Eliteserien 2021 Friendlies Team Summaries Part 2

I’ll jump straight back into it starting with Rosenborg BK…


• Raufoss (H) 3-0 [Islamovic, Andersson A; Ceide, Islamovic A; Holse]

• Ranheim (H) 2-1 [Serbecic, Holse A; Islamovic]

• Tromso (H) 1-0 [Islamovic (P)]

• Kristiansund (H) 3-0 [Vecchia x2; Holse]

• Ranheim (A) 2-1 [Ceide, Islamovic]

Top Players
eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 8

Dino Islamovic (10.5mNOK) ON FIRE

Carlo Holse (8.0mNOK) out to prove a point but it looks as though Stefano Vecchia (9.5mNOK) has the right wing to lose

Emil Konradsen Ceide (8.5mNOK) looking good on the left flank

Markus Henriksen (6.5mNOK) OOP potential

Rasmus Wiedesheim-Paul (6.5mNOK) = bench warmer?

Big Dino has been electric over the past month. He’s scoring for fun and seems to be full of confidence which makes him rather hard to ignore. I suppose we’re asking ourselves who do we choose out of Islamovic and Veton Berisha (10.5mNOK), or can we have both?

Holse has been used as both a sub and a starter and even asked to drop in at left back – a position in which he excelled and actually produced an assist. Vecchia seems to have the edge for a starting position but rotation looks likely between the two, which makes Ceide the more attractive midfield option if we are to assume Kristoffer Zachariassen (10.0mNOK) is too pricey which in my opinion he is.

Rosenborg will keep plenty of clean sheets this season. They have invested heavily in restructuring their back line with new additions such as Jonathan Augustinsson (6.5mNOK) and Adam Andersson (6.0mNOK) of particular interest (even though Augustinsson is likely to miss the first few matches of the season) while midfielder Henriksen is currently listed as a defender, increasing his appeal considerably.

My Picks: Markus Henriksen, Emil Konradsen Ceide, Dino Islamovic

Probable XI and Bench:

Hansen; Reitan, Eyjolfsson, Hovland, Andersson; Zachariassen, Henriksen, Hoff; Ceide, Islamovic, Vecchia/Holse

Faye Lund, Serbecic, Chrupalla/Augustinsson, Vecchia/Holse, Tagseth, Konradsen, Wiedesheim-Paul/Molins


• Odd (A) 0-0

• Mjondalen (A) 4-0

• Stromsgodset (A) 1-0

• IK Start (A) 1-1 [Sodlund]

Top Players
eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 7

• Former Odd midfielder Andre Sodlund (5.5mNOK) scores only goal of pre-season

• Lost both friendly matches versus relegation rivals

• Kept just 1 clean sheet from 4 matches – impervious defence a thing of the past?

Vidar Ari Jonsson (5.0mNOK) now listed as midfielder but will more than likely drop back into defence from time to time

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Jacob Storevik was brilliant last season. I do not see a repeat on the cards for him or his defence. 5.0m for a goalkeeper who finds himself in a relegation-threatened team does not speak value in my book.

Everyone seems to be going crazy for Martin Kreuzriegler (4.5mNOK) and while I agree he’s not the worst choice, we shouldn’t ignore Sander Moen Foss (4.5mNOK). Sandefjord are currently lacking a real left-back and as Lars Markmanrud (4.5mNOK) is injured, this could see one of Kreuzriegler/Foss/Marc Vales (5.0mNOK) pushed into that position. Vales is not the worst option but 5.0m seems steep compared to what is on offer elsewhere.

Ari Jonsson is more expensive and no longer a defender which makes him seem a poor choice compared to Kristoffer Normann Hansen (5.5mNOK) for a mere 0.5m more. Sodlund’s role in this team is yet to be fully understood which makes him a relatively unknown quantity at this point. 

The safest option has to be Harmeet Singh (6.0mNOK) due to assuredness of starts and overall ability but 6.0m for any Sandefjord is surely much to costly.

Once again it looks as though Sandefjord’s attack does not warrant any contemplation whatsoever.

My Picks: Sander Moen Foss, Martin Kreuzriegler

Probable XI and Bench:

Storevik; Wembangomo/Markmanrud, Marc Vales, Foss, Kreuzriegler; Ordagic, Mork/Singh, Jonsson, Sodlund/Brenden, Normann Hansen; Gussias

Due, Haakenstad, Wembangomo/Markmanrud, Mork/Singh, Sodlund/Brenden, Kurtovic/ze Eduardo/Falchener, Celorrio

A lot of poor players in midfield who are likely to be rotated – avoid.


