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With the World Cup fast approaching, international football dominated much of our community articles and hot topics, particularly with the introduction of a new World Cup game on the Scout, together a new team based community competition.

There was, however, still some Premier League chatter, with discussions turning to next season and the hopes for a far greater pool of players to help break the template. Elsewhere, we also saw a new entry to our glossary, as the “Fantasy Football limpet” was born.

The Community Submissions

Our community writers are continuing to impress, as previews of the World Cup continue to dominate the content being produced. Among the most eye-catching articles was Sarjeant’s handy list of all the teams’ top scorers and assisters during qualification. Be sure to bookmark this and have it on call when you come to select your World Cup squads.

Asquishypotato has also been busy warming up for Brazil with this comprehensive guide to Group A, which includes his analysis of the hosts. He’s also been eyeing up Brazil’s fierce local rivals Uruguay.

Another Group A side, Croatia, came under the microscope of Don Corleone The 1st One. Meanwhile, Etihad Engineer’s focus was on World Cup differentials as Fantasy managers scan for bargains to help shoe horn in expensive, better known targets into their squads.

When it comes to differentials, Iran’s players certainly fit the bill, as Innsie’s article was quick to point out. Selecting players from such unfancied teams will certainly help us plunder the Netherlands squad, with temptations like Robin Van Persie on offer. Pompeyfan’s analysis of the Dutch squad was on hand to look beyond the obvious targets and reveal an exciting out of position prospect that may fall under many a radar.

Domestic issues have also been analysed, with Bonz looking at the potential managerial merry-ground next season, as a host of clubs prepare to enter the campaign under the leadership of a new boss. Meanwhile, the upheaval of the Europa League was analysed in Triggerlips’ assessment of the potential impact of European football on some trusted Premier League sources.

Perhaps the promoted clubs could help fill the void? Jairzinho’s excellent analysis of the history of the promoted clubs gave us plenty to chew over. Elsewhere, Dino served up part two of his three-part feature on his own targets ahead of the new campaign.

Finally, John Terry’s Dog produced one of this week’s most entertaining articles with his rundown of ”Fantasy Football limpets”: poor performing players we all signed and just couldn’t shake. Lovely stuff.

We’ve got a whole array of articles penned by you and ready to go early next week, including further World Cup assessments of Nigeria, Greece and Italy.

If you have an article in mind, feel free to submit it via our Community Submissions form here.

The Hottest Topics

This week saw Fantasy iTeam arrive on these pages. Game representative Alan Davey was on hand to help explain the rules in this Q&A session and the subsequent discussion on the key strategies involved in Fantasy iTeam saw Rbcantona7, a veteran of the format, providing some crucial hints. His advice will prove invaluable for those getting on board and in the hat for the £500 prize for the Scout league winner.

As with our community articles, the Premier League’s changing cast of managers also dominated discussion, particulary after Louis van Gaal’s arrival at Old Trafford. Lionel’s Messy Boxers was among those to ponder how the United squad will perform under the Dutchman given his fondness of a 4-3-3 formation.

Full of beans after Arsenal’s first trophy in nine years, FACupArse pondered whether United’s defence was up to challenging the North London side and other Premier League heavyweights next season. Carrick Deserves More Mata was among many to point out that, with new recruits in the backline looking a certainty, United could be set to re-establish themselves in the title race next season.

Shifting focus to the other end of the spectrum, Burnley’s full-back Kieran Trippier earned some early attention as a potential target. Greenwindmill delved into his statistics and came up with a fascinating examination of how he may perform in the top flight.

For What the Heck, last season’s budget performers were of greater interest. He sparked a discussion about how well 2013/14’s breakout budget stars, such as Raheem Sterling, will fare next season.

The community also looked back at one of the Premier League’s long-standing top performers, Steven Gerrard. We asked whether he can he battle his advancing years and maintain heavy-hitter status. Giggs Boson certainly thinks so, although Aaron Ramessi has concerns that the Liverpool skipper may be priced too high after his achievements last season.

With Gerrard and other stars of 2013/14, such as Aaron Ramsey, set for a significant price hike, Saint Stevie-O wondered whether next season will see the best mix of heavy-hitters yet. Those looking for an end to the small pool of players that dominated 2013/14’s template team will certainly hope he is right.

The Community Tournaments

The FFS UEFA team have announced details of their World Cup community competition. Elninorules was on hand to explain that 32 team captains are needed for the competition by the deadline of May 29. Captains will be announced the next day when scouting begins for team members. Anyone interested can apply here.

