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  1. tucaoneo
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 2 Years
    3 months, 2 days ago

    With all the talk about Liverpool rotation I'm a bit lost on how to spend the TAA money lol.

    1. The Dance
      • 9 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago

      How? You could literally afford any defender in his place haha!

    2. RamaJama
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 8 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago

      Where did the talk about Pool rotation come, suddenly?

    3. Old Man
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 9 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago

      if TAA is out I'm down to 10 men

  2. Dybala10
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    3 months, 2 days ago

    How’s everyone feeling ahead of tomorrow? Ready?

    After tinkering all week and reacting to the Midweek games, it feels nice having a settled FH team ahead of tomorrow and no last minute headaches.

    I’m not sure if I even want to be drawn in to the madness and the rumours before deadline!

    What a mad season it’s been and good luck to you all. We all post questions and hopefully answer a few too in order to help a fellow FPL geek and it’s be a pleasure sharing the boards with you all once more 🙂

    (I wanted to get this out now before the bedlam tomorrow.)

  3. BurnMyBread
    3 months, 2 days ago

    Does this team look ready for tomorrow? I'm in a strange position where I want to significantly improve my OR but I'm also defending my position in the mini-league.

    TAA - VVD - Tierney
    Silva - Antonio - Sterling (C) - Salah - Pulisic
    Jesus - Ings

    0.9 in the bank.

    I'm a bit nervous about not having United assets since my rivals have them in abundance. They don't have any FH chips left.

  4. Tonyawesome69
    • 1 Year
    3 months, 2 days ago

    I'm chasing 25 points in cash ML and need some help on the transfer suggestion below. Midfield is a stalemate!

    a. Foden to Dilva
    b. Foden and Jimenez to Trezeguet and Jesus (-4)
    c. Saiss and Jimenez to Branthwaite and Auba (-4)
    d. Foden and KDB to D Silva and Son (-4)
    e. KDB and Jimenez to Son and Jesus (-4)

    My team
    1ft 2.5itb and no chips
    Pope Martinez
    TAA Doherty Saiss Aurier Taylor
    Martial KDB Bruno Sterling Foden
    Jimenez Ings Wood

    ML Leader - 1ft 0.7itb and no chips
    Hendo Martinez
    TAA Boly Egan Targett Tarkowski
    Martial KDB Bruno Sterling Hayden
    Jimenez Kane Greenwood

    1. what's my name
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 2 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago

      A just

      • 1 Year
      3 months, 2 days ago

      KDB to Salah

      This is the only possible way of trying to catch the person you are chasing.

      Play Aurier instead of Siass

      Wait for early team news and if Foden starts play him instead of Wood. Otherwise Wood if Foden is benched.

      • 1 Year
      3 months, 2 days ago

      Taking a hit with being 25 points behind you will lose.

  5. Babelcopter
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 1 Year
    3 months, 2 days ago

    Need any changes? (FH team)

    Aurier TAA Pieters
    Salah KDB Dilva Sterling Antonio
    Ings Kane

    Button; Greenwood Williams Branthwaite

    1. Tonyawesome69
      • 1 Year
      3 months, 2 days ago


    2. TheDragon
      • 2 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago

      Very good to go

    3. Strchld
      • 4 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago

      Same as mine but I have Greenwood over Antonio.
      Your have to have insane TV.

  6. what's my name
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 2 Years
    3 months, 2 days ago

    a. Salah
    b. Mahrez
    c. KDB


    1. Ganso
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 4 Years
      3 months, 2 days ago


      1. what's my name
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 2 Years
        3 months, 2 days ago

        thx bud

  7. mo 10+ FFS- einzkp
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 11 Years
    3 months, 2 days ago

    On a bench boost and struggling to understand which is the better move.

    1. -4 with Pulisic/ D silva/ Tarkowski and Peiers in for Vvd, Traore, Lescelles,
    2. Foden and Pieters in for Traore and Lascelles

    Pope, McCarthy
    TAA, Tarkowski, Pieters, Boly, Digne
    Pulisic/, Fernandez, Martial, Antoni, KDB
    Ings, Rashford, Jesus

    20 points behind a free hitter 🙁

    • 1 Year
    3 months, 2 days ago

    I have logged off of FPL with my Bruno > Son FT still to be made.

    Trent Aurier Dunk
    Salah Sterling Dilva Martial Bruno
    Jesus Greenwood

    Just going to relax and see how things are half hour before deadline. If traffic gets too much and chance of server fails incoming then I pull the trigger immediately!

    • 7 Years
    3 months, 2 days ago

    On BB - need to ship Holgate;

    A - Holgate & Vardy > Branthwaite & Jesus

    B - Holgate & Bruno > Mahrez & 4.6(?)

  10. TNB
    3 months, 2 days ago

    Leading my league by 1 point!

    Here's my FH team.

    Any thoughts?

    Pope (Button)
    Pieters-Kyle Walker-Aurier (Williams + Kilman)
    Ings-Wood (Greenwood)

  11. Forever In Our Shadow
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 6 Years
    3 months, 1 day ago

    Just watched Mark on this weeks The FPL show. A real loss not seeing him every week. A true legend and someone who really is worth listening to.