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After weeks of waiting, the World Cup finally arrived and our community writers were on top form, providing an incredible array of features looking at players, teams, groups and schedules. We cast an eye back on those updates and also look back at reaction to the controversy surrounding the Official FIFA Fantasy game’s launch, whilst somehow finding time to keep an eye on latest developments in the Premier League.

The Community Articles

Our community writers were burning the midnight oil to help us get the most out of the World Cup Fantasy games, with more than 20 articles published over the week. Among our pick of those articles was Home Run Baker’s look at the fixture schedule and the teams with the best run should they progress further in the competition.

For those playing the Official FIFA Fantasy game Bonz was on hand with a handy guide to the controversial rules and point scoring. Meanwhile, DanielLevy16’s series of articles looking at budget prospects proved essential reading for Official FIFA Fantasy players. His look at goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards with a friendly price tag are all worth bookmarking for when the game’s transfer window reopens after the group stages.

Balotellis Bib’s was another prolific writer this week – he produced a popular series of articles looking at the tournament favourites Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Germany. If, as predicted, they reach the knock out stages these articles will prove key to Fantasy team selection.

Another community article worth referring back to is our matchday one predicted line- ups feature. This is updated daily as latest team news comes in and with help from the community. All those that tip us off with team line up news will be credited in the article. A refreshed version of this will be up and running again ahead of the next round of group fixtures and we’ll once again be calling for your help.

Finally, for those looking for subject matter closer to home for excellent community writing Somalion was on hand to launch the first in a series of articles looking at players at the Premier League’s biggest clubs. First up was this excellent analysis of the Manchester City squad.

The Hottest Topics

You guys have also been helping us compile and collate our World Cup Set Piece Takers page. This set piece takers hot topic proved crucial to helping us bring this list together and we’re updating daily as new set piece takers emerge.

Last minute changes, launch delays and a general confusion over the rules meant the FIFA Official Fantasy game courted considerable controversy this week. Wakey pondered whether it is a game that can be trusted following the latest in a number of delays to the launch last weekend. Gargamel went further, citing it as the worst Fantasy Football game he’d ever played.

Mr Sarcastic was also on hand to provide an excellent round up all the major whines and gripes about the game so far. Among such concerns was around formation changes, a topic that Spectrum sought to explain in this hot topic.

Meanwhile, Cabaye4 opted to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in, warts and all, and started this handy discussion on the FIFA game’s best 1m options. Scoredelario even when as far as to defend FIFA’s effort. He’s particularly impressed with the game’s complexity, which he argues makes it ideal for more dedicated Fantasy Football managers.

The Community Tournaments

Fantasy Premier League 2012/13 champion SpiderM4tt is running an Official FIFA Fantasy Game – World Cup Charity League, to raise funds and awareness for ‘TASK Brasil’ the charity that supports abandoned street kids in Brazil. He tells us that the winner will not only receive the title of becoming the World Cup 2014 Charity League Champion, but they will also receive a special personalised World Cup winning mug. SpiderM4tt adds: “I received one of these winning mugs for winning the FPL last season, and I can vouch that it is a special prize, and it makes great brews too!”

The league is called: WC Charity League and no password is needed. More details on how to donate to TASK Brasil can be found on his Just Giving

The FFS UEFA group is among those to set up a competition around the Official FIFA game. Their latest article with updates on the progress of the competition can be found here.

Zepinho has been coordinating the “Dead Zone” leagues across both the Official FIFA and Fox games. Among front runners in the Dead Zone Fox league at the time of writing were Cesar Marques and Peter Conquest.

The World Cup Picks challenge, organised by TM245 is another competition taking place. Full details can be found here.

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  1. So they've added overall ranks. The gradual building of the fantasy game after it's already kicked off is quite reminiscent of the situation with the stadiums in Brazil.

    1. Yeah, it's all part of the carnival vibe!

    2. Wow, 106 points :)

      1. Unfortunately, that's not a lot in this game.

        1. Haha true.

  2. Was Meireles is Taxi Driver?

  3. Something to kill the time http://onekeano.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/world-cup-group-g-preview/

    Germany look like they'll be relying heavily on Muller turning up.

    1. Is Muller on Corners?

  4. Just a reminder that Shaheen the Camel believes Portugal wins tonight. Place your bets ladies and gents.

    1. My money's on Ronaldo scoring one goal in the tournament.

      Actually it's not, but my talk is.

    2. Nani and Ronnie to score in a 2-2

  5. Can anyone tell me if/where to find man of the match bets on skybet?

    1. They don't do them.

  6. mir

    Anyone else seen there Mcdonalds rank pop up on the home page... 121 points..ranked 84 overall

    1. Showoff :P

      1. mir

        All 11 played. .will be taking 3 out costing 16 points. You?

        1. 97 after removing a couple of players and playing my Iranians. Got a couple more tomorrow too.

    2. Bloody hell mate. Well done.

      1. Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank.

      2. mir

        Cheers. .long way to go..

    3. Are there really 900,000 people playing this game? Can't believe I'm doing this well from the players I've had.

    4. 120 points gives me a rank of 110 - I was assuming that to be near average!

    5. I have 126 points :)

    6. Now I can too. I'm outside top 1k. :(

      Have to check if the league page has started working too.

    7. Points 122 .. Rank 69 :cool:

      1. mir

        nice... how many played? swapping??

        1. 3 Belgians waiting to come on!!

      2. Colombia on fire!

    8. 118 points - rank of 191.

    9. With Kroos' 7, I'm currently at 119, but will be removing 11 points tomorrow for DeBruyne and Lukaku

  7. Can anyone tell me if/where to find man of the match bets on bet365.com?

    1. Go to the match then to the player bets then it's at the bottom.

      1. Thanks Billy..

        who's fav for Ger vs Por game?

