Late registration open for FanTeam’s €1m season game – start on 46 points in GW2

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Missed the Gameweek 1 deadline for FanTeam‘s €1,000,000 FPL-style Fantasy game?

Fear not, as you have a second chance to enter ahead of this weekend’s action – and you won’t be starting from zero points.

Late registration is now open for FanTeam‘s season-long game, which carries a guaranteed prize pool of €1m.

Finishing in the top 5,659 places ensures a cash prize, with €200,000 of the kitty going straight to the winner.

Weekly and monthly prizes are also awarded.

New teams registered before the next FanTeam deadline at 11am BST on Saturday morning will be handed 70% of the average Gameweek 1 score (which equates to 46 points), so will immediately have the edge over circa 7,000 Fantasy managers who were involved from the outset.

In case you needed more persuading, here’s how you can turn your late entry into an advantage.

Unlimited Transfers

Those entering a new team in FanTeam‘s €1m FPL-style Fantasy game will get unlimited free transfers between now and the start of Gameweek 2.

While those who registered teams before 2020/21 got underway will only have one free transfer (and the precious Wildcard) in their locker, managers of newly entered teams will get to tweak their sides as much as they like until the next deadline.

Gameweek 1 eye test and stats

Picking a squad ahead of Gameweek 1 relies a lot on gut instinct, with the knowledge that last season’s performances and statistics may now be immaterial.

Fantasy managers entering a FanTeam squad ahead of Gameweek 1 will have the benefit of having seen 16 Premier League clubs in action on the opening weekend of 2020/21, so will be armed with line-up information, eye test observations and up-to-date underlying stats when creating their teams from scratch.

Manchester United and Manchester City Players

Both Manchester clubs, along with Aston Villa and Burnley, were without a Premier League fixture in Gameweek 1.

All four of those sides begin their league campaigns this weekend and Fantasy managers entering a team in FanTeam‘s €1m game using late registration have the advantage of being able to include the likes of Kevin De Bruyne (£12.5m) and Bruno Fernandes (£11.0m) from the off, rather than attempting to navigate a tricky blank on the opening weekend.


If you’re new to FanTeam, check out our beginner’s guide and pre-season position-by-position analysis via the links below:


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FPL Lessons Learned from Gameweek 1

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  1. davies
    • 6 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    Alli supposedly not in the squad for midweek

    Good or bad news for fpl we think?

      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 5 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      good, but does not change my thoughts that he won't do well, and could end up being the Mourinho's Pogba at Spurs

    2. Wild Card this...
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 11 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      Well, it was coming tbh...Mourinho tried to motivate him, it worked for few GWs last season and he was back to his old lazy ways after.

  2. Inazuma X1
    • 3 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    New article

  3. Champione
    • 5 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    TAA Robbo James Ayling
    Salah Auba Alli ASM
    Werner Calvert-Lewin

    Button Vinagre Davis Bissouma, 0.0 TB

    A) Alli > James
    B) Alli + Salah > Bruno + Rashford -4

    1. PompeyUpNorth!
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 8 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      A and save the hit..Plus I wouldn't ditch Salah tbh

    2. Alex1995
      • 4 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      Wouldn’t go gung ho on United just yet, Salah is fine for now off the back of a hat trick (he can score every week against anyone when on form).

      Would definitely look for a way to get rid of Alli though - not sold on the JRod hype yet personally but you could downgrade Robbo for now to free up some extra funds? You’ve got a lot of funds invested in an off-form Pool defence..

      A) Robbo/Alli > 4.5/Bruno
      B) Robbo/Alli > 5.5/Rashford

  4. Andy_Social
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 8 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    Everyone aboard the Ivanovic bandwagon?

    Me neither.

    But oh, the memories.

    1. Andy'81
      • 3 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      The king of the GW 1 DGW.

  5. Wheato182
    • 8 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    Fraser worth a look? he likely to start?

    1. Alex1995
      • 4 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      Would wait and see but yes, he’ll probably start so could be worth a punt

    2. Peteex
      • 8 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      I would definitely wait and see with Fraser.

      If it's necessary to have Newcastle attacker then you should go with Wilson

  6. Jar Jar Dinks
    • 8 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    My knees are shaking. Please help.

    McCarthy / Nyland
    TAA / Dier / KWP / Vinagre / Mitchell
    Auba / Salah / Havertz / ASM / Bissouma
    Werner / Mitro / Adams

    Kinda wanna save FT but
    Havertz + Adams => Rodriguez + Martial
    is very tempting.

    ...and with prize rises out of my reach if I don't take the hit.

    1. Jar Jar Dinks
      • 8 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      Got to be a pretty common dilemma

  7. Peteex
    • 8 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    Now that Nyland started cup-game is it clear that Steer will be between the sticks in prem or is there still hope for us who have Nyland?

    1. Skonto Rigga
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      • 3 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      Villa signed Martinez this morning - abandon all hope!

    2. CrouchDown
      • 8 Years
      2 months, 20 days ago

      Yes Martinez will be 1st choice.

      Anyone know who will be 2nd choice?

  8. GloryManUnited
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 2 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago


  9. Pep bites Kun
    • 4 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    Two things wrong with this article (and more)

    In an environment where most people know that gambling & addiction can be damaging, this site goes on to promote and target it at people who are 'possibly' vulnerable

    The contractual fine-print of fanteam must be more complex than an insurance company policy, if they can lawfully & wilfully denigrate loyal customers who sign up early, in favour of new business

    I find it quite sad that this site, who's promotion of the 'fun' of FF, is continuing down this road, contrary to the opinions of a lot of subscribers

  10. Daniel - Go Granville
    • 11 Years
    2 months, 20 days ago

    New post lads

  11. linkafu
    • 1 Year
    2 months, 20 days ago

    After The Mou conference I think maybe I can give Alli another chance

  12. Jellyfish
    • 8 Years
    2 months, 19 days ago

    Whose the best Everton DEF pick out of Keane and Coleman?