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    Will this affect the way QPR behave in the transfer market this summer?

    1. All this financial fair play lark is going to end up in a mess..a real mess.

  2. Members Table - Touches in the box (Mids)

    Touches in the box (mids) season long..always a good stat for players from open play (as oppose set piece duties)..

    1. Thanks Wakey. And, of course, the man at the top will be on a lot of set pieces as well. Could prove essential? If he's still in the PL.


      1. Aye..could be. It's amazing how that stat is eventually like cream rising to the top from open play....add a few kicks and boom...

    2. By the way, are you continuing with the same gameplan next season in terms of philosophy and transfers?

      1. No..may do no hits at all...So the opposite.

        1. Can't you just do a middle ground! I don't think "no hits" is the way to go.

          1. That was meant to be a ? Not a !

            1. Dunno yet..something off the beaten track anyway, we'll see.

        2. Think of Ian Drury!!! :-d

          1. It's nice to be a lunatic.

            1. Precisely. Hit me!

          2. mmm..Ian Dury, top..just top.

            1. There you go! ;-)

    3. bolasie-if only he could score..........

    4. numbers 3 and 4 for shots in the box

      The Principle Conundrum,

      Top of the pile could be even better with decent CF in front of him.

      Nasri looks impressive on there

    5. Number two might be a bit useful after his transfer.

  3. cannot quite believe UKIP won these elections. devastated

      1. hasnt finished yet?

        1. How is the engineering going? :-0

          1. Not too bad, I'm going on site next month for a year in Milton Keynes. Client side for building a new roundabout and modifying two others. Include four pedestrian underpasses which is why I agreed to go.

    1. They haven't, yet. BBC got the local elections horribly wrong.

      They are full of shit.

      1. Who isn't full of shit these days?

    2. Just a protest vote. Many people want out of the EU. Would certainly make my job a lot easier.

      1. :shock: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse will make your job EASIER?

        What are you - a sloppy undertaker??? ;-)

        1. Set up contracts for UK Government. We have to follow all the EU Directives. I don't mean having UKIP in charge, that would be ridiculous!

          1. Ah. Thank goodness! :-D

    3. Unbelievable..I wonder how many UKIP voters even knew the name of the person they were going to vote for ?...or even..I wonder how many UKIP voters know the name of the person they have just voted for ?..I bet it's way less than 10%

      1. what was the % turn out at the polls?

        Election process is dated and chas huge cost to taxpayers - it needs modernisation to provoke high votes.

          1. LOL - hardly true democracy.

      2. How many voters of any party know the persons they are voting for in the European elections?

        The European elections are all about voting for parties, not for individuals, even for those who bother to turn out and vote.

        Local and National elections are different - you are more likely to know who your local councillors and MP and candidates are, and they may even be able to help you if you have a problem, but would anyone expect one of their MEPs to help them?

  4. Akinfeev

    Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Kolasinac, Uchida

    Nani, Kovacic, Dzagoev

    Balotelli, Messi, Benzema

    excel wc fantasy*

    1. Don't like it at all. Although, I don't know the format so you may be limited by budget.

      1. 100/100m

        1. This is my latest draft for the Telegraph game

          My latest Telegraph WC team

          Zabaleta Luiz Ramos Schar
          Di Maria Pjanic Oscar Rakitic Okazaki

          40 transfers to use throughout the tournament so I will rotate the striker regularly through the group stage. (Neymar > Sanchez > Suarez > Messi > etc). No idea how your format works though.

          1. Okazaki as a midfielder - nice pick!

  5. UKIP took 33% of the votes. Turnout was only 33%. So... UKIP is 11% of electorate? We need more sensible people to vote. Your vote does mean something!

    1. I don't vote because I don't feel I know enough about politics to make an informed decision, even after trying to read up on the parties. And even then I don't know what is true and what they are lying about. Even the seemingly 'bad' parties have some decent policies. If I were to vote it would just be for the sake of it and I may as well roll a dice.

