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Fantasy Allsvenskan – Defenders

Defenders can often be the bread and butter of Fantasy Allsvenskan and in a move to make things even more interesting, they have received the biggest price bumps overall this season. Budget gems will undeniably still be uncovered but straight from the off, it seems we might have to get used to the idea of shelling out the big bucks for previous top performers like Johan Larsson (8.0m), Aslak Fonn Witry (8.0m) and Eric Larsson (7.5m).

Fantasy Football Scout’s article on defenders for Fantasy Allsvenskan can be found here.

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For signup in English, look no further than here.

And finally, our mini-league code for the Fantasy Football Scout league this season is u1ouqr.

Next up will be midfielders!

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  1. Mullered in Maenam
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 7 Years
    5 months, 25 days ago

    Thanks Petter, plenty to mull over and a 5-4-1 formation to start with isn't a bad option.

    A 5.0m defender that i currently have is Max Watson of Mjallby, I like the look of their first three home fixtures.

    1. Meltens
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      • 5 Years
      5 months, 25 days ago

      Interesting! Watson looks good, but I can't pass up my boy Joel Nilsson, even though he costs 0.5m more. Wanted to back him from the start last season but it took a long time for him to establish himself in the lineup for some reason, lots of rotation. His attacking threat is superb in my opinion! 🙂

    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 2 Years
    5 months, 21 days ago

    Hi all. Thanks for another great article. I think that as the Allsvenskan always seems to favour defenders, it makes sense to invest there. Hoping that Johan Larsson can repeat his great form last year. Witry’s had a couple of goals in the cup which hopefully bodes well. I had been looking at Beijmo but I didn’t realise he was competing with Eric Larsson for a spot so will need to rethink there.