• Stabaek (H) 2-2 [Soltvedt; Lindseth, Halvorsen A]

• Valerenga (A) 2-1 [Skalevik]

• Lillestrom (H) 0-2

• Odd (H) 1-0 [Lindseth, Bojang A]

Top Players

eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 6

Ole Jorgen Halvorsen (6.5mNOK) and Jonathan Lindseth (6.5mNOK) make their case for inclusion

Nicolai Naess (4.5mNOK) and Joachim Soltvedt (5.5mNOK) switch positions!

Anton Saletros (6.5mNOK) now a more attacking player or just a phase?

Mohamed Ofkir (6.5mNOK) promises so much but can he actually deliver this season?

Ibrahima Kone (7.5mNOK) and Steffen Skalevik (6.0mNOK) share duties up top

Eirik Wichne (5.5mNOK) a promising signing and Benjamin Karamoko (5.0mNOK) could prove to be a shrewd buy

Not many goals but Lindseth looks the most likely outlet at this moment in time. Sulayman Bojang (4.5mNOK) featured mainly as a sub but did get forward on numerous occasions. Saletros looks likely to occupy a more attacking role at times this season but I wouldn’t be expecting it every single game. 

Bjorn Utvik (5.5mNOK) is the most nailed defender along with Joachim Thomassen (5.5mNOK) who will offer OOP from time to time as he also plays in midfield. 

Ofkir and the returning Rashad Muhammed (6.5mNOK) also seem likely to share game time.

I think this Sarpsborg team doesn’t really know what it wants to be at this moment in time. They have quality scattered around in different positions but have a lot of players vying for similar spots.

My Picks: Bjorn Utvik (obvious choice, sorry), Jonathan Lindseth

Probable XI and Bench: 

Kristiansen; Odegard, Utvik, Dyrestam/Karamoko, Bojang/Wichne; Naess, Saletros/Palsson, Thomassen/Soltvedt, Lindseth, Halvorsen; Kone/Skalevik 

Nilsen, Dyrestam/Karamoko, Bojang/Wichne, Jarl/Thomassen/Soltvedt, Ofkir/Muhammed, Saletros/Palsson, Kone/Skalevik

I have less confidence in this prediction as Sarpsborg will often deploy a 3 man defence as well as a flat four. Not too happy to really recommend anyone here.


• Sarpsborg (A) 2-2 [Kinshita, Solheim A; Nusa]

• Odd (A) 1-0 

• HamKam (H) 2-1 [Skytte (P), Amankwah a]

Top Players
eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 5

Mats Solheim (5.5mNOK) heavily involved at both ends of the pitch but didn’t start a single friendly

Yaw Amankwah (5.0mNOK) backing up positive analysis from previous article

Emil Jonassen (4.0mNOK) starts as long as Jeppe Moe (5.0mNOK) remains injured…

Sturla Ottesen (4.5mNOK) set for more game time?

Sammy Skytte (6.0mNOK) started every single friendly but does he have a place in the starting XI alongside Herolind Shala (6.5mNOK), Oliver Valaker Edvardsen (7.0mNOK) and co?

Solheim hasn’t started a friendly but I find it hard to believe he doesn’t play every single game he’s fit for. Amankwah is no spring chicken and it looks as though Ottesen could very easily take his place or at least run alongside him every now and then. Jonassen could be the only 4.0m regular and we can probably expect Nicolas Pignatel Jenssen (4.5mNOK) to feature more heavily this season.

Stabaek have plenty of decent midfielders and have reunited with Herman Geelmuyden (6.0mNOK) and brought in HamKam’s Marcus Solbakken (5.5mNOK) on a permanent deal though I wouldn’t expect too much – the 20-year-old managed just 3 returns (2G, 1A) last season.

Shala is the big-name signing which will no doubt turn heads but is he living off his reputation rather than ability? I won’t be in any rush to get him that’s for sure.

Edvardsen seems the most obvious choice along with Kornelius Normann Hansen (6.5m) but Skytte has looked good in pre-season and if he features enough could be a very good option at 6.0m.

Fitim Azemi (6.5mNOK) looks to be winning the race for striker ahead of Kosuke Kinoshita (5.5mNOK).

