Four clubs set to play three fixtures across Blank and Double Gameweeks

Fantasy Premier League managers have been thrown a wonderful New Year’s Eve gift by the powers that be with Thursday’s fixture rearrangements.

Manchester United’s Gameweek 1 trip to Burnley has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 12, putting it into Blank Gameweek 18.

Meanwhile, Manchester City are now due to host Aston Villa on Wednesday, January 20, adding to an already bumper edition of fixtures in Double Gameweek 19.

With these changes to the schedule it now means the following clubs all play in Blank Gameweek 18 and have two fixtures in Double Gameweek 19.

  • Aston Villa
  • Burnley
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United

So what does this mean for Fantasy managers? Well, regardless of chip strategy, it makes assets from these four clubs more appealing in the coming weeks, especially the two Manchester sides.

The additional of the Red Devils’ favourable trip to Burnley makes life a little easier for anyone considering the Free Hit chip in Blank Gameweek 18 simply because the pool of players has expanded.

As a result, the margin for potential success is arguably wider now as the chances of identical Free Hit squads will go down with an additional fixture. The same is true of Double Gameweek 19 although the list of potentially explosive assets was already rather high.

Either way, two more active teams in Blank Gameweek 18 (raising the total from 10 to 12) arguably decreases the need for using a chip either during or before that round.

Those looking to hold onto their second Wildcard now have an easier route to tackle Blank Gameweek 18 and Double Gameweek 19 side-by-side with their free transfers considering there are now four clubs who play three matches across them.

Manchester City and Manchester United are likely to help form the spine for Fantasy teams across the globe in light of their appealing fixtures and array of decent options.

However, there are a few complications to consider, not least the fact that it has not been disclosed which players at Manchester City have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last week.

Thankfully, their next match (a trip to Chelsea) is challenging enough to put off investment anyway and we might get more information about the COVID cases either in the pre-match or post-match press conferences, if not from the team-sheet itself.

Manchester City’s next six fixtures

  • Gameweek 17: Chelsea (away)
  • Blank Gameweek 18: Brighton (home)
  • Double Gameweek 19: Crystal Palace (home) + Aston Villa (home)
  • Gameweek 20: West Bromwich Albion (away)
  • Gameweek 21: Sheffield United (home)
  • Gameweek 22: Burnley (away)

Manchester United’s next six fixtures

  • Gameweek 17: Aston Villa (home)
  • Blank Gameweek 18: Burnley (away)
  • Double Gameweek 19: Liverpool (away) + Fulham (home)
  • Gameweek 20: Sheffield United (home)
  • Gameweek 21: Arsenal (away)
  • Gameweek 22: Southampton (home)

Aston Villa’s next six fixtures

  • Gameweek 17: Manchester United (away)
  • Blank Gameweek 18: Spurs (home)
  • Double Gameweek 19: Everton (home) + Manchester City (away)
  • Gameweek 20: Burnley (away)
  • Gameweek 21: Southampton (away)
  • Gameweek 22: West Ham (home)

Burnley’s next six fixtures

  • Gameweek 17: Fulham (home)
  • Blank Gameweek 18: Manchester United (home)
  • Double Gameweek 19: West Ham (away) + Liverpool (away)
  • Gameweek 20: Aston Villa (home)
  • Gameweek 21: Chelsea (away)
  • Gameweek 22: Manchester City (home)

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1,143 Comments Post a Comment
  1. Lukakwho
    • 3 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    Could really do with some advice on my situation. I know I want to do Kane, Reguilon and Brewster > Vardy, Antonio and (4.7M defender) in time for the DGW.

    I plan to free hit next week so it’s wise for me to do one of the transfers now. Obviously I don’t want to get rid of Kane, so it has to be Reguilon to a 4.7M defender. I want Coufal, he’s my favourite pick at the range, but then it would leave me very vulnerable to if Vardy or Antonio had a price increase or if Kane fell. Do you think it’s better to Risk Coufal or go for someone cheaper like Balbuena and reduce the risk?

    1. moment
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 10 Years
      8 months, 18 days ago

      This is why I did my GW19 transfers on Tuesday night (KDB + Welbeck + Targett to Saka + Vardy + Taylor) and walked straight into 2 of them getting injured... I would be very anxious having no price rise cushion, especially given there's 11 days between the GW deadlines... Either suck it up and do all the transfers now, or go cheaper and keep some budget.

      1. Lukakwho
        • 3 Years
        8 months, 18 days ago

        Thanks, I think I’ll leave the cushion

  2. ZimZalabim
    • 5 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    I was on FH 18 plan and for me that hasn't really changed with the news, instead of 4 I have 5 players for 18 now and I have 2 extra doublers for 19 so instead of Son + Martinez and 9 doublers Ill sell Son to Kdb and have 11 doublers and take a decision on TC between KDB and Salah

    For me nothing has really changed as such just need to take a -4 now in 19 instead of 20 to get Kdb back in, Im sure many FH 18 teams are in a similar situation.

    1. ZimZalabim
      • 5 Years
      8 months, 18 days ago

      The one thing I need to figure out is if I stick to Lewis to Dallas this week or do something else ?

      Rest of defence is Robbo, Coufal, Stones, Fodder

      will likely start those three in the double now that stones has a double or shd I start Dallas instead ?

  3. vincentwsho
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    Dias Chilwell Cresswell
    Salah KDB Son Grealish Soucek
    Bamford Kane

    Peacock-Farrell Brewster Lamptey Dallas

    1FT 0.1ITB

    Good to go? Planning to save the FT, so that I can have 2 transfers for DGW19. Planning to bring in Bruno for Salah for GW18

  4. ludaslol
    • 4 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago


    A) Dias, Zambo
    B) Raphina, Dallas -4

  5. Fantabulous KdB
    • 3 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    Which ManC def would you buy?
    a) Cancelo
    b) Dias
    c) Stones

    I prefer Cancelo but hearing he might be one of the infected players. Do you reckon Stones will play all games near term or just buy Dias and target only CS points?

    1. _Ninja_
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 11 Years
      8 months, 18 days ago

      Stones and Dias will play most games in the league but get the odd rest. Cancelo is the better fpl option but as you say he's a risk with the rumours of covid.

  6. MoSalad
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    Really considering WC now for 18 and BB in 19. Teams a bit of a mess with the fixtures changes. Hows this look for GW18/19 as a draft?

    Martinez (Areola)
    Dias, Zouma, Maguire, Creswell, Dallas
    KDB, Salah, Fernandes, Barnes, Raphina
    Antonio (Punt), Bamford, Watkins

    Would give me 6 in 18 and then the whole time would play twice with bench boost and wouldn’t be bad for GW20 onwards.

  7. MikeBravo
    • 3 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    So much talk of chips being used. If covid strikes a couple of teams wk 18/19, those chips could easily be wasted. Surely better to wait for later?
    Or am I missing something?

    1. 272MK
      • 7 Years
      8 months, 18 days ago


    2. Rival Sons Blackberry Smoke
      • 7 Years
      8 months, 18 days ago

      Yes.... but nothing says it wont be like this for the whole season...... thus there is alwaya going to be a chance fixtures hit.
      Will there be a double week as big as this next one....

  8. Duke Silver ☑
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 6 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    Do we know which City players tested positive for covid before the Everton game?

  9. Wılly
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 18 days ago

    Thoughts on doing Grealish to Soucek this week and Son to KDB for GW19?

    Will give a team for the doubles of:

    TAA Dallas Coufal
    Salah Mane Bruno KDB Soucek
    Adams Bamford