Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers Not the Match of the Day – Matchday 20

Only three more matchweeks to go in the Community Tournament, which means only nine more points available for those teams desperate to make it into the Champions League Knock-Out stages. Some teams have already guaranteed themselves qualification, and more about them later, but almost all the other teams will need results to go their way if they still want to make it to the heady heights. Let’s see how MW20 played out.

The Results Are In …

…and there are some upsets again.

The Nameless Ones 2 – 1 Krul Intentions

Team manager Linnbee pulled off a close victory here, despite her team grabbing the second highest squad score of the week. Suvansh’s striker, Riddermorten, was just three points from securing his team a draw, but twitter bragging rights will go to the home side on this occasion.

Lloris the Hounds 1 – 0 Defoe King Unbelievables

Both teams scored pretty low in this match, manager FPL Differential King will heave a sigh of relief while his counterpart Pirlo’s Pen will no doubt chalk this one off and focus on the next game.

Toxic Seaman 1 – 1 Bachmann and Robben

Away manager Tets McGee scuppered the Toxic’s chance for a win, as his 64 points denied the opposition goalie Milvus from getting a goal. Greyhead was left chewing on his gnarly beard as his teams Squad score victory was equalised by a stunning goal from Jake Donahue, the away striker.

Fantastic Mr Fox 2 – 0 No Fuchs Given

The Foxes gained an important victory here that guarantees their place into the CL Knockout stage, whilst their opponents seem to have run out of Fuchs to give! The second loss in a row, the Phase two winners are not quite guaranteed a CL spot just yet, despite being Phase winners. Doctor Strange himself grabbed a fine goal as striker.

Ayew Lonesome Tonight 3 – 2 The Hairy Henry

A must-win game for the Ayew’s, who will need at least two more wins from the remaining three matches for a CL spot. FPL_Salah did score a couple of goals as striker for the away side, but three excellent squad goals denied them any points, and the Henry’s are left with some more work to do to get out of the red zone.

Free Britney’s Areola 3 – 2 Hanging by a Fred

Away manager Richardsp93 will perhaps fret not too much to see his side lose in such painful fashion – after all they have been guaranteed a CL spot for the last couple of matchweeks. Despite grabbing two goals from their squad and striker Darth Newdar combined, an inspired selection of Gnu to pay up front by the home manager Darth Krid, grabbed them a hat trick and a win. A crucial win for the Britneys.

Flying Without Ings 1 – 5 Son of a Gunn

Sreethe1 and his comrades continue their run of losing results, this time at the hands of FplRichie’s team, whose two squad goals would have been rough to see them through. To rub salt into the wound came their striker PEP_TALK whose massive 77 point score grabbed them an extra three goals.

Hwang King in a Wood 1 – 1 Shot to the Hart and Yorke to Blame

The second of three draws this week, Autoselect’s team grabbed a goal with a superior squad score, but saw the home side’s striker FPLJJ equalise. FPL_PAnda will need to rally his players if they are to make into the CL knockout stages, another win or two will get them there.

The Rooney Tunes 2 – 0 Footstock Alumni

At one point the Toons looked out of the running and then they went on a winning run that has taken them to second in the Classic League table – if only it counted! Sadly only H2H wins and goals do the business, and they grabbed two again this week. The win brought the Toons level in points with their opponents this week, leaving both teams needing at least two more wins to get through.

Hey MaccaReina! 1 – 1 Shearer’s Bunch of Flowers

The biggest shock of the week was not that Tedtalksfpl put himself forward as striker, but that he failed to score. Danelius continued his striker picking form, getting another striker goal to equalise against the home side. Both teams look fairly safe in midtable but could probably do with another win to feel comfortable…

Too Krul for Siu 1 – 5 Jimmy Floyd Hamsterbaink

With the highest squad score of the week (651), the hamsters could afford to give away a striker goal to their opponents. SUNFLOWER got the home team their consolation striker goal, but Too Krul for Siu now find themselves teetering just above the red zone, whilst the hamsters are looking warm and fuzzy in the relative safety of the midtable.

Carroll’s Christmas Island 2 – 5 Catch Me if U Kane

Tanveer_Singh picked up two striker goals for his manager fplhints, but alas the Kanes proved too strong. Their combined squad score of 622 got them five goals and three points keeping them just outside the red zone for the time being, whilst the islanders have dropped just inside it.

Full results can be found here.

Player of the Week

Shout outs to the two players who scored a fine 71 points in a relatively low scoring gameweek, 71 being the second-highest score of the match week in this competition. This week’s POTW however is PEP_TALK with a massive 77 points, well done that man!

H2H League Standings

Five teams can now boast of being through to the champions league, with Fantastic Mr Fox and Shot To the Hart and Yorke to Blame joining Toxic Seaman, Son of a Gunn and Hanging by a Fred in the green zone. At the other end of the table, only Flying Without Ings are guaranteed qualification to the You’re Ropey League Of Shame, but the other seven teams will be joining them if they fail to climb higher up the leaderboard.

Phase 4 fixtures

The final phase will have seven fixtures in total, so will be the toughest one to win.

21329th April 2022
223316th April 2022
233423rd April 2022

Here are the fixtures for MW18, the red zone teams of Bachmann and Robben and Ayew Lonesome Tonight will go at it to try and battle their way out of You’re Ropey League of Shame, form teams Son of a Gunn and The Rooney Tunes will face off against each other, and finally Auto-Select and his team No Fuchs Given will have to do some proper number crunching if they are to figure out who their opposition’s nominated striker is going to be…

Podcast (available from Saturday)

This week Greyhead, Boris and FPL Kaka are joined by Pirlo’s Pen, manager of Defoe King Unbelievables, where they discuss their guest’s amazing record in the Community Tournaments, and who they thought would win in MW19 – this was recorded a couple of weeks ago, new one hopefully to come out next week.

All pods for the Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers tournament are available here.

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