We roll out the draw for the Sixth Round of the Fantasy Football Scout Cup IX and Members Cup IV, as sponsored by Paddy Power, this evening. The last remaining previous winner of the former competition, MCH, was finally eliminated in Gameweek 33 after he was defeated 74 points to 54 points by Tractor Boys:

Tractor Boys now faces ChelseaFan FC for a place in the last 16, while some of the other match-ups to catch the eye include Heartbreakd v Woeisme, EASYLUCKYFREE v Attila the Bum and Shipsontrev v Rossaldinho.

A tip of the hat goes to Exxtreme, who racked up 86 points in the previous round, making him the highest-scoring manager to progress. ChelseaFan FC is the top-ranked manager here, sitting 972nd spot in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) rankings.

A full list of last week’s results is here, and the draw for the Sixth Round, which kicks off this Saturday afternoon and lasts right through to Wednesday evening, when Everton entertain Palace and City host Sunderland, can be found here.

In the FFS Members Cup IV, we’re down to the last 16 managers. Some of the stand-out ties for Gameweek 34 include HuttonDressedasLahm v In Tommy We Trust, Spencer v Brunei Futbol DNA and Trigg v Dullardinho.

Brunei Futbol DNA was the highest-scoring manager in the Members Cup for the second week running, weighing in with 87 points, whilst Shipsontrev has the loftiest overall ranking in FPL, currently sitting in 999th position.

You can click here to check out the Sixth Round draw, which gets underway this weekend, whilst the full list of Fifth Round results can be found here.

As always, good luck to all those still in with a shout of the silverware.

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  1. What u gonna do if Pelle says that Yaya Toure is not ready for Liverpool and Sunderlend game? o.O

    1. Cry. And hope Hazard is fit.

    2. Transfer him out!

    3. Sell hazard for somebody and bench yaya

    4. jump off a bridge into the river thames

      1. as an act of refreshment to waken me up rather than see my demise

    5. Have a beer

    6. Bad boys bad boys.. oops.. i lost you at what u gonna do

      1. What u gonna do when they come for you

    7. Retire for the season.

    8. Nothing different.

    9. Swear.

      Then bitch on FFS about this season keeps f****** me over

  2. For god's sake people, stop selling Hazard!

    1. Doesn't help that FPL have changed all the percentages.

    2. Get over it - stopped worrying about TV weeks ago

      1. So did all the others, who are now .1 short of getting Aguero.

        1. this TV is still important to many

        2. No big deal - plenty of alternatives

          1. Or .1 short of whoever they wanted. TV is part of the game, it doesn't stop being valid at Christmas.

            1. Will always be 0.1 short of somebody regardless of TV - plenty of differentials at this time of year

    3. dont listen to him....... sell sell sell

  3. A. Hazard/Sturr>Silva/Aguero & Snoody>Barkley (-4)
    B. Hazard/Sturr>Silva/Dzeko & Snoddy>Lallana (-4)

    A would leave Toure, Eriksen, Silva, Barkley, (Huddlestone), Aguero, Suarez, Lukaku
    B would leave Toure, Eriksen, Silva, Lallana, (Huddlestone), Dzeko, Suarez, Lukaku

    A or B & would you take the hit? (B would probably make it easier to get Rooney in G36)

  4. good for aguero that man city play west brom on monday

    1. makin love by wednesday?

      1. risky with his hamstrings

        1. well yes if he goes for a knee trembler .... hopefully hell get support from the city medical team

    2. It's a sign - buy!

    3. Sunday Wednesday and Monday just after coming back still a bit too much though. 2 starts over those looks likely which should equal points though. Sigh.. i may have to get him in

      1. Rested for Wednesday imo Valar.

        1. my plan atm is to get him in for GW 35.. allows me to keep sturridge for norwich and swap lukaku out for aguero instead. i think i may stick to it

          1. Looks like a decent plan and you get to see if he's actually fit again before using the transfer.

    4. Damn. That might say me into this stupid or good move.

    5. Not sure how that's good. Unless he enjoys spending 90 minutes in mcauley's pocket.

  5. Should I abandon my plan to get Rooney next week? He and his foot where terrible last night

    1. Wait for GW36 all will be clearer then

      1. The money he would cost might be useful though

        1. I'm not convinced he's worth altering your plans to that extent for.

  6. Dzeko will comfortably outscore Aguero this GW - stop obsessing about Aguero

    1. I think you're right.

    2. lukaku to outscore both

      1. Hopefully I am captaining him

    3. possibly but do u think he will outscore him upto gw38?unless aguero gets injured i dont think so

      1. That's an argument for another day - we are talking here and now

    4. You own dzeko?

    5. Unfortunately I think that you might be right.

    6. Hahah Dzeko

      Out score Aguero



      Good one Hahahaha Dzeko


      1. is that a 3-1-1-4-1 formation?