My Picks: Marcus Sandberg (5.5mNOK), Oliver Valaker Edvardsen

Probable XI and Bench:

Sandberg; Solheim, Amankwah, Ottesen/Pignatel Jenssen, Jonassen/Moe; Lumanza/Solbakken, Kostadinov, Edvardsen, Skytte/Normann Hansen, Shala; Azemi/Edvardsen

Brauti, Vogt, Ottesen/Pignatel Jenseen, Jonassen/Moe, Lumanza/Solbakken, Skytte/Normann Hansen, Lundal/Isaksen, Kinoshita

Versus HamKam, Stabaek played without either of Kinoshita or Azemi – there is the possibility that Edvardsen occupies the most forward position at times.


• Lillestrom (H) 2-3 [Mawa; Enersen]

• Sandefjord (H) 1-0 [Enersen]

• Fredrikstad (H) 1-6 [Jack]

Top Players
eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 4

• Humilated by Fredrikstad

Valdimar Ingimundarson (6.5mNOK) now listed as midfielder

• Salvesen unlikely to play any time soon

Johan Hove (8.0mNOK) CAN’T do it all on his own

• Even if Gustav Valsvik (5.5mNOK) does join, there is absolutely no value in this defence other than from save points via Myhra!

If Stromsgodset’s woes weren’t serious enough, influential midfielder and club captain Mikkel Maigaard (8.0mNOK) is currently out injured along with long-term absentee Lars-Jorgen Salvesen. There are no goals in this team and plenty will pass through it. Stromsgodset were lucky to avoid the drop last season but I think it’s almost inevitable that we will see them relegated this year. If Hove is serious about his career he should be begging for a move away and even though the wonderfully-named Fred Friday (8.0mNOK) will be looking to fill Salvesen’s shoes up front, I don’t think he’ll be able to.

My Picks: Sondre Fosnaess Hanssen (For value alone)

Starting XI and Bench:

Myhra; Vilsvik, Gunnarsson, Fosnaess Hanssen, Mendy/Mickelson; Jack, Maigaard, Hove, Tokstad, Stenevik; Mawa/Friday

Saetra, Leifsson, Nyhagen, Mendy/Mickelson, Stengel, Ingimundarson, Mawa/Friday

Unsure about the defence


• Bodo/Glimt (A) 1-1 [Ebiye, Mikkelsen A]

• Rosenborg (A) 1-0

• Valerenga (A) 3-4 [Yttergard Jensen, Lasse Nilsen A; Kitolano (P); Espejord; Ebiye, Lasse Nilsen A]

Top Players

eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 3

Moses Ebiye (5.5mNOK) should be first-team regular

• Joshua Kitolano’s brother, Eric Kitolano (7.5mNOK) on penalties and looks dangerous

Lasse Nilsen (5.0mNOK) listed as defender but plays in more advanced role

Tromso offer a lot going forward but they also boast some decent defenders and a good goalkeeper. Lasse Nilsen, Eric Kitolano and Moses Ebiye are the standout players for me along with Simen Wangberg (4.5mNOK) although he has been linked with a move away from the club so watch this space.

An impressive 4-3 away win at Valerenga topped off a pretty decent pre-season and overall I have real issues with this team – they won’t get relegated and there are plenty of decent options throughout the team – goalkeeper Jacob Karlstrom (4.5mNOK) and former Heerenveen forward Runar Espejord (7.5mNOK) offering value at both ends of the pitch.

My Picks: Jacob Karlstrom, Lasse Nilsen, Eric Kitolano, Moses Ebiye

Although Lasse Nilsen wasn’t involved for half of Tromso’s 2020 campaign, he’s featured heavily in their pre-season, is in form and is more than capable of performing in the Eliteserien and for those reasons I’m happy to recommend him.

Probable XI and Bench:

Karlstrom; Gundersen/Helstad Amundsen, Jenssen, Wangberg, Totland; Yttergard Jenssen, Ingebrigtsen, Kitolano, Nilsen; Ebiye, Espejord

Trige, Gundersen/Helstad Amundsen, Amarson, Berntsen, Mikkelsen, Antonsen/Stabell, Hafstad


• Sarpsborg (H) 2-1 [Utvik OG, Horn Myrhe A; Tollas Nation, Horn Myhre A]

• FK Jerv (H) 3-1 [Donnum, Bjordal A; Layouni, Borchgrevink A, Donnum (P), Jatta A]

• Raufoss (H) 6-1 [Donnum, Christensen A; Layouni; Donnum (P), Layouni A; Christensen, Kjartansson A; Skaret; Udahl, Jatta A]