      1. will be easier in the general election as you will have manifestos to go off. i know I am more of a liberal/left political person so it was a choice between labour and green party for me. went green as they will protect the NHS and deal properly with the greedy bankers

  6. I really think I need to brush up on my politics. No idea what's going on. Bad I know...

    1. No different to the politicians.

  7. What is this voting for?

    1. MEPs

  8. Doos for PM!

    1. Source?

      1. HP ?

    2. Gawd no. He'll make it law that we all have to make 250 transfers each season :(

  9. Is it against FFS posting policy to discuss (non Paddy Power) World Cup betting odds here ?

    1. As long as you clarify that paddy's odds will be much shitter in comparison you'll be ok

  10. Just came back to Isla Vista after a weekend trip in San Diego. Have been reading about the drive-by shootings that happened just up the street here. Horrifying stuff. Could have gone much worse also, I'm fortunate that no one I know were victims.

    The story if you haven't heard:

    1. See Bowling for Columbine. Americans won't change their gun laws because of the money. Not sure they have any more arguments tbh.

      1. They really don't have any relevant arguments. I found these videos on gun control rather amusing...

  11. Anyone alive?

  12. Do you think the government disregard some peoples votes, like this site does?

    I read Mark's generic response to my post...

    Wasnt even slightly relevant to the two examples I mentioned...

    1. PM: "Although 6000 people voted for the other party, we removed their votes, as they voted for that party in the last 3 elections. We felt they were spamming the elections."

      1. What makes you think this is a democracy? ;-)

        1. Seriously though I think you misunderstood Mark's comment. He just wanted to say that mods have the opportunity to down-vote in order to remove up-votes from up-vote spammers (i.e. people who basically up-vote every post), but perhaps the exact use of this wasn't made clear to us mods (we are only doing it to help out after all and it's natural that we make mistakes).

          I do worry that you're taking the whole episode a little too seriously my dear teddy bear.

      2. Is that the same 6,000 people in my comment below?

    2. Thank you for your input. Your opinion is valued and will be investigated momentarily...

  13. I'm going to look like a Ronald McDonald if my article on upcoming friendlies only get published later this week, considering the friendlies start today.


    1. You'll look like a fiddling clown?

      1. Frantically fiddling fairly furiously over friendlies..

    2. Not everything gets published does it. You must have been sifted out!

      1. *organizes that puppy gets delivered to Jonty's office at FFS towers.

        1. Ask the puppy to retrieve your article from Jonty's waste paper bin....

          1. It took me long enough to teach him to pee on a computer keyboard.

  14. No TM, No Jonty, No modness

    Let's vandalize!!

    1. Who's on shift?

      1. Not a soul, thats the point

      2. There's always one of use lurking :-P

        1. Usually more ;)

  15. About to set off for Wembley to see Burton vs Fleetwood.

    Come on Burton!

    1. Best of luck! Enjoy it :D

    2. Home town club? Good luck.

  16. Who do we think will win the world cup/golden boot?

    1. Argentina


      Things will get ugly

    2. Brazil


      Things will get SAMBAAAAA

    3. Spain


    4. Australia
      cahill :)

  17. The most up voted comment on the Dail Mail website over the last 24 hours...

    "Well most people I know voted UKIP. Every one is fed up with lies."

    More than 6,000 up votes!

    1. That's what happens when you give people democracy! ;-)

    2. More worrying is, why are you visiting the dailymail? :shock: ;)

      1. Literally to see what they are saying about the UKIP success!

    3. I'd rather thats why people voted than any companionship with the party leaders.

      Alas these forums are not for discussing politics, even in the off season

  18. QPR has put a 8 million Pound price tag on Remy...Quite a bargain for any team..

    1. Yup, 27 years old, proven goalscorer, PL experience, would sign for anyone in the top 10 if the right offer came in.. He'll be an interesting prospect next year if he finds the right club!

      *cough* Spurs *cough*

      1. he's basically just a French Jermaine Defoe

        1. Defoe cost £15m when he was 27. That is before inflation and te excessive narket inflatiom. £7 is a bargain, although I dont think he is top 4 quality.

          1. Agreed

        2. I think he's a much more improved Jermaine Defoe and even if he was just a French Defoe, he's still well worth 7 million with the money that's in the game nowadays.

          1. Yes, my comment came across negatively. I agree, I think he would be an excellent acquisition for any club outside of the top 4

            1. Haha calling someone "basically just Jermaine Defoe" can be understood as an insult in most cultures, but calling someone basically just a French Jermaine Defoe? Remy never warranted such abuse ;)

              1. Defoe is a quality striker (when he was in form)..he has those bullet shots..why would one take him as insult?

                1. When he was in form, back in 2009-10 when he scored 18 goals, but apart from that season (where he did look like a great striker) he hasn't ever played like that, everyone attributed that to him going to the gym that summer and getting en extra yard of pace and power in his shots, but he then lost that again and only scored 4 goals the following season in 22 games as one of the main strikers for a top 6 club..

