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FPL Gameweek 1 tips: From team budget to ‘no Salah’

With Gameweek 1 of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) days away, we’re welcoming back our stellar team of Pro Pundits, Hall of Famers and guest contributors for the new campaign.

Our writers will be providing regular articles and team reveals throughout the new season, with only Premium Members able to access every single one.

Next up is two-time Indian FPL champion Lateriser, who offers some tips ahead of 2022/23. You can read his Gameweek 1 team draft here.

How the unlimited World Cup transfers have changed Lateriser's strategy

Before the new season started, I wanted to write about a few macro/generic things that are on my mind. These are just some overview thoughts that I have had and have generally served me well.


I think it’s advisable not to spread your Fantasy Premier League funds too much. Try compressing as much money as possible into 11-12 players. I think this can be achieved quite comfortably because the likes of Andreas Pereira (£4.5m) and Neco Williams (£4.0m) are perfectly playable bottom-price options that can mostly sit on your bench.

This should make it easier/take fewer transfers to get to players you like or want and I’ve found it’s always better to focus your transfers and cash on the pitch. Our benches may be of less worth than usual due to the impact of the five-sub rule because the likelihood of your player coming on in a real-life game increases – and hence the chances of you needing your FPL bench decreases.


I also strongly believe that this season there are a lot more good FPL options than in previous years. A lot of perceived top-half teams have strengthened, there are a bunch of decent enablers and the ‘viable’ player pool at least seems considerably larger than in previous years.

Keeping these things in mind, I want to hammer home the fact that this year, in particular, there are many ways to skin the FPL cat. If you see a couple of players that you like that aren’t a part of the template, back yourself. There is always going to be enough FPL opportunity this season. I personally never enjoy playing this game too much if I’m not backing myself.

That said, think very carefully if you’re considering going without Mohamed Salah (£13.0m). Simply put, he’s the best pick in the game – in my eyes, anyway – irrespective of ‘effective ownership’ (EO). He looked really sharp in the Community Shield and is a 90-minute man that is on penalties in arguably the most potent attack in the country. If you want to go off him, do it when you’ve seen enough of a downtrend. Gameweek 1 is not the time to do that, in my humble opinion; I did it once and it absolutely derailed my season. My wounds are fresh, which is why I feel the need to reiterate this. But you know, outside of that, play your own game…!

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FPL pre-season: Trossard hits hat-trick from wing-back role 1


Assume that we know nothing. Every year in FPL is unique in its own way and having preconceived notions carried forward into this year generally doesn’t help.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen FPL managers make is assuming causation equals correlation. This isn’t always the case. For example, a few years ago, many people were against getting Danny Ings into their team because he was injury prone. Because of this, they missed out on an asset who was, at that time, just £6.0m. A lot of people refrained from buying him even when he was a sure thing because of preconceived notions that they carried forward.

Even carrying forward previous ‘bad’ experiences with FPL picks isn’t a healthy habit. Give everyone a clean slate because Fantasy Premier League is a very dynamic game and roles are constantly changing for players.


When the season starts, a lot of us just get into the rhythm of ‘get rid of bad player’ and ‘get good player’ without thinking too much about strategy. Try taking a step back for a second and think macro. Consider which positions you want to spend your transfers on, which positions are going to be glue positions and who are the potential future targets. Think of how long-term or short-term you want to play with your Gameweek 1 team and build your squad accordingly.

Once about three Gameweeks have passed, think macro again: look at fixture shifts and try assuming when you want to play your Wildcard. As mentioned previously, we’re all getting free transfers between Gameweek 16 and 17 anyway so you don’t need to think beyond that.

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Because of the short-term nature of the first half of the season, we’ll need to think from the ‘helicopter view’ – as my fellow Pro Pundit Pras likes to call it – a lot more. Identifying potential fixture swings and Wildcard opportunities might help.

USEFUL TOOL: Filter clubs by fixture difficulty using our Season Ticker

One thing in my head is that because of the number of players we will have in our teams due to the pricing, our threshold to Wildcard shouldn’t be super-high. We will always have a ‘good enough’ team with a bunch of assets from Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal. So I reckon maybe wanting to make four or five changes in your starting XI is enough for a first Wildcard.

That’s enough macro tips from me for now. I’ll be with you all season out here, anyway. Make sure you enjoy the season and I wish you the best of luck for 2022/23!

We at The FPL Wire did our Gameweek 1 stream on Monday, which you can view below:

FPL pre-season: Trossard hits hat-trick from wing-back role 2

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  1. Liquid FC
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    5 days, 7 hours ago

    Sorry for repeat question! Afternoon. Basic but important question for me. With that single opening fixture on Friday, will we see the price of Haaland, Jesus, Kane etc… go up before they even play, based on transfer volumes only? If I wanted to swap one of those in before a price rise, for example, would it have to be done on Friday night before seeing any of them play? Cheers all.

