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A pair of community statisticians surfaced in our community articles this week, as the complexities of the Fantasy Premier League’s (FPL) Bonus Point System and the attack and defence ratings for the World Cup teams came under examination. Elsewhere, our globe-trotting scribes continued on their tour of the 32 qualifiers for Brazil, while closer to home, the key goalkeeper strategies for the forthcoming Premier League campaign were assessed. We revisit those articles, whilst also checking in on the week’s Hot Topics discussions, where we find the community in nostalgic mood:

The Community Submissions

We start our look at last week’s community articles with two impressive slabs of number-crunching. Bedknobs and Boomsticks began proceedings with an in-depth look at the FPL’s Bonus Point System (BPS) to investigate how players are benefitting from the method of calculating bonus points, which made its debut last season. His analysis, which he calls “The BPS baseline”, proved to be one of the week’s most talked-about articles of the last seven days. Be sure to also have a look through the discussion that follows, particularly for the further stat analysis provided by Smarty Pants and 3rd Turd.

For The Sarjeant, the World Cup proved the inspiration for some numerical analysis. He chose to develop his own attacking and defending rating system for each of the tournament’s teams based on their qualifying campaigns. Another must-read article for those wishing to soak up some stats ahead of their World Cup Fantasy squad selections.

Not surprisingly, the World Cup continued to dominate the submissions heading our way, as writers took us on a tour of the teams taking part. Christina not only gave us a handy round up of every team’s warm-up matches but also found time to have a close look at Greece’s prospects.

Demi weaved his teamsheet magic over Bosnia, while Mata is the Juan was off to Ghana for a spot of scouting, leaving FC Borcelona to investigate Nigeria’s chances.

Bosnia also came under the spotlight as Asquishypotato’s series of Group round-ups reached Group B. Meanwhile, El Muneco focused on Italy’s prospects.

Domestic issues were not neglected entirely, as JK and Dino chipped in with further submissions to help prepare us for the new Premier League season. JK’s article examined the pros and cons of the various goalkeeper strategies, examining the merits of rotating shot-stoppers or sticking with one reliable asset. Meanwhile, Dino’s focus was on the players in all areas of the pitch, as we rolled out the second part of his “Prime Targets” series. Look out for the final part early next week.

The Hottest Topics

Bedknobs and Boomsticks’ BPS analysis spilled over into the Hot Topics this week as we asked whether the FPL’s new bonus point system should be tweaked or even scrapped entirely. Dino rightly stated that bonus points add an extra layer of excitement and interest to the game, but wanted to see more points awarded for midfield creativity. Wakey, however, called for a threshold whereby players had to achieve a certain BPS totals before being considered for bonus points.

Wakey was also busy in the Members Area this week, tweaking his custom statistics tables to showcase 2013/14’s top performers and give us an insight into some of the players to consider next season. Attacking defenders and touches in the box were the two sets of statistics he assessed this time around.

The managerial merry-go-round continued this week with Mauricio Pochettino leaving St Mary’s for the head coach position at Tottenham. Among those to take part in our discussion on his move were Heydudes13 who pondered whether Southampton forward Jay Rodriguez could follow his former boss. Meanwhile, I Am Not For Kinnear wondered how Southampton will perform next season without their inspirational manager and potentially a raft of players, with Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw seemingly amongst those on the verge of exits.

The cavalcade of World Cup community submissions also prompted a number of Hot Topics focused on the tournament. We’ve already discovered that the official FIFA game incorporates recovered balls into its scoring, a stat that could well prove pivotal to our success in the game. Heydudes13’s look at the Champion’s League top earners of recovered balls could well prove crucial reading for those looking to get involved in the McDonald’s-sponsored effort. Meanwhile, for those dabbling in the Fantasy iTeam game, Anonymous was on hand to provide a complete player list.

Welbztree is renowned in the community for delivering the team line-ups for the Premier League’s Saturday afternoon kick-offs. Ahead of the World Cup, he’s turned his attention to international team-sheets, rolling out his predictions for the World Cup teams’ starting XIs.

Finally, Sully Sonic chose to roll back the years and quiz the community for their favourite World Cup players, teams and moments. Maradona’s 1986 World Cup performances were cited as Royscalleranne’s treasured World Cup memory, while Damo has fond recollections of Cameroon’s Roger Milla – one of the stars of the 1990 tournament.

The Community Tournaments

The FFS UEFA World Cup tournament has reached its main recruitment phase. Today’s community article listed the selected captains for the 32 nations and now those guys are getting busy filling up their five-man squads. Check out the article and the comments for details on how you can get involved in FFS UEFA’s latest competition.

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  1. Daley Blind position update.

    LvG has confirmed that Blind is his best LB in the squad so he & Janmaat will play as the FB/WBs. Shame.

    1. will the centre backs be martins indi de vrij and vlaar or will heitinga get a look in?

