Eliteserien Fantasy: GW 3 Review


Goals: L Saetra(4.5), Mos(9.5) | Aasmundsen(6.5), Solholm Johansen(4.5), Occean(5.5)

Assists: Vilsvik(5.0), Pedersen(10.5) | Olsen Solberg(5.0) x2, Brochmann

Elv Classico derby turned out to be an open game with both teams firing in a lot of shots. There were 6 yellow cards in the game, something which is common in any derby. The player who caught my eyes with his excellent crossing ability was Mjondalen left-back Joachim Olsen Solberg (5.0) who had 2 assists in the game which takes his tally to 4 for the season. He is on corners as well which boosts his potential. Owners of Mostafa Abdellaoue (9.5) might feel themselves unlucky as the striker was reduced to a single goal. He should easily have scored a hat-trick if not denied by the post and an acrobatic save from Julian Faye Lund (4.5).


Goals: Thorstvedt (6.2), Ibrahimaj (5.2) | Haugen (9.0)

Assists: Tripic (6.0) | Karadas (4.5)

Second derby for the week Best i vest derby, was not short of action. 7 yellow cards and a red card sums up the intensity of the match. Viking FK continues to impress as they secured the 3 points yet again. Iven Austbo (4.6) was brilliant in front of goal with 7 saves earning save points for the 3rd week running and 3 Bonus Fantasy Points. Ylldren Ibrahimaj (5.2) and Kristian Thorstvedt (6.2) continues to provide regular attacking returns. While the former is more of a creator, the latter looks to be their chief scorer. Both are worth monitoring and could provide exceptional value for the season. Brann defence continues to frustrate the fantasy community as it continues it’s search of first clean sheet for the season.


Goals: Saltnes (6.0), Bergan (5.0), Bjornbak (6.0) own goal | James (10.4), Ohi (9.1)

Assists: Dahl Reitan (4.5), Layouni (6.7), Herrem (5.7) | Ohi (9.1)

It was a poor performance from a team that’s aiming for the title this season. Molde would be disappointed from the way in which they conceded the goals – poor marking and unable to clear the balls from set pieces resulted in their first loss of the season. They missed the trick by not starting Eirik Ulland Andersen (10.0) whose presence was largely felt in the attacking areas. Owners of  Ohikhuaeme Omoijuanfo (9.1) would be pleased with the striker returning a goal and assist. The attacking assets of Bodo/Glimt deserves special mention as they scored 10 times already this season, the most in the league. Amor Layouni (6.7) and Geir Herrem (5.7) is providing regular attacking returns for their owners. The 6.9% ownership of the striker is expected to increase as the fixtures are turning better.


Goals: Rashani (8.0), Borven (6.9)

Assists: Oldrup Jensen (5.0), Svendsen (8.0)

Torgeir Borven (6.9) extended his goal streak to 3rd game running scoring a superb goal for OddElbasan Rashani (8.0) had an excellent outing and should have added more attacking returns. With Odd having excellent fixtures expect both to score big in the coming weeks. If you are looking for a differential we have one with 1% who had a great game, Sander Svendsen (8.0). I don’t think he would attract much interest with Rashani behind everything that Odd has produced in the attacking half. Owners of Espen Ruud (6.5) would be pleased with his clean sheet. He was not far away from scoring through a curling free kick. He should return some attacking returns over the next few fixtures.


Goals: Samuelsen (7.4), Wadji (8.0)

Assists: Kallevag (5.5), Wadji (8.0)

Ahead of 3 really good fixtures FK Haugesund were expected to perform better and they have done just that although they left it very late, scoring in the last minutes of the game. Ibrahima Wadji (8.0) performed as expected scoring one and assisting another. Even Barli (4.5) had a brilliant day stopping couple of sure shot goal opportunities, one being a one-on-one with WadjiRanheim had their moments but couldn’t capitalize on those. Alexander Stolas (6.6) continues to provide some returns with a clean sheet this time.


Goals: Strand Larsen (6.5)

Assists: Skalevik (7.9)

Finally Jorgen Strand Larsen (6.5) delivered much to the delight of his frustrating owners who had high hopes based on his preseason heroics. Joachim Thomassen (5.4) should have scored from a brilliant long ranger to start of the proceedings, with his shot missing the goal not by much. Kristoffer Zachariassen (7.5) should have scored his 2nd for the season with his initial shot being saved by Marko Maric (4.5) and subsequent header just going wide from goal. Lillestrom should have equalised after half time through Erik Naesbak Brenden (5.4) as he had done everything to get the ball past the advancing Alexander Vasyutin (5.5). A superb goal line clearance from Nicolai Naess (5.0) aided by the crossbar kept their lead intact. It was a solid performance from the centre-half which was awarded 3 Bonus Fantasy Points by the experts.