• Tromso (H) 3-4 [Bjordal, Sahraoui A; Christensen, Bjordal A; Christensen, Kjartansson A]

Top Players
eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 2

Aron Donnum (10.0mNOK) probably worth 12.0m at this point

Tobias Christensen (7.0mNOK) scoring from the bench and pulling the strings when he starts

Amor Layouni (10.5mNOK) diving in Valerenga’s friendly match with Raufoss to win a penalty

Felix Horn Myhre (5.5mNOK) looks set to leave – potentially for Brann – but looked good in pre-season

Osame Sahraoui (8.0mNOK) may get less game time than Christensen… one to watch

Christian Dahle Borchgrevink (6.0mNOK) still looking a threat down the right

• Youngster Seedy Jatta (5.0mNOK) impresses

The race for the title this year is going to be so close, and I think Valerenga will push their rival contenders as far as they can go all season long. They have so many creative and attacking players as well as being able to foster an organised and defensive shape. They’ve recruited well over the winter and have put themselves in a great position to deal with the added challenge of playing in Europe.

Donnum and Layouni look set to operate either side of Vidar Kjartansson (11.5mNOK) with Oldrup Jensen (5.0mNOK) being the linchpin around whom Henrik Rorvik Bjordal (8.5mNOK) and one of Sahraoui and Christensen will roam. I’d say Christensen seems to be ahead of Sahraoui at this moment in time but that can all change within the blink of an eye so as much as I’d love to have Christensen in my team with Donnum, I’m not sure it’s a risk worth taking at this juncture.

Wunderkind Odin Thiago Holm (5.5mNOK) will miss the start of the campaign due to a meniscus tear so for the next couple of months he can remain on the periphery. (He’s a player I highly rate and when he’s able to train properly again I think he could give us and his teammates something to think about).

If Myhre does leave it makes Valerenga’s defence pretty obvious to guess, with the only real threat in the form of rotation coming from Brage Skaret (4.5mNOK) towards Jonatan Tollas Nation (5.5mNOK).

Henrik Udahl (8.5mNOK) had a phenomenal 19/20 season for Asane, scoring 19 goals and aiding his team’s cause with a further 4 assists. I have no doubt in my mind that Kjartansson will be substituted in the games he starts as well as being rested every now and then. Udahl is a young, hungry, quality player who will be looking for any opportunity he can get. 

This is an exciting Valerenga with a ridiculous amount of quality in every position, but they are lacking depth. I think they’re maybe another couple of defenders and midfielders away from a serious title challenge, but stranger things have happened. 

My Picks: Kristoffer Klaesson (5.5mNOK), Christian Dahle Borchgrevink, Aron Donnum, Tobias Christensen & potentially Henrik Udahl

Probably XI and Bench:

Klaesson, Borchgrevink, Nasberg, Tollas Nation, Adekugbe/Myhre; Oldrup Jensen, Bjordal, Christensen; Donnum, Kjartansson, Layouni

Haug, Skaret, Adekugbe/Myhre/Nouri, Holme, Jatta, S. Opsahl, Udahl


• Asane (H) 1-0 [Fridjonsson]

• Sandnes (A) 1-1 [Kabran]

• IK Start (H) 3-3 [Kabran, Berisha A; Berisha, Bell A; Fridjonsson, de Lanlay A]

• FK Haugesund (H) 4-0 [Fridjonsson, Bell A; Berisha x2, Kabran A x2; Haugen]

Top Players
eliteserien-2021-friendlies-team-summaries-part-1 1

Veton Berisha (10.5mNOK) still scoring for fun

Samuel Kari Fridjonsson (6.5mNOK) also scoring for fun

Kevin Kabran (8.5mNOK) is a joy to behold

• Viking like to score goals

Berisha – like all the other premium attacking players we’ve looked at – has lived up to his reputation during Viking’s pre-season fixtures. 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games is a great return but new signing Kevin Kabran has arguably performed even better, netting twice and also providing a couple of assists. At 8.5m he’s Viking’s second-most expensive player but there are another 14 midfielders either equally priced or more expensive. He showed glimpses of his quality at Start last season but now he’s surrounded by much better players I wonder what kind of player we will be treated to this season.

Viking really do have a very well fleshed out squad, with good cover in pretty much every position. Left-back Shayne Pattynama (5.5mNOK) joining the club means Viljar Vevatne (5.0mNOK) can stop filling in as a fullback and focus more on his centre-back duties.

