Which Spurs players are worth owning in FPL this season?

Tottenham Hotspur players are causing some Fantasy Premier League managers dilemmas at the start of the season.

They have a favourable opening fixture at home to Aston Villa but with a trip to Manchester City in Gameweek 2 and relatively expensive price points, their assets could be the ones to miss out on those initial teams.

However, there are some encouraging reasons to own some of Mauricio Pochettino’s players at the start of the new campaign.

In this article we assess Spurs’ defensive and attacking potential based on last season’s underlying statistics.

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3,534 Comments Post a Comment
  1. albie.s
    • 7 Years
    7 months, 28 days ago

    A: zinchenko, Moura, Jimenez
    B: Rico, McGinn, Kane

    1. PaulRUK3
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      7 months, 28 days ago

      A. For me, it is balanced as far as returns are concerned. 3 reasonable chances of returns every week.
      B. Obviously just trying to squeeze Kane in at the expense of ‘A’. Rico doesn’t often start and usually subs, not worth the 4m investment (and I’m a Cherries supporter!). McGinn, the jury is out, but Robinson (Sheffield) has been playing OOP as a forward in pre-season and is the same price....

  2. PaulRUK3
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    7 months, 28 days ago

    Please RMT, any criticisms will definitely be taken in to consideration:

    Ryan (Button)
    VVD, Zinchenko, Coleman (Lundstram, Kelly)
    Salah, Sterling, Barkley, Perez, Robinson
    Kane, Wilson (Greenwood)

    Thanks and good luck to all.

  3. MrCloppity
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 1 Year
    7 months, 28 days ago

    Townsend, Salah, Sterling, Perez
    Kane, King



  4. Beatle
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 6 Years
    7 months, 28 days ago

    Nobody going for Stones? Looks nailed enough no?

    1. @fpl_phenom
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 4 Years
      7 months, 28 days ago

      Iv been saying this but Im screaming into the abyss....

      I might just go ederson though ...

      Not doing zinchenko anyway

  5. Namtox
    7 months, 28 days ago

    Hi all
    15 teams later I’m still looking to improve my team.
    Any thoughts would be helpful

    De gea
    Robertson.. vvd.. Zinchenko.. Dunk
    Salah (C).. Siggy.. Sterling (VC).. Perez
    Jota.. Wilson

    Button.. greenwood.. Dendoncker.. Lundstram

    0.5 ITB

  6. Uncle John from Jamaica
    • 7 Years
    7 months, 28 days ago

    Thoughts please chaps. Any comments welcomed

    Pope (Button)
    Robbo TAA Zinchenko (Kelly / Rico)
    Salah Sterling Tielemans Perez (Dedonker)
    CWilson Jimi Wood.

    Anything obviously wrong?


    1. @fpl_phenom
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 4 Years
      7 months, 28 days ago


      Zinchenko probably fairly short term though....

      Would you consider Jota and upgrade him to ederson .... You can put in a burnley def then or a 5.0M def

  7. @fpl_phenom
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 4 Years
    7 months, 28 days ago

    I need to save £0.5M in order to have my ideal team below .... how would you guys do it ?

    Ederson Button
    Robertson VVD Digne Diop Rico
    Salah Sterling Siggy Perez Dendonker
    Wilson King Greenwood

  8. ruerac
    7 months, 28 days ago

    comments pls


    subs: heaton,dunk,hayden,davis

  9. TheJoker
    • 1 Year
    7 months, 28 days ago

    My team at the moment:

    Arnold,Van Dijk,Digne,Rico,Lundstram

    I am going with 3-5-2 with 4 bench fodders (Button,Lundstram,Rico and Wickham) who all got a chance to get a few minutes. I have done this in order to get as much money as possible for my starting eleven.

    And also I want you to answer this question:

    A:Sterling and Jota (or another 6.5M forward)
    B:Lucas and Kane

  10. TheJoker
    • 1 Year
    7 months, 27 days ago


    1. Lallana
      • 6 Years
      7 months, 27 days ago

      B short-term

  11. Lallana
    • 6 Years
    7 months, 27 days ago

    Which one?

    1) Ederson, Barkley
    2) Heaton, Haller (let's me get a 4.5 mid that could sub in if necessary)