      1. Heitinga ain't even in the 23.

      2. Those look to be the 3 but Veltman may also get a look in

    2. Why shame?

      I thought it's obvious since LvG's style is to play 5-3-2, and revert to 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 when attacking.

    3. Not really a shame, since they don't have many others who can play in that position.

    4. Is he one of those attacking fullbacks or a more defensive one? I assume if they play 5-3-2 he'll push up alot.

      1. it's a shame because he is now a v good DMC, also because there aren't any better options at LB.

        He is an attacking full back, but Janmaat is probably even more so. In any case the Dutch system will always have attacking FBs, it's how we roll ;-)

        1. That and a Beast in the middle of Park (Davids, De Jong).

          Oh, and a silky striker ;)

  2. What are the the captains looking for in a potential team member? Just FPL rank or would UFPL UCL experience matter more (as they are more squad based games)?

    1. It's all about how committed you are about playing the McDonald's game, atleast for me.
      Game for joining the Dutch contingent?

      1. I'm considering it, mate; I've had a read of the rules but still not exactly sure what each team member actually does for each H2H match...

        1. Well, it will be basically all about your gut feeling. :)
          See, it is simple. All you'd want to do is score good points every GW. That's the basic requirement of every Fantasy. :)

          1. But does each team member only pick the defenders and another the forwards (for example) or am I totally off track on that?

            1. No. It is your entire team score for the GW.
              You do NOT have to do anything extra other than setting your team for the gameweek.
              As simple as that.
              Now, if I nominate you as DEF for my team, you face the AM of that team. That's it.

        2. The team members get allocated a position E.G Striker. The strikers will then be in a H2H for that GW against the GK of the opposition. If the striker got more points than the GK (e.g 60-55) then that counts as 1 goal scored for his team. All of the H2Hs in your teams match result in one goal each for the winners, so all of the matchups will have 5 goals in them. I think...

          1. Striker will face GK of another team? :shock: i thought striker will face striker and GK will face GK of other team

            1. Nope

              GK vs ST; Def vs AM; DM vs DM

          2. This. It's the Davis Cup format, or Thomas Cup if you watch badminton..

            1. I have seen Davis Cup, but didnt went much in deep of its format... Anyway cheers! Thats interesting

            2. In Davis Cup format it would be more like:
              Striker v Striker, Midfielder v Midfielder;
              Goalkeeper + Defender v Goalkeeper + Defender;
              Striker v Midfielder, Midfielder v Striker.

    2. fpl rank is a factor but charisma and looks are much more important

      1. Well that's me out of the running so!!!

        1. ;) if you want to join Australia I would be thrilled!

    3. To be honest, the best part of these competitions is the banter and how most of the community gets involved. Upon choosing my team members, I wanted people who were (semi)regular posters so they'd get involved in the banter, as well as being good fantasy managers.

    4. Money.

    5. I'm just looking for people who'll get involved in the banter and stick with the team.


        1. Those are 3 wonders of Costa Rica :cool: :lol:

  3. @randomecuadorreporter
    An anonymous source has just confirmed that a moderator from FFS is undergoing a medical at the La Tri camp.Official conformation to be followed soon.

    2 min ago.

        1. laugh it up boys, Costa Rica are just getting warmed up.

  4. So now that Sarjeant Turncoat has decided he'd rather captain Cameroon...I'm looking for a poster with name/grav affiliation to the armed forces? Anyone fit that bill?

    Also, Siva Mohan and Bubz if you're there?

    1. Colonel Shoe?

      1. Perfect! You there Colonel?

          1. Changing nappies.

          2. Hmm, might return on the weekend for the launch of McD's fantasy.

            Wait, there's a colonel wasabi too isn't there?

            1. There is - he's been away longer than Colonel Shoe though!


              1. Maybe convince Epic to change his name to MajorFail for the tourney? :)

                1. If that's what it takes. :cool:

                  1. Welcome aboard!

    2. After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that I have no life, so if there's a place on your list...

      1. I thought his team was full. :S
        Care to join the Oranje, Epicfail?

        1. Oi, keep your filthy mitts off of him!

          1. And I always thought the Dutch were the most attractive team? ;)

      2. Epic, join a fellow Villan and lets get this Costa Rica wagon rolling.


        1. The ship has just sailed. But I'm more than willing to jump ship if the right bribe of hard cash comes along.

          1. Epic, we are a land of upstanding moral integrity.

            ... Although our gratuitous objectification of the female form in our recruitment drive may rise a few eyebrows...