        1. Christmas tree

          1. ah.. thought it was an RMT with petnames :)

    7. Do you really see Pellers starting 2 strikers vs Pool away? looks like a 4-5-1.. though if dzeko misses out he should start sunderland so you may be right :)

      1. Aguero 30 mins v Liverpool

    8. I'm glad this has been cleared up. Hot topic this so we can refer questions to this post.

      1. Wish it was that simple

    9. I suspect he'll get more gametime than Aguero but points? I'm not so sure.

  7. Sturridge hasn't gone 3 PL games scoreless this season. He's at home against his first senior club who didn't think he was good enough, preventing them winning the league should motivate any player. Saying that goalless in just two games is a drop in form is ridiculous. If there was no DGW no way anyone would consuder selling him.

    1. Agreed

      1. its kun though.. he always drives us crazy

        1. Did you hear or read of one single report this week that Aguero is banging in goals in training, in his sleep?

          Exactly ;-)

          1. Hehe.. im doing a "sensible" move. Got 2 Fts and only using one to swap Hazard for Nasri. Gives me Yaya, Silva and Nasri.. then in GW 35/36 when Aguero proves his fitness i swap out the City mid most badly affected by his return for Mata and swap Lukaku for Aguero :cool:

  8. All set

    .....Clichy Distin Kolorov
    Barkley Mirallas Lallana Sterling
    ...Suarez Sturridge Giroud

    Price Koscielny Demel Mutch

    Did Azpillicueta/Hazard/Adebayor > Clichy/Barkley/Giroud for -8


    1. Hope your midfield all get 2 games?!

    2. Lol

    3. errrrrrrrrrrrrr

    4. Looks goid.

      Will Clichy and Kolarov not cancel each other out?

      1. Rotation covered :cool:

        1. I would have got Boyata too. Just to be sure.

    5. Hmm.

      1. So much jealousy :wink:

    6. I like your use of periods

      1. Don't bring women's problem into this......

          1. We call them full stops over here - need to get used to the lingo though off to Florida next Tuesday

            1. I know you do, I purposefully said periods for that joke ;)

              my mother was British educated and I've watched enough footy and British sit coms to learn a thing or two ;)


              1. Nice one - cheers

  9. Mannoe
    Shaw demichils ivanovic
    Johnson erikson puncheon nasri
    Dzeko suar lukaku

    Adrian hazard demel ollson

    Got 2.8 spare but no transfers. Do i take a hit and bring in either baines or coleman? Do i leave and just start erikson?
    Is now the time to sell hazard?
    Chasing a 50 point lead behind someone with 3 dgw players

    1. take a hit and enjoy havein another dgwer

    2. Assuming that your choice would score 2 points in each game, your effective transfer cost is 2 points. Chasing 50 points .... I probably would, going for Baines as the bigger upside. Fingers crossed.

      1. How about hazard? Leave it for now and hope erikson works his magic. Everton midfielders are a gamble.

  10. Would you start Ki or Mutch??

    1. Ki...You may get lucKEY

      1. that bad joke just put my eye out

        1. oKEY sorry

          1. and there goes the other :cool:

            1. good thing you got sunglasses on

              1. cause that would've been icKEY

    2. How do you like your 2 points? with a lil bit of false hope or just straight and simple?

    3. Ki 100%

      1. mutch vs saints to score i guess is another way of thinking about it

        1. Really can't see it. I'd take Ki all day for this GW.

          1. nice, will go with the Ki man

            1. Good job. Will be stunned if you end up regretting it.

  11. Cech
    Baines Dann Azpilicueta
    Yaya Silva AJ Hazard
    Suarez Sturridge Lukaku
    Subs - Flanagan Parr Noone

    2FT, 0.8 in the bank.

    Aguero and Lallana in for Sturridge and Hazard the right move?

  12. Team
    kolarov coleman ward(azpi chambers)
    yaya nasri erikson gerrard
    lukaku(C) sturridge suarez
    bank:2.7 transfers:1

    I'm worried im depending too much on liverpool getting a momentous win on sunday is it worthwhile maybe benching sturridge and going with chambers a seemingly nailed on clean sheet?anyone suggest further transfers perhaps?

  13. Has there been a press conference for city yet?

    What are people's thoughts about the minutes of:

    Yaya & Aguero?

    I yaya really injured as per fpl?

    1. 175 minutes for Yaya
      17 minutes for Aguero(injury)

    2. He is injured as per FML

      1. no press conference yet.. tmrw morning

    3. Onnnnnnne hundred and eeeeeeiiiigggghhhhhttttyyyyyy for Yaya
      90 for Aguero (30 and 60)

    4. No

      179 100

      No. He's Yaya Toure. Other players would be dead with the injuries Yaya laughs in the face of.