Joe Bell (5.0mNOK) is such a good footballer and even though he won’t score loads of goals, I’m confident in his ability to provide enough assists to make his price feel far cheaper than it should be. Fridjonsson is not known for his goal-scoring exploits but he’s making a bit of a name for himself of late. He’s in more than 11% of teams at the time of writing and it’s no wonder as he’s cheap, a first-team regular and looks raring to go.

Yann-Erik de Lanlay (7.5mNOK) is a much better player than he’s often given credit for but ultimately he faces an uphill battle for a place in the team as Viking have so many midfielders and have recently signed fan-favourite Zlatko Tripic from Turkish outfit Goztepe S.K. No doubt the Norwegian-Bosnian winger will find his way into many teams before Sunday, but personally I’m finding it hard to get too excited. Looking over his stats for the last few years don’t make for kind reading – he’s barely scored or set up many goals at all, and even when he last played for Viking he was far from prolific. The romance is strong in the Viking fans but ultimately I’m not too sure his return will have the fairy-tale ending they are pining for.

My Picks: Henrik Heggheim (5.0mNOK), Joe Bell, Kevin Kabran, Veton Berisha

Probable XI and Bench:

Austbo; Bjorshol, Heggheim, Vevatne, Pattynama/Hove; Bell, Lokberg, Torsteinbo, Fridjonsson, Kabran; Berisha

Ostbo, Vikstol, Pattynama/Hove, de Lanlay, Sebulonsen, Auklend/Nilsen Tangen, Hoiland

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  1. Rotation's Alter Ego
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • Has Moderation Rights
    • 11 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Part 2 of the preseason friendly roundup - if you missed it, part one is here

    Thanks RH!

    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Nice write-up RH! It seems like the big question is Eikrem. Will he start? Missing the last two pre-season games makes him seem like a doubt for Sunday but you can never tell. It feels like everyone's got a last-minute plan to get him back into their team just in case.

    I think I'm getting closer to a team I'm happy with. Just a few places left to decide upon. Roll on the start of the season!

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      I thought Eikrem might have fitness issues last season and that did seem to be the case.

      Technically he's the best player in the league by quite some way. His vision and ability to create a chance out of nothing is miles ahead of everyone else, hence his price.

      BUT, Molde have such a huge midfield - an absolute plethora of options. And I'm not too sure they will ever risk him if it comes down to that. Admittedly most of their midfielders are wide players but they can easily push Ellingsen forward a bit or even play Sigurdarson of Ohi/Fofana (or Ohi and Fofana).

      I do think 12.5 is too much for one player. There are so many other midfield options that are incredible value.
      Aron Donnum is only 10m. That's cheap. Seriously.

      Personally I would look out for news nearer the time and if you think he's worth getting in for their first two very winnable games then go for it. I do still think Ulland Andersen (if he plays!) or Hestad are better options as they're FOUR million cheaper.

      Good luck mate!

      1. SUNFLOWER
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 3 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        Thanks RH, good luck to you too!

        At the moment, I'm going without Eikrem as it allows me to spread the funds more evenly around the team.

  3. ReindeerHotdog
    • 2 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    I would like to point out that I do also recommend Erlend Dahl Reitan (6.0mNOK) as he's a great prospect this season for Rosenborg.

    It seems like he should be their main RB and feature a bit more this season (2020 = 22 appearances/19 starts) and he's posted some good stats:

    Attempted Dribbles: 42 (3rd highest for defenders)
    Successful: 27 (3rd)

    56.52% of his passes have been in the opposition half. Only Aasbak (69.14%) can better this for defenders
    30.19% of his passes have been in the final third. Again, only Aasbak (35.10%) can beat this figure.

    He's a genuine option at 6.0m this season but with Bjorkan and Borchgrevink the same price, who are you going to choose? Or will you have all three? For just 0.5m more you can have Henriksen who will be featuring in the Rosenborg midfield this season.

    Reitan will need to add more goal threat for me to really want him.
    Last Season:
    1G, 2A
    7 attempted shots, 1 on target
    He played half as many Key Passes (22) as Borchgrevink (44) but only 4 defenders registered more attempted dribbles.

    These stats are actually probably better than they seem as he played 7 and 8 games fewer than Borchgrevink and Bjorkan.

    I feel as though a defence built around Bjorkan/Borchgrevink/Reitan might not be the worst way to spend 18m...

