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  1. Karan14
    • 7 Years
    1 month, 20 hours ago

    Gabriel Cash Tsimikas
    Salah Son Saka Bowen Diaby
    Haaland Alvarez

    (3.9 Gueihi Archer Taylor)
    2 FTs & 0.3m

    A) Taylor to Lascalles
    B) Cash to Saliba
    C) Diaby to Mitoma

    Appreciate your thoughts!

    1. OLLY G
      • 7 Years
      1 month, 20 hours ago

      C for me

    2. La Roja
      • 11 Years
      1 month, 20 hours ago


  2. Haa-lala-land
    • 3 Years
    1 month, 20 hours ago

    Bryan Brobbey is starting up top for Ajax.
    What a great name.
    Didn't he star in a Monty Python film?

  3. Crunchie
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 5 Years
    1 month, 19 hours ago

    1FT 0.0 ITB

    What do do with this mess.? With Spurs down to the bones defensively, at CB's who come in with Dier?

    Is Spur's defence a target? Do I now keep Haaland?

    Johnstone (Turner)
    Cash, Saliba Tsimikas, (Porro, Kabore)
    Salah (C) Saka, Son, Diaby, (Adringa)
    Pedro, Alvarez, Haaland.

    After Brighton team tonight, i am sick and tired of Brightons rotation.

    1. Roll.
    2. Porro to Lascelles
    3. Haaland to Watkins, Porro to Trippier -4
    4. Haaland to Watkins and Pedro to Darwin -4, (forget Brighton rotation altogether, been a ball ache all season, and have been crap since GW4).

    My original plan before I got sucked into Tsimkas like many others, this week was 4 for 2FT this week.

    It just leaves me with many good options moving forward and Saka to Palmer GW16 (leaves me with enough money to get Haaland back for free )

    I just have to decide my 5th midfielder in the coming GW13-15 would be Mbeumo/Eze or Gordon, and keep WC19

    Spurs weak defence will help both Watkins and Haaland though, and if Darwin is benched GW13 I'd have enough midfield cover anyway.

  4. JAS
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 14 Years
    1 month, 1 hour ago

    Who will score most short to medium term.

    a) Saka / Awoniyi
    b) Martinelli / Alvarez


  5. Peter14
      29 days, 9 hours ago

      Saka - Son - Mitoma - Bowen - Diaby
      Hallaand - Watkins - Nunez

      One to bench ?!

    • Rbyrne95
      • 7 Years
      29 days, 4 hours ago

      Thoughts folks? I have £1.0 atm already:

      A) Adingra to Gordon
      B) Alvarez to Nketiah (free’s up to get 7.2 total and could get Mitoma, Mbuemo etc. next week or now for hit)
      C) Alvarez to Darwin.
      B) leave, only flag is Saka.

    • Sammie
        29 days, 3 hours ago

        Replace Burn
        A) Mitchell
        B) Lascelles
        C) Myolenko


      • BobB
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 14 Years
        23 days, 1 hour ago

        Disgusting. What about Chelsea FFS. Two-tier FA.

        1. Ram sey Coq uel in
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 6 Years
          23 days, 1 hour ago

          Was there also not a situation with man city as well ? If so , that seems to have gone quiet as well .

          1. ZimZalabim
            • 7 Years
            23 days, 57 mins ago

            lol calling it a situation like that is like it was a minor incident and not major news

            They have been charged with 115 breaches and have hired a whole team of lawyers and the story is it will take up to 4 years to resolve.

            They are hoping its exactly this situation where people just forget about their "situation' and they can get off scott free

        2. George Sillett
          • 8 Years
          23 days, 1 hour ago

          Far more complex a case

          1. boc610
            • 11 Years
            23 days, 1 hour ago

            sorry thats bol *x . it complex only because of the amount of charges. the real "complexity" is down to lawyers stalling everything till kingdom come.

            1. x.jim.x
              • 9 Years
              23 days, 1 hour ago

              You literally just said it isn't complex, then explained why exactly it's so complex in the same breath.

              1. boc610
                • 11 Years
                22 days, 23 hours ago

                eh no I didnt. i said theres a lot of charges. they dont have to do every single charge in one go. they can surely have gotten to a few of them by now. but thats impossible when you have lord pannick and his crack squad throwing every spanner into the works imaginable.

                1. x.jim.x
                  • 9 Years
                  22 days, 23 hours ago

                  A case with 1 charge in 1 time period where the accused cooperate is going to take considerably less time than a case with 115 charges over a decade where "Lord Pannick and his crack squad throw every spanner into the works" as you so eloquently put it.

                  It's really as simple as that.

                  1. boc610
                    • 11 Years
                    22 days, 23 hours ago

                    ok but isnt there one charge in one time period amongst all the 115? they could easily for instance deal with manicins spell in charge first and either prove or disprove it then move on. none of it is time barred as far as i know. the assumption has to be that city arent providing the paperwork. i dont understand how there isnt a greater punishment for not cooperating which UEFA only fined the for.

                    1. x.jim.x
                      • 9 Years
                      22 days, 23 hours ago

                      The league may very well be doing that, but they're not going to put out an update every Monday like they're in a weekly standup. It's a huge, huge case that's going to take multiple years.

        3. ZimZalabim
          • 7 Years
          23 days, 55 mins ago

          Everton last to offend least of the charges as compared to Chelsea and Man City and cooperated the most and punished the fastest.

          The other two will just delay and eventually pay their way out

        4. ebb2sparky
          • 13 Years
          23 days, 48 mins ago

          I thought Everton pleaded guilty whereas the others didn't? Maybe I'm mistaken?

          1. x.jim.x
            • 9 Years
            23 days, 47 mins ago

            That is correct - Everton cooperated with the investigation, which is why it concluded so swiftly.