  14. really considering Gerrard > Ramsey now for a bit of differential over my rival

    1. Surely not for this week though?

  15. Not seeing to many going for Stones as a cheapo for the double, esp now that Jags looks like it'll be next week end at the earliest before he's ready

    1. Most are housefull with Everton players since the last DGW

    2. if thats the case then its a nice punt

    3. Bennett - Stones may be one of my transfers. Livin on the edge baby.

    4. Just done Collins -> Stones

  16. Don't see too many going with Coleman and baines for this week.Sunderland and crystal palace
    Could be very profitable. Hope so.

    1. been on it since GW30, with a bit of Lukaku thrown in

    2. Would be nice. Not sure how I ended up with Mirallas and Barkley instead.

    3. had it since GW 30 :cool:

        1. :cool:
          Its been fun. 52 points between the 2 of em in 4 GWs :) .. if one does not score/assist/bap the other does

          1. indeed great stuff, so far. GW31 was a joy. Pity I benched young Sheamus last week but my defenders got 6,7 and 6 with a 5 and a 6 on the bench.

    4. yeah but the fixtures after. such a short term move

    5. Yeah got lukaku too.

      1. I have both pluss lukaku and 2 ft :)

    6. have Baines and Lukaku..want Coleman..but it's SUCH a short-term move..could only really justify keeping until United, and even we're on an upturn despite losing against Bayern :|

      1. With so few weeks left i don't think long term any more.

        1. yeah of course, but you also have to keep your hits in mind, know what I mean?

  17. If JT is out, am very happy to have Cahill on the bench.

    1. is JT out?

      1. scout tweets

        1. ta, sold him for baines anyhoo but was plannin on gettin him back

  18. Gerrard>Eriksen tonight or wait?

    1. Wait till after Liverpool's standard penalty against City on Sunday

      1. Not convinced they'll get one against City. Seems to be mostly against teams with shambolic defences. Agree though, still don't think now is the right time.

        1. Liverpool will get a pen

          1. Well that clears that up.

        2. Where there's a Clattenburg, there's a way.

          1. I slipped coming out of the toilets in the bar i watched the match in last night

            Liverpool got a pen

      2. Would have to settle for Dzeko instead of Aguero then. Worth it?

    2. with the dirty greek in citeh defence, i am keeping. could well give away a pen

      1. greek? :)

        1. Demichopolus

  19. What to do with this lot?have two transfers

    Mannone Adrian
    Azpilicueta shaw ward
    Hazard silva yaya mata noone
    Sturidge Suarez lukaku

    Was thinking hazard and McCartney > Lallana and zab?
    Should I also do Shaw > Stones for a hit?

  20. if Rambo is going to start against Wigan, do you think he won't start against West Ham?

      1. so you think he will start? lol

          1. thanks Dem :)

            1. Flamini will be suspended for it too, which should help his cause. He needs to get match fitness. I fancy Wenger to start him in every single game for the rest of the season now.

              1. I'm considering Gerrard out for him (already have Eriksen)..is that silly? he's on form, but I just don't see the City game being high scoring, could even see Liverpool shut out entirely..

              2. This is good news but even if he doesn't play, please don't make any "Chester" guarantees.

  21. Seriously Rory (mcilroy), she's really not that great...oh sorry....whats that? You LOVE her? Ffs your twenty something, have a helicopter i guess and tigers black book (non racist comment) so start living with the hunnys

    1. He's a United fan, she's a Liverpool fan. Can't believe he's lowered himself to that level

      1. Isn't he Irish?

        1. British

          1. Irish

    2. What a stupid comment.

  22. Right, Good to go?

    Mannone (Boruc)
    Ward, zab, Coleman (azpil, rosenior)
    Gerrard, yaya, a. Johnson, silva, (Delph)
    Suarez, sturridge, lukaku

    1FT left and 0.7 itb

    1. Yeah, looks nice.

  23. Play Snodgrass, Bardsley or Cahill?

    1. I'd play Snodgrass

  24. Nice. Decent draw in Members Cup. I can dream :D

    1. Good luck my conqueror.

  25. Best option please folks?
    A. McCartney and hazard > Zab/Coleman and Lallana/Erikson
    B. A plus Shaw > Stones for a hit
    C. Do A and also Do Sturidge > dzeko/Agureo for a hit

    Basically comes down to Lallana v Erikson and Zab v Coleman/Stones (and save money)?

  26. New Article Posted
  27. Going forward.

    A. Aguero+Eriksen


    B. Dzeko+Gerrard

    1. Prob A but not for this week IMO

  28. Eriksen or Lallana?

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