Goals: Bohinen (4.5), Brynhildsen (5.5), Boli (9.9) | Reginiussen (7.0)

Assists: Ronald Hernandez (4.0), Borkeeiet (4.5), Vihmann (4.5) | Helland (11.0)

Disaster! Nothing more to describe the performance of the reigning champions Rosenborg against a team that just survived relegation battle last season. It was a performance demanding the fantasy managers to sell off Rosenborg assets unless they perform better as they don’t come cheap into our teams. The defensive line of the champions has broken into pieces multiple times with runs from Frank Boli (9.9) disrupting their defensive organisation. Ola Brynhildsen (5.5) scored a heck of a goal through an overhead kick for which Andre Hansen (7.0), the best goalkeeper in the league, had no answers. Only player worth mentioning from Rosenborg was Pal Andre Helland (11.0) who assisted their only goal and had a free kick rattle against the crossbar. Believe it or not, Rosenborg is now in the relegation zone although one would expect a team of that quality to start producing returns immediately.


Goals: Ejuke (8.0), Finne (9.5), Shala (8.4), Wangberg (5.0) own goal | Laedre Bjordal (5.0) own goal

Assists: Shala (8.4) x2, Finne (9.5), Vilhjalmsson (9.6) | Pedersen (4.5)

It was all about Herolin Shala (8.4) and Bard Finne (9.5) who bossed the game for ValerengaChidera Ejuke (8.0) scored an absolute beauty as he dribbled past 2 defenders and the goalkeeper with ease. At this point it looks essential to have Finne and one of Shala/Ejuke as they are in brilliant form at home. But their away form is a slight worry for potential investors. Matthias Vilhjalmsson (9.6) was reduced to an assist much to the frustration of his 30.9% owners. If Valerenga keeps scoring like this, expect him to be in the scoresheet soon.

What did you take away from the games we’ve just had? How did your team do? Who do you want to keep and who needs to go?

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  1. Geoff
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
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    • 6 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Fantastic review of GW3!

    I saw FPL JJ ask on the last article about Community questions, captain choices, and transfers. The transfers and captaincy will be covered in the weekly Hot Topic - it's a good way to collect everyone's thoughts and discuss them.
    And as for Community Questions that's what this board is for! The discussion growing nicely and these articles are a massive help.

    Let's all show Sebin how much we appreciate it and maybe he'll write one every week 😉

    Additionally, an Eliteserien analyst is writing a piece that I'll get live tomorrow morning that looks at players to watch and think about bringing in.

    Huge thanks to everyone who has submitted so far and for everyone active in the comment section!

    1. Fpl JJ
      4 months, 2 days ago

      A weekly hot topic article looks good , thanks Geoff

  2. MTPockets
    • 10 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Thanks again Sebin. Already a fascinating season.

    Assume form will revert, but finding a sense of schadenfraude in Rosenborg's results. And not even Norwegian
    Brynhildsen's overhead kick was the cherry on the turd. Hilarious

  3. Greyhead
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 1 Year
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Great stuff Sebin and really useful. Completely bonkers season but that’s part of the fun. Still not sure about captain for this week, thinking Rashani? Any other views?

    1. Sebin
      4 months, 2 days ago

      I may be captaining Eikrem. Molde will be looking to bounce back from that shocking defeat against Bodo/Glimt. Rashani and Wadji are also good options. If you are up for a differential pick then Helland, who is owned by just 4.5%, is one worth considering. It's now or never for Rosenborg.

  4. JohnnyMagrinho
    • 49 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Great article, very helpful indeed.

    Looking ahead to this GW I'm really convinced Odd are going to blow Viking out the water. I like Viking and think they'll overperform this year, but I think this fixture is going to be too much for them.

    I've already made my FT (Vilhj to Borven) but I'm not happy about not having Rashani.

    My midfield: Eikrem, Hestad, Finne & Brynhildsen (Diop) so I'm not really too convinced taking a hit to get rid of any of those is a good idea.

    I do have quite a bit of money freed up by getting rid of Vilh so I could definitely ship Bryn for Rashani but he's such good value for money.

    Would it be completely ridiculous to go Brynhildsen to Rashani for a hit this week? I'd still have 1.2m ITB for future moves (plus I'll be getting rid of Teniste soon).

    1. Team Cruel
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      4 months, 2 days ago

      I'd rather get rid of Diop than Brynhildsen.

      1. JohnnyMagrinho
        • 49 Years
        4 months, 2 days ago

        So would I. But that would leave me with only 0.2 ITB

        Worm, Teniste, Adekugbe, Kvande, Psyche
        Eikrem, Hestad, Finne, Rashani, Bryn
        Ohi, Borven, Herrem
        0.2ITB -4.

        That's how my team would be.

        I will be shipping out Teniste but that would probably be for someone like Risa or Olsen Solberg even, so I would make some money back there. But how long before Stolas becomes essential?

        I suppose an obvious move would be to downgrade Finne to Shala.

    2. TallestJohn
      • 2 Years
      4 months, 2 days ago

      Agree about Odd, it seemed like they had a fairly quiet transfer window other than Svendsen but the continuity in the squad seems to have helped them. They look confident and everything flows through Rashani who knows his role. Ruud still good, Børven more clinical, midfield impressive. Can now see why they finished 2nd a few years ago.

