FFS Mini Leagues, Community Competitions & Hall of Fame Gameweek 25

Welcome to the Gameweek 25 round-up of the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions, as well as a section on our Hall of Fame following the most recent update.


League code: Available on Members and Home pages when signed in.
Eligibility: Open to anyone with a registered FFS account – paid or free.

Kevin Rose (aka FPL Saffer) is still top of our Fantasy Football Scout Community Members mini-league, seven points ahead of Ulrik Varela Greve (aka FPL Viking), and is now ninth overall.

The table below, courtesy of Mini-League Mate, shows the top 20 leaderboard.

(click on image above to enlarge)

It was a relatively low-scoring Gameweek for our top five with the chasing pack making up ground. Leighton Price is the form manager in the top 20, as he was in Gameweek 22, moving up from 13,807th in Gameweek 17 to 128th overall.

Among the leading group, Nizar Putra was the highest-scoring manager in Gameweek 25. His total of 101(-8) was achieved after playing his Triple Captain chip on Patrick Bamford.

However keep an eye on Maruf Hossain, the former mini-league leader and world number three may have slipped to 42nd overall but he retains a full complement of chips and is in good shape ahead Gameweek 26 with Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Mohamed Salah, and Bruno Fernandes in place.

The mini-league has dropped from first to fourth in the Best Leagues in FPL, which bases its ranking on the average score of the top five teams. Our current top five are all among the best 49 teams overall.


League code: 5u05vz
Eligibility: Open to all

Kevin Rose is also still top of our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league, nine points ahead of Luka Bubnić.

49,287 teams are currently participating in this mini-league, with at least eight more waiting to be added at the next results update.

It is now the fifth Best League in FPL.

Pro Pundit Andy LTFPL’s youtube.com/letstalkfpl moved up to first, with former Pro Pundit Ash (aka FPLHints) in second. Kevin is now a member in each of the top five mini-leagues, with world number one Ola Hovde joining Ash’s mini-league at the last update.


Ville Tuominen (aka Santigold) and Meet the Manager guest Aleksander Våge Nilsen (aka AleksanderVN) both lost their latest matches in League 1 and remain on 51 points – but they are still the top two, with Ville regaining the lead on overall rank.

Peder Classon also lost in League 7 Division 21, so the highest-scoring managers in our head-to-head leagues are now Jose Miguel De La Roca Argueta in League 8 Division 42 and Mikael Brantingson in League 9 Division 75, both of whom have 66 points out of a possible 75.

A fixtures table will be published in The Complete Guide to Scout’s tips and advice for Gameweek 26 ahead of the deadline. However, if you can’t wait to find out who you are playing next, follow this link. Use your browser’s find in page function (Ctrl+F) to locate managers.

All this information and more is contained in the main Head-to-Head page


Gameweek 25 was the qualifying round for the FFS Open Cup

Ten former winners (donnellyc, MCH, Wild Rover, Leon Harris, A Manager Has No Name, TH14, 2EyedTurk, Lokomotiv, Philman and Powell) will receive byes into the first round proper in Gameweek 26, and the other 1,014 places will go to those managers who achieved the qualifying score of 69 points (after hits) with an overall rank of at least 237,328.

Gameweek 26 is the qualifying round for the FFS Members Cup. Nine former winners will receive byes into the first round proper in Gameweek 27 if they enter. Premium Community Members can also still enter, but must do so before the Gameweek 26 deadline (11.00am this Saturday).

See here for details of how you can enter.


The safety score for Gameweek 25 in TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition was 68, which saw another 82 managers removed.

In total there were 4,557 entries to this year’s competition and just 578 go through to Gameweek 26, when the elimination threshold will rise to 14%.

The highest-scoring manager was Pàx Kahiga with 103 points. He is currently 11,415th overall in only his second season.

You are able to keep tabs on the action throughout the season via Ragabolly’s website Live FPL.


Andy LTFPL is the highest ranked of our Pro Pundits and is now 729th overall.

He also still leads the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league and has increased his advantage over Jack Penn (aka ZoumasBloomers) to 14 points.

Meanwhile, Babis Kokkinis of FPL Greece is unmoved at the top of the Fantasy Football Scout Network mini-league (which is for the Scout Network and includes six of our Pro Pundits). He has risen to 7,046th overall and increased his lead over Live FPL creator Mohamed Ragab (aka Ragabolly) to 20 points.


Alaa Khaled Mokhtar remains at the summit of my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (league code: 8kcvzq) but has slipped to 303rd overall; Jon Wilmore (aka Baines on Toast) is level with him on points but has made more transfers.

