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Merry Christmas from Fantasy Football Scout

We at Fantasy Football Scout, and I personally, would like to wish all of our readers and their families a very happy and healthy Christmas.

Often in our short seasonal message of goodwill we urge you to tear your retinas away from our site and spend some quality time with your loved ones but, while we repeat that sentiment here, it’d be naive to think that many of us won’t have half an eye on Gameweek 19, even when otherwise engaged on Christmas Day.

Whether it be points hits and postponements while the kids are opening the presents, weighing up a Free Hit over the figgy pudding or sizing up a Son-for-Salah swoop while Skypeing your nan, there’ll be the Jacob Marley-like spectre of a Boxing Day deadline preying on our minds.

Our FPL coverage nevertheless takes a break for a day, as it should, and we’ll return with a vengeance and possibly a hangover with some Gameweek 19 content tomorrow, starting with a timely piece from Lateriser on the Free Hit.

As the first glass of cheap fizz starts to take its effect, I’d like to extend a huge thank you for your continued support and patronage of the site throughout not just my brief stint as editor but over 2021 as a whole and the many years before that.

It really is a privilege to work for the site and I hope we can continue to make strides and improve on what we offer in the year ahead.

From myself and all at Fantasy Football Scout, we wish you a very merry Christmas.

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  1. OptimusBlack
    • 9 Years
    4 months, 22 days ago

    Who to get CS this GW
    A- Ramsdale
    B- DDG
    sell Sà for -4

    1. Fabreghastly
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 11 Years
      4 months, 22 days ago

      I'd expect both but Ramsdale higher chance

  2. steven8991
    • 6 Years
    4 months, 22 days ago

    Salah and King >

    A. Son (C) and Broja
    B. Martinelli and Ronaldo (C)

  3. Atimis
    • 5 Years
    4 months, 22 days ago

    Not using FH this week is my massive fail, lost Spurs CS, Mahrez haul, as well as Son goal. Currently on 31 with James, Alonso playing and only Duffy, Ronaldo (c) to go.

  4. HMC
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 11 Years
    4 months, 22 days ago

    Are ppl banking on Wol Manu game going ahead in 21?
    That’s in 8 days and Wol covid issues may not be over by then

    1. RedRo
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      4 months, 22 days ago

      I'm not banking on anything right now. Playing it 1 GW at a time.

      1. HMC
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 11 Years
        4 months, 22 days ago

        Cheers. Looking at Ramsdale replacements with 2ft

  5. balint84
    • 6 Years
    4 months, 21 days ago

    Antonio or Kdb?

  6. balint84
    • 6 Years
    4 months, 17 days ago

    Replacing James+Duffy to
    Coufal+Keane but -4
    Worth it?