FFS Mini-Leagues & Community Competitions – Gameweek 24

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions roundup after Gameweek 24.

We report on the latest news from the Head-to-Head Leagues and Last Man Standing as well as on the leaders of many community mini-leagues. Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers, however, is covered by a separate series of articles.


Joe Stait sets the pace for a second successive week and eighth time this season in our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league (league code 5k0l6n) and is now 12th overall.

Prizes will be awarded to the top ten FFS-registered teams at the end of the season. See this article for full details.


Mark Ogier has regained the lead from Jake Holton in our Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-league. Having previously led after Gameweeks 20 to 22, his team is now ranked 113th worldwide.

This mini-league is open to anyone who has an FFS account, the league code being visible in the SCOUT LEAGUES widget on the signed-in FFS Home Page.


Cak Juris leads for a fifth straight week and 13th time this season in League 1 of MIR’s FFS Head-to-Head Leagues. He has 45 points out of a possible 72 but, after losing to Alex Tyc, is now only two ahead of David Bowman and Ignazio La Rosa. He was 29th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame after its Gameweek 23 update.

The joint top scorers in the Head-to-Head Leagues with 66 points each are still Roger Butler from League 7 Division 38, Andrew Calverley from League 9 Division 30 and Fernando Ayerdi from League 9 Division 159. Roger is now 8,449th overall, while Andrew has risen to 2,706th.


The safety score for Gameweek 24 in TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition (LMS) was 63 after hits, with 34 teams being removed.

It means that 301 are going through to Gameweek 25. The LMS leaderboard shows the current live safety score, leaders and teams in danger of being eliminated.

Ahmed Shahin (Professor Bear) was the top scorer of the Gameweek, with double-digit hauls from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Magalhaes, William Saliba, Cole Palmer and captain Erling Haaland. He’s had four top 10k finishes and sits 83rd in our FFS Live Hall of Fame after its Gameweek 23 update.


Meanwhile, Luke Williams (SuperPuzzleFighter) leads for a second successive week and fourth time this season in the FFScout Mods & Cons mini-league. He’s risen to 5,372nd overall.


Obay Eid (FPL Milanista) is the new name on top of the FFScout Family mini-league. He came 473rd in 2020/21, has had four more top 9k finishes and is 21st in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Kevin Prendergast leads for a ninth straight week and 18th time this season in my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (code x8qf0d). He is 49th overall.

This league is for teams with at least one previous finish inside the top 10,000.


Christian Larisch (Alchim1sT) takes over from Olavi Oja at the summit of my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (code 4y0ws3). Having previously led after Gameweeks 21 and 22, he is now 530th overall. He’s also 75th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame and leads both the Hall of Fame Top 1k mini-league and the Opening Day League.

This league is for teams with at least two previous finishes inside the top 10,000.


Eddy Healey leads for a second week in PDM’s Top 1k Any season mini-league (code oymggk) and ranks 3,972nd.


David Meechan is the new number one in Chaballer’s Multiple Top 1k Finishes mini-league (code xz4wet), after being in the same position following Gameweeks 8 and 9. Up to 5,416th overall, he’s 201st in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Elsewhere, Cameron Wong leads for a third straight week and 18th time this season in Livinginapool’s Top 100 Any Season mini-league (code mq8lpy) and has risen to 5,845th globally. He is 565th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame after its Gameweek 23 update


2019/20 FPL Champion Joshua Bull has a sixth successive week on top of Simon March’s FPL Champions League. It’s his 16th time in 2023/24.


Joakim Viheriä leads for a consecutive 13th week in Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league and is 4,343rd overall.


It’s a ninth week in front for Christian Larisch (Alchim1sT) in Chaballer’s Hall of Fame Top 1k mini-league (code xbert7).


He also leads for a ninth week in my Opening Day League.


Paul Nichols leads for a fifth week in the Beat the FFScout/PFT XI mini-league (code 65xmu5) and rises to 1,445th overall. As well as that, the Scout community team (Scout PFT) keeps rising and is now fifth in the league.


William Fortescue remains ahead for a ninth straight week and 13th time this season in The Knights Template’s Hall of Shame Tourney (code b84jwh). This team is 163rd overall.


Finally, Mateusz Kabat leads for a second week in my January to May League (code 5v12bh). It’s been a superb four Gameweeks for this team, shooting up from 23k to 155th overall.