Paul Strange is still top of Chaballer’s Hall of Fame >Top 1k< mini-league (league code: mr8dyh) but dropped to 881st overall. Phil Olorenshaw is now only two points behind. Paul is currently 128th in our Live Hall of Fame and Phil 74th.

Jan Kępski held onto the lead in PDM’s Top 1k ANY season mini-league (league code: 2agvvx), but has slipped to 1,024th overall. Phil Olorenshaw has drawn level with him on points.

Phil is, however, still top of my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (league code: 8t42p6) although he picked up a red arrow in Gameweek 25 despite playing his Wildcard, falling to 1,039th overall.

Nonetheless he has an eight-point lead over John Forshaw and Jack Penn (aka ZoumasBloomers).

Richard Scoular is the new leader of the Top 100 Any Season mini-league (league code: xptbn4) and is 10,938th overall, but long-time leader Killingholme Clay is level with him on points.

Richard is in his 13th season and 787th in our Career Hall of Fame, having finished 98th, 711th, 2,154th and 2,333rd in four successive seasons from 2009/10 to 2012/13.

Meanwhile, 2017/18 Champion Yusuf Sheikh continues to reign supreme in Simon March’s FPL Champions League despite falling to 77,308th overall. 2009/10 FPL Winner Jon Reeson (aka Westfield Irons) is now just five points behind.


Lee Bishop is the new leader in Greyhead’s The Next Great and The Good mini-league and is 2,609th overall, four points ahead of Charles Richter, as last week’s leader Greg Brożyński drops to fourth.

This is Lee’s 14th season, finishing 2,931st last year.

Andy Short remains top of Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league but is down to 5,285th overall following his eighth red arrow in nine Gameweeks. His steadily decreasing lead over Sng Junyang is still a comfortable 23 points.

Finally, John Forshaw is No 1 in my January to May League (league code h62bh1) after playing his Wildcard and increasing his lead over Avisha Wilwalaarachchi to 20 points. He has risen from 118k to 1,527th overall since the league started scoring in Gameweek 17.


The FFS Hall of Fame is a ranking system applied to everyone in either our Fantasy Football Scout Community Members or our Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues. It aims to highlight those who have performed well over a number of years, taking into account scores from previous seasons.

We have a “Career” version that updates every year and a “Live” version that is updated every few Gameweeks. The most recent update was after Gameweek 23 (56,129 managers ranked).

The table below, sorted by position in the Live HoF, features the current Live top ten, the Career top ten and the Pro Pundits.

Live HoF #Career HoF #Manager
11Fabio Borges
24Tom Stephenson
33Darren Wiles
47Marius Robertsen
589Ilmari Juva
65Alistair Hughes
736Mato Stanic
817Mark Hurst
947Adnan Hajrulahovic
1087Jonathan Ballantyne
118Eivind Almhjell
1510Sean Tobin
249Andrew Hyde
3570Mark Sutherns
472Stephen Harrap
586Emil Gustafssen
8815Tom Freeman
105950Andy LTFPL
182245Utkarsh Dalmia (Zophar)
31783Seb Wassell
675192Simon March
1393352Chaz (AZ) Phillips
15802811Holly Shand

For more information on how the Hall of Fame works please read this article by TopMarx, written at the start of the 2018/19 campaign.


To join a featured mini-league that you are eligible for, simply enter the League code in the ‘Join private league‘ section on the FPL site.

Any questions relating to community competitions please email geoff@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk or comment below this article.

Finally, many thanks to TopMarx for his additions and improvements.

RedLightning - Top 10k Any Season - kgmryk The Opening Day League is now closed ... Top 10k Any Season (kgmryk) is only for teams that have finished the season in the overall top 10,000 at least once ... Multiple Top 10k Finishes (03t1fd) is only for teams with two or more top 10,000 finishes ... The January to May League (fg0acw) will start scoring in GW21 ... The Last Ten (ybm1kd) will start scoring in GW29.”

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  1. CroatianHammer
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 6 Years
    6 months, 22 days ago

    How many get promoted again? 2? Sitting 3rd currently and reasonably assured of not being caught soon... 4th and 5th look like losing their matches, so that's always a good thing. First place is struggling in his H2H as several big names have failed to return, in which case I either gain ground, or maintain the status quo. Allons-y!

    1. RedLightning - Top 10k Any …
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      • 11 Years
      6 months, 22 days ago

      5 up and 10 down from each H2H Division.
      Except in League 9, where 7 or 8 get promoted from each Division (because there aren't enough Divisions in League 9 for a perfect pyramid with each League containing twice as many Divisions as the one above).