            1. Not if it's aimed at 1970s Sun readers with the mental age of 12.

          2. epic if it helps you narrow down your choice, i don't need you ;)

    3. Isn't Abhishek associated with the armed forces?

      1. The arms up arse forces perhaps.

  5. Ok folks we down to 1 place left in the Nigerian camp. Anyone interested no matter how much of a lurker you are, please send me an email to the address below. Really look forward tp joining forces with some new faces! :)

    Email: themissingnigerian@outlook.com

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I as captain of the Ecuador national team is proud to present before you the first recruit.The man...The machine...The FFS legend himself!.....JONTY!!!!..... Please put your hands together for this FFS god!..

    He has succesfully cleared a medical and is all set to create history along with La Tri!

    Let the games beginll!! 8-)


    Interested people please drop a mail to this address-

    1. In reference to Mark and Granville's view of my management style - brace yourself for Ecuadullardity. ;-)

      1. Yaya might even retire from international football now. First there was birthdaycakegate, now his staunchest advocate is abandoning him. Too far, Jonty, too far.

    2. unbelievable.

      1. Am i seeing a new shade right there! 8-)

        1. haha, don't worry BL. I have something up my sleeve.

          1. I reckon Mark or Granny!

    3. Wow, what a coup.

  7. For MacD transfers:-

    No. Round Description Number of transfers
    1 1st group phase Initial squad
    2 2nd group phase 0
    3 3rd group phase 0
    4 Round of 16 Unlimited
    5 Quarter-finals Unlimited
    6 Semi-finals Unlimited
    7 Final Unlimited

    "You can modify your squad throughout the season in the transfer market. The transfer market is opened during the official rest days of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. "

    So in the group phase you have no transfers allowed but from last 16 onwards you can do as many as you want during each rest day…….Correct?

    1. You can do unlimited, but it's only before the deadline. Like having a WC every week in FPL.

      1. Are you sure that is the case for the first 3 rounds in the group phase…….says transfers 0

        1. Yeah, I mean in the knockout stages. No transfers before that.

          1. Ok cool thanks……important to pick a good initial squad then.

        2. Next WC is before the Round of 16. You are stuck with your squad until then.

          1. actually like that….thanks.

          2. stuck makes it sound so much worse than it is.

            Squad loyalty, that's how we see it in Costa Rica. Its a good thing.

  8. Those of you playing the fox sports game, who are your 3 strikers?

    1. sanchez messi and neymar for first round...will remove sanchez for dzeko after it though

      1. Barcelona is that you?

      2. No faith in your Aussies I see :D

        I was leaning towards Messi Neymar and Lukaku, but I haven't really thought about transfers yet.

        1. :D

          our team in real life is rubbish!

          1. Well one of your defenders is Good... ;)

    2. fred, lukaku and the wild card of klose

      1. No Neymar/Messi/Ronaldo might hurt.

        1. yeah it could come back to haunt me..might go fred to neymar then. di maria is the argentinian must have for me. don't think ronaldo will do much.

          1. di maria a must have,why? been toying with the idea of getting him in.now uve made it harder :)

            1. i just feel that everything will go through him, just like it does at madrid. sorry to throw another log on the fire. :)

  9. Been away for a couple of weeks. Which is the best Fantasy World Cup game?

    1. I'd say the Mirror game is the best.

      1. The rules very similar to fpl.

      2. is it free to play?

        1. so everyone on here is playing the mirror one?

          1. I think majority will play McD's one.

        2. Aye. And as Marr says. It's pretty much this same as FPL.

      3. I've just made my team on the Mirror game, but now it's all gone a bit strange and I can't see my team?

        Am I being dumb? Or are other people having issues?

        1. Scratch that. It seems to be working now!

          Budget is very generous...my only criticism.

  10. FORZA AZZURI!!! 8-)

    Giggs Boson


    1. Must be the favourites.

        1. :-P

          We will manage very well ... ;-)

          1. Only if you're left on the bench ;)

            1. I am surprisingly good at these things. ;-)

            2. Shame there is none ;)

      1. Indeed, plus the Samba Boys, and Drug Lords of Colombia.

    2. Wow, nice work Welbz and co!

      Fantastic scalp on offer for Costa Rica :cool:

  11. Will there be a DGW for Brazil to start with in McD?

    1. Don't think so. I think the 2nd GW starts before the 1st one ends. If one of your players from Russia-South Korea get injured or whatever then you can sub them.

      1. Thanks BG! :)

    2. Hi Taf , I have had a place reserved for u in my Ghana team.just need you to confirm you're playing the uefa tourney and are interested in joining my side

      1. I'll be glad to be on board. Here we go!

      2. Check your inbox

  12. @ILF, wanna join the Dutch party?

    1. *Chile.