                  1. He looked pretty good on the way out of Spurs too.

          2. Agreed. While I have nothing in particular against Defoe, I think these fellows here are valuing Rémy way wrong. Firstly because of style issues: Defoe is a poacher and a pure scoring centre forward. Rémy has played a large part of his career on flank, and is much more of a creative player. In short: if Arsenal got a Defoe, it would be a backup Cf and that only. If they get a Rémy, they will get a player who can also play on flank, with Giroud upfront.

            Secondly, on quality, because while Defoe is a good forward, Rémy is better in every single respect. You can start from his shooting: Defoe who, though has a strong shot, tends to take about 10 shots to get one in, whereas Rémy can add that power to shots that are actually very accurate. Secondly, Rémys skills and creativity are more remarkably above Defoe's: whereas Defoe is a guy to run for a ball put in open space and just shoot, Rémy, although he is no Eden Hazard, can actually dribble past the defender, and knows how to pass and cross. Finally it is worth noticing that Rémy is also tougher, more physical forward.

        3. taller*

    2. would be a nice addition for us

      1. who are Arsenal's main targets this summer?

        1. 2 goalies, right back, centre back, striker and a defensive mid are needed.

          1. okay..lets see who Wenger gets..

            1. Probably just a midfielder :D

              1. And an attacking one at that.

                1. They sure could use a fast and creative wide player in attack.

          2. Two goalies?

            1. well we lose fabianski and need 3 gks...although a youth gk could be our 3rd choice so only 1 is definitely required

              1. You also need a better no. 1 GK.

          3. "2 goalies" :lol: Have to agree, unfortunately. But no need for a centre back, if Verm stays.

            Right back is obvious, if you go with Jenks only, you can say good bye to CL football. The 4th place title will be lost. If you don't get a new RB - Aurier would be good choice, btw - you're doomed and everybody knows it.

            Defensive mid is likewise bit unneeded if you just get your folks back fit again. In that case, you would have a plenty. Unless you offload Arteta, which could be a good move. Your neighbours seem to have an abundance of DM's and there might be summer sales there, so maybe you should buy one of those. They would have a top GK too. ;)

            Another striker is necessity, unless Wenger thinks that Sanogo can step up to play more regularly. Not impossible if he can get back fit again first, but seems like a true Arsenal quality atm. Also, when you lead by 2 or more after an hour of game, Wenger should always take Pod or Wally in for Giroud and start playing counter attack, because they can be functional in that and he would avoid exhausting Giroud. A versatile striker who could rotate with Giroud upfront but also play on flank with Giroud in the middle would be great. That would solve also the wide AM issue.

    3. Fit in at Everton? (If Lukaku don't stay)

      1. Was Traore's move to Everton just a loan one? Or is he there permanently? As Remy and Traore could see the return of a little + big striker combo, and they're both actually talented!

        Think Jelavic + Shane Long but about 73 times better.

        1. 'Twas a loan move mate.

          1. Damn, I like Traore, hope he comes back to the PL some day.

            1. Don't think I saw him in an Everton shirt once! I think he's got potential too, he was injured most of his time at Everton sadly.

              1. He scored that cool backheel in his first game, i think that was that.

      2. I read Everton were Looking at Demba Ba, if Chelsea want to offload him..

        1. "Ba doesn't want to leave" was the latest I read into that, apparently José is willing to potentially give him another chance next season..

          Torres must be off though.

          1. Torres could do well in another PL team..lets see who buys him..

            1. Not sure if he has the pace or intensity for it anymore tbh, not sure where he'd fit in.

              Can he play lone striker effectively by himself anymore? Would he get close to 15 goals a season? Or does he have to try a slower league?

                1. I'd see him going to the MLS sooner than Sporting Lisbon but you never know!

                  He'll go to someone willing to pay him high wages for his massive reputation (which would still be hero-like in some parts of the world even if we all know he's broken and out-of-warranty)

                  1. Yeah. That was mostly a joke, but the first team that came to mind that could use him. :lol:

                    Seriously, he would still have the level to Portuguese league. ;)

                  2. MLS has become quite good league and they have money and big stadiums filled often. Players who have gone there usually tell that it has been a great experience. Could be good for both Torres and football if he took that direction as well.