To join a featured mini-league for which you are eligible, simply enter the league code in the ‘Join Invitational League and Cup’ section on the FPL site. For any questions relating to community mini-leagues and competitions please comment below or email support@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk.


If you’d like to receive email notifications whenever future community articles are published, you can do so by editing your FFS Profile. Simply tick ‘Community’ in the ‘Email Notifications’ section under ‘Alerts & Notifications’.

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RedLightning The 2023/24 winners of my mini-leagues were: Opening Day League: Ben Tinker; Top 10k Any Season and Multiple Top 10k Finishes: Euan Thompson; January to May League: Mateusz Kabat; and The Last Ten: Sandeep Ramadev.

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  1. FPLMarc
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 12 Years
    4 months, 8 days ago

    Thanks for doing that, RL.

    1. RedLightning
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      • 13 Years
      4 months, 8 days ago

      Thanks for publishing it, Marc.

    2. GW24 Hall of Fame Update
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      • 13 Years
      4 months, 7 days ago

      The FFS Live Hall of Fame (which, unlike the FFS Career Hall of Fame, can only be viewed by Premium Members) has been updated again this afternoon (Wednesday 14th February) and is now based on results up to and including Gameweek 24.

      51,058 managers participating in the Fantasy Football Scout and Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-leagues are now ranked in it.

      The new top ten, with their FFS Career Hall of Fame positions in brackets and followed by their current Overall Rankings, is:
      1(5) Mark Hurst. OR 7,597.
      2(13) Ben Crellin. OR 2,044.
      3(14) Tom Dollimore. OR 2,958.
      4(2) Fábio Borges. OR 97k.
      5(1) Finn Sollie. OR 180k.
      6(9) Markku Ojala. OR 14k.
      7(8) Rob Mayes. OR 21k.
      8(15) Jan Kępski. OR 11k.
      9(3) Jon Ballantyne. OR 129k.
      10(26) John Walsh. OR 5,711.

      Since the Gameweek 23 update, Ben Crellin and Tom Dollimore have both overtaken Fábio Borges, and Jan Kępski has overtaken Jon Ballantyne.

      All ten are now inside the overall top 200k, but only Ben Crellin, Tom Dollimore, John Walsh and Mark Hurst are in the top 10k.

      The following leaders of community competitions and mini-leagues featured in the article are also ranked in the top thousand of the updated FFS Live Hall of Fame: Cak Juris 32nd, Ahmed Shahin 63rd, Obay Eid 18th, Christian Larisch 81st, David Meechan 175th and Cameron Wong 512th.

  2. Alchim1sT
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 7 Years
    4 months, 7 days ago

    Great coverage man, as always!

  3. Charlie Price
    • 3 Years
    4 months, 6 days ago

    Anyone playing MLS fantasy this year?
    Thought I would give it a try. Similar scoring system to FPL but with unlimited transfers! Once you have registered you are auto entered into the Overall league plus your chosen club league. Interestingly the first 24 weeks of the season are broken down into 6 week sections. So based on weeks 1 to 6 the top 50 managers will qualify for the end of season FCL (Fantasy Champions League) tournament. This is repeated again for weeks 7 to 12 and so on.
    It will come as no surprise to you all that I have created a mini league as follows:

    Is This The Way To Aston Villa.

    Code MAX9LTXP

    Please join if you are interested.
    P.S. Lionel Messi is currently only 16% owned!!! Something tells me that will change.

    fantasy.mlssoccer.com to register.

  4. Charlie Price
    • 3 Years
    4 months, 6 days ago

    **2500 POINTS ANY SEASON** League

    Code zzpxga

    Paul Shore manager of Wham continues to lead this league and is now 18 points ahead of his nearest rival. Overall Paul is now inside the top 5k.

    206 managers now enrolled but I know there are lots more of you who do qualify. So please check your histories and if you do qualify then please join the “2500 Club”.

    Hoping for a big influx of new entries next season based on 23/24 achievement.

    1. Zladan
      • 6 Years
      4 months, 6 days ago

      2500 isn’t as exclusive as it once was. I think 2500 was top 150k last year and top 100k the year before.

  5. sirmorbach
    • 8 Years
    4 months, 6 days ago

    Bottomed, lads, sorry.

    Gabriel, Porro, Estupiñán
    Salah*, Jota, Foden, Richarlison
    Haaland (tc), Watkins, Adebayo

    Areola, Palmer, Branthwaite, Robinson

    GTG? Can I save my FT?