  8. Muller FGS Germany 2-1

    45/1 Get on iiiit :)

  9. When did this become a betting forum :razz:

    1. when the official fantasy game turned out to be a load of crap.

    2. Since Demi realised we can cheat the system

      1. Since a Mod realised we could defraud one of the site sponsors

        1. I'm not a moderator.

          1. I guessed, otherwise you would have deleted my post :razz:

    3. ^these are both excellent answers.

  10. Wondering for the last 10 minutes why I couldn't find the Nigeria-Iran line-ups anywhere before realising it was Germany v Portugal first at 5pm :lol:

  11. Win Loss Draw predictions for tonights three games?

  12. SW6

    Overall McDonalds rank 5 :shock:

    1. I'm happy that we ain't playing you this round.

          1. 4-1 will do
            Hoping sw6 is playing our worst scorer

    2. Well done sir
      How many points do you have to see how far behind me you are ;)

      1. SW6

        I'm using this as justification for too much time spent on here and watching football :)

        1. Out of interest who are your other team players, only tony warner ever seems to be on here

          1. SW6

            Not regulars but they're on every now and then.

    3. Noice

      I got up to 14th in the Euros game a couple of years ago. Isacki did well in that one

    4. Pffft, 90,000 here. :cool:

      1. There probably ain't more than 100k active players, even. ;)

        1. I look down on those 10,000 with condemnation! :D

    5. Nice!

    6. Nice, how many points?

      Points 83
      Rank 47026

    7. mir

      How many played? swapping etc?

      1. SW6

        All 11, will probably bring De Bruyne (for Valbuena), Alderweireld (for Rojo) and Algeria GK (for Karenzis) on as subs though

    8. Super Deutschland!!!

      1. SW6


        1. Tell me in 5th place you don't happen to see a pugs arse in front of you :)

          1. I heard Wilshere is seeing pug's arse right in front of him at 90k. ;)

            1. *Wilshere Knowledge, that is, or WK.

            2. I suspect that, only squad I don't have details of, though he has been saying good things on here about his score

      2. And how is your team doing?

          1. Which equals how many points and what overall rank?

            I'm just outside top 1k at 109p.

  13. Took the gamble and switched out sturridge (9pts) for Ronaldo.

    Got to have some fun in this game!

  14. Germany's 100th WC appearance, first team to make it.

    1. what? Brazil played every WC and still didn't reach 100?

      1. I think they've combined both Germany teams when they were separate.

        1. It's why Serbia are listed as 43 WC games.

  15. To anyone with free bets from PP, if you use them on FGS bets on players who don't play/ come on after the first goals been scored, you get it refunded as cash.

    1. I got same thing with my tesco points

  16. Hazard 5/2 motm vs Algeria tomorrow. Don't think you'll find better odds till ko

  17. who's everyone betting on for MOTM in Ger vs Por game?

    1. Ronaldo

    2. SW6

      Has to be Ronaldo with all his twitter fanboys

    3. Muller

    4. Ronaldo in a few doubles/trebles.

      A Germany win (with goals before HT) could screw it all up.

  18. What if Ronaldo goes off injured after 5 mins :shock: . He'll still win MOTM right?

    1. If we vote enough times. Everyone on here on the FIFA site, FIFA app and twitter should be enough, yeah? ;)

  19. Probably been done already but score predictions?

    2-1 Germany for me.

    1. 3-1 to ze germans

  20. Which England players would get into the France XI that started vs Honduras? Sturridge, Sterling, Baines & Cahill over Griezmann, Valbuena, Sakho & Evra?

    1. SW6

      Just Sterling over Griezmann imo.

    2. Cahill over Sakho. That's it.

    3. What a beard!

    4. Cahill over Sakho. I thought Baines over Evra too but then not so sure after watching the Italy game.

      1. Evra wouldn't have done any better in the same circumstances.

        1. Don't get me wrong, I don't really rate Evra. But I thought Baines got found out against Italy and not sure he's cut for the highest level.

  21. Local fantasy league .. have to select players from today's matches and 3 players max from each..

    Germany vs Portugal
    Iran vs Nigeria
    Ghana vs USA

    Omeruo Oboabona Mertesacker Mensah
    Moutinho Ozil Moses
    Ronaldo Muller Gyan

    does this look good?

    1. looks good mate!

      1. cheers Icon :)

  22. Ladbrokes, 888 & SportingBet going for Ronaldo MOTM @2/1 right now.

    1. What price is Schurlle?

      1. Why would he win it if he isn't starting?

        1. Has the team being named? Hear he has a chance.

          1. The game's started...

          2. You're just a bit late, dude.

            1. Late is an understatement :-(

              Still hungover after Friday and Saturday on the brother's shtag.

  23. Just Muller in the Fox game for me, would have been Ozil in McD's and Fox had there not been doubts but Oscar has been a good replacement for now....Still want Ozil to do well though

  24. Guys, did Pjanic really get all those 8 points with RBs, Blocks, Delivered Ball, Pass %? Or he's awarded assist wrongfully?

    1. No assist just all the bonii.

      3RB, 1BD, 1PC and 3 app

  25. new post slow pokes

  26. Germany started brightly! Portugal are still half asleep

    1. Looked pretty awake there ;)

      1. haha, i was just clicking post when that attack broke. Too late :D

  27. Dear God :lol:

  28. Is it worth taking out Rojo's 7 for Kombarov tomorrow?

  29. How will they deal with the brasil vs mexico game in the mcdonalds fantasy league???? Will a dgw happen on mcdonalds without warning and without been in the fixtures of the game for the 1st round?

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