall of Fame update: leader Sean Tobin up to seventh in the world

The lull in proceedings ahead of FA Cup fifth round weekend has given us the chance to analyse our recently updated Live Hall of Fame and study the team set-ups of those managers who feature in the top ten.

This ranking system is applied to everyone who takes part in either of our Fantasy Premier League mini-leagues (free or members), with managers’ performances over the seasons then tracked to give a Hall of Fame (HoF) rating.

The live version has been updated to take into account Gameweek 26’s results and can be viewed by Members via this link.

Further information on the FFS Hall of Hame is included at the bottom of this article, but alternatively, you can view this movie to listen to Mark and the excellent Rate My Team’s Chris Atkinson discuss the feature.

The career version, which shows the standings at the end of last season, is free to view here or via the HoF tab on the home page.

2017/18 Career HoF Top Ten: Where are they now?

Four of the Fantasy managers who featured in the top ten of our Career Hall of Fame standings at the end of the 2017/18 remain in the list in our Live Hall of Fame rankings: namely Mark Sutherns (now 2nd), Grant Barclay (3rd), Matthew Jones (5th) and Marlen Rattiner (9th).

Richard Clarke sits just outside this elite list in 11th place, while Jay Egersdorff, Owen Walker, Paul Gee, Lester Cheng and Ville Rönkä drop to a still-commendable 90th, 41st, 27th, 184th and 26th respectively.

Live HoF Top Ten: New Entrants

By new entrants, we refer to those managers who sit in our Live Hall of Fame top ten and who didn’t feature in our corresponding Career Hall of Fame list at the end of 2017/18.

Sean Tobin has been catapulted to number one in our Live HoF and is enjoying a phenomenal season in FPL, currently sitting in seventh place in the world.

Sean’s previous best finish was 923rd back in 2014/15, though he has four other top 5,000 overall ranks to his name in the last seven seasons.

Stephen Harrap is well placed for his first ever top 1k finish, with his current rank of 186th enough to lift him to fourth in our Live HoF standings.

Aleksander Våge Nilsen (7th in our Live HoF), Fabio Borges (8th) and Alan Day (10th) are separated by only three FPL points and 88 places, with each manager well inside the top 1,000 in the world.

Rick Beamish (6th), who has four previous top 1k finishes to his name and who currently sits in 6,444th place in FPL, makes up our Live HoF top ten.

Live HoF Top Ten: Chip Usage

Three members of our Live HoF – Grant, Stephen and Aleksander – used their Triple Captain chip in Gameweek 25.

Grant made a 25k jump in the FPL overall rankings thanks to his backing of Sergio Aguero, while Stephen leapt from 1,124th to 211th by handing the Argentinean striker the armband.

Aleksander didn’t enjoy such luck, with his chip being deployed on Leroy Sane for the German winger’s now infamous one-pointer.

The seven other managers in our top ten retain their Triple Captain chips, while all ten bosses have their second Wildcard, Bench Boost and Free Hit chips available.

There was a real spread in the deployment of the first Wildcard, with Mark and Rick using theirs as early as Gameweek 3 and Stephen waiting until Gameweek 20 to activate his.

Live HoF Top Ten: Player Selection

Only two players are owned by all of our top ten: Mohamed Salah and Paul Pogba.

Stephen is the only one of this dectet who doesn’t own Matt Doherty or Marcus Rashford.

Sean is blazing a trail for those who prefer heavy hitters in attack, owning all three of Rashford, Aguero and Roberto Firmino.

Sean’s cheapest forward, Rashford, is the most expensive striker in the frontlines of Mark, Aleksander and Fabio.

Marlen is the only one of our top ten who owns a premium goalkeeper – that being Ederson.

Seven of our elite managers still own Richarlison, three retain Eden Hazard in their squads, while Grant still has Leroy Sane on his books as of Gameweek 26.

Marlen, Grant and Sean have all made transfers already ahead of Gameweek 27, however.

Most popular FPL assets in our Live HoF top ten:

10 – Paul Pogba, Mohamed Salah
9 – Matt Doherty, Marcus Rashford
8 – Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Son Heung-min
7 – Lukasz Fabianski, Richarlison
6 – Andrew Robertson, Lucas Digne, Sergio Aguero
4 – David Button, Aboubakar Kamara
3 – Ben Hamer, Jan Bednarek, Danny Ings, Eden Hazard, Raul Jimenez, Sadio Mane

Team value seems to be important to our elite group of ten managers: all bar Stephen have a squad value over £105.0m, with Sean’s 15 players now worth £107.6m (plus £0.1m in the bank) at the time of writing.

Meet the Manager

Four of our Live HoF top ten have already filmed Meet the Manager episodes with Joe and these videos can be watched via the links below:

Sean Tobin
Mark Sutherns
Matthew Jones
Aleksander Våge Nilsen

Hall of Fame FAQ

How is my rating calculated?
The “HoF Rating” is based on your points scores from previous FPL seasons, with the latest season weighted the heaviest and each corresponding season weighted at roughly 80% that of the previous season. So, in other words, those who performed best in 2017/18 will receive a bigger HoF Rating boost from those who did best in 2007/08. The “HoF Ranking” even allows for those with missing years, adapting the formula accordingly to allow to rank alongside the veterans of the FPL.

How do I join the Hall of Fame
Simply sign up to our leagues next season, either the Fantasy Football Scout Classic League or if you’re a member, the Members Classic League – the code is available on the dashboard of the Members Area.

How do I find myself in the Hall of Fame?
The search box at the top of the ranking tables allows you to search by surname or by FPL id.

What if I don’t want to be listed?
Either notify us via or simply leave the Fantasy Football Scout league and you’ll be removed on the next update.

When does the Hall of Fame get updated?
The Career table is available to all and is updated at the end of each season to display the latest rankings. The Live version of the Hall of Fame is updated throughout the season to reflect the scores of the current campaign.

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    Hayden worth bringing in for the next 2?

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    Rich >> FAnderson / Almiron / Maddison the sensible move here? Any others? 1FT & 1.1ITB.

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      Fanderson looks a great shout this week, but bear in mind West Ham have City up next.