    (Apologies I seemingly skirted over Reitan in this article!)

  4. ReindeerHotdog
    • 2 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    I'll also be interested in seeing what Tromso decide to do about their shape as more often than not they'll line up with 3 at the back and either 4 or 5 in midfield.

    Main reason I've included 4 defenders in my probable Xi is due to the recent acquisition of Tomas Totland. Not too sure if he lines up at left back or slots into midfield.

    He could be included in My Picks but I don't want to recommend him without knowing too much about his role at the club.

    He did score 6 goals and get 7 assists for Sogndal last season though so he's got huge potential. He's just 21 - exciting player.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      Of course if he is going to be used on the left side of the midfield does that mean he's up against Lasse Nilsen for his spot?

      For reference:

      Tromso XI vs BG:
      Karlstrom, Gundersen, A. Jenssen, Wangberg, Totland, Nilsen, Berntsen, Ingebrigsten, Y. Jenssen, Kitolano, Espejord

      XI vs RBK:
      Karlstrom, Helstad Amundsen, Wangberg, Gundersen, Totland, Nilsen, Berntsen, Mikkelsen, Y. Jenssen, Kitolano, Ebiye

      XI vs VIF:
      Karlstrom, Gundersen, Jenssen, Helstad Amundsen, Totland, Nilsen, Bernsten, Y. Jenssen, Kitolano, Ebiye, Espejord

      1. TallestJohn
        • 5 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        Transfermarkt lists Totland as right footed (3/6 goals with his right last season) and able to play at RB. Based on Magnus Andersen not being in those lineups I'm guessing right wingback.

        A. Jenssen, Helstad Amundsen, Gundersen
        Totland, Yttergård Jenssen, Berntsen, Nilsen
        Ingebrigtsen, Kitolano

        Antonsen in for Berntsen or Ingebrigtsen if he's fit, maybe Ebiye in there somehow. The midfielders all looked quite attacking and free to interchange in the second tier.

        1. ReindeerHotdog
          • 2 Years
          1 year, 3 months ago

          Totland is someone I'm definitely interested in but I'll probably be waiting until R4 as their first three games are some of the toughest fixtures they'll have all season.

          Kitolano is cheap enough to bring in relatively easily and Ebiye could very well be involved regularly.

          Feels like the best play is to wait a few gameweeks and see how they line up and go from there.

          Thanks for the input mate, appreciate it.

  5. ReindeerHotdog
    • 2 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Just noticed I don't have Sahraoui in the probably XI or bench area - clearly that's a mistake on my end.

    He'll 100% be in the match day squad every week just not guaranteed to start.


  6. Coys96
    • 5 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Do we expect Layouni to be rotated, I noticed you didn't put either him or Kjartansson in your top picks...

    Cheers for the very insightful article(s) 🙂

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      Layouni should be nailed on the left wing and Kjartansson up front. I expect Udahl to play some part this season but that may be in the form of 20-30 minute cameos until Kjartansson might need a rest for a game here or there.

      The thing is, I could've recommended the entire Valerenga team in all honesty - had to draw the line somewhere!

      I do think Layouni is a good pick but 0.5m less and you get arguably the best player in the league in Donnum..
      Kjartansson for 11.5m is a bit too much for my blood. Berisha and Dino for 1m less is much better value.

      I try to recommend these players based on their price, how likely they are to start and points potential.
      Maybe Layouni has a great season but I don't think he outscores Donnum (Donnum on penalties also) and certainly not by 0.5m worth. Same goes for Kjartansson.

      It's easy enough to get 7 premiums in your team but those extra 4 slots are quite difficult to get right - that's where you have to ask yourself "do I cut back to 6 premiums and balance out a bit more, or really try to min-max as much as possible?"

      I absolutely hate these blank weeks at the start of the season - I was ready to jump in with good cheap picks and then see it's a blank and Tromso and Kristiansund have ridiculous games to open with...

      I shall be tinkering away all the way through till Sunday I can guarantee you haha.

      1. Coys96
        • 5 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        Yeah agreed with Donnum. But I want the double Valerenga attack & Borch tbh. Yes, I hate the blanks too. Very few enablers.


  7. Eytexi
    • 3 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Still undecided on 3rd Valerenga spot, but otherwise locked and loaded. Exciting times.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      I'm still quite frustrated with the blank Rundes and so having to compromise and look ahead a bit more than I'd like.