      1. More to follow, I guess :D

  13. ...And I have joined hands with Nate. Our combined knowledge will bring everyone down! #TeamGhana

    1. Good to have you on board.....on phone at so details later

      1. No issues :)

    2. how big is that cave now? :shock: :D

      1. Hahaha, just be happy we aren't in the same group!

  14. Useless trivia of the day: Pigs'/ Boars' orgasm can easily last upto 30 minutes

    1. yeah tell me about it

    2. It wasn't easy last time I tried.

    3. I think i'd be in a coma after that.

      1. You'd think Rooney would be slimmer..

  15. Might throw my hat in the ring for this; sounds like a bit of fun!

    1. So who's the captain of Ireland? ;)

    2. Reply fail to Avishek T?

      1. Nah, just a general hat toss! Although Saniul was the first to offer me a place...

        Are you playing mate?

        1. So, Icon, you game for this?
          It would be nice to have you on board :)

          1. Yeah count me in mate; you need me to mail details/fpl stuff?

            1. Congratulations.
              Just send me a general mail to saniul.haque@outlook.com, and well, I'll need to communicate with you over there.

              1. Will do, anyone else on board the OranjeBus yet?

                1. There's No Association Bergkamp is Legend, an Oranje himself.
                  And well, we are in talks with another couple of guys. I'm kind of sad that Pompeyfan can't play. He's a big Dutch fan.

        2. I'm going to wait till McD opens to decide

          1. It's open mate; only another 17 minutes if you want a Sausage McMuffin though ;)

      2. Hahaha, sorry, just read his post now!

  16. Wow you can pick a fantastic squad in the mirror game. Players under priced to the max and you get an extra 5m after group stages.

    1. and players r over priced aswell...dzeko price is laughable compared to say neymar....

  17. Does someone have a link of the hot topic about the players with highest recovered balls a few days ago? Thanks

    1. :lol: It's in the article above!

      1. Oh dear :(
        Thanks again

    2. Perhaps check the community roundup...

      ...oh wait.

  18. Hey JT´s Dog can I be a part of your team for the FFS WC?

    1. i was trying to only include dogs
      so if you are willing to convert for a few weeks then yes.
      maybe king charles nil miss or something

      1. :lol:

        Many dogs are named King though... plus you need a translator ;)

        1. though i suppose ronaldo grav works, as he is top dog in footy
          ok you're in if you want.

      2. Or barKing nil miss?

  19. Aside from the Fantasy iTeam and the mcdonalds game, is there any other good platform out there?

    1. Mirror's Fantasy Rules look good or maybe Telegraph

  20. No one said me joining Nate was a conspiracy. :shock: :shock: :shock:

  21. Fabregas > Liverpool rumours gathering pace :wink:

    1. Fabregas is everywhere these days, funny how the press have 2 stories with the same rumour, with City stealing from whoever is buying ;)

      1. Supposedly Wenger has said he doesn't want him as he's to similar to Ozil..If Yaya were to leave Fabregas would be an ideal replacement..And supposedly we won't be held to ransom over Lallana and may go for Fabregas instead..

        Supposedly ftw

        1. Supposedly is a newspaper's best friend at this time of year.

          1. Indeed..Damn them for getting ones hopes up

    2. I do hope so. Overpricing Lallana was a master stroke by our board ;-)

      And come on Fabregas > Lallana, any day.

      1. He's going no matter what :) You must be a worried a supporter with all the out talk..

        1. I can't see many teams paying £30m for him.

          I am worried, yes. But I do wonder how much of the extra talk (Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Clyne) is just PURE media speculation because we don't have a manager etc. I think we may lose a few but I think things will look much better once we have a manager installed.

          1. If Lallana,Lambert and Lovern all come to us you can always support us

            1. *glare*

            2. Are Liverpool only going for players whose names begin with L?

              Don't think there's room for Lukaku, but Lloris could be useful.

  22. Q
    in mcdonalds rules it says forward gets 1 point bonus for 80% attempt rate.
    80% of what?

    1. 80% of shots on target. An absurd rate tbh.

      1. I mean nearly every def/mid will be able to get 80% passing, nearly no one will get 80% of their shots on target.

        1. agree, suppose if they only have 1 or two shots and both are on target then they get bonus.
          It is only a point so not big issue. Just thought strangely worded

    2. Presume it's shots on target

    3. Shot accuracy would be my guess

    4. 4 out of 5 is really high, suppose it is only 1 point

    5. Good for Italian strikers...

  23. what is all these teams that people are on about?what does it involve? i think ive missed something :/

    1. top of articles on the right will explain, plenty of places left

      1. thank u sir

  24. Who do people consider essential to their WC FF squads?

    1. Depends which game.

  25. @SANIUL

    Just dropped you a mail if you have space in the Dutch team.

    1. you're grav looks like TM at a glance
      was weird when you were responding to each other above

      1. Ha ha, noticed that too

    1. Saw that :)

  26. uefa WC squad complete
    sits back puts paws up and licks himself.

  27. New Article Posted
  28. Is the Mirror game live scoring?

    are you guys all waiting for the FIFA game? It looks way too intense with the daily substitutions.

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