  2. Al Pacho
      5 days, 7 hours ago

      Team A

      TAA cancelo cash
      Salah mahrez martinelli Neto ASM
      Kane Jesus

      Subs- Gazza greenwood neco zinchenko

      Team 2

      TAA robbo cancelo trippier
      Salah mahrez martinelli Bailey
      Kane Jesus

      Subs- Gazza neco greenwood da Silva

      Pick the best one for me guys!

    • Richard075
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 1 Year
      5 days, 7 hours ago

      The no Salah point is intriguing. I am at the moment considering it. I know, i know! hear me out 2 mins:

      I have done countless of drafts using predictions from fantasyscout and, in every one, on my starting eleven, the teams with Salah beat the no Salah. So, no questions there.

      However, in every one, on entire team points, the no Salah takes the cake. That is, because in the no salah teams, I can afford to bench Neto or Martinelli, etc. And I have 3 quality strikers or 3-4 8.0 midfielders. And if rotations is going to be an issue... I mean, I have Mahrez, Canselo, James, Perisic in most of my drafts. The city assets get benched a lot... James, might not play wing all the time, And Conte likes to rotate quite a lot those wingers. If my starting 11 were fixture-proved. Then it would be a no-brainer. But with rotation and 5-subustitution+worldcup, etc (early-panic wildcard). I am kind of considering it very, very, seriously. I mean, Diaz, Jota, Firminho and Darwin cannot possibly be fixture-prove now. Only 2 of them can play at a time (unless Klopp is thinking on benching Salah?!?!?!) I bet Diaz, Jota +Darwin are going to see rotation. Darwin being able to play both wing and central giving him the edge I think, maybe....

      1. RTG_Games
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 3 Years
        5 days, 7 hours ago

        I'm close to dropping Salah as well, mainly to get Trent into the team. I personally think that we're going to see three strikers have a great start to the season in Jesus / Haaland an Kane and I want all three in but also trying to sneak TAA in. As it stands Salah is in my team but I'm lacking a Liverpool defender.

        My Draft:

        GK: Raya / Ward
        DF: Perisic / Zinchenko / Cancelo / Digne / Williams
        MF: Martinelli / Bailey / Salah / Andreas / Neto
        FW: Jesus / Haaland / Kane

        I think my MF is a little weak , my DF can hold its own but is missing TAA / Robbo but my front 3 is stellar.

        1. Richard075
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 1 Year
          5 days, 7 hours ago

          Nice, thinking along the same lines but with Kane/Haaland Jesus Darwin up front. my two main no Slah drafts are;

          Ramsdale (Meslier) / Pickford
          TAA / Perisicc / James (Robertson) / Cancelo / N Williams
          Mahrez / Neto / Mount /Martinelly (Bailey or Archer) / Andreas
          Kane/Haaland / Jesus / Darwin

    • RTG_Games
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      5 days, 7 hours ago

      I think that's a cracking team on paper. I'm a little nervous about putting Chelsea players in, not convinced they will start the season well so I've veered away from James / Mount. Worth noting though I usually suck at FPL , mid table obscurity for me so what do I know!

      1. Richard075
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 1 Year
        5 days, 7 hours ago

        Lol, me2. Obscuro R us! that should be my team name.... 🙂

    • Liquid FC
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      5 days, 5 hours ago

      Sorry for repeat question, just trying to get a solid answer! Afternoon. Basic but important enquiry from me. With that single opening fixture on Friday, will we see the price of Haaland, Jesus, Kane etc… go up before they even play, based on transfer volumes only? If I wanted to swap one of those in before a price rise, for example, would it have to be done on Friday night before seeing any of them play? When is the earliest that we can possibly see any price rises for these 60+% owned players? Cheers all.

      1. Liquid FC
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        5 days, 3 hours ago

        Guess I’ll have to make my GW2 transfer this Friday after the Arsenal game then :/ Dangnammit.

    • Tonyscott
      • 5 Years
      5 days, 58 mins ago

      Would be interested in views on my team for GW1. Is no TAA or Robbo stupid? And Rashford an over optimistic long shot?

      Mendy (Ward)
      Cash Trippier Zinchenko James (Phillips)
      Salah Guimaraes Rashford (Bailey, Pereira)
      Haaland Kane Jesus

      Good luck for the coming season everyone!

    • Blueface
        5 days, 51 mins ago

        Can't make up my mind of which spurs attacker (Son or Kane, rest of team is set). Options are:

        A) Kane + Diaz
        B) Son + Watkins or Wilson

        Thoughts? Thanks!

      • timleong80
        • 3 Years
        3 days, 14 hours ago

        neto or dewsberry hall ?

        which would u recommend for a 5.5 - 5.0 player ?