      Being able to manoeuvre enough - without hits - to make sure I have the Rosenborg assets I want for their double is causing some headaches.

    2. It’s a Knockaert
      • 5 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      How’s it looking if you don’t mind me asking? First season and ngl I’m struggling a lot more than with allsvenskan fantasy (somehow fluked my way to 181 OR after 4 weeks)

      1. ReindeerHotdog
        • 2 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        It's hard to really say too much without swaying you one way or another. That's why I try to approach these articles with statistical analysis behind them so it's not just solely my opinion.

        I think there are a few players that most people will deem essential. It should be quite obvious who they are and then it's about adopting your own play style.

        So do you want to be safe and go 4-4-2 (not overly committed in one position) or be a bit riskier and go big at back/small up top - but then if a player misses you can be screwed.

        Never a bad idea looking at the best teams in the league (BG, MOL, VIF, RBK, VIK) and working backwards from them. There are still bargains to be had if you look in the right place but at the same time there are definitely players who are over-priced and don't represent good value.

        I'm aiming to get another article up (and Scout Picks, too) before kick-off on Sunday so hopefully they can help out.

    3. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      At this moment in time I only have two (Borch and Donnum) as there's a decent amount of options in other teams to back especially with the fixtures the way they are.

      I currently have two Odd players in my team because I'm able to play a decent XI with them in and if I make just one transfer I can XI for the next week, followed by just another single sub to bring in Islamovic for his DGW.

      I don't see the point in starting with Dino if you can have Botheim for 0.5m cheaper and he's easy enough to bring in when needed.

      Pretty much settled on what I want now as I'm probably not going to ever change my keepers, 3 of my defenders, 3 of my midfielders and obviously Berisha will always be a part of my squad. That's 9/15 which will more than likely be mainstays, form permitting of course.

  8. MorientesZL
    • 2 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Kalstrom 4.5( Stople 4.0) - Risa 6 , Bjornbak 5.5 Lode 5 (Coly 4.5 , Johanssen 4) - Donnum 10, Ceide 8.5, Teylor 7.5, Sorly 9.5 (c) ( Hopmark 4.5) - Islamovich 10.5, Berisha 10.5, Ebije 5.5. 0.0 ITB. Any tips , please?

      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      Looks like a strong team to me! I really like the Ceide pick.

      The only thing that possibly stands out is the double Molde defence. Risa is a slight rotation risk with Haugen also available at LB, although I think Risa might be first choice. Others probably know better than me. There might be safer options around that price point like Borchgrevink, Bjorkan or Dahl Reitan.

      Good luck!

  9. Bocaginge
    • 7 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Any help on this team would be very much appreciated. I loved playing last year, looking forward to this new season starting.

    Bjorkan, Lode, Henriksen, Borchgrevink
    Sorli, Taylor, Josh Kitolano, Bell, Donnum
    Islamovic, Berisha

    Stople, Jonassen, Hafstad

    I’m a little worried about the lack of Molde players but the midfield is such a rotation risk.

    Any advice?

    1. TallestJohn
      • 5 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      Very good midfield and attack. I wouldn't double up on B/G or Vålerenga defence if only because they have so many explosive attacking options you might want to bring in.

      1. Bocaginge
        • 7 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        I appreciate that cheers!
        I’ve 0m itb so I’d be looking at shifting out Lode for Gregersen and possibly downgrading Klaesson to a 4.5m keeper?

        1. TallestJohn
          • 5 Years
          1 year, 3 months ago

          Either that or look at Viking and Sandefjord. Or Reitan/Näsberg over Henriksen/Borch

    2. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      I don't agree with the idea of having to 'cover' a specific team, so I wouldn't worry about not having any Molde if you genuinely think there are good enough alternatives in your XI.

      Approaching the season with a flexible mindset is going to benefit you well - look at both fixtures and consider just how 'fixture proof' some of those players are.

      I know I highly, highly rate Klaesson but I've recently made the decision to go without him as I'd prefer Borchgrevink out of the two and I'm not sold on doubling up on VIF defence as Talle says.

      Ironically the only team I'd want to be doubling up on defenders for this week would be either Odd or Molde - players for whom you have none (defenders).

      If Layouni or Christensen start playing like absolute gods, you'll want that third VIF spot for them, not Klaesson. Same for Glimt - Lode is a great option for 5m, but not if you already have Bjorkan in my humble opinion. For the odd week it's not a bad shout to double up on their defence, but it puts you an extra transfer away from bringing in one of their attacking options for games they will be seen as favourites to score a lot of goals in.