  5. No Kane No Gain
    • 2 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Great article again, thanks! Also, anyone what is Halvorsen like as a pick? As I am WC this GW

    1. GertJan
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      4 months, 2 days ago

      I seem to remember from last year that he is Sarpsborg's first choice spot-kick taker, but the Norwegians around here will have to correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. gro1994
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 4 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Thanks for the article! I remembered the GW3 deadline just in time and moved Finne out for Rashani. I'm happy to own Rashani and they both got the same score in the end, but it may have been a bit rash to get rid of Finne.

    Anyway, 2 free transfers this week and not sure what to do with them.

    It seems fairly obvious to use one to ship out Hedenstad (injury doubt and Rosenborg have been poor) for either Stolas or an Odd defender (Ruud or Risa) - just need to decide which is the better option.

    For my other transfer, I really want Borven (great value even at 0.4m more than his starting price!) but to do that I'll have to lose either Ohi, Boli or Vilhjalmsson. Ohi is going nowhere and I'm happy to hold Boli as a proven Eliteserien goalscorer, so is Vilhjalmsson -> Borven a sensible move?

    Also, any news on Ingebrigtsen? He started GW3 despite an injury doubt, but he got subbed before 60 mins and is flagged again...

    1. GertJan
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      4 months, 2 days ago

      Stolas and Ruud will get you attacking points, so both are good options.

      Valerenga's away form is pretty poor after conceding 6 goals so far and with 3 of their next 4 on the road, I decided to ship Vilhjalmsson out. Borven does seem like a great pick with fixtures and form on his side, but I have doubts about whether it's sustainable. Therefore, my team has been strengthened with Haugesund's Wadji.

      Tromso could well be in for a relegation battle, so not sure if holding on to a 50/50 Ingebrigtsen is the right call.

      1. gro1994
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 4 Years
        4 months, 2 days ago

        Thanks for this! I've potentially got quite a few fires to put out then with Ingebrigtsen and Adekugbe too! I don't think it's quite in need of a wildcard yet though...

        I'm leaning towards Ruud but I'm not sure his attacking threat is quite what it used to be. Stolas was great last season.

        Wadji looks a good pick but I think I'm set on going Borven. Just hesitant to transfer out another Valerenga attacker after selling Finne last week!

  7. JohnnyMagrinho
    • 49 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Anyone know what the threshold is for a price increase?

    Can see Rashani is at just under 400 transfers in for the round - does that make him likely to increase in price over the next few days or should I be good to wait till Sunday/Monday time before bringing him in?

    1. MTPockets
      • 10 Years
      4 months, 1 day ago

      No idea but he has 1014 transfers in, 832 transfers out = 182 net transfers in. With 12.3% ownership now (of 53.5k) now that implies approx 3% increase which doesn't seem nearly enough for a price change.

      Disclaimer - could be totally wrong

      1. MTPockets
        • 10 Years
        4 months, 1 day ago

        Just rethining that and not sure how many RU transfers out for GW2, or if they count. So his real NTI may be higher %

  8. Fpl JJ
    4 months, 2 days ago

    What would your ideal WC team be?

    1. Fpl JJ
      4 months, 2 days ago

      I’m stuck cus there’s a plethora of options in each position

  9. Ramboros
    • 8 Years
    4 months, 2 days ago

    Some new official information on DGWs due to U20 WC.

    Some players have been called up in advance so that teams can decide to postpone fixtures:

    Bodø/Glimt: Evjen, Jens Petter Hauge
    Strømsgodset: Mickelson
    Stabæk: Børkeeiet, Vetlesen, Brynhildsen
    Mjøndalen: Faye Lund
    Viking: Thorstvedt

    It has been revealed that 8th of May (GW6) is the date games will be moved forward to.

    The BGWs will take place in GW9 and 10.

    These are the games that can be moved at this point in time:

    Stabæk - Vålerenga
    Rosenborg - Mjøndalen
    Strømsgodset - Tromsø
    Molde - Viking
    Bodø/Glimt - Brann

    Odd - Stabæk
    Viking - Sarpsborg
    Mjøndalen - Haugesund
    Kristiansund - Bodø/Glimt
    Ranheim - Strømsgodset

    Stabæk - Odd has the highest chance of becoming a DGW6 fixture due to Stabæk's thin squad and their third DGW already being confirmed. Vålerenga play on Monday and Sunday that week, so Odd is the only team available for 8th of May.

  10. Vobinho In Wengerland
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 4 Years
    4 months, 1 day ago

    How does Stolas , Rashani, Herrem in for Kristiansen, Hestad , Vilhjalmsson sound?

    I have Finne from Valerenga, so reckon Vilh can go, and I also have Ohi & Eikrem from Molde so see it a good move to get Rashani in with them.

    1. Fpl JJ
      4 months, 1 day ago

      Sounds good

  11. No Kane No Gain
    • 2 Years
    4 months, 1 day ago

    WC team: GTG? £2.2 itb so I can switch Wadji > Boli


    Wormgoor Ruud Stolas Solberg

    Eikrem Rashani Layouni

    Wadji Ohi Borven

    Sandberg Ibrahimaj Brynhildsen Psyche

    1. Fpl JJ
      4 months, 1 day ago

      Why not just get boli?