Pundits Playoff The Home Straight

FPL is back and with it comes roaring into view a strange selection of washed-up pundits ready to battle for it out for Pundit Playoff glory! Who will get their hands on the most prestigious FPL pundit themed trophy of them all and claim eternal glory alongside free FFS membership for the forthcoming season?

There are plenty of runners and riders in with a shot as we edge towards the final knockout stages of the tournament lets have a look at who triumphed in Gameweek 30+.

The Keane Fifteen certainly did all their talking on the pitch with an absolute poleaxing of Slaven’s Ball-itch 12 points to 3, Slavs lads were last seen being kicked off the team bus by Keane and ordered to take a taxi ride home with David De Gea. The Keane Fifteen remain top of the League table with an impressive 15 wins out of 20 and will surely be amongst the favourites once the knockout stage begins.

WhenTheOWENgetstough are currently in second place after a narrow win over Brazil Nuts, rumours abound that Owen had an unfair advantage as he’s been commentating on the Bundesliga for the past few weeks whilst Alan has been piling on the pounds at home and was in no fit state to compete. That loss leaves the Brazil Nuts in 3rd spot, however, still in with a chance of silverware.

The 15 Musketeers are in 4th place in the league following a 5 point loss to Blame it on Rio, the Ferdi fan club did lap up 5 of the bonus points however for a final score of 14-1. The Musketeers probably didn’t expect their ‘all for one’ motto to leave them with a solitary point.

5th place in the current league standings is Nirvana Scott talent after losing out to Unbelievable Jeff FC by a 1 point! Perhaps it was the late Grealish yellow card which robbed them at the end, Alex Scott was unavailable for comment but Jeff Stelling was sure Scott was throwing a wobbly just like Gareth Jellyman.

Back to Square Owen won a match against A Whole Lawro B*llocks courtesy of scoring more points than the other team. These 2 teams are fighting it out over the 8th spot in the quarter-finals so this could prove a pivotal result.

Sadly the noble Hamsters succumbed to BSC Small Boys (in the park) FC with Riyad Mahrez imparting a hammer blow to the pesky rodents’ chances of glory. The Small Boys rise to 6th in the league table with our beloved wheel spinners dropping to 11th and facing an around the cage battle to scrape into the top 8.

The next round of fixtures will be played in Gameweek 32+ with the deadline being 10:30 am sharp according to Boris’s most recent email correspondence.

Big matches are on the horizon:

WhenTheOWENgetsTough v The 15 Musketeers (Sharp end meets Owen Hargreaves)

Brazil Nuts v The Keane Fifteen (Inflatable Balloon versus Serial Killer wannabe)

Blame it on Rio v Nirvana Scott Talent (Amateur Boxer against Lioness Alumni)

Slaven’s Ball-itch v BSC Small Boys (in the park) FC (Bottom feeders versus Park dwellers)

Unbelievable Jeff FC v Back to Square Owen (catchphrase champion against horseracing enthusiast)

Hollys Hamsters v A Whole Lawro Bollocks (Hamsters unleash Hell on old man)

Best of Luck to all teams and don’t forget to submit your teams on time!

Toblerone 52 – Hung Like A Hamster

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  1. Rotation's Alter Ego
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    • 8 Years
    11 days, 1 hour ago

    Cheers T52, Boris and team!

    Also just occurred to me - the link to the main spreadsheet (if you need it) is here:


    1. Toblerone52 - Hung like a H…
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      11 days, 53 mins ago

      Thanks for getting this up so quick Ted!

      1. Boris Bodega: Holly's …
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 5 Years
        9 days, 22 hours ago

        Cheers Toby, nice article

  2. BC1 - Brazil Nuts
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 10 Years
    10 days, 16 hours ago

    Cheers Boris, go nuts! 🙂

  3. The Overthinker - I blame R…
    • 3 Years
    10 days, 2 hours ago

    Let's knock out the lioness

  4. Sreeraj (The Keane F15Teen)
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    • 4 Years
    4 days, 9 hours ago

    Looks like it will be shootout for 1st position in both the overall league and 4th period..
    Keane Fifteen vs When the owen gets tough!!

    1. Karan14 (Brazil Nuts)
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      • 4 Years
      4 days, 3 hours ago

      We were one Salah goal away from changing that
      Well played see you in the knockouts!