  19. 10 hour pages :(

  20. Transfer rumours I've seen today:

    Welbeck to Spurs
    Lallana to Liverpool
    Lampard + Ferdinand to QPR
    Lavezzi to Chelsea
    Benzema/Super Mario to Arsenal.

    I can see the first two happening... Others don't seem to make sense or aren't realistic in my opinion.

    1. Lavezzi maybe if Mou wants rid of the dissenting Hazard.

      1. As a Chelsea fan I'd be distraught if Mou let's Hazard go. Haven't seen much of Lavezzi tbh, but I don't think we need him.

        1. You'd need him if you were Hazard-less ;)

          Can't see it happening though.

          1. Willian, Oscar, Schurrle, Salah, Ramires, Atsu, Piazon, Thorgan... That's enough attacking mids for me.

            1. Yup but none would be as good as Lavezzi or Hazard, Willian is good and athletic but he doesn't have the creative flair of Hazard and Oscar has the flair but not the athleticism it would appear after he disappeared halfway through the season, although that might have been World Cup induced..

              Schurrle is good but I dunno if he'd be good enough to replace Hazard.

              Salah, Ramires, Atsu, Piazon, Thorgan.. You won't win the league with one of them starting on the wing. They're either squad players or future players.

              1. I always come across as so sharp when I write comments like this, its not my intention, just my thoughts of those particular players' respective abilities and an honest insight into your team..

                You could (probably do) know far far more than me, (I know nothing of Atsu), I'm just offering an opinion on them :)

                1. Always good to hear others opinions :)

              2. Willian has no flair :shock:

                1. Yep, go watch his goal against Norwich IM :P

                  1. Probably doesn't showcase his 'flair' to be honest, but I still love that goal :)

                  2. That was a quality goal but it wasn't creative, it was a first time shot in the box :P

                    I mean I can't see Willian doing this on a regular enough basis:

                      1. Sorry. For a skills video this was very unconvincing. A bunch of tricks in training and in matches only a couple of simple one player dribbles, in some he didn't even get past.

                        Precisely an argument for IM 10's position.

                      2. :lol: it was just the shortest skills video I found of him on youtube. Obviously he's no way near as good as Hazard at dribbling and ball control, but he does have some flair about him.

                    1. That is just lovely. And the great thing about Hazard is that he can bring ball up like that - well, maybe not precisely that long dribbles, but anyway, to beat 3-4 players and create a real attack - few times every match.

                      that's why Blanc wants him to PSG, too. He made quite a compliment to Hazard in that interview. Was probably very disappointed to see them wasting those €50M to Luiz instead.

                      Cavani - Hazard swap still on papers though. ;)

                      1. Absolutely. I'd still prefer Hazard over Cavani though :)

                      2. Remember when Cavani was thought of as somebody who was going to be one of the best in the world.

                      3. At this point, this discussion is about to become difficult to follow.

                      4. His stock has fell a lot since going to PSG.

                      5. Might be something to do with everyone comparing him to the greatest player to ever come out of Sweden, and I don't mean Henrik Larsson ;)

                      6. Not really. Only for those who haven't followed Cavani's games there. On transfermarket value estimations, his stock has risen by some €10M, and he obviously is wanted by plenty of clubs (including the one where he plays) so there's reason why that price would be high as well.

              3. Willian, Oscar and Schurrle behind Costa would do well IMO. Give the other guys a few more years and I think they'll be future important players for us. Piazon in particular is one who impresses me a lot.

                But, Hazard won't leave (atleast that's what I keep telling myself :?) so we'll be fine :)

                1. Yep, Hazard probably won't leave, not this year anyway.. Piazon is quality for me in my FIFA career so I have a soft spot for him (that's how things work in my world!) but I think he's more of an heir to Hazard's "throne" than Thorgen or Salah are..

                  1. Oh I'm the same, someone recommended Drmic to me for Fantasy iTeam but I'm the manager of Switzerland in my FIFA career and he's been terrible for me, so that's put me off him. :lol:

                    1. :lol: Gotta love some rational thinking eh? :D

                      1. Absolutely. FIFA always helps with fantasy decision making :)

            2. Piazon....if I'm not wrong he was supposed to be the next big thing few years ago - never happening?

              1. Pretty impressive stats at Vitesse, but yeah he hasn't lived up to expectations. Yet.

        2. Lavezzi is a great player. Relentless, untiring and pacy runner, who is packed with skills and does whatever the coach asks him to do in attack. Tactically very wise, Mou would love that guy and probably wants him.

