FFS Mini League & Community Competitions Gameweek 17

Welcome to the Gameweek 17 round-up of the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions.


League code: 5u05vz
Eligibility: Open to all

Maruf Hossain is still top of the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league (league code 5u05vz) as he has been ever since he joined it in Gameweek 10. He has increased his lead over Will Thorp to 25 points and remains in fourth place overall.

We are now the Best League in FPL based on the average score of the top five teams in each league.

Our current top five are Maruf Hossain, Will Thorp, Mr Ben Greener, Fionn Hayes and Ziad Hosny, who are all in the top 32 overall.

There are currently 48,969 people participating in the open-to-all Fantasy Football Scout mini-league.


League code: Available on Members and Home pages when signed in.
Eligibility: Open to all those who have a registered Fantasy Football Scout account – paid or free.

Maruf is also still top of our Fantasy Football Scout Community Members mini-league, 20 points ahead of Peter Barone who is eighth overall after playing his Second Wildcard.

This is now the second Best League in FPL. The current top five in this one are Maruf Hossain, Peter Barone, Ulrik Varela Greve, Adam Jenkins and Kevin Rose.

The table below, courtesy of Mini-League Mate, shows the top 20 leaderboard.

(click on image above to enlarge)

The form manager over the last five Gameweeks is Patricia Hart. Patricia played her first Wildcard in Gameweek 16 moving out De Bruyne and Vardy to bring in Son and Kane, a plan that worked well with both Spurs players producing double-digit hauls against Leeds United.

Looking ahead, it would appear that Patricia intends to play her Bench Boost in Double Gameweek 19 having tripled up on Leeds as well as owning two West Ham players. However, with no Man City assets in her team, could we see Kane and Son make way following their Gameweek 17 heroics?

A reminder that to receive your free copy of the Dossier for the Community Members mini-league, please go to the Mini League Mate website to sign-up. The League ID is 584. The Dossier will be emailed to you at the end of each Gameweek.

We’re dishing out £2,500-worth of giveaways throughout the season, however only those who have registered a Fantasy Football Scout account (paid or free) will be able to claim a prize. Also, managers must be registered one month in advance of the awarding of a specific prize to be eligible.

The manager of the month for January will be announced after Gameweek 21. The previous recipients of a £50 Amazon voucher are:

SeptemberHamdy Sameeh
OctoberEmmanuel Oloche
NovemberJames Frimpong
DecemberJosh Paulin


Tim Hill is back on top of League 1 for the first time since Gameweek 5, one point ahead of last week’s leader Ville Tuominen (aka Santigold) who lost this week to Grant Barclay.

Tim is 90th in our Career Hall of Fame with six previous top 10,000 finishes, and has just entered this season’s overall top thousand in 995th position.

The highest-scoring managers in our head-to-head leagues are Chris Astin (League 7 Division 18) and Atang Bingana (League 9 Division 122), each of whom has 48 points out of a possible 51.

A fixtures table will be published in the Scout’s Guide to Gameweek 18 ahead of the deadline. However, if you can’t wait to find out who you are playing next, follow this link. Use your browser’s find in page function (Ctrl+F) to locate managers.

All this information and more is contained in the main Head-to-Head page


League code: 48n69x
Deadline: Open now until Gameweek 18*
*entrants must pass all previous safety scores to qualify

In TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition the safety score for Gameweek 17 was 53 points, with 138 managers eliminated and 1,247 going through to Gameweek 18.

The threshold for elimination will remain at 9%.

The winner of last season’s Opening Day league, Adam Warner (aka Bury94) posted an impressive 98 points, the best Gameweek total in the mini-league. After finishing 236th in 2019/20 Adam broke into the top 1million for the first time this season. Can he go on to claim a third successive top 10,000 finish?

4,407 managers have entered the competition so far and Gameweek 18 represents your last opportunity to join them – but you must pass all previous safety scores to qualify.

For more information please read TorresMagic’s Community article on how to enter.

Aside from bragging rights, the winner will receive a free Fantasy Football Scout Membership for the 2021/22 season.

You are able to keep tabs on the action throughout the season via Ragabolly’s website Live FPL.


Fábio Borges remains the highest ranked of our Pro Pundits despite slipping a few places to 11,331st overall.

The Fantasy Football Scout Network mini-league is for the Scout Network and includes six of the other ten Pro Pundits. FFS Front End Developer Joe Collett is still top and is up to 18,230th overall, 23 points ahead of Babis Kokkinis of FPL Greece.

Jack Penn (aka ZoumasBloomers) has regained the lead in the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league and is up to 26,657th overall after playing his First Wildcard in Gameweek 16. He is nine points ahead of last week’s leader, Pro Pundit Andy LTFPL.


Having first topped my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (league code: 8kcvzq) in Gameweek 8 and regained the lead last Gameweek, Alaa Khaled Mokhtar remains in pole position. Alaa has risen to 196th overall, and is 11 points ahead of second-placed Charles Hazel.

Mike Varcoe held onto first place in PDM’s Top 1k ANY season mini-league (league code: 2agvvx), nine points ahead of Marcus O’Toole, despite slipping to 1,750th overall.

Mike also still tops Chaballer’s Hall of Fame >Top 1k< mini-league (league code: mr8dyh), 23 points ahead of Chris Blackwell. Mike and Chris are 358th and 783rd in our Career Hall of Fame.

Peter Manning has regained the lead in my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (league code: 8t42p6) and is up to 10,433rd overall, two points ahead of Mark Phillips and five ahead of last week’s leader Burhan Samaan (aka Suarezista).

2009/10 Champion Jon Reeson (aka Westfield Irons), who holds the record for the most points in a single season, remains top of Simon March’s FPL Champions League. John is up to 126k overall, 12 points ahead of 2017/18 winner Yusuf Sheikh.

Best of the Rest

Andy Short still heads Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league, 60 points ahead of Anoop K, despite slipping to 1,732nd overall.

And Damien Dunnion is the new leader of Greyhead’s The Next Great and The Good mini-league and is up to 7,475th overall. Neil Scotland is level with him on points but has made more transfers. Last week’s leader Daniel Coughlan drops to third.

This is Damien’s 11th season, his best finishes are 3,126th in 2014/15 and 9,356th in 2019/20.

My January to May League (league code h62bh1) started scoring in Gameweek 17 and the early leader is Jose Clua with 96 points, thanks to double-digit returns from Kane, captain Son, De Bruyne, Soucek, Fernandes and Holding.


To join a featured mini-league that you are eligible for, simply enter the League code in the ‘Join private league‘ section on the FPL site. Any questions relating to community competitions please email geoff@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk or comment below this article.

RedLightning Opening Day League winner: Les Caldwell (Shuddahaddum) ... January to May League (GW17-38) winner: Tristan Lomas (Triggy) ... The Last Ten (GW29-38) winner: Robert Tuck (COVID-CASUAL) ... Top 10k Any Season winner: Vegard Knutsen ... Multiple Top 10k Finishes winner: John Forshaw.”

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  1. Chaballer
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    5 months, 5 days ago

    Sensational round-up!Cheers Red Lightning!

  2. RedLightning
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    Another 'top' mini-league, whose details I have just discovered:

    Killingholme Clay is the current leader of the Top 100 Any Season mini-league (fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/164835/standings/c) (league code: xptbn4), 35 points ahead of S.E.A.siders.
    Killingholme has been playing since at least 2006/07, finishing 53rd in 2008/09, and is currently 5,865th overall.

  3. Sreeraj (TKF 15)
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    Is it possible to join The Next Great and The Good league?