Head-to-Head Leagues Round-up

Welcome to a round-up of the latest action in the Head-to-Head leagues.

With Double Gameweek 24 in full flow, the update below takes us up to and including Gameweek 23. I’ll start at the top of the pyramid:

League 1 – 1 Division

Ville Tuominen currently occupies first place by virtue of a slightly better overall rank than that of Aleksander Våge Nilsen in second. Both have accumulated 48 points and are six clear of Tim Hill in third, who has the best overall rank in the showcase division at 11,477th.

Ville enjoys a nine-point advantage in his Gameweek 24 fixture, however he’ll be hoping Raheem Sterling stays quiet in order to secure victory. Meanwhile Aleksander looks in control of his tie with a 13-point lead and five players in action this evening.

Milan Mihajlovic is in fourth on 40 points and last year’s champion Craig Johnson is not too far behind on 39 points, completing the top five.

Remember the bottom 10 teams are relegated and it is very tight in and around the relegation zone with just 10 points separating 11th to 19th. Peter Murphy sits rock bottom in 20th, on 18 points, and has a job on his hands if he’s to get to 10th – he is currently 16 points adrift.

League 2 – 2 Divisions

Division 1 in League 2 is being led by Emerson Ciccarello on 51 points, who also boasts an impressive overall rank of 6,458th. He is three points clear of Phil Roper on 48 and a further seven points clear of Adam Ferguson on 44. Adam has a similar rank to Emerson sitting at 6,667th overall.

Again, like in League 1, the battle to stay in the League (top 10) is so tight and just two points separate Dylan Penhallurick in eighth (35 points) and Pop ooh Yeah in 14th (33 points).

Now Division 2 is simply anyone’s! Peter Tind is currently top on 45 points but only by virtue of a better overall rank (20,070). Both Cak Juris (40,766) and Alex Tyc (118,630) also have 45 points.

Martin Stubbs in fourth, on 43 points, has the Division’s best overall rank of 11,563. He’s followed by three teams on 40 points. 

And there seems to be a battle between some well-known FFScout names around the relegation zone: The Magician, Geoff Dance, Mat Williams and B J McNair are all on 33 points, with the last two currently in the relegation zone.

League 3 – 4 Divisions

All four Divisions are close at both ends of the table.

Chris Bristow is top of Division 1 on 46 points, three points clear. Declan Tormey is top of Division 2 on 51 points, two points clear. I’m delighted to say that I’m top of Division 3 with 47 points and four clear of second, while Alan Deluce is top of Division 4 on 43 points but is only ahead of Christopher Green in second due to a better overall rank.

I had typed in my notes that I had the best overall rank in League 3 but when I actually came to write this article I noticed I was actually second (yes, it hurt) to David Cousins. David, who is in Division 2, sits 10,411st overall and is currently in third place, eight points behind Declan Tormey.

League 4 – 8 Divisions

Harvey Gill, Aarush Mittal, Jamie Fraser, FPL Tigers, Rod Clifford, Ryan McGillick, Dave Spooner and Sean Og Conneely lead their respective Divisions 1-8, with FPL Tigers having the best overall rank (5,328) of the eight leaders.

It is, however, Paul Strange who has the best overall rank in League 4 with a lofty position of 784th overall, but this is only enough third spot in Division 7.

League 5 – 16 Divisions

I think we need to start with Division 6 and mention Matt Carvel. He’s currently 35th overall and, of course, is top of the Division, albeit only due to his amazing rank as Chris Wilder is level with him on 49 points.

Justin Li tops Division 1 by nine points as does Anton Landaburu in Division 12. Peter Kidd has a healthy eight-point lead in Division 3, likewise Charles Richter in Division 14. The remaining 12 Divisions are all very tight with just one or two points separating the top places.

League 6 – 32 Divisions

Of the 32 Divisions only eight managers have accumulated over 50 points.

Matt Potter in Division 8 has 57 points and a very commanding 12-point lead. Johan Wester in Division 13 leads by nine having accumulated 54 points. In Division 16 Oliver Brown has a narrow lead at the top with 51 points. Przemyslaw Rutkowski has amassed 51 points in Division 20, whilst Darren Teague leads Division 21 with 52.

Andrew Dubar in Division 25 is top by three points with a total of 51. And finally, Oliver Simpson has racked up 51 points in Division 26 and James Allen has 52 in Division 27 and, of course, both top their respective Divisions.

League 7 – 64 Divisions

With 23 Gameweeks behind us, the highest tally possible from 23 wins is 69 points. Both Piotr Sagalara, in Division 7, and Peder Classon, in Division 21, have amassed 60 points. So, in other words they have won 20 games and lost just three.

A quite remarkable achievement, which has only been matched or bettered by three managers, (see Leagues 8 & 9). Both Piotr and Peder lead their Divisions by 14 points and look set already for promotion to League 6.

League 8 – 128 Divisions

The highest points tally across all nine Leagues and 416 Divisions comes in Division 64 of League 8 where Alex Barnes has a massive total of 61 points out of a possible 69. That’s 20 wins, one draw and two defeats. Alex has a lead of 15 and looks pretty set to gain promotion to League 7 as Division winner.

With just one point less than Alex, on an impressive five dozen, is Joes Miguel De La Roca Argueta. Despite the high score he only leads by three from Joe Wilkinson in Division 42.

League 9 – 161 Divisions

The majority of the Divisions in League 9 are tight and have varied overall ranks. Of course these leagues have a large proportion of managers who joined the Head-to-Head leagues this year, rather than the year before, so started at the bottom of the pyramid.

Mikael Brantingson in Division 75 has a total of 60 points, making him only the fifth manager to have amassed 60 points across all nine Leagues and 416 Divisions.

A strange anomaly that highlights that FPL points don’t necessarily equate to winning Head-to-Head leagues is seen in Division 23. Boy Van Der Leeden has an outstanding rank of 408 but is only sixth in his Division, on 38 points, eight behind first place.

As a reminder, the top five teams will be promoted from each division to a division in the league above. And ten teams will be relegated from each division to a division in the league below.

As League 9 ‘only’ has 161 divisions, the top seven managers will be promoted from each division, along with the best 153 eighth-placed teams. The best eighth-placed teams are calculated firstly using their total Head-to-Head points gained within their divisions, and then on overall rank.

Do keep an eye out for more updates likes these as the second half of the season unfolds and thanks to RedLightning and TopMarx for their snapshot updates of the community competitions, which include the Head-to-Head Leagues.

I hope your Gameweek 24 is going well.


Mark Reynolds (aka MIR)

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  1. TopMarx
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    • 8 Years
    9 months, 13 days ago

    Thank you for this MIR, great effort going through all nine leagues, and looks like promotion might be on the cards for you, well done!

    1. mir
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      9 months, 13 days ago

      Cheers TopMarx, still time to bottle it!

  2. Fulchester's New Centr…
    • 4 Years
    9 months, 13 days ago

    Not in it myself (as fas as I know) but good work.

    1. mir
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      9 months, 13 days ago

      Grt involved next season. You'll start down in League 9+ but it'll be competitive I'm sure.

  3. Fitzy.
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    9 months, 13 days ago

    Great effort! And thanks for the mention... 😉

    1. mir
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      9 months, 13 days ago

      Whats the league and Division? I need to get to know the FFS names and real names shown in the leagues.

    2. mir
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      9 months, 13 days ago

      Oh no, you're bottom of League 1 aren't you?

      1. Fitzy.
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        • 10 Years
        9 months, 13 days ago

        Just popped into that league for a quick visit. Bunch of bullies...

  4. Chemical76
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    9 months, 12 days ago

    How do I find out what league I may be in please?