Scoutcast Episode 339 – Is it time for Danny Ings?

In Gameweek 35+, a raft of differentials topped the scoring charts in one of the most polarising sets of Fantasy Premier League matches for some time.

It seemed fitting that this episode’s line-up features both the haves and have-nots.

Andy and Az are able to luxuriate in their Michail Antonio (£7.0m) haul following the West Ham differential’s four-goal heroics. Meanwhile, Antonio-less Joe is forced to settle for FPL crumbs, like a save point from Watford stopper Ben Foster (£4.9m).

In a low-scoring week for many, sometimes the best pick-me-up is to move onto to the next Gameweek and the transfers and plans ahead. Chief among their topics for Gameweek 36+ is the merits of bringing in Southampton forward Danny Ings (£7.5m). The former Liverpool striker is in sensational form and at last has the fixtures to match, with Brighton’s porous defence next in his sights.

Our trio also tries to play Pep roulette as they attempt to second-guess the line up of a Manchester City outfit that has one eye on the FA Cup. Predicting the best scorers is only half the battle; finding the players who will earn the most minutes is perhaps the bigger challenge.

Some managers, such as Az and Joe, still have chips to play. But they are not happy having to use them amid rotation fears and in a single Gameweek. Could Gameweek 36+ be the week Az jettisons his Free Hit and Joe deploys his Bench Boost?

Elsewhere, there are clean sheets to mull over and Joe takes his turn to pick a differential, after mixed results recently. Ironically, Antonio turned out to be a great shout for him shortly after the restart.

Finally, there are transfers to consider and captains to choose. Will Gameweek 36+ be another collection of matches to see widely differing results?

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1,052 Comments Post a Comment
  1. Malkmus
    • 9 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    A'noon all. Any thoughts on the FH team? Giroud over Ings maybe?

    Pope (Martin)
    Azpil - Saiss - Bednarek (Robinson - Lamptey)
    Bruno - Salah - KDB - Sterling (c) - Pulisic
    Ings - Jesus (Connoly)


    1. Coys96
      • 3 Years
      20 days, 22 hours ago

      Looking good, cant see KDB starting though

      Prefer Ings to Giroud

      Would get Willian for Salah

      1. Malkmus
        • 9 Years
        20 days, 22 hours ago

        OK thanks

  2. Coys96
    • 3 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago


    Lose to Sterling:

    1) Salah (only Pool attacker)
    2) KDB (would leave me with Sterling as only attacker)

    • 3 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    Anybody keeping dcl?

    And also anyone got pope and jimmy but thinking to sell jimmy?

    • 3 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    Jimmy to ings??

    1. Nedvěd11
      • 4 Years
      20 days, 22 hours ago

      For free - do it!

  5. Indio
    • 8 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago


    Really stuck on this one - which move would you make here please?

    A: Saka, Vardy > Pulisic and Jesus (-4)
    B: Mahrez, DCL > Pulisic and Jesus (-4)
    C: Saka > Pulisic (for free)

    TAA, Azpi, Holgate
    Salah, KDB, Mahrez, Bruno
    DCL, Greenwood, Vardy
    (Fodder, Saka, Kiko, Lascelles)
    £2.8M itb

  6. cfctirres
    • 7 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    TAA Doherty El Mohamady (Simpson) (Lascelles)
    Salah KDB Martial Pulisic (Sarr)
    Jiminez Rashford Greenwood

    2FT, 0ITB

    Up by 1 point in my minor league and guy chasing me has Bruno. Should I prioritise bringing him in?

    I'm leaning towards Rash + Sarr -> Ings + David Silva and benching Jimi. Any thoughts?

  7. Test Eagles
    • 8 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    Would you rather:

    a) Salah & Jesus
    b) Antonio & Rashford

    1. Devo-McDuff
      • 2 Years
      20 days, 19 hours ago


  8. kamdaraji
    • 11 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    Rashford or Ings on FH (already have Fernandes and WB)?

    1. Test Eagles
      • 8 Years
      20 days, 22 hours ago


  9. willevete
    • 3 Years
    20 days, 22 hours ago

    Jimenez -> Ings
    Mahrez -> Sterling
    Antonio -> Foden

    Worth for a -8???


    Doherty, AWB, TAA

    Mahrez, Bruno, Antonio, Pulisic. KDB

    Jimenez, Rashford

    1. ChipsnGravy
      • 2 Years
      20 days, 20 hours ago

      No. Just do Jimi to Ings

  10. HD7
    • 3 Years
    20 days, 21 hours ago

    Dilva Foden Jesus
    or take one out for Sterling?

    1. kamdaraji
      • 11 Years
      20 days, 21 hours ago

      currently on Dilva, Foden and Jesus. Expect big hitters to be rested as City's replacements are more than capable of dispatching the cherries with ease

      1. HD7
        • 3 Years
        20 days, 21 hours ago

        Think I will do the same

  11. Stupendous
    • 7 Years
    20 days, 21 hours ago

    Vvd to Alonso for -4 mad right?

    1. Devo-McDuff
      • 2 Years
      20 days, 19 hours ago