          The problem is, so does Blanc, and Lavezzi seems to love it in Paris.

          The bad side of Lavezzi's game is that he is also very inefficient, tactical wisdom of his movement is matched by his stupidity in decision making when he gets to those chances, and he seems to take the wrong decision more often than not when he gets the ball in the box. He wastes huge amount of attacks for that. But when he takes the right decision, it's usually pretty sweet.

          1. Cheers for the insight. I'll watch him closely at the WC.

            1. You'll be watching Argentina's bench a lot then, unfortunately. ;)

              No, actually if their manager is in his senses, he is going to sacrifice one of his star forwards and play Lavezzi instead, because that way he can have a tactically more functional team.

              1. Ha, wasn't sure if he started or not. Will hopefully get to see atleast a few good cameos then.

          2. I remember a period of games between Milan and Napoli when Lavezzi was there and it was always a tough game. Then Lavezzi missed a match between the clubs due to injury/suspension and it was an easy 3-0 win.

            The guy certainly causes problems for the opposition though it normally ends with relief after he ruins the attack.

  21. My neighbour thinks I'm flirting with her but I really just want to trade Panini World Cup stickers with her son.

    1. Flirt with the son instead then.

      1. :lol:

        So called "good advices"

    2. "I just wanted to see your son's shiny Panini"

      1. :lol:

        Checkmate, jail mate.

    3. That's her grandson.

    4. This is why I look for your posts whenever I sign in to this site. :lol:

  22. Do all footballing internet forums take this much of a dip in activity during the summer?

    This is the only one I actively take part in so I haven't a clue if "10 hour pages" would be the norm, I only know they are around here at times in the summer..

    1. Yeah, its a skeleton crew holding the fort, but I think some of the discussions are off far higher quality because of the time they are given to grow.

      Think about it, the one thing we have in common isnt happening. It'll pick up a bit during the world cup

      1. Yeah it's as if the gravless and the un-dedicated are all weeded out for a few months and you get all the posters that like to engage in conversation with each other :) So it's not without its positives, but hopefully the World Cup perks things up a bit soon :)

        1. You mean you don't love the 50 million RMTs? ;)

          1. Meh, I have a built in filter to ignore most of them anyway, and I reeeeeally don't miss the "LOLZ@United" trolls at all, but a happy medium would be nice, maybe 2 pages per 10 hours.. ;)

            1. Actually, there is activity, the pages just turn slower in lack of all "lolz@united" and rmt comment, and other crap that fills the forum during seasons as they are always a new comment. Now we respond to comments, which extends the length of the page, but does not push it to next page. Of course, there are fewer posts, but those 10 hours are also because of longer threads where we discuss the issues, write better comments and actually get answers to them as they are not lost in the middle of the general crap flow.

    2. ...and it's still two weeks until Maccy D starts!

    3. Yes, every single one of them.

      I've checked.

    4. With the World Cup this Summer, there's probably a higher level of interest and activity than usual to be honest.

    5. We were on this page when I went to bed last night. I think a lot of club forums still move pretty fast as they're posting and debating every transfer rumour about their club that appears.

      Fortunately, most of us here aren't that silly :)

      Congrats on getting the 10th trophy.

      1. Cheers Milanista :)

    6. simple: there are less points of discussion!

      why is that 10 in your username? haven't a clue what it could be referring to ;)

      1. Twas my 10th birthday yesterday.... ;)

        1. wow you are one clever 10 year old :D

          but yeah di maria that kid is one of my favourite players now...what a legend!

          1. Haha why thank you! :lol:

            Yup, absolute hero, I love that man. He was probably the best thing Mourinho ever did for Madrid. Gives 150% and is up there on par with the best in the world at times.

  23. going with this:

    Tottenham are expected to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager this week

    1. Did he not just sign a 6mill per year contract with Southampton?

      1. That's what was thought, but there was notjong reported or anything.
        All I've been reading is about hom going to Spurs.....

    2. Interesting, if true. Wonder which Saints player/players he'd take

      1. I hope for Southampton's sake he doesn't leave. Can see a mass exodus with the likes of Lallana/Shaw/Clyne/Lovren all leaving if this is true.

        1. this would be sad...hopefully the new academy heroes like ward-prowse, chambers, gallagher and reed can keep them going! :)


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