      Really like the team though - nice to see other people think Bell is a brilliant option at 5m.

      1. Bocaginge
        • 7 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        This is quite possibly the greatest response I’ve had/seen to a query on this site. Much appreciated pal!!

        You’re right in what you say, it’s all about picking who we think will score the most points! That being said, I think Molde will have that early advantage so I’ve made a couple of tweaks to my defence to cover that.

        I think Bell is an absolute gem and I think he’ll be gold this season!

        1. ReindeerHotdog
          • 2 Years
          1 year, 3 months ago

          Haha appreciate it - just trying to help.

          If H. Pedersen was 0.5m less he'd have to be in my team. But with Reitan, Bjorkan and Borchgrevink all 6m, it makes it difficult to getting him in even with a 4m reserve.

          I'm going for balance and survivability this year. People will view Molde to be favourites for the title - I'm one of them - but does that make their player Fantasy essentials? I'm not too sure. With such a huge squad there's only a few players who will be regular starters. Fofana at 9.5m could be huge - full million cheaper than Berisha and Dino - but how much will he play?

          It's a wait and see for me. Even Gregersen isn't a straightforward choice. He's a really good player but so injury prone and was even subbed off pre-season due to injury. Not sure I want a 6m defender to maybe not play every now and then - so we come back to why Pedersen is such a good option. But so expensive and while I do rate him, his data pool is small which means he's relatively unproven at this level (for Fantasy returns). And Knudtzon will drop back to cover RB now and then (I'd still wager Pedersen is a regular though and should usually start all games).

          Most reliable players are going to be Linde, Aursnes and Hussain as well as maybe Bjornbak.

  10. TallestJohn
    • 5 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Have to disagree with Reindeer on Tripic, I think he started at 6m last time he was at Viking for which he was good value, I believe he topped up those attacking returns with decent bonus points and he was a really silky player. But maybe a no-go this time anyway if he's over 7m and competing for that left wing spot with Kabran who was quietly impressive for Start last season and will probably benefit from playing with one of the most in-form strikers.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      Oh for sure if he was 6m then I can see his appeal.

      Fact is he wasn't anything special statistically speaking so if he's more than 7 or 8m I'm not really sure what the appeal is.

    2. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago

      Wow. Tripic at 9.5 seems like madness to me.

      I'd probably have considered him at 8 MAYBE 8.5 depending on how well he settles in again.

      Seems really high though - just 0.5m cheaper than Donnum!

      Does this put pressure on Kabran or does Tripic mainly play on the right/through the middle?

  11. Ben Phippen
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Anyone else get an 'invalid code entered' message when trying to join the FFS league (using t1jx9f)?

  12. ReindeerHotdog
    • 2 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Strong chance Joshua Kitolano drops back as a right back (of some description) so just be wary of that.

    I think Hagen is going to struggle for fitness this season so Owusu will probably line up alongside Bjortuft more often than not, seeing Kitolano fall back. Not saying he will every single game but I can certainly see him being less of an attacking option this time round.

    Magnus Grodem has also joined Molde, adding to an already stacked midfield so we have even more rotation headaches to look forward to.

  13. tomklopp75
    • 10 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Great Work RH !!

    I'm playing Fantasy Eliteserien in a league called BVB INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE.

    The code to join this league is: 5nhlfn

    My Rank Last Saison : 138.

    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Just seen Lode is now flagged. Not sure why exactly but I think he might have missed training. One to keep an eye on.

    1. The Ilfordian
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 4 Years
      1 year, 3 months ago


      1. SUNFLOWER
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 3 Years
        1 year, 3 months ago

        Marius Lode for Bodø/Glimt.

  15. ReindeerHotdog
    • 2 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Defender Gustav Valsvik (5.5m) now at Stromsgodset
    Defender Simen Wangberg (4.5m) now at Stabaek

    New Molde midfielder: Magnus Grödem (8.0m)
    New Viking midfielder: Zlatko Tripic (9.5m)

    Half of Tromsø's defence are currently flagged - I'd keep an eye on that over the weekend. Could be wise to target Glimt players even more if Tromsø are even weaker at the back than normal.

    Any other updates I'll try to post when I can.

  16. Gerardo7
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    • 5 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    This is great stuff Reindeer. I decided to join this game without much knowledge of the league. I’ll use these articles to create a team. Thanks for this